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    Samantha S

    I could not find many reviews for this nutritionist so I felt like I had to put it on the internet somewhere so others could be spared from wasting their time and money.

    My dog has IBD and got very sick and developed PLE. He needs to have a low fat diet so I started home cooking for him to try and save him. I started with ground turkey, quinoa and carrots. I was able to get his protein up so I was looking for a nutritionist to balance his diet and I found Cat Lane. At first, she was very nice and prompt. That changed quickly.

    First of all, you fill out this massive form with all sorts of info (which she never even asked me anything about). On here I said what I was feeding Loki and how much. This genius plan that she comes up with is the same thing I’m already feeding him, she just adds some supplements. After getting the recipe I see that she is recommending 1/4 of what I was feeding him. I question her and instead of apologizing she claims she didn’t know what I was already feeding my dog. I filled out a huge form and she could’ve asked if she didn’t know! That was red flag #1. So she updated the diet. She also changed the supplements from the original diet to the new one and didn’t mention a word about it. I asked about it and all I got was a 1-word response. Red flag #2.

    So I get the supplements and add them to my dog’s diet. After a few weeks, we were supposed to check in. Her method of contact is e-mail and she wants you to schedule a day to contact her. She blew me off a couple of times and had BS excuses. My dog had an ultrasound in August where his belly had been shaved. His fur was not growing back so I was concerned he was missing something in his diet. I finally get a chance to speak to Cat and I very nicely ask if there’s a chance he could be missing something in his diet. Here comes another res flag- she gets super offended and tells me off and says if SHE calculated a diet then IT IS BALANCED. Yes, she used capital letters.

    I don’t respond because I am fuming at this point at the ego of this woman and trying not to flip out at her. While I’m calming down, she sends me another e-mail saying that she owes me a diet revision (part of the plan I paid for). I tell her that my vet wanted me to add beef liver treats to his diet. Cat said it was better to do fresh beef liver but I didn’t want to do that so she gave me info for a supplement.

    I casually asked how much time we had left on my plan and, funny enough, she says our time is up and that she offers reasonable plans for follow up. She had said something confusing and vague about the last supplement she recommended so I asked a question about it and I never got a response from her. I’m assuming she was wanted me to pay for the follow up for her to answer the question. The nerve.

    Here’s the kicker. My dog started losing a ton of hair and has severe dandruff. Guess what my vet said? His diet isn’t balanced and he’s missing key nutrients!

    What a waste of time and money working with this childish, unprofessional sham of a “nutritionist.” She has no business having a god complex like she does.

    Anyway, I just wanted to warn people to avoid her at all costs!

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    Milena N

    Oh God – I’m so glad I’m not alone 🙁 I have never dealt with an adult who behaves like this – we are still ‘finalizing’ my girl plan but she is ignoring my emails so we might be finished – don’t know. But she owes me a refund for my second girl so it will be in her interest to reply…
    Nevermind the waste of my money and TIME but the lack of professionalism and honesty!!! We went to her for therapeutic liver recipe as well as weight loss – what we got is incomplete recipe (it isn’t balanced with all minerals – I know that not because she told me but because I reviewed her recipe with fine comb after I noticed a lot of odd behaviour and errors in her files, I called her out and she said yes that’s my process – you try this version first ) NOT for weight loss, and that’s all – no 1st, 2nd, 3rd recipe, herbal protocol, strategy, etc (all she claims to do in 5h service!). So much ego and disrespect in her responses to me – honestly, she is boarder line bullying me!!! Everything you wrote – you took the words out of my mouth.
    This is a scam service, I just hope no dogs get hurt by ” her process”!

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    Experiencing the same issues as described above. She is very ill, though, and spends a lot of time in the hospital, so I do have empathy for her situation. Cat is extremely knowledgeable, and I have respect for her experience, but I think she’s struggling with her health, which is affecting her work. Sadly, it did affect our experience and potentially our dog’s health. I can deal with “difficult” personalities, but errors in calculations and meal plans for a puppy are a big no for me. I would love to continue working with her, but I’m not willing to put my dog’s health at risk any longer.

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    tomas O

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