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    I ordered a bag of Vital Essentials freeze dried tripe treats when I was on Amazon last. To say they’re a hit would be an understatement. I now have a Xtra Large Greyhound following me everywhere, whining , & being a pain in the a**_ looking for another one. I think I’m going to have to stock up.

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    My dogs LOVE all the VE freeze dried flavors!!

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    FreeholdHound- you made me LOL! That’s good to know. I’m always looking for good treats. My Dane, Max, loves the Orijen and Stella & Chewy freeze-dried treats. I will try the Vital Essentials next! Is that your greyhound in your avatar?

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    RescueDaneMom- yep that’s my boy Raced as RC Danger but as he’s such a dufus he’s now called Harry. I can see you truly have an XL model (gorgeous!!). Harry has become a tripe addict since I started partial raw feeding. At least the treats don’t stink to high hell as the raw tripe does.

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    FreeholdHound- Wow, he’s gorgeous! Mine is a dufus at times too, lol. Yes, Max is definitely an XL model. He’s 36″ at the shoulder and 155 lbs. I’d say he’s a pretty average size for a male Dane, maybe even on the smaller size. I’ve seen some truly XL Danes (200+ lbs). I’m doing partial raw as well. I haven’t tried raw tripe yet, just the canned tripe by Tripett. He loves it but boy it sure does stink. I can’t imagine how much worse the raw stuff probably smells. That’s good to know that the VE tripe treats don’t smell as bad. I bet Max would really like those. I’m definitely trying them next.

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    It may just be me, but I don’t think raw green tripe smells worse than canned. And I find the smell of the canned lingers in the house whereas the raw tripe is gone when it’s gone.

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    Heh, Harry loves them like mine do! Are you still feeding NL? I spent a couple hours yesterday, reading their blogs.

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    Mine like VE and Merrick tripe/liver patties too and also the tripe spring chews from ONP.

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    Patty- it’s been a while since I’ve used canned tripe but I think they probably smell the same. I think I’m immune to the stench now.
    Marie- he did really well on the NL (both the beef & the sardine). He’s now on Earthborn Holistic GPF & doing even better on that. So that’s 2 brands I’ve found for him WHOOHOO! I tried the Back 2 Basics Pork in between but he wasn’t too thrilled with it even mixed w/the others. So I’m still in search of a 3rd food for rotation. But I feel good about the two and the raw.

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    YAY FREEHOLDHOUND!!! It sounds like you are getting somewhere with finding a rotation.

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    Jeanne, looks like you’ve found a couple foods! Regarding B2B, be careful. One of their lines are very low in calories

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    Yeah, I noticed that. The only one he could have was the pork & he definitely didn’t like it. Will keep searching for a 3rd.

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