Best Weight Loss Dog Foods


Dog at the Table Faced with Weight Loss
In her popular article, How to Help Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight, Dr. Donna Spector, a respected veterinary specialist, shared her secret to predictable weight loss.

Dogs that consume fewer calories than they burn — lose weight

To lose weight, Dr. Spector suggests feeding your pet a dog food containing:

  • Above-average protein1
  • Below-average fat2
  • Below-average calories3

How We Selected
Our Best Weight Loss Dog Foods

If you believe your pet is overweight, here are a few weight loss dog foods for you to consider.

Suggested products must meet all three conditions mentioned above. They must contain above-average protein, below-average fat and not exceed 400 calories per cup of dry or canned dog food.

In addition, they must also be rated 3 stars or higher.

If you know of a specific dog food you believe should be included on this list, please share your suggestions in the Comments section below.

Best Weight Loss Dog Foods

The following table of best dog foods for weight loss is not meant to be complete. However, these products are a good place to begin your own research.

Acana Light and Fit (Dry)39113605
Annamaet Grain Free Lean Low Fat Formula (Dry)33103505
Castor and Pollux Indulgent Mix All-Beef Sausage Links and Sweet Potato (Canned)47163475
Dr. Tim’s Metabolite Weight Management (Dry)33112865
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals Shredded Chicken Entree (Canned)4473114.5
Fromm Gold Coast Weight Management (Dry)28113414
Halo Spot’s Stew Grain Free Healthy Weight Turkey Liver and Duck (Dry)31133584
Kasiks Fraser Valley Grub Formula (Canned)64143455
Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon (Canned)44173735
Victor Senior/Healthy Weight Formula (Dry)30133604.5
Wellness Core Reduced Fat (Dry)37133605

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  1. Average protein: 29% (dry) and 40% (canned)
  2. Average fat: 16% (kibble) and 23% (canned)
  3. Modified by The Dog Food Advisor: no more than 400 calories per cup of dry or canned dog food
  • tntwo99

    Science Diet is the worst on the market people. You might as well feed Ol’ Roy. Look at Evolve and decide. I feed our pack (now 8) of various breeds, ages and sizes a raw diet with Organic Hemp oil, Icelandic Pharma Grade Sardine, Anchovy Oil and a small amount of a variety of Evolve.

  • tntwo99

    You need to research your dog food brands a bit better. They sell a couple of outstanding dog foods like Evolve. Check it out. I use it as an addition to my packs rawfood diet just for the add vitamins and minerals

  • A Nonnie Mess

    When you say her health is fine, I’m assuming this means the vet ran bloodwork and a thyroid panel?
    How much food does she get twice a day?

  • anon101

    Feed a little less, increase exercise, more walks, longer walks. Offer 1/2 raw carrot midday as a snack. No other snacks. Add a little warm water to the food.

  • Kim Thompson

    I’ve been using science diet dog food for 2 month’s my dog has only lost 2 pounds she gets feed twice a day does what else can i do to make her lose weight she weighs 28 pounds now and she’s a Doxie someone please help her health is fine I had that checked out and the vet too me she’s healthy other then her gained weight

  • Susan

    have you looked into making your own treats? Chicken Jerky, beef Jerky etc.. Adli’s has an Digital Air Fryer I seen in the Aldi’s Catalogue for only $99…
    I’ve been tinking of making Patches treats, air dried treats are expensive…
    I buy the “K-9Natural” Green Lipped Mussel freeze dried, mussels, they are very healthy….
    Steve Brown was interviewed & asked, if you were to pick just 1 food to add to your dogs diet what would it be & Steve said Mussels, they’re cheap, very healthy & have manganese, Iodine, Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA,DHA, Vitamin-D & the shell has Glucosamine & Chrondroitin, Steve said add 1-2 mussels, 1 tablespoon Salmon & a pinch of Kelp to dogs meal daily…

  • Mike Morgan

    It should be noted by all that Premium Edge has been discontinued!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Susan, I like Amazon and shop there a lot!! My neighbor ordered some dehydrated food from Amazon a year or so ago and when the food came it was full of cobwebs and bugs, and the expiry date had long since passed. IIRC Amazon made it right, but we’re more interested in supplies and treats than food as we do feed mostly raw! We have a really good independently ran store we buy farm feed and some dog stuff at but it’s much more of a feed supply than pet supply.
    I found a nice site that carries a lot of stuff I can’t get or have never seen. With your dog having IBD ‘m sure you understand, we have a sensitive stomach dog that we refuse all treats containing anything sugary as that seems to get him acting strangely. Even a lot of the good brands treats have sugar (or cane molasses, same thing IMO) in them and we were able to find treats we think will work =)

  • anon101

    What’s wrong with Amazon? My vet suggested it for pet supplies, they have a high turnover of merchandise.
    A lot of people use them for dog food.

  • sandy

    Nature’s Select uses distributors that deliver right to your door. Look to see if there is one for your area. They have grain and grain-free foods. Last time I checked the food was manufactured at Mid America Pet Foods in Texas (same place as Victor).

  • anon101

    Per the Peta article
    “So what’s a concerned animal guardian to do? Research! Some online retailers, such as and PetFlow are not affiliated with or owned by animal-abusing companies. Target and some other brick-and-mortar stores sell supplies but not live animals. You can also investigate local “mom-and-pop” stores in your community that don’t sell animals—they are usually happy to special-order products for you.”

  • Susan

    Hi Anonymous,
    I believe if the online pet store’s staff your using are well mannered & have moved mountains to get your pet food delivered to your door or refund money without making a fuss & want you to return old pet foods etc & they deliver your pet food on time, the box it comes in isn’t all smashed up & broken, the use by date on the bag of kibble has a good 12-18months tells me they have a good turn around & your pet food isn’t sitting in a hot warehouse waiting to be sold, some online pet stores don’t have a quick turn around & use by dates are 6 months & under before they are out of date, this isnt a good thing, always read your use by dates, kibble bag should have a good year too 18 months to be used, 18months is very fresh, just been made…. Chewy would have a really good turn around & sell heaps of pet foods so the kibble isnt just sitting on selves getting wevals etc, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ….A few people on DFA are Chewy haters, so be careful….

  • Anonymous

    Anon101 I’ll check it out as a back up. Thank you!

  • anon101

    Petflow dot com

  • Anonymous

    What would be a good alternative for those who prefer auto-ship, or live rural and/or in a climate where trips to the store are weather dependent I wonder? I’m not a hard core raw feeder who can feed whole prey but I don’t fool myself into thinking it didn’t USED to be whole prey, but even seeing the feeder mice in stores makes me a bit sad, even though I know certain reptile-type creatures need to eat, too…
    I have a hard time swallowing most of PETA’s agendas (JMO) but they do make a good case on this one.
    Are there any good online retailers for pet food (not amazon, etc.)?

  • anon101
    excerpt below, click on link for full article and comments
    If you’re like most compassionate animal guardians, you’re careful never to buy your animal-care supplies from stores like PetSmart, Petco, and Pet Supplies Plus, which sell animals who have been raised in hellish mass-breeding mills or torn away from their homes and families in nature.
    Online animal-supply retailers might seem like a good alternative, but buyer beware: Many are owned by companies that support the cruel pet trade. Recently, it was reported that has been purchased by PetSmart—so buying products from Chewy now means lining the pockets of companies that are responsible for tremendous systemic cruelty to small animals. Many other online animal-supply stores—including,,, and Doctors Foster and Smith—are also owned by companies that profit from peddling live animals.

  • Carolyn Barath Hedges

    Why? As far as I can tell, Chewy continues to stock the same high quality products it always has, and their customer service continues to be exemplary.

  • orchestralistener has now been bought by PetSmart, and we all know the awful food they sell. Please consider dropping as an endorser.

  • Katherine Hoy

    The calories counts on this list are way too high, especially if (like me) you have a small dog with a slow metabolism. We love the quality of Acana Lamb but my Westie gained weight on it. She was able to lose 4 lbs over 18 months with Nutro Lite Lamb (240 cal per cup which is ideal). We add a TBSP of Merrick Steak Chunks as a topper. Sadly Nutro Lite is now only available in 30 lb bags. So We’ve just switched to Diamond Care Weight Management which is approx 290 cal per cup. BTW… my dog has a chicken allergy. It’s very difficult to find a chicken-free Lite dog food.

  • Madison Grace

    One of my dogs needed a low fat diet due to liver and gall bladder disease. She has been eating Annamaet Lean and I also started my other dog on the Annamaet Lean. They have both lost weight over the past year. It is great to see waistlines again.