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    I am looking for recommendations on dog food mixes and homemade dog food books, please. I have come across some books and mixes but I don’t know what is best. I would love to hear what other people are using for their dogs and their experience with it. Thank you!

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    “Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats” by Dr. Karen Becker and “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet” by Steve Brown are the best books. Steve Brown’s See Spot Live Longer is a great premix and so is The Honest Kitchen’s Preference. I’m using Dr. Harvey’s Veg to Bowl right now and I like it.

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    Urban Wolf is another good premix. I use “Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats” too.

    Here is another product for adding to meat (with bone or boneless):

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    Since I’m limited on my kibble options for Harry but I do want to rotate his diet (using Natures Logic & raw at this point) I ordered some of the See Spot Live Longer premix. I like that I can control the protein & avoid chicken/turkey. I looked into the Urban Wolf and HK Preference but both contain sweet potato. Any other suggestions for adding variety?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    The only pre-mixes I know of that are potato free are Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance, Birkdale Pet Mix, Better in the Raw and Balance It. There’s also My Natural K9 and Wysong’s Call of the Wild but they both contain chicken and if I recall correctly he’s sensitive to chicken?

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    Yep trying to avoid chicken. I thought Grandma Lucy’s was ok but didn’t get to recheck. Thanks for the others – never heard of them. It’s nice to have options for him. 🙂

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    Okay my brain’s gone to sleep… I just received my See Spot Live Longer premix – If I’m giving Harry (80 lbs) 1 1/2 cups of kibble in the AM how much ground meat should I give him in the PM with the mix?

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    That depends on how much more food he needs.

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    Oops! He normally gets another 1 1/2 cups of kibble in the PM, or a mix of raw/kibble

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    Then about 12 oz of raw. Plan on having to adjust that amount. Actually what I do is feed the amount or raw that suits me and adjust the kibble up or down. I find that easier than having a few ounces of raw left in the fridge. It’s about cup of kibble to a half pound of raw. It’s not anything like exact, since your raw may have more or less fat on any given day and your kibble may have more or less calories than mine. I hope I’ve made this clear as mud, I mean clearer for you. LOL!!

    BTW, my favorite book is Steve Brown’s “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet” and my second is Dr Karen Becker’s book that I alway say the title wrong, something like “Real Foods for Healthy Dogs and Cats” Sorry, I’m not at the bookshelf for the exact title, but you should be able to find it. I got mine on Amazon, I believe. Oops, nevermind, you were asking about other premixes, not books, that was from the OP.

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    I think I screwed up my question (apologies, bad week). I’m keeping the 1 1/2 cups of kibble in the AM, but will be mixing things around in the PM. When I use the See Spot Live Longer premix w/ the raw ground meat I eliminate the kibble if I’m reading things correctly – it’s the amount of ground meat I’m confused with.

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    If I understand you correctly, you want to replace the evening meal of 1 1/2 cups of kibble with the See Spot Live Longer and meat. It should be about 3/4 to 1 lb of meat and 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of See Spot Live Longer to replace 1 1/2 cups of kibble.

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    Thank you Patty! That’s what I thought but wasn’t quite sure 🙂

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    I gave Harry his 1st premix meal last night — good Lord he devoured it & looked for more! And no problems with output this morning YAY! 🙂

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    No that would be MIRACULOUS! Something that he likes and it likes him back lol. I’m on a roll!! 1st Natues Logic, then the raw, now the premix… I may actually be able to rotate foods with him, never would’ve dreamed of that a year ago.

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    So glad Harry is loving his food! I’ve been using the Grandma Lucy’s premix and Bailey loves it. I also have the Dr. Harvey’s Veg to Bowl that I haven’t started using yet AND I just got my See Spot Live Longer dinner mix that I might start using next and wait on using the Dr. Harvey’s. I also got Steve Brown’s book “See Spot Live Longer” and that’s a good read. It has alot of the things I’ve learned on here already, but it is a good read & very informative. I wish I could get everyone one I know, that has dogs, to read it.

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    I downloaded Steve Brown’s book but havent been able to sit and really read it as school just started for my daughter – life is chaos. Harry stuck that long Greyhound needle nose in the bowl and Hoovered the food down! He went back to the bowl 4-5 times looking for more lol

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    Has anyone read and tried Andi Brown’s “The Whole Pet Diet”? She has published this book and also has a website:

    In our extended family, we have 3 Shetland sheepdogs (a senior one with thyroid issues), a young Siberian husky and German short-haired pointer (who have both had bladder infections and urine pH bouncing around up to 9.0, plus a yeast infection in the female husky following antibiotic treatment), and a young very sensitive English springer spaniel with a topical yeast infection (lived with a cone for months due to scratching her chin & licking/biting paws and butt) until we switched her to Nutrisca, a grain-free dry food, based on this website. Finding this website ( a month ago has really opened our eyes – the various vets are still recommending Purina & Science Diets as nutritionally sound but when we question them, their reasoning is based on typical marketing (the big companies do research and why would they do anything that would be harmful to pets sort of thing). So, last weekend, we mixed up the EFA oil mixture as best we could and also made the chicken stew, according to the recipes on Andi’s website. Our dogs love it – including the springer spaniel, who often would lie around and not eat except for once a day. My daughter and I cooked the stew together with all of the dogs in the kitchen and they just hovered around us the whole time. I am interested in reading if anyone else has had any experience with this. Thanks!

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    Hii… There are some book suggestion for home made dog’s food–
    1. Real Food for Healthy Dogs & Cats by Dr. Becker
    2. K9 Kitchen by Monica Segal
    3. Raw dog food
    4. The Natural Pet Food Cookbook by Wendy Nan Rees
    5. Natural health for dogs & Cats by Dr. Pitcairn.

    Hope This information is helpful to you.

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