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    Since my other thread was hijacked I am starting a new one.

    Can anyone recommend any tasty (prescription) joint health dog food with high glucosamine, MSM, omega 3 and 6′s but no corn, rice, gluten and other bad stuff?

    Alternately a tasty supplement with glucosamine, MSM, omega 3 and 6′s. My dog used to eat such a pill (NaturVet hip and joint) thrown in with his kibble, but no longer. He won’t eat them even coated with peanut butter or the like.

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    I don’t have any recommendations for you, but I’m replying to bump up your post. You might try posting on the off topic thread on the review side of this site. I think more people are on in that area. Good luck.

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    It’s OK, I don’t expect any helpful info on this forum. I had pretty much decided to go another route: stay with my EVO senior formula and seek supplements that I can somehow get un my dog. I have found a glucosamine and MSM powder (K-10+) that is to be mixed with water – which he rejected more or less as expected, but then I added some chicken broth to some hot water and added that to the powder/water mix and he drank it. I have ordered some omega oil (Welactin) and I will try that.

    So I’ll leave you guys to your turkey necks.

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    I used K9 Liquid Gold with very good results. My holistic vet says straight glucosamine. You can get pills, powder and liquid. I currently use Swanson vitamins Joint Mobility plus; she also gets green lipped mussel and benefits hips & knees (it’s a Chinese herb).

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    My boy eats around pills – I give him digestive enzyme tablet in the AM. I have to now crush it up or it gets left at the bottom of an empty dish. I open up capsules & sprinkle it on also. At least for now til he catches on I suspect.
    I thought he was doing well on the K9 Liquid Health but as I slowly increased the dose to the reccomended level, he started gurgling, refusing meals & eating frozen grass. I’ll be researching new options for Joints Health. Ugh.

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    The best way I’ve ever found to get a reluctant dog to take a pill is to open their mouth, then holding open with one hand, drop the pill as far back in the mouth/throat as far as you can go with the other hand, usually poking the pill back even farther with your finger, then close their mouths and hold and stroke the throat downwards gently. Then give a treat if you want for being a good boy/girl.

    It’s always worked for me.

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    I’ve often used that for meds with past dogs. My current one will take anything wrapped in peanut butter, but for daily supplements it’s easier to throw it in the food bowl (for me). Pulverizing w/a spoon has been working. 🙂

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