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    I have a 160lb Great Dane named Max. I used to use Dasuquin with MSM for large dogs. I was giving him 3 tablets per day. A 150ct bottle goes for about $85 on Amazon. When I finished my last bottle I tried Liquid Health’s K9 Level 5000 because it’s a liquid (easier to mix in his food) and high potency (5000mg og glucosamine in 1 tbs). Well after a few days Max’s joints started popping when he would get up and progressed to popping all the time. I discontinued use and went back to Dasuquin since I know it works for him. The popping cleared up in a couple days.

    I’ve been wanting a joint supplement that is more cost effective for my big dog. Dasuquin costs me about $50/month. For the last 3 weeks, Max has been on a combination of products from Swansons. I am now giving him 4 separate products that equate to the ingredients of Dasuquin. I have him on: 1500mg Glucosamine HCL (3 tabs), 1500mg MSM (2 tabs), 600mg Chondroitin Sulfate (2 caps), and 300mg maximum strength Avovida/ASU (1 cap). It’s more work but the price is SO much better! Now it’s costing me about $24/month. His joints are good, no popping. I wanted to share this revelation of mine with others that might have large dogs that are looking for a more cost-effective way to manage joint health. Does anyone know of other good cost-effective joint products for large dogs?

    On another note regarding joint health, my vet has determined that my Dane has arthritis and has put him on Rimadyl. He is taking 200mg/day. So far he has had no nasty side effects. I know Rimadyl is hard on the liver so I started him on some Milk Thistle but I’m not sure how much I should be giving him. Two weeks ago we also found that he has a hairline fracture in his right front paw so he has been on Tramadol too. I upped his Milk Thistle because of the increase in meds. I am giving him 3 capsules/day of the Full Spectrum Milk Thistle from Swansons. Each capsule has 500mg of ground milk thistle. Is this enough? He is responding well to the Rimadyl. He bounces around on his walks more now and isn’t slow getting up anymore either. Does anyone have experience treating arthritis?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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    Just wanted to let you know that some people use horse joint supplements for their large dogs with great success.

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    The big dog people in my raw group suggested using Actiflex 4000! A gallon goes a long way.

    Under 25 pounds:

    ½ tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    ¼ tsp. daily maintenance dose

    25-50 pounds

    1 tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    ½ tsp. daily maintenance dose

    50-75 pounds:

    1 ½ tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    ¾ tsp. daily maintenance dose

    > 100 pounds

    2 tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    1 tsp. daily maintenance dose

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    Thank you both for the suggestions. I’ve never thought of using horse supplements. I found that Actiflex makes a K9 formula too. Do you think the Actiflex 4000 is better than the Actiflex K9?

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    I chose the horse version since it didn’t have “beef flavor” or something like that and it makes it a real small dose. The raw feeders in my group large dogs use the horse version.

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    Thanks, Sandy. I’m going to try this product for Ray.

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    you’re welcome

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    Glad to have found this thread as I’m just now thinking of adding a Joint Supplement into my Greyhound’s diet. I was looking at options online but decided to check here to see if there was a thread & as always when needed there was 🙂 The Actiflex 4000 sounds like a good idea, and reasonable. I tried the Springtime Joint Health & Harry wouldn’t go near it now matter how I disguised it. I will have to swing by my local feed store & see if they carry it.

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    I tried the Actiflex and it didn’t work for Max. I’ve noticed that products that have glucosamine sulfate don’t work for him but those that have glucosamin hcl do. I’m giving him Springtime Joint Health powder right now. I mix it in his food and he gobbles it down. It seems to be working pretty good so far.

    Good luck with the Actiflex. I hope it works for Harry. 🙂

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    Thanks! I wish I hadn’t tossed the Springtime Joint Health – I would’ve mailed it to you!!


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    I’ve noticed the same thing with glucosamine in my horse that needs joint supplements.

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    Thanks for the thought, Jeanne. Let me know if you don’t find the Actiflex at your feed store. I still have more than half of the quart size left. I’ll mail it to you. 😉

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    …. As a former horse owner I should’ve thought of this sooner, I’m constantly comparing Harry to my horse lol

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    As a horse owner then, I want to recommend Cortaflex to you for joint support in dogs. It is my favorite and so far it’s the one that works the best.

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    I just googled it. It looks amazing and I really want to try it! Where do you buy it from?

    edit- also what is the dosage for dogs?


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    I saw that at the feed store! I didn’t pick it up because I couldn’t reach it lol. I am thrilled that I now know can buy Earthborn Holistic GPF there. I had given up on buying Harry’s food anywhere but online. I will have to stop back in for the Cortaflex. I love it when I can buy locally.

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    K9 Liquid Gold is something I used a few years back with good luck and one place I found it was at a feed store.

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    I get Cortaflex from Jefferspet dot com and I give my JRT just 0.2cc. A 100 lb dog would get 2cc.

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    Thanks Patty! Max is about 150 so he would get 3cc, right?

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    It’s actually 2-3cc for 100 lbs, so 3-4.5cc

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    Thanks Patty!

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    I gave up on the liquid supplements – was definately not sitting well with Harry. While placing order with Swanson I added a bottle of the Mobility Essentials into my cart, and it seems to be agreeing with him. I open 1 over his food 2x’s a day & he doesn’t notice. I think I should be giving him a larger dose at 80 lbs – probably 3 caps/day, but wanted to ease into it.

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    Ah I’m so glad I discovered Actiflex! I’ve been looking for something affordable to give to our older Lab…and I’ve always had a hard time understanding why it has to be so expensive! I’ll definitely be trying Actiflex for her. At only 3/4tsp daily, I figure it’ll be wayyyy cheaper to pay 30$ for about 6mo worth, instead of $20 for just one month. Keeping my fingers crossed I can find some and it’ll work for her!

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    Freehold, the liquid supplements sit ok with Max but they don’t work. I also tried Corta-flx (the powder) which was recommended by Patty. It worked ok for Max but not any better than the glucosamine/MSM/chondroitin mix I make. I buy the 1500mg glucosamine hcl tablets, 1500mg MSM tablets, and 600mg chondroitin sulfate capsules from Swanson’s. He gets 3 of each per day for a total of 4500mg glucosamine, 4500mg MSM, and 1800mg chondroitin. So far this has worked the best for him (keep in mind he is 150lbs and almost 8 years old). I remember looking at the mobility essentials but it wouldn’t work for Max. Max only responds to glucosamine hcl not glucosamine sulfate. I’m glad it seems to be working for Harry!

    Shasta220, I hope Actiflex works for your lab. It didn’t work for my Dane but all dogs respond differently. Good luck!

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    DaneMom: your mix sounds great & I’m saving it. Harry doesn’t show any need for joint supplements at the moment so I can’t say if it’s working or not – it’s just not coming out the other end so to speak. As a retired racing Greyhound who’ll be 5 in the Spring I thought I’d start giving him a little xtra help.

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    Freehold: I see! With your situation, I think mobility essentials makes sense. I would say that it looks like a good product to help prevent joint deterioration. If gives you room to increase the glucosamine/MSM/chondroitin when it is needed. Max is old and “creaky” so to speak. I definitely know when products aren’t working for him because his joints pop much more.

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    Update: the Mobility Essentials seem to be working out well for Harry. Through the Winter from Hell (another 8-14 in expected in 48 hrs) Harry’s limp hasn’t flared up in all the ice & snow. His Vet agreed w/ the racing trainers I’ve spoken to that it’s a past ankle injury & joint supplement wouldn’t hurt.

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    Glad the Mobility Essentials is working! Here in NH, we’re dodging the upcoming snow. Phew!

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    I think we’re dodging the “Dude, where’s my car” totals as it’s moving South. Now looking at 6-8 inches. Warped that that makes me happy lol.

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    We don’t participate in winter.

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    I am in total denial at this point. I stare at my lawn hoping it sticks around, it took so long to finally see it again.

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    Serves me right for mentioning “the limp”. Harry was doing his zoomies (term for XL Greyhound racing back & forth). He must have crashed on the turn in the dining room & hit the wall. Comes in yelping w/the right front leg drawn up. Ugh. Flashback to my horse days- give a good once over & make him walk. Luckily he walked it off. No yelping, limp or panting. Whew – EVet averted.

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    Patty, I wish I didn’t participate in winter!

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    Patty and Marie. I’m not suppose to be participating in Winter here in Atlanta but we have participated in a big way this year. This is so not the reason we moved here. Thought we moved South from the Northeast to get away from long cold winters and now I’m being accused of having brought it with me. As if I’d do that???

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    Andrea P

    So, first off, I am new to the forum. I am going to start a 35 pound beagle (he’s big for his breed, not fat -_-), who is 9, on joint supplements. I want to dose everything like RescueDaneMom has. How do I figure out the dosages of glucosamine hcl, chondroitin, and msm for my dog?
    He isnt severely arthritic, but his joints are starting to pop here and there.

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    Lea J

    Also new to this forum. Have a new/old problem. 5 year old Shihtzu mix with congenital hip dysplasia (was not told about this until recently-another story) who apparently is beginning to have problems with this as of yesterday. Any thoughts on joint supplements for this condition? Hindquarters are popping in and out-mostly out yesterday and today. Weight 15 pounds.

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    Carrie P

    Try This Fido Active Supplement. Its Very Effective. Also well proven, you must try it.

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    Carrie P

    Try FidoActive Supplement its good when it comes in Joint problem. This is very effective. try it now! 😀

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    alice d

    I would highly recommend trying DGP – the 100% natural joint and hip support that helps to ease the aches and discomfort caused by daily exercise, activity and aging. This product works extremely FAST – results can be seen in as little as 1 week. This product is completely natural – without the negative side effects that can occur with prescription medications. Please visit the website: for complete details and testimonials and reviews.

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