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  • Any breed can have a heart murmur. What grade is the murmur, and did the vet say it was indicative of a specific disease? Fish oil is one of the best supplements you can use. Coq10 is said to be effective for certain types of heart disease as well.

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    I have had excellent results with the Ultra Pro.

    Isn’t the Acana duck and pear a single protein? IT’S been a while since I fed it but I think it is a single as well…

    Hi John.. I was not clear wheaties tend to have digestive issues and skin issues. One doesn’t cause the other, just pointing out that having one of two isn’t bad 🙂

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    The odd colored ones would probably have more value for their fleece then freezer. People pay good money for wool if sheared correctly..especially colored wool..

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    . Good luck with the sheep. We had them for years (as pets) and just lost the last one this winter. Got three nigerian dwarf kids a month ago.

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    I’d her teeth are clean I don’t see a dental as the first choice. Then again I would get a new vet as xylitol is toxic to dogs and I can not believe a vet would recc it.

    If it were my dog the first thing I would do is change the type of bowls she is eating and drinking out of
    Ie if plastic go to stainless steel..if so already try lead free crock style. If no resolve I would switch foods in case of allergy.

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    Ugh..I hate typing on my phone. Obviously ate should be are lol

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    It’s not a matter of supportive or not. The fact is dogs ate carnivores and as such the vast majority here believe they should in fact be fed foods containing meat. My goats ate herbivores ..would anyone think it appropriate to force a big Mac on them?

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    My house is full of toys, but with 15 it’s hard to decide which is a favorite and of who, lol. Stuffed toys with squeaker are always popular here, nylabones, natural bones etc. They don’t seem to like ropes on their own, but if the arms and legs of a stuffed toy are ropes, they live them.

    Hi John

    Sadly welcome to the world of wheaties. Great dogs, lots of medical concerns. Be thankful yours has the skin issues from allergies and not the intestinsl. Ours had both. We feed high quality dry and raw foods to control his issues. He eats a lot of Acana, Orijen and Nature’s Variety products. Once you find a brand that is higher rated, look for any chicken in it. We started ours on the Acana Lamb/ apple with great success. We never feed him a food for long term, in the hopes that he will not develop an allergy due to exposure.

    For example. Last week he ate Acana Pork/squash for two days, Nature’s Variety Rabbit (limited ingredient) for 2 days, and the lamb Acana for 2 days. Grandma Lucy dehydrated venison for one.

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    I haven’t tried the new ones and actually have not seen them around here yet. Curious as well if anyone has tried the jellied formula. I just don’t know that my picky eaters would like that consistency.

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    Hi lovemypuppy..

    That is the ” safe heart” dose you are referring to.

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    Hi Don..

    To me, it sounds like the dog is getting ready to bloat. I am guessing the vet was suggesting tacking the stomach? Bloat is an emergency, bloat with stomach torsion is a killer. Unfortunately there is no definitive cause, but deep chested and large breeds are more prone to it and many have a genetic factor. If this is the case I can not imagine how food would stop the issue.

    As for the Retriever I would change that if for no other reason then it’s very poor quality.


    Find out what kind of surgery was recommended.

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    I don’t think so. My crew eats different brands on a daily basis alternating with various cans dehydrated etc. Sometimes it’s just raw.

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    It’s supposed to be ground up in the box. I always add a bit of fresh meat when I give dehydrated type mixes.

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    Hi Shawna-

    Do you know what the average length of time to clear the infection was versus the length if time using Immitricide? I know when we used the Immitricide the dogs came up negative in typically 6 weeks after treatment. One was still weak positive at 6 wks but came up negative at the next test which I believe was 6 wks after that.

    The problem I see with Ivermectin is that it would appear that some folks dogs are getting infected while taking it.

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    Older bitch are more prone to pyometra..infected uterous. If she were mine I would spay. 5 is not old.

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    It doesn’t seem then that the Immitricide regimen has changed much since we treated the last positive. Only new thing I could fine was the concurrent use of doxy.

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    Thanks guys. Seems as though most are decent. I am going to give the Kinesis a try in the kennel.

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    How do you post pix here?

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    Marie- I just saw this. I am so sorry for your loss of Gemma. I remember like it was yesterday you talking about “possibly” adopting an older sheltie. I can’t believe its been 2 yrs. She had two wonderful years with you and your family..

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    Naturella-he is soooo shiny too 🙂 I love seeing pix of other peoples pets!

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    Love the eyes half open in pix number four and the tip of the tongue, lol! Cutie pie

    Hi Flowers- I never worry about exact measurements for pup. I go by the puppy itself. I tend to feed x amount 3 or 4 time day. IF the pup finishes the entire meal, all 3 or 4 meals, I tend to increase the amount. If the pup looks too pudgy, I deduct a little. Honestly it rare that I worry about 11 wk old being too heavy.

    If I give 1/2 cup three time a day and the pup eats it all, I might go up to 3/4. When I go from 4 feedings to three and from 3 to 2, I increase the amount fed-again checking body condition. I have dogs that eat way more, and way less then directions say depending on activity level.

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    Picture?? Lol. I love the little smooshy facedpuppy pix! Have you tried some warm water on it? Some dogs like the softer kibble and the smells that come from it moistened. Others are just picky and a food may not appeal to them for whatever reason.

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    LosulFirst, I very cleary indicated that I have not had a heartworm positive dog in years. I stated what I was familiar with. I made no claims of fact. The post was not addressed to you. It was a general opinion. That for ME I would and have gone with Immitricide. Obviously you STILL have a problem with me..too bad. You have been angry since I commented about honest kitchen food. Shrug. We are all entitled to post our opinions, and mine remains unchanged that the worms continue to cause damage every day they are present. You are welcome of course to disagree with my opinion ion but you are not entitled to attack me.

    Edit.. here in NY slow kill is not considered to be the treatment of choice due to continuing damage and length of time. In NY it is ONLY used in 2 cases 1) dog is too ill or otherwise infirm and unlikely to survive Immitricide or 2) owner can not afford treatment. This may be different from state to state. Some vets will not do slow kill simply for economic reasons again due to continuing damage potential.

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    Can’t help on that. I am 100 percent against oral long acting flea products. Running pesticides through the bloodstream to get to the skin scares the heck out of me as to potential damage. I did give capstar to a stray cat on the past to quick kill a heavy flea load and then put Frontline on her. She had no problems but I would not want to do that on a monthly basis. Make sure your friend is getting it down to skin and not just fur. I split the dose half between the shoulder blades and half a little bit up from the tail base.

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    Uhm..Boston tend to have gas issues 🙂 I have fed Acana products to pups and they did great. And all life stage foods should be just fine. They do sell their grain free line in the US.

    I am a dog person and I would have required BOTH of you to remove your dogs or leash them 🙂 Fights happen in the blink of an eye and if it had occurred, it would have been 2 on one with pack mentality. All intros should be done on leash, even if they have met before, as they do not hang out on a regular basis.

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    Thanks Crazy. Been hectic here between work and animals.

    Novartis had production facility issues and had a plant shut down. Once the corrections to the facility were made and it was allowed to reopen, they simply decided to discontinue it in favor of Sentinel and Sentinel spectrum, assuming ” more is better”. Not all owners want combo products. Interceptor has one ingredient and does not treat for fleas.

    Perfect for my purposes and concerns with multi products.

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    A certain variety within a brand can be higher or lower than the overall line. It would still be listed under the main line not individually.

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    BcNut. Yes it does whips! I love it for that reason.

    Weezer. . Some breeds of dogs can not have Ivermectin and there are populations of heartworm that are resistant.i have given it to over a 100 dogs per year, from the day it entered the market until when it was pulled and never had a reaction occur.

    I have given it to the very young and the very old, dogs with major medical issues including epilepsy, and never a problem. I can not same the same for ivermectin.
    As BcNut pointed out the tabs are small beef flavored compared to the giant chews that some of my dogs would not eat…to the point that I stopped buy g it and instead have been giving liquid ivermectin.

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    I was dancing a jig when I heard. It’s supposed to be a sure thing and they are taking pre orders from vets already. When they bought Novartis I believe it was mandated that they sell the Sentinel line..which meant they did not have a milbemycin product. Since they already have Trifexis as there combo line, the return of Interceptor was an easy decision.

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    It’s on solid gold facebook. Click on “posts to page”. Someone asks for a statement and they responded.

    in reply to: Pedigree Dog Products (dry & wet) #66067 Report Abuse

    HI Ronald. Some people love Diamond products. Due to the extensive recalls, I personally will not use anything made by them, nor could I recommend it. There are budget friendly good foods out there. Pure balance, Victor, Hi Tek, Nutrisource, propac are just some of them.

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    LOl. You and me both. I much prefer to make ac all, but sometimes posting is quicker.

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    Hi Connie- I see no problem with posting questions and concerns on a companies FB page. Its actually a good way to reach someone quickly.

    in reply to: Solid Gold question ? #66058 Report Abuse

    Foodie-Its on there. Click the “posts to page” and its perhaps two or three down. Sxsolid gold states that they have never had a positive test, and the Chinese never provided information(read the full response). It was melamine China was claiming they found, Solid Gold basically cried Bull : )

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    Its been a long time since we have had a dog with heartworm disease, and so I have fallen behind on research. However, if I recall, the average lifespan of an adult heartworm is about 5 yrs. The slow kill method kills the microfilaria and keeps the dog free of “new young worms’ but it does nothing to kill the adults. Without Immitricide, the present adult worms will continue to cause damage to the heart and circulatory system until the natural expiration of its life cycle. I would completely expect the dog to show positive until that last worm is dead on an antigen test.

    By that same token, I would expect any of the monthly preventives to accomplish the same thing, over time, and of course with varying degrees of speed and success depending on the medication choice used.

    Old treatment was “arsenic” based and is no longer considered the gold standard in heartworm treatment. The caparsolate used was nasty stuff. These days its Immitricide and is safer than the old school arsenic. For me and my dogs, unless there is a medical reason known ahead of time that would contradict the Immitricide treatment, it is what I have and would continue to go with. The thought of continuing damage for 5 years is not something that I personally could do.

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    No one can answer what to do with your dogs, we can only answer based on our experiences and what we would do. It concern me that both your dogs have the same issues, at the same time. Since it was Purina and Freshpet, and its affecting both dogs, I would be highly suspicious of something else. IMO, its highly unlikely for two dogs in the same household to have the exact same issue. That leaves me with questioning the safety product being used, and then environmental/.

    In other words, if you are sure the food is stored correctly, without contamination, bowls are cleaned regularly etc, then my mind would wander to another cause..

    Cleaning product in the household? Drinking contaminated water source out doors uch as mud puddles, streams etc.. Virus? Did they go anywhere they could have been exposed to something?

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    What do you mean by heart palpitation? Do you mean a murmur . Or ..arrhythmia?? Most times these are checked by ecg or echocardiogram.

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    I’d a vet told me a little overweight I would ask for a baseline amount.

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    They bought out pet 360 and associated branch businesses. THEY (petsmart) then sold itself to a private investment group.

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    I personally would not spray shampoo on a dog and not wash it off. Baby or not.

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    Frito feet!! Some of my dogs have it to from time to time, some more than others. Remember dogs also sweat from the pads so it’s not always from licking. Mine who have had Frito feet never had yeast infections so go figure. I have had dogs with yeast infections before and in their cases there was no frito odor but rather a putrid one.

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    What exactly does odd lot mean? I personally would not buy or use because I’m the problem was odd enough for them to pull their name off the can idea and ask them..after all the food is in their trays.

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    Weezer..Not all ticks carry lyme disease.. 😉 Next time, bring the tick to your vets office for looksy.

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    Hey there…Pugs is right and my crew eat average sort of more than 16 percent. When I wish to incorporate a higher fat one, I mix with a lower fat one to keep the overall level the same. Ex..Acana Grassland is 17percent fat so I might mix it with Natures Variety Prairie or Nutrisource etc etc. Hyperlipidemia is also a schnauzers problem so kust use caution in higher fat foods.

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