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    Sheri S

    I am searching for a high quality and low protien dog food, dry and wet, for my 9 year old standard poodle. She is a rescue and upon our first visit to our vet found that she has only one kidney. He started her on a low protien dog food that they sell but now that I am educated about ingredients I’m disappointed. Any ideas?

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    I would stick with the food that the veterinarian that has examined the dog recommends.
    If you can’t afford a Rx diet, I’d recommend consulting a veterinary nutritionist to formulate a home-cooked diet that is appropriate for the pet.
    Maybe you could just use the prescription food as a base, 1/2 homemade and 1/2 Rx, see what your vet thinks.
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    Did her blood panel come back with abnormal kidney values? A dog can function with one kidney, as long as it’s working properly. If her numbers are off, she will need an adjusted diet.

    You could look into the balanceit website. They work with the dog’s condition to give you a properly balanced home cooked diet.

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    If her blood values are normal, it has been found be detrimental to feed low protein food. If he discovered she only has one kidney because he did blood work and it was off, then the protein levels found in prescription food are lower than other commercial foods are allowed to have and consulting a nutritionist to create a homemade diet is the way to go.

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    Isabella A

    I own a pet supply store & have lots of customers with kidney problems. For renal issues, the low phosphorous formula of My Perfect Pet that helped improve a clients’ dog’s kidney numbers on a recent blood panel. Evanger’s has a vegetarian canned formula that seems to work. Wild Earth is by far the most popular plant based kibble and our customers’ dogs seem to be doing well on it.

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