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    I found a tick on Bailey and it had already attached. When my husband took it out it left a hole. I am so upset. He has to go to vet tomorrow for blood to check thyroid and I’m going to get him to run this test. I have heard that if the test is positive it doesn’t mean he has lymes it could mean that he’s been exposed. This is the only tick I’ve gotten off that’s been so bad. I guess the test tomorrow would not include this tick since it just happened. Can someone explain this to me?

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    It can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months and sometimes up to a year (but that’s not an average) for a tick-borne virus to show in a Snap 4D test. Monitor your dog in the next few weeks to see whether there is any lethargy, loss of appetite, stiffness in joints/limping. If a Snap comes back positive, sometimes it is a false positive (or negative!). However, if positive please be sure to have the quantitative C6 test (blood work to see whether there is an active infection) sent to your vet’s lab (Idexx, etc.) There is great information on the Tick-L list (yahoo groups). An absolutely WONDERFUL homeopathic remedy to use if your fur-baby gets Lyme or anaplasmosis is Ledum 1M given 3x daily for just 3 days. Then stop. There have been extensive tests and actual humans and dogs who have been given this protocol totally successfully. Tick disease gone. No doxy etc. I’ve used it successfully. I am NOT a vet. Hope this helps.

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    The snap test was negative! Thank goodness

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    Weezer..Not all ticks carry lyme disease.. 😉 Next time, bring the tick to your vets office for looksy.

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    Even when a tick has one of the tick borne diseases, it’s the length of time that the tick was attached that determines how likely it is that the disease was transmitted. For most tick borne diseases they say the tick has to be attached for at least 24 hours.

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