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    Hi, I am new to the whole picking the right dog food. So I thought that I would ask here.

    I have two small dogs Jolie (5 yrs) and Gizmo (3yrs) and a cat, Azizi (not even a year old). I am at a loss for finding the right dog food. Azizi is constantly stealing food out of the dog bowl which is constantly down the dogs weigh no more than like 10 lbs combined, but the cat stealing from the dogs is not a problem. Currently they are eating the Purina Beneful dog food and I have heard about dogs having heart problems and getting sick from this dog food. I need some advice on what to do. As of currently I am not having any issues with the dogs or the cat being sick but I don’t want to be a pet owner that one second my pets are fine and driving me nuts to now I am going to lose one of my pets. Jolie and Gizmo are picky eaters to begin with they will let themselves starve if I don’t intervene. Is there anything that someone could suggest when it comes to dog food and that will taste good to them so they will voluntarily eat. I picked the Beneful because at the time I was thinking “hey if it looks and smells like our food they will eat it”. Well now they are eating it but I want to find something better for them. Please any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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    There are so many to chose from. Go to the 3-4-5 star lists of foods and start reading them. Unfortunately Beneful has sugar in it so they may be quite addicted to it. Even a 3 star food without all the red-flag ingredients would be better than Beneful. Do you have a feed store you can go to. Sometimes they have a better selection than the big box stores. A new food just came out made for Tractor Supply – 4Health Grain Free with a good price point. You might even look into Amicus. It is a toy breed kibble. For my small dogs I’ve used or currently use Nutrisource, Nutrisca, Nature’s Select, Epigen, Instinct, Brothers, Amicus and Great Life.

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    You’re feeding Beneful. Almost anything is better. I suggest NutriSource. You won’t find it at the grocery store, probably not a box store. Seek out local pet stores or order online.

    I’m also going to suggest that you stop free feeding. Each dog needs to be fed separately. Feed two meals. Put the food down, in different rooms or in crates, if you use them. Give them 15 minutes to eat. Pick up whatever they don’t eat and they get it at the next meal. No in between meal snacks.

    Good luck

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    I only do the “free eating” because they maybe eat 3-4 pieces at a time. Is that really bad? I have tried to separate them in the past and all they did was bark (not the talking bark), cry excessively, and not eat. I am afraid that they will starve themselves that is why I started just keeping food down. I must really not be a good pet owner. 🙁

    I am looking into Nutrisca and Wellness dry dog food.

    Jolie and Gizmo start acting out of character when they are separated, I haven’t been able to separate them since she (Gizmo) was born, he (Jolie) would take more care of the litter of puppies than the momma did.

    I am sorry for this breakdown I just feel as if I have let my dogs down and I feel horrible for doing it to them.

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    These are some problems with free feeding: dogs do best ith a basic feeding schedule, which gives them an elimination schedule. You have no idea who is eating how much food. Lastly, wht I’ll happen if you cannot feed them the same food?

    I can’t help with the rest of your situation, I’ve never had dogs that couldn’t be separated.

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    try holistic health extension it has 4 stars and is a great choice in food for your animal

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    My experience with two toy poodles, weight about 8-9#, & one 11# cockapoo is if you think they might have food problems, or at least some mysterious undiagnosed troubles, change them to something that at least claims to be all-natural, made in USA only. Read the ingredients, then find out what the producer description really means.

    Poodle #1 about 20 years ago. Started feeding her some dyed red soft food pellets in a clear package, disremember brand, haven’t seen it in years. She of course loved it. She was getting old, lost control of her bladder. Took her to vet & he gave us the nice speech preparating us to have our aging dog put down. Then he was so amazed by how healthy she seemed, when he examined her. I, an engineer not a vet, would attribute this to her living with a young Springer Spaniel & two Siamese cats, all of whom kept her quite active. I thought about it, then took her off of the pretty soft red food. She regained bladder control.
    Coincidence, of course.

    Poodle #2 maybe 10 years ago. Loved to lie down in my lap, but it was a real good idea to put a towel or blanket underneath her to catch the Leakage from this aging female. She ate some presumably good vet-approved canned dog food. Remembered Poodle #1 and switched her to something that claimed to be all natural, I believe Paul Newman’s stuff. No more leaking, safe to have her in my lap.
    In my opinion, not shared by my wife (& unsure of vet), I killed her with Nutro treat sticks some years later.

    Cockapoo 3 years old, weight 11#. Occasionally throws up bile, then one scrambled egg breakfast last week. Had been giving her Milkbones. Wife of course thinks I am an over-reacting know-it-all. True enough, but dog’s morning appetite better & no more bile spots on rug. Read the amazing ingredients in Milkbones. Yes, I am an arrogant fellow, and yes, Dog is now Off of those treats. No more wheat, sodium metabisulfite and BHA (whether or not they are responsible).

    Wish this site would do a review of Milkbone (Dog loves them) & perhaps suggest some healthier dry biscuits that still taste good to Dog.

    I really would like to hear from some experienced, educated person who knows about dog foods, rather than try to apply engineering methods to care for Dog.

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    Jameskelly: have you tried Cloud Nine Buddy Biscuits? Crunchy treat with good ingredients ( they do have grain free options). Sold in Petco, & Target, and I’m sure more places. Harry has quite a few food issues & does great on them (Peanut Butter is his favorite. Old Mother Hubbard biscuits have worked well too.

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    Hi James,

    Some dry biscuits that I feel are made with quality ingredients by trustworthy manufacturers are Brothers Complete, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Wellness and The Honest Kitchen.

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