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    Hey, all! So, I was spending some time online window-shopping, as usual, and stumbled upon a few lovely companies that seem to make awesome dog toys!

    For Bruno, we use a lot of natural chews, but he does have a few toys here and there, and here’s what we have: a Nylabone triangular orange chew thing that was on sale at TJ Maxx, so I grabbed it (he doesn’t usually get to chew on plastics, just every once in a blue moon); a JW (I think) wobbly tower treat dispenser with varying difficulty levels; a small black Kong used mostly for stuffing with doggie ice-cream/canned food, but I feel like I can stick a bully stick in there and use it as a vice grip instead, lol; 3 rope toys – one just straight rope, the other 2 are 8-shaped for tugging and one has balls on it, the other has some rubber X-shaped cover where the rope is crossed; a used-to-be-tug-a-jug-now-just-a-jug by Busy Buddy/Petsafe – he destroyed the rope as a pup, now just the bottle is left and is quite a challenge for him to lift upside down to get his food; a blue rubber ring that he loves fetching and playing tug with; a green treat dispensing maze ball; a blue fetching ball; and as of today, a barnacle treat dispensing/stuffable toy from Busy Buddy/Petsafe with 3 treat dispensing/stuffable openings that I can stick bully sticks, an antler, and some other chews in that I want to prevent Bruno from swallowing whole. Also, 2 dog “board games”/”puzzles”/treat dispensers to stimulate his mind if the above is not enough, combined with the training he gets, lol. Now… I probably have plenty, but I made the mistake of going on the Petsafe/Planet Dog/JW/Kong websites and I’m in love with most of the toys there (especially the Petsafe ones)! I want to gradually obtain all/most of them, for Bruno and/or future dogs. The Planet Dog toys seem pretty cool, but are much pricier… and JW toys I am least interested in, but somewhat interested nonetheless. And then there is Amazon for all kinds of dog board games, and puzzles, and mind-boggling things! Ahh, the possibilities… I will also say that he doesn’t get all toys at the same time, they are rotated so that he forgets about them for a while and then be excited about them again. 🙂 And, of course, he’s always supervised unless deemed safe to be alone with a particular toy.

    Anyway, what do you all give to your dogs as toys, what are their/your favorites? 🙂

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    My house is full of toys, but with 15 it’s hard to decide which is a favorite and of who, lol. Stuffed toys with squeaker are always popular here, nylabones, natural bones etc. They don’t seem to like ropes on their own, but if the arms and legs of a stuffed toy are ropes, they live them.

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    Yay! Someone finally made a dog toy topic! 😀 Anyway, Lily has waaay too many toys. A toy for me is a toy for her, so I tend to be pretty generous in my toy-buying. She has a Busy Buddy Barnacle that she gets her kibble from, that she loves rolling around the room. She has a few other treat despising toys, all made of rubber, and a bunch of soft squeaky ones. There is also a old water bottle that I put in a sock that I give to her for supervised play, which she loves. We have some softer Nylabones, which she will occasionally chew. The only kind of toy she doesn’t like are treat-despencing toys that are plastic, or wobble a bit towards her. We tried the Kong Wobbler, (which we donated) and the IQ Treat Ball (that’s going back to the pet store.) I think she is scared of the bobbling motion and the sound the plastic makes, so we’ll stick with rubber and cloth toys for now.

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    Liesl will really only play with treat dispensing toys or toys/puzzles to eat out of. I’m trying to teach her to play, so we will see if the toy collection adds up. For those types of toys: Monster Mouth, Kongs, Various Puzzles by Nina Ottenson, The Pickle Pocket, Westpaw Toppl… some of my favorites

    Dani will tug and chase, one of my absolute favorites is The Bumi by Westpaw, it tugs and throws far for fetch, so we get pretty rowdy with that one. Genuine Dog Gear has my favorite Tug toy, that only comes out for training.

    We aren’t big fans of balls or squeakers in my house, but my sisters westie is just nuts for them. The brands we get for him that are huge hits: Kong AirSqueaker Balls, FurBalls, and the Petstages big rubber chickens/ducks/hippos. And he doesn’t kill those ones!

    Another note, my other sister’s st Bernard/great dane that eats everything (other issue…we aren’t in charge of our family’s pets, right?) I got them a tirebiter hoping for it to be a good sturdy toy. She ate it.

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    Ooh, glad others are pretty excited about dog toys too! Like D_O, a toy for Bruno is almost like a toy for me! 🙂

    I really like stuffing things in the Barnacle, Bruno can spend an hour or so trying to dig up a cookie from there, but it is also really hard to get it out unless I hammer at the thing to break it apart inside and make it easier for him. I want the task to be attainable, but not super easy. It makes a decent holder for stuff on the smallest opening.

    aquariangt, I really like Nina Otensson’s puzzles. I want to get a few wooden ones in the future.

    I also forgot to say, Bruno has only had one toy with a squeaky, and it was gift. Thank goodness he tore it up almost immediately! We would never get those things for him, lol.

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