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    Chris S

    A year ago the vet a heart murmur in my 7 year old Cavalier. In searching for help, I have found a few websites that recommend certain supplements & food for him that are suppose to help with this health issue. All of the info seems to make sense, but I am looking for other dog owners that also have dogs with this problem to see what they have found to help.

    I know there a several other breeds that have the same problem…such as dachshund, terriers, chin, etc. So I am assuming there are many owners dealing with this problem.

    I would like suggestions as to good food & supplements that have had some positive effect on dogs with this problem. Also what brands of supplements to use. Its difficult to find objective reviews & recommendations for natural supplements for humans…so finding the same thing for animals is even more difficult.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Any breed can have a heart murmur. What grade is the murmur, and did the vet say it was indicative of a specific disease? Fish oil is one of the best supplements you can use. Coq10 is said to be effective for certain types of heart disease as well.

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    Chris S

    Oh yes, the Cavalier is about top of the list of breeds that get this heart problem. My dog, Archie, has held off any problems for about 7 years. So I am thankful for that.

    I have read that both fish oil & Coq10 were both good for this, but can’t seem to find out dosages. And what brands of supplements are reliable & consistent.

    I am looking for what foods would be helpful as well.

    One question I have had for a long time is…why don’t the manufacturers make their food taste good to the dog. I have tried numerous 5 star dog foods & none seem to make an impression on Archie. This is just a short rant. Sorry.

    Thanks for your response. It verifies what I have been reading.

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    Stacey A

    I’m an RN and I don’t know how much of this is true for dogs but for humans the main danger in a heart murmur is that the blood gets swooshed around in the heart and the trauma to the blood cells causes them to coagulate, leading to blood clots. With people we don’t want them to do anything that might cause the blood to coagulate more easily so we avoid foods with high vitamin K, which are your dark green leafy veggies. Dark green is OK as long it’s not leafy (so peas and green beans are still OK but avoid spinach, kale, broccoli etc.). Of course with any heart problem you need to really watch the sodium.

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    A lot of small breeds have a heart murmur, as long as it is asymptomatic I wouldn’t worry too much. There are a lot of high quality dog foods out there, try them out. Some of my favorites are Wysong, Nutrisca, Wellness…..and I recently discovered Evangers.
    Fish oil is a good supplement for any dog, imo. I use a drugstore brand for humans, one capsule a day, check with your vet.

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    Chris S

    Thanks for all of the info. I was using the Wild Salmon oil for a while. I think I will go back to that or just give him one of my Omega-3 capsules with his dinner.

    Also I know my brothers dachshund was having some issues & they started feeding her green beans. So I will mix green beans in with Archie’s meals on occasion.

    Thanks again!!

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