Best Dog Food Brands

Best Dog Food -- Editors Choice

Dog parents love to ask… “What’s the best dog food?

There are countless online lists of ‘The 10 Best Dog Foods’.

But think about that for a moment.

How could any one dog food — or even a list of 10 or 20 — be “best” for every dog?

Here are the Dog Food Advisor’s best dog food brands for 2023, by category.

Best Dog Food Brands
September 2023

We’ve reviewed hundreds of dog foods and chosen the best in each of the following categories to help dog parents find the right foods for their pets. From the best dry dog food to the best dog food for allergies — and everything in between — see our recommendations of the best dog food brands.


Best Dog Food for Specific Breeds
September 2023

Different dog breeds and mixes have different nutritional requirements. With the help of a pet nutritionist and an expert veterinarian, we’ve put together lists of the best dog foods for specific breeds.


Best Dog Treats, Toppers and Dental Chews
September 2023

Find a list of our top recommendations of the best dog treats, toppers and dental chews. All free from any nasty ingredients or artificial additives.



Who is the Dog Food Advisor?

The Dog Food Advisor comprises researchers, editors, veterinarians and pet nutritionists who review and rate dog foods to help dog parents find the best food for their pets.

We offer dog food recommendations for specific breeds, life stages, health complaints, and more. You can find out more on our About Us page.


How we rate dog food

We rate dog food based on the information on its label, and by looking at several nutritional factors, such as its protein-to-fat ratio and the nature and quality of its ingredients.

You can read a more detailed explanation here.


How we choose our Best Dog Food lists

We choose our Best Dog Food lists based on our star ratings, but also the following criteria:

  • Retail availability (preferably online)
  • Greatest popularity as measured by the number of user reviews
  • Re-order rates
  • Search interest
  • Positive user reviews

Recalled products are removed from these lists until we feel assured they’re safe.

For more details, visit our FAQ page.


Reviews you can trust

We are not paid by any pet company to favor a particular product. You can be assured our reviews are independent and unbiased.  

However, we may receive a referral fee from online retailers and dog food manufacturers when our readers click from our website to theirs. 

This fee helps support our work and keeps access to our valuable content free. For more information see our Disclaimer & Disclosure page.


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