What’s Your Dog’s ‘Feeding Type’?

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The Old Way of Choosing Dog Food

Choosing dog food based on your pet’s age ALONE can be risky. Even dangerous.

That’s because the old way of choosing ignores the fact that…

Some Dogs Age Faster Than Others

For example…

Smaller breeds can reach adulthood at just 9 months… while larger breeds can still be considered puppies at 2 years.

This is important because…

Larger breeds have an increased risk of developing a crippling and permanent form of hip disease… if they’re fed a diet that contains too much calcium while they’re still growing.1

Large breed dog with bilateral hip disease
Large Breed Dog with Permanent Hip Damage

And that’s not all.

Breed size can also dictate when your dog becomes a senior… a category that has its own specific dietary needs, too.

Which is WHY knowing when a dog moves from one stage of life to another can be SO important.

Here’s the Point…

When choosing dog food…

Lumping ALL breed sizes together into the same one-size-fits-all category can lead to disastrous results for your dog.

A Better Way to Choose Dog Food

So, instead of thinking only about your dog’s age… you must also consider your dog’s BREED SIZE.

The concept of feeding type combines BOTH age and breed size into one of 4 different categories.

Truth is…

There are 4 different feeding types, each corresponding to the age and breed size of a particular dog.

Knowing your dog’s feeding type can play an important role in choosing the right food. And it can have a major impact on the future health of your pet.

So instead of thinking about your dog’s age… you need to also consider your pet’s breed size.

How could a one-size-fits-all dog food be right for EVERY animal?

What’s Your Dog’s Feeding Type?
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Feeding type = breed size + life stage
2 parts. Breed size + life stage
Breed size never changes. But life stage does.

Small breed puppy
Small breed adult
Small breed senior
Medium breed puppy
Medium breed adult
Medium breed senior
Large breed puppy
Large breed adult
Large breed senior
Giant breed puppy
Giant breed adult
Giant breed senior


  1. Lauten SD, Nutritional Risks to Large Breed Dogs: From Weaning to the Geriatric Years, Vet Clin Small Anim 36 (2006) 1345–1359.