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    Let me start by just saying, I’m a total dog novice. I grew up with cats and now in my mid 30’s have adopted my first puppy.

    I have a 10 week old boston terrier. Her weight is OK, but she is on the small side with not a weight to spare. She’s pretty finicky. I really wanted her to like Amicus puppy small breed but she continues to turn her nose up to it, even when adding to it (pumpkin, yogurt, wet food, etc.)

    I would like to try her on Acana puppy small breed (despite it not being grain free) but can’t seem to get it in the US due to regulations of some sort re: milk thistle ingredient. Anyone know a way around this? Or maybe when they open up production in the US it will be available w/out milk thistle?

    (side note, is the US production site thought to be no good because the pet food regulations in that state are too lax? I remember reading a downside, but can’t remember where or what the details were).

    My pup is currently eating Acana Lamb and Apple whole prey diet and really enjoys it. The kibble is big but she gobbles it down. Is All life stages OK? Seems like it is for puppies, but may be too many calories for a mature dog?

    Is rotating kibble OK for a puppy? I know their digestive system is immature and more sensitive, but so far, we’ve made sudden switches and she has handled it just fine. I would prefer to not get her stuck on one food … just not sure if that’s something that should wait until she is past her puppyhood.

    I would like to stay grain free if possible as her coat is already dry and dull. That said, she also has (smelly) gas, so I’m a little leery of lentils … but it seems like avoiding potatoes might help with yeast? she does have tear stains … waiting on probitiocs to arrive.

    How much truth is there with ying/yang, cool vs heating foods? She is definitely a hot dog (not the kind you eat) so I’m thinking I will try her on Acana Duck and Pear whole prey and see if I notice a difference.

    I’m hoping for some recommendations of kibble for a finicky puppy, preferably grain free with a moderate protein %? I don’t like natural flavors (there can be some pretty nasty stuff hidden there) or canola oil.

    I realize there is no perfect kibble and even then it really depends on the specific dog. Just feeling a little overwhelmed and hoping some of you who have been doing this longer or have a similar dog, might have some input.


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    Uhm..Boston tend to have gas issues 🙂 I have fed Acana products to pups and they did great. And all life stage foods should be just fine. They do sell their grain free line in the US.

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    Thanks. Yes, BT do have gas issues 🙂 I just don’t want to make them worse … guess I’ll figure out her baseline over time and with trial and error.

    Since last night she’s been barely interested in her Acana and hasn’t eaten but a few kibbles today. She doesn’t have a lot of weight to spare and is already small for her age. She also has dry fur with some flaking.

    I’m going to the pet store again today and will be reading more on homemade diets. I just want her to eat and get the nutrition that she desperately needs. If she isn’t eating more by the end of the week, I’ll be taking her to the vet, though I’m afraid they will just scold me for not feeding her Royal Canin.

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    Hi Tia-
    You sound very educated for a first time dog owner. Congrats! Rotating kibbles is fine as long as there is no digestive upset. In fact, it is considered healthy to feed a variety of foods to your pup. Such as kibble, canned, dehydrated, and fresh foods.

    It is hard to make a recommendation for a picky dog because every dog has different tastes. Have you tried Fresh Pet at all. It is highly rated and isn’t processed as much as kibble. It is also conveniently found at some grocery stores and big chain pet stores.

    Check out: http://www.dogaware.com for some advice and books and information on homemade diets and pre-mixes.

    Again, congrats on the new puppy. You have a lot of fun times ahead of you!

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    I wouldn’t say I’m educated, but I’m getting there thanks to sites like this! 🙂 Good point! Knowing what my finicky pup will eat is tricky since it won’t necessarily be the same as another’s finicky pup.

    After speaking with some local dog peeps, I decided to switch her to raw with only one protein source (Primal Duck Formula). She doesn’t like most treats but has never turned her nose up to freeze dried meats, including duck.

    I’m hoping she likes the new food and transitions well with little GI upset. I’m also hoping the single protein source will aid in sorting out her potential allergies (environmental or food). Once she is settled for a bit, I will start rotating her food … seems like a great idea all the way around.

    We are so excited to have our first ever puppy-dog! She is the cutest thing ever and brings so much joy to our family!~ Thanks for the link and food recommendations!

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    Picture?? Lol. I love the little smooshy facedpuppy pix! Have you tried some warm water on it? Some dogs like the softer kibble and the smells that come from it moistened. Others are just picky and a food may not appeal to them for whatever reason.

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    I’ve tried warm water, I’ve tried hot water, I’ve tried cold water, lol.

    Thankfully, the raw food diet is continuing to go great! She is gaining weight and her coat already looks much better. Her stools are healthy, consistent, and they stink less. Her gas is less than it was on quality kibble and the stink isn’t there. My guess is it’s the apple cider vinegar and the natural enzymes in the food that are taking the smell away.

    I need to figure out how to load a picture on here. I have pictures on my phone but don’t know how to get them onto my computer. I need to figure it out soon 🙂

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    Aspen A

    Lovemypuppy, I am with Steve’s Real Food, a raw pet food company (for full disclosure). Well done on switching your pup to raw, it is so much healthier for him than even the highest-end kibble. Any dry product is not going to compare in health benefits and easy digestion compared to raw. It is always good to rotate the food – we don’t expect our children to eat one thing every day for their entire life, but if you only feed a kid ice cream and cherrioos their stomachs are going to have a hard time eating apples and spinach. I hope your pup is doing well!

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