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    Hi all

    So I am getting into a tizz I started weaning my now 11 week old standard Dachshund off Royal Canin and onto Acana. I chose Acana Puppy & Junior. He currently weighs 5kg and is having 4 meals a day until next week when it goes down to 3 meals a day.

    But I am confused I simply don’t understand how much I should be feeding. When I measure for example 30g in the measuring cup provided by Acana and then measure that same amount on scales it comes to a completely different weight.

    So firstly is the Acana measuring cup inaccurate? Should I continue to use scales to weigh out the food?

    And secondly please please can somebody help me to work out how much acana puppy and junior I should feed an 11 week puppy weighing 5kg based currently on 4 meals a day?????

    I emailed the Acana customer service and they responded by saying ” You can use the Puppy and Junior, but I would follow the feeding guide for the Small Breed Puppy.” This doesn’t help me at all because it is a completely different chart


    I could really do with some guidance – thank you 🙂

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    Hi Flowers- I never worry about exact measurements for pup. I go by the puppy itself. I tend to feed x amount 3 or 4 time day. IF the pup finishes the entire meal, all 3 or 4 meals, I tend to increase the amount. If the pup looks too pudgy, I deduct a little. Honestly it rare that I worry about 11 wk old being too heavy.

    If I give 1/2 cup three time a day and the pup eats it all, I might go up to 3/4. When I go from 4 feedings to three and from 3 to 2, I increase the amount fed-again checking body condition. I have dogs that eat way more, and way less then directions say depending on activity level.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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