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    Pearl G

    Could you guys pleeeease review “red leaf” the premium canadian dog food brand made by petsmart. I’d appreciate it so much. 😊

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    Tyrie B

    Is it possible to get a review on ” Badlands Ranch” dog food. Katherine Heigl had developed this recipe would love your feedback on it.. Thank you

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    Melissa S

    Yes, please review Badlands Ranch dog food.

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    Suede D

    Yes – please review Badlands Ranch food!

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    Lynn G

    I totally agree. I really need a professional review of Badlands. My dog loves it, but I am not a professional and need professional input.

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    Donna P

    Yet another request for BadlandsRanch dog food PLEASE!! We would greatly appreciate your opinion on this premium dog food!

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    Patricia A

    Donna I haven’t noticed any new food reviews since Dr. Mike retired. I don’t trust old reviews of food since last updated years ago a lot of recipes have changed possibly. Disappointed because DFA always was my go to site for a starting point
    food in what to feed.

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    eterson P

    Overall, Red Leaf is a high-quality dog food that is made with premium ingredients. It is a good choice for dogs of all ages and breeds, and it is especially well-suited for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Recommended from my end.

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    Janice O

    My dog loves this food; so much so that we decided to double our monthly shipment. This review is based on business practice rather than product. I called but couldn’t ever get an answer; I contacted via email with my request and a couple days later received an email that I could only change via phone and customer service could/would not help me. I’m not accustomed to a business where I am wanting to give more of my money to not being able to help. We’ll research other premium dog food companies to find one that is easier to order from, and values its customers a bit more.

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    Marguerite G

    Could you PRETTY PLEASE review Badlands, Ranch dog food? Thank you in advance.

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    Lilianne L

    I, too, would appreciate your reviewing Badlands Ranch dog food.

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