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Frequently Asked Questions

The following topics include links to The Dog Food Advisor’s most frequently asked questions.

Commonly asked questions

Which dog food is best?

If the answer were simple, we wouldn’t have an entire website dedicated to helping you find the best food for your dog! Every dog is different in weight, size and health, and has different nutritional needs — and tastes. But while we can’t provide personal food recommendations, we can give you as much advice as possible. 

As well as reviewing thousands of dog foods, we have our Best Dog Food pages to find our recommendations for everything from the best puppy foods and best fresh dog foods, to the best food for common health conditions. 

You can also read about how to choose dog food and your dog’s feeding type to get started, not to mention dozens of useful articles in our Help & Advice section.

How do you decide dog food ratings?

We use the only information we feel we can reliably trust. We read and interpret government-regulated and standardized pet food labels. Nothing more. No influence, no favors, no taste tests.

We do this in two simple steps:

  • We study the ingredients list
  • We estimate the meat content

Learn in more detail about how we rate dog food here.

What are AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles?

In order for a dog food to be marketed as “complete and balanced”, it must meet the nutritional standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). You can read more about what it is and what it does here.

These nutritional adequacy standards are defined by two nutrient profiles based upon a dog’s stage of life:

  • Adult maintenance
  • Growth and reproduction

Find out more about AAFCO nutrient profiles here.

How much food should I feed my dog?

The amount of food you feed your dog will depend on a few factors, including their age, size, and activity level. Try to follow the feeding instructions on each package. If your dog is fully grown (and no longer a puppy), you can try using our dog food calculator.

You can also read more dog feeding tips here.

Is there any way I can get dog food recall alerts sent to me?

We make every effort to alert our subscribers as soon as we can confirm the news of a dog food or dog treats recall. To be notified, simply sign up to get free dog food recall alerts by email.

What are the signs and symptoms of a food allergy?

The symptoms of an allergy include skin rash, hives, itching, paw biting, obsessive licking and sometimes nausea or vomiting. If you’re unsure whether your dog is having an allergic reaction, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian who can diagnose the problem. 

Find out more about food allergies here.

Final word

The information contained in these Frequently Asked Questions is designed to help you make a more informed decision when feeding your dog.

However, the articles and reviews are provided to you in good faith and are not intended to suggest following the advice contained in them will result in specific health benefits for your pet.

For a better understanding of how we analyze each product we review, be sure to read “The Problem with Dog Food Reviews”

Remember, no dog food can possibly be appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition. So, choose wisely. And when in doubt consult a veterinarian for help.