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    I think we’re dodging the “Dude, where’s my car” totals as it’s moving South. Now looking at 6-8 inches. Warped that that makes me happy lol.

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    Update: the Mobility Essentials seem to be working out well for Harry. Through the Winter from Hell (another 8-14 in expected in 48 hrs) Harry’s limp hasn’t flared up in all the ice & snow. His Vet agreed w/ the racing trainers I’ve spoken to that it’s a past ankle injury & joint supplement wouldn’t hurt.

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    Addiction is not made by Evangers – I’ve never heard of the other. Google search it I guess πŸ™‚

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    Cloud Nine Buddy Biscuits – many flavors and grain free options are the most used brand here for my Greyhound with multiple food intolerances. Available at Petco and Target by me. Old Mother Hubbard biscuits are the back up treats available at many locations. As I have to avoid poultry, sweet potato, & oatmeal my options are limited.

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    Jameskelly: have you tried Cloud Nine Buddy Biscuits? Crunchy treat with good ingredients ( they do have grain free options). Sold in Petco, & Target, and I’m sure more places. Harry has quite a few food issues & does great on them (Peanut Butter is his favorite. Old Mother Hubbard biscuits have worked well too.

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    I’ve never heard of them being microchipped there either, but I have heard of the chip wandering. Most Greyhound owners I’ve met use harnesses over martingales for various reasons, and swear by them. I have an engraved leather breakaway ID collar on Harry as a back up insurance plan to his regular tags, and his microchip. Doors don’t latch, fence gates get left open in storms, kids get careless, it makes me feel better.

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    I don’t have a small breed myself – having a Greyhound, I use a martingale collar which has his tags on it for walks. Since this type of collar is an obvious choking hazard he doesn’t wear it in the house. I highly reccomended an I.D. collar of some type (engraved, breakaway, or flat ID tag) to wear in case the dog gets out of the house unexpectedly.

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    I live within a few blocks of them so I will be picking up what I need once I get some freezer room opened up.

    in reply to: Suggestion on food! Allergy test results are back #33929 Report Abuse

    My boys the opposite he can’t have sweet potato but he does fine with white potato so I would assume vice versa holds true πŸ™‚

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    Hello and Welcome !!

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    So sorry Patty. What a wonderful life of love you gave her. <3

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    I wish I was as organized as Patty πŸ™‚ Since Harry gets kibble in the AM I give him the coconut oil and/or sardine oil then, along with a probiotic and a joint health cap. I am also having good luck with Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form powder in lieu of his usual enzyme at the moment. In the PM he gets a raw grind/ kibble mix that includes tripe.

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    My Greyhound can’t tolerate Salmon so Salmon Oil is out here. I add sardines (canned in water & no salt) to Harry’s kibble about 2-3 times a week. I also use Icelandic sardine/anchovy oil – he loves it. Start off slowly is my only advice or loose stools can happen. I also alternate in Coconut Oil when I remember.

    in reply to: deshedding brush #33272 Report Abuse

    I’ve never used a deshedder/ furminator brush either as my greyhound has very little fur, but I love the Kong ZoomGroom brush. Amazed how much hair it removes & easy to clean. Petco Petsmart & Amazon carry it. I use the large (blue).

    in reply to: DOG FOOD ADVICE #33008 Report Abuse

    Ps) Harry can’t have Salmon or White Fish but he does fine with Sardine/Anchovy oil, sardines, & Coconut oil. I don’t use every day. And I started out SLOWLY or it would go right thru him.

    in reply to: DOG FOOD ADVICE #33002 Report Abuse

    My boys “avoid” list is pretty long too. I’ve been having success with Natures Logic Beef, Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast & I’m about to try out 4Health GF Beef & Potato. I also add in some raw. I should’ve done the test sooner – but it did confirm what I was finding out with failed foods. I did try the NV but Harry wouldn’t eat it. Ugh.

    in reply to: Joint Health #32707 Report Abuse

    DaneMom: your mix sounds great & I’m saving it. Harry doesn’t show any need for joint supplements at the moment so I can’t say if it’s working or not – it’s just not coming out the other end so to speak. As a retired racing Greyhound who’ll be 5 in the Spring I thought I’d start giving him a little xtra help.

    in reply to: Joint Health #32695 Report Abuse

    I gave up on the liquid supplements – was definately not sitting well with Harry. While placing order with Swanson I added a bottle of the Mobility Essentials into my cart, and it seems to be agreeing with him. I open 1 over his food 2x’s a day & he doesn’t notice. I think I should be giving him a larger dose at 80 lbs – probably 3 caps/day, but wanted to ease into it.

    in reply to: Turkey Necks #31489 Report Abuse

    I’ve often used that for meds with past dogs. My current one will take anything wrapped in peanut butter, but for daily supplements it’s easier to throw it in the food bowl (for me). Pulverizing w/a spoon has been working. πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Turkey Necks #31485 Report Abuse

    My boy eats around pills – I give him digestive enzyme tablet in the AM. I have to now crush it up or it gets left at the bottom of an empty dish. I open up capsules & sprinkle it on also. At least for now til he catches on I suspect.
    I thought he was doing well on the K9 Liquid Health but as I slowly increased the dose to the reccomended level, he started gurgling, refusing meals & eating frozen grass. I’ll be researching new options for Joints Health. Ugh.

    Oh my! That’s a lot of necks. I hope not frozen or you’re going to have one bizarre ice cube in your bathtub πŸ™‚

    God bless the Turkey Necks!! Guaranteed 30 min of peace & quiet (except for the crunching)

    I’m sure some of the more knowledgable posters will reply but in the meantime go over to the “Dog Supplements” topic on the forum menu. There are several discussions there on what you’re looking for. I just started using Liquid Health’s K9 Glucosomine which was reccomended at my local feed store. My Greyhound doesn’t like pills & nothing agrees w/ him, so far so good with this stuff. I also use sardine & anchovy oil since salmon oil makes things ugly with him.

    in reply to: Kong #31006 Report Abuse

    Harry gets combo of peanut butter, yogurt, mashed banana w/ kibble on bottom so the small hole stays clear. Frozen.

    in reply to: Joint Health #30722 Report Abuse

    I saw that at the feed store! I didn’t pick it up because I couldn’t reach it lol. I am thrilled that I now know can buy Earthborn Holistic GPF there. I had given up on buying Harry’s food anywhere but online. I will have to stop back in for the Cortaflex. I love it when I can buy locally.

    in reply to: Joint Health #30718 Report Abuse

    …. As a former horse owner I should’ve thought of this sooner, I’m constantly comparing Harry to my horse lol

    in reply to: Joint Health #30714 Report Abuse

    Thanks! I wish I hadn’t tossed the Springtime Joint Health – I would’ve mailed it to you!!


    in reply to: Joint Health #30712 Report Abuse

    Glad to have found this thread as I’m just now thinking of adding a Joint Supplement into my Greyhound’s diet. I was looking at options online but decided to check here to see if there was a thread & as always when needed there was πŸ™‚ The Actiflex 4000 sounds like a good idea, and reasonable. I tried the Springtime Joint Health & Harry wouldn’t go near it now matter how I disguised it. I will have to swing by my local feed store & see if they carry it.

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #30004 Report Abuse

    That’s what I was thinking too. I’ll pass

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29997 Report Abuse

    This was posted a a Greyhound forum in regards to BDN (not my post)

    My inquiry:
    “Thank you. I found the product analysis, but need the nutrient profile, ie how much protein, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, niacin, folic acid, iodine, pantothenic acid, iodine, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin A, D & E, etc, etc, etc……………… get the idea. It’s usually broken down into three different groups: “As Received”, “Dry Matter Basis” “As Served (Hydrated)”.
    This analysis is crucial for dogs with kidney or liver disease as an example. I have a dog with kidney disease and it is vital to know the calcium/phosphorous ratio.”

    Their reply:
    “According to our latest analysis, the ca/ph ratio of the beef is 1.1:1. The Tripe Supreme has a ca/ph ratio of 1.78:1.
    The ratio of the chicken is 1.56:1. All the calcium in our products is from natural origin. You can’t compare this with the studies out there based on products where calcium is added as a supplement.
    We have our analysis split up in “As received” and “Dry matter”. I really don’t understand the “As Served” part. This all depends how much water is added by the customer. Some dogs like it a bit dryer, some a bit more moist.

    We are looking for the highest bio-availability possible. Most artificial supplements that you see used in all kind of different dog foods simply don’t do the job. They are not readily available. This is also the reason we ferment the vegetables. The fermented vegetables make the calcium, vitamins, and the ingredients in general, highly bio-available.
    We hear excellent testimonials from our customers on a daily basis. Older dogs that start playing again, dogs that get better muscle tone, long time ear infections that disappear, etc… the list is endless. Dogs that went from one vet to another for years, and get better after being on Big Dog Natural. This keeps us going and tells us that we’re doing the correct thing.

    I know what your saying but I raised and owned Mastiffs for over 30 years. We have an old school approach of dog food. Use high quality ingredients and you’re good. I never raised my kids by over analyzing their foods but they were fed well and healthy. I really don’t believe there is a need for deep analysis when the ingredients are top quality. You only need supplements and additives when crap is used. We use the analysis as a guideline to formulate the product, not as a marketing tool. We just want a healthy dog food for healthier dogs.

    Hope this help

    Carl Van Bael
    The Big Dog Natural Team”

    in reply to: Looking for a good petstore treat.. #29884 Report Abuse

    Treats my boy does well with widely available: Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits (peanut butter is his favorite) & Old Mother Hubbard. He also loves the Halo dental chews in either pumpkin or banana. Most treats are just too small in size & I get the WTH look. Zukes didn’t agree with him at all. I fill his Kongs with the scraps at the bottom of the treat canister frozen with peanut butter or yogurt & sometimes left over banana.

    He’s eating Natures Logic Beef right now & just finished a bag of Earthborn Holistic GPF. He has quite a few things I have to avoid, but these 2 foods have been a blessing along with some raw.

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29857 Report Abuse

    I think it’s like car insurance… Nice to know its there but you hope you never need to use it πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29837 Report Abuse

    … And then the power goes out!!! Ugh. Luckily only for a few minutes πŸ™ we installed a generator after Sandy, which just kicked on for a few minutes, but i still hate that moment of darkness. I never want to relive 10 days of no heat & power. We got away lucky compared to soooo many.

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29836 Report Abuse

    He just tried to tippy toe around the yard… Pretty damn funny to watch an 80 lb dog do that! It’s only 2-3 inches. Such a wuss. He gets used to it eventually. Last year after Hurricane Sandy the snow was up over his chest… THAT freaked him out completely. This is all supposed to melt overnight – I hope they’re right. Stay warm and toasty too Marie- hopefully the icing won’t be bad for you. I HATE ICE!

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29814 Report Abuse

    Harry isn’t a happy hound today Marie. My Florida Greyhound is fascinated by snow except when it’s actually falling on him. He’s a bit pissy & being a hermit in his crate all day LOL

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29795 Report Abuse

    No chicken or turkey, so looks like LOVE is the best option then πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29776 Report Abuse

    I think I may try THK. I have to decide between the LOVE & the VERVE. Both have “avoid” ingredients, oats in one & sweet potato in the other. But it seems to be readily available which is a plus. Not for daily feeding so we’ll see how he does.

    in reply to: Big Dog Naturals #29775 Report Abuse

    Thanks for the info everyone! I won’t be ordering anytime soon.

    in reply to: Vital Essentials #28375 Report Abuse

    Yeah, I noticed that. The only one he could have was the pork & he definitely didn’t like it. Will keep searching for a 3rd.

    in reply to: Omega 3 + 6 Supplement #28345 Report Abuse

    Yep – that’s the one I use. Harry loves sardines so he loves this also. Salmon wreaks havoc with him.

    in reply to: Vital Essentials #28344 Report Abuse

    Patty- it’s been a while since I’ve used canned tripe but I think they probably smell the same. I think I’m immune to the stench now.
    Marie- he did really well on the NL (both the beef & the sardine). He’s now on Earthborn Holistic GPF & doing even better on that. So that’s 2 brands I’ve found for him WHOOHOO! I tried the Back 2 Basics Pork in between but he wasn’t too thrilled with it even mixed w/the others. So I’m still in search of a 3rd food for rotation. But I feel good about the two and the raw.

    in reply to: which dog do you like best #28342 Report Abuse

    Greyhounds of course πŸ™‚ Bloodhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, All American Mutts too

    in reply to: Omega 3 + 6 Supplement #28276 Report Abuse

    Just to mix things up- my hound can’t have Salmon so I use Icelandic Pure Sardine Oil instead.

    in reply to: Vital Essentials #28275 Report Abuse

    RescueDaneMom- yep that’s my boy Raced as RC Danger but as he’s such a dufus he’s now called Harry. I can see you truly have an XL model (gorgeous!!). Harry has become a tripe addict since I started partial raw feeding. At least the treats don’t stink to high hell as the raw tripe does.

    in reply to: Triflexis #28253 Report Abuse

    This is a copy (couldn’t get the link) of report that was posted on a Greyhound FB page earlier.

    ATLANTA β€”

    Grieving animal lovers across the country are coming forward blaming a popular pet drug for killing their dogs. Channel 2 Action News has uncovered several cases in Metro Atlanta.

    “It’s like a piece of your heart is being torn out,” said dog owner Beth Timms from Gainesville.

    Her dog, Gizmo, died after taking Trifexis. The once-a-month pill made by Elanco is a combination pill for heartworm, parasites and flea prevention. Elanco is the animal health division of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.

    Gizmo was a healthy 12-year-old mixed-breed. Shortly after taking Trifexis for the first time, she suffered lethargy, vertigo, seizures and a 106-degree temperature.

    “We had to let her go. We had to have her put to sleep,” Timms said. “I killed my dog.”

    Timms emailed consumer investigator Jim Strickland after finding a Facebook page titled “Trifexis Kills Dogs.”

    Owners from all over the country have posted on the page, blaming the drug for their dogs’ deaths.

    The Facebook page led Strickland to a home in Sandy Springs, where a dog bowl still sits empty in the corner. The dog who once used it was a puppy named Bishop.

    “He died. For no reason, no warning,” said Bishop’s owner Jenny Schmitt.

    Bishop was a 16-week-old Vizsla, which is a Hungarian hunting dog. He was one of seven in a litter born in June from an American Kennel Club Grand Champion.

    Three of Bishop’s litter mates are thriving in Florida. A fourth is a healthy puppy living Buckhead. None of them has ever had Trifexis.

    Bishop and the other two litter mates, named Tucker and Jade, each received their one and only dose of Trifexis in September. Bishop and Jade died within three weeks. Tucker died in six days. Veterinarians ruled they all died of heart inflammation.

    “I think Eli Lillly and Elanco need to ask the broader question, ‘Does this drug even need to be on the market?'” Schmitt said.

    Elanco is headquartered outside of Indianapolis. Strickland went there to speak with one of Elanco’s top veterinarians. Dr. Stephen Connell insisted Trfiexis is safe. He said he gives it to his own dogs.

    Connell said Elanco has dispensed 50 million doses since Trifexis hit the market less than three years ago.

    “We don’t like the fact that it has killed any dogs. But with any pharmaceutical product, we understand that the very rare sensitivities, allergic events — those types of things are going to happen,” Connell said.

    Elanco’s spokesman later said Connell didn’t mean to say the company doesn’t like that Trifexis killed any dogs, but rather the company doesn’t like hearing reports of any deaths.

    Strickland got the numbers on reports about Trifexis made to the Food and Drug Administration. The latest figures are as of April 2013.

    Pet owners have filed 2200 reports of the drug causing their dogs to vomit. There are 600 cases of lethargy, and 31 reports of dog deaths. That’s about one per month since the drug hit the market.

    The warning on the Trifexis box states mild side effects. Connell admitted to Strickland that the company has gotten reports of dogs suffering seizures, but Elanco has found no link to any dog deaths.

    A University of Georgia Veterinary School pathology report on Bishop’s death stated a bacterial infection likely caused the dog’s heart failure. It ruled his symptoms were not typical of drug toxicity.

    Trifexis contains two drugs, spinosad and milbemycin.

    “The spinosad is from the United States. The milbemycin is sourced from China” said Connell.

    He added their Chinese supplier has had multiple inspections and is a non-issue.

    He also addressed the deaths of the puppies.

    “It is our opinion that there are other factors involved in this case,” Connel said.

    Bishop’s owner doesn’t believe that.

    “The three puppies that all died within the same week, all had Trifexis, all around the same time,” Schmitt said. “It’s a heck of a coincidence.”

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    I put an old beach towel over my dogs bed and eats all his nasty bits there. Now he knows when the towel comes out something good is right behind it. I just throw it in the wash later. Easy clean up πŸ™‚

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    Getting braver in my quest for “chewies” trying for duck necks again, and also the rabbit heads, and the large beef meaty bone.

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    As a preemie my daughter had many feeding issues …. I CANNOT believe I now have a dog with issues !! A kid that has never let pasta touch her lips in 14 yrs & a dog who can’t eat 95% of all dog foods. Nice sense of humor the Universe has. DOH!

    in reply to: Earthborn Holistic vs Back To Basics #27546 Report Abuse

    !!! ARGH !!! LOL

    in reply to: Earthborn Holistic vs Back To Basics #27536 Report Abuse

    It took 1 1/2 yrs to get ONE kibble so I feel greedy even thinking about rotating.

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