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    Douglas C

    My wife and I have been feeding our 3½-year-old female Golden Retriever, Cali, Wellness Chicken and Oatmeal food for a couple of years, and she has thrived on it. However, we are now very concerned about the most recent 30-pound bag that we received from Amazon as its contents are substantially different from the food in the previous bags.

    In the past, the kibble was always a light tan color, but the kibble in this most recent bag is a very dark brown and is covered with small white specks. At first I figured that the company had changed the recipe or something, but I became concerned when I noticed that Cali’s poops had also turned a dark brown and were larger and softer than they had been before she began eating from this bag.

    I’ve written to Wellness about the issue, and I’m awaiting their reply. In the meantime, we switched to Wellness’s Grain Free chicken recipe, which I bought at the local pet store. The kibble in this bag is identical to what we used to receive — much lighter in color, no white specks. This suggested to me that what Amazon is selling may be counterfeit.

    I’ll post again if and when we hear back from Wellness.

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    Ana W

    It’s good that you were able to change your dog’s food, you finally got an answer from Wellness?

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    We have had the exact same experience this week!

    We just switched ordering from Chewy to Amazon (a little cheaper). Opened the bag, and it was a totally different product than what we have fed our dog for the past 8 years. The same bag and Wellness variety, just a different product.

    The kibble is as described by the user above: maybe 3x the size, kernel-shaped vs. round, dark brown vs. tan, and has a very mild petroleum smell.

    Throwing it away and headed to Pet Smart to buy a legit bag, and then back to Chewy.

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    Alyssia M

    Just had the same exact experience. Did anyone ever hear back from anyone? Was your dog alright after switching back to it’s regular food?

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