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    Searching for a good deshedding brush for my puppy and saw this one®-Grooming-Deshedding-Clippers-Deshedder/dp/B00GD6VF2W, has anyone here used it before?

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    I like a regular slicker brush best. Some of those heavy duty shedding brushes damage the coat, like the Furminator.

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    Hi Patty-
    I take my pups in to a groomer about every 4 months for a bath and brush. I believe they use the furminator. Their coat always looks so good when we pick them up. Is it actually damaging their coat? They are lab/retriever mixes. Thanks.

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    Brittany Mom

    I just bought a furminator and have used it on my Brittanys. I only use it after they have a bath to get out the loose hair and trim them up a bit. In between baths, I use a boar hair brush and a slicker brush. So far, I have been satisfied with the results from the furminator.

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    I’ve honestly never used a deshedder/furminator, simply because I just never have quite been persuaded to spend so much on a brush. I hear lots of good comments on it, but if it damages the coat, then I’d avoid it.

    I make sure brushing is a part of my boys’ daily routine. They know how to stand still for it, and turn around when I ask. I use an undercoat rake for their winter fur, and then just a regular slicker brush. During the summer, after I’ve sprinkled them w dry shampoo, I like to use a regular horse body-brush to help “flick” the powder out of their fur.

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    I’ve never used a deshedder/ furminator brush either as my greyhound has very little fur, but I love the Kong ZoomGroom brush. Amazed how much hair it removes & easy to clean. Petco Petsmart & Amazon carry it. I use the large (blue).

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    It’s double coated breeds that the Furminator damages and groomers should know how to use it correctly and not over use it anyways. Never use it too many strokes in the same place, that sort of thing. It splits guard hairs and causes them to look rough, and since guard hairs are not necessarily replaced every year like undercoat, the damage can be long lasting.

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    I use a double row undercoat rake for my Shelties.

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    Hi Eric, Good Luck with your new addition!!!

    A couple of things we need to know before discussing grooming tools for your pup is what kind of dog are we talking about and could you please describe his or her coat for us!

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