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What’s Your Dog’s Feeding Type?

Relying solely on your pet’s age to select their food can cause long-term issues. On this page we explore various dog feeding types and how to identify your dog’s feeding style.

What’s Your Dog’s Feeding Type?

Some breeds age faster than others

For example…

Smaller breeds can reach adulthood at just 9 months… while larger breeds can still be considered puppies at 2 years.

This is important because…

Larger breeds have an increased risk of developing a crippling and permanent form of hip disease… if they’re fed a diet that contains too much calcium while they’re still growing.


Large breed dog with bilateral hip disease
Large Breed Dog with Permanent Hip Damage

And that’s not all.

Breed size can also affect when your dog becomes a senior, a stage of life that that can also have its own special nutritional needs, too.

Knowing your dog’s feeding type can help.

The Dog Food Advisor has combined age and breed size into 4 Feeding Types.

Which can help make it easier and more accurate for you to find the best possible food for your dog.

Don’t guess. Take the quiz to discover your dog’s ideal feeding type.

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