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    Hey gang i know this subject has been beat to death but i want to get a more current and updated list of the different omega supplements that you are giving your dogs. My local vet bottles his own supplement but i want some variety. Please comment guys. Ive seen Grizzley Salmon Oil mentioned a couple times.

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    Omega 3s are very delicate, so the best way to give them is to buy the human grade capsules. Usually there are enough omega 6s naturally occurring in the diet.

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    I used to use the Grizzly Salmon Oil in the pump dispenser but I got 2 bottles in a row that were rancid when I got them. I switched to another brand for awhile but after reading info on this site I have switched to the human omega 3 capsules. I have a Great Dane (155 lbs) so I go with products that pack a punch. I rotate between Carlson Salmon Oil Complete (a recommendation from HDM) and Swanson’s Maximum Stength Krill Oil.

    And I agree with Patty. There should be enough omega 6s in the diet so I wouldn’t supplement with it.

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    Just to mix things up- my hound can’t have Salmon so I use Icelandic Pure Sardine Oil instead.

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    FHH is this the Iceland sardine oil that you use?

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    I have one dog who can’t have soy so he gets Vital Choice salmon oil. It’s costly so the other two get Carlson.

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    I give mine chia seed, sardine oil and krill oil.

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    Have you guys tried the Nordic naturals?

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    Ive used Nordic Naturals for myself, not the dogs. Natural citrus flavor….that could have soy for all I know so Boone won’t take it. The other two could, though.

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    Yep – that’s the one I use. Harry loves sardines so he loves this also. Salmon wreaks havoc with him.

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    Hey I think you should go with the "My Beau coat supplement palaMOUNTAINS" and "Salmon Oil Supplement 425 ml Beaphar" both have Omega 3 + 6 and you can find this products at online pet shop.

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    Dogs rarely need any added omega 6s. They get plenty in any kind of food that they are being fed.

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    Wysong has a new Omega-3 product out: http://www.wysong.net/products/omega-3-spectrum-pet.php?offer=fs but I’ve yet to test it out on my mini-schnauzer. He’s been on this for the longest time: http://www.kalahealthinternational.com/dermatrix_en.htm

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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