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    Harpers Mom

    Because my baby’s allergies and not being able to find store treats that work for her we have opted to home made treats, cow hoofs, antlers, etc. We just purchased a Kong toy that is stuffable. What kind of goodies does everyone stuff them with? Her first “kongsicle” was yogurt and pumpkin. Any ideas for other treats?

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    You can put pieces of kibble in the yogurt, you can used canned food, you can use peanut butter, you can do different layers, you can put soaked freeze dried food or kibble in it, you can put pieces of cheese in with the soaked kibble, you can stuff it with raw meat. Your imagination is the limit.

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    Harry gets combo of peanut butter, yogurt, mashed banana w/ kibble on bottom so the small hole stays clear. Frozen.

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    I have the safemade pet stuffing octopus that I stuff with frozen treats from their treat tray bone shape. Susie likes to munch on frozen organic pumpkin puree, mashed blueberries and raspberries, greek yogurt with green bean puree, and shredded and pureed carrots.

    From time to time, I stuff some DOGsbutter peanut butter.

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    Canned food and The Honest Kitchen dehydrated.

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