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    Just saw a newscast from Atlanta about Triflexis. A lot of owners were saying they thought it was responsible for their animals death. The vet that works for the drug co. That makes it said it was safe but one of the ingredients in it is from China. That would have been enough for me to stay away from it. The only drug I use is Heartgard because I live in s. Ga. My rescued yorkie had heart worms when I got him and that is a horrible treatment. Have any of u heard this about Triflexis?

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    My dogs are on Trifexis. We’ve got all kind of nasties here in FL, so an all in one is the best and cheapest option for us. They also have great rebates, and at only $20 a pill in the first place, it’s pretty cheap. One of our vets really pushes it, and the other promotes it (and also sells single doses!), but still favors Heartguard. I’ve heard of dogs having seizures on it, but side effects happen with any med. I’ve not heard anything on deaths yet.

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    Weezerweeks, I also live in GA and my dog is also on Trifexis. I have not heard of deaths on it, and I like the all-in-one protection it provides, like Akari said.

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    It was on the Atlanta new last night. It talked to owners and the vet who works for the drug co. That makes it. He said that one of the ingredients in it came from China.he also said they had reports of seizures on it. Where in Ga. Do u live?

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    Weezerweeks, I don’t always watch the news so I guess I missed it. But my puppy seems to be doing well on Trifexis so far, so I will keep him on it.

    I live in Cobb County.

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    Trifexis has a warning on the product to not use it in dogs that are prone to seizures. It does not cause seizures in a normal dog, but in a dog that is prone to them, it can trigger them, but so can many, many chemicals. Dogs that are prone to seizures should live as chemical free as possible.

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    Thanks patty, I do not use any chemicals except Heartgard and it kills me to give it to him but I know what heart worms can do!!

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    This is a copy (couldn’t get the link) of report that was posted on a Greyhound FB page earlier.


    Grieving animal lovers across the country are coming forward blaming a popular pet drug for killing their dogs. Channel 2 Action News has uncovered several cases in Metro Atlanta.

    “It’s like a piece of your heart is being torn out,” said dog owner Beth Timms from Gainesville.

    Her dog, Gizmo, died after taking Trifexis. The once-a-month pill made by Elanco is a combination pill for heartworm, parasites and flea prevention. Elanco is the animal health division of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.

    Gizmo was a healthy 12-year-old mixed-breed. Shortly after taking Trifexis for the first time, she suffered lethargy, vertigo, seizures and a 106-degree temperature.

    “We had to let her go. We had to have her put to sleep,” Timms said. “I killed my dog.”

    Timms emailed consumer investigator Jim Strickland after finding a Facebook page titled “Trifexis Kills Dogs.”

    Owners from all over the country have posted on the page, blaming the drug for their dogs’ deaths.

    The Facebook page led Strickland to a home in Sandy Springs, where a dog bowl still sits empty in the corner. The dog who once used it was a puppy named Bishop.

    “He died. For no reason, no warning,” said Bishop’s owner Jenny Schmitt.

    Bishop was a 16-week-old Vizsla, which is a Hungarian hunting dog. He was one of seven in a litter born in June from an American Kennel Club Grand Champion.

    Three of Bishop’s litter mates are thriving in Florida. A fourth is a healthy puppy living Buckhead. None of them has ever had Trifexis.

    Bishop and the other two litter mates, named Tucker and Jade, each received their one and only dose of Trifexis in September. Bishop and Jade died within three weeks. Tucker died in six days. Veterinarians ruled they all died of heart inflammation.

    “I think Eli Lillly and Elanco need to ask the broader question, ‘Does this drug even need to be on the market?'” Schmitt said.

    Elanco is headquartered outside of Indianapolis. Strickland went there to speak with one of Elanco’s top veterinarians. Dr. Stephen Connell insisted Trfiexis is safe. He said he gives it to his own dogs.

    Connell said Elanco has dispensed 50 million doses since Trifexis hit the market less than three years ago.

    “We don’t like the fact that it has killed any dogs. But with any pharmaceutical product, we understand that the very rare sensitivities, allergic events — those types of things are going to happen,” Connell said.

    Elanco’s spokesman later said Connell didn’t mean to say the company doesn’t like that Trifexis killed any dogs, but rather the company doesn’t like hearing reports of any deaths.

    Strickland got the numbers on reports about Trifexis made to the Food and Drug Administration. The latest figures are as of April 2013.

    Pet owners have filed 2200 reports of the drug causing their dogs to vomit. There are 600 cases of lethargy, and 31 reports of dog deaths. That’s about one per month since the drug hit the market.

    The warning on the Trifexis box states mild side effects. Connell admitted to Strickland that the company has gotten reports of dogs suffering seizures, but Elanco has found no link to any dog deaths.

    A University of Georgia Veterinary School pathology report on Bishop’s death stated a bacterial infection likely caused the dog’s heart failure. It ruled his symptoms were not typical of drug toxicity.

    Trifexis contains two drugs, spinosad and milbemycin.

    “The spinosad is from the United States. The milbemycin is sourced from China” said Connell.

    He added their Chinese supplier has had multiple inspections and is a non-issue.

    He also addressed the deaths of the puppies.

    “It is our opinion that there are other factors involved in this case,” Connel said.

    Bishop’s owner doesn’t believe that.

    “The three puppies that all died within the same week, all had Trifexis, all around the same time,” Schmitt said. “It’s a heck of a coincidence.”

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    Here is the link to the article. This is worrisome as I’ve been using Interceptor (made by Bayer I think) on the dogs if indeed the milbemycin from this brand also comes from China!


    Anyone know where ivermectin/Ivomec comes from??

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    I used to give my dogs Trifexis with no issues. Then when I got my 3rd dog she would vomit up every dose of Trifexis. After 6 doses I gave up and haven’t used it since. I haven’t talked to my veterinarian yet, but I need to find something else to give my dogs. I have tried the all natural route and it ain’t working so great for me.

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