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    I have an 80 lb Greyhound and he gets one of those ginormous turkey necks once a week as a meal, frozen to make it last longer & get more chew time. I do give him ground tripe that meal as well as the neck alone will constipate him. He is a tripe addict in any form and also loves gnawing on the strips (frozen) also. He loves the duck necks from Hare as snack during the week (Reel Raw’s seemed smaller to me). Frozen chicken feet are his bed time cookie (?). If he swallows anything before he’s chewed it up enough, he just horks it back up & works on it some more. I’m always present to supervise him. Besides the raw he’ll chew on a split antler, bully stick, or yak chew.
    Even though Harry HATES tooth brushing I get a 1/4 of his mouth done nightly. All that being said I just dropped him off for his annual Dental- this is the 1 day a year I’m that psycho dog mom. I trust my Vet 100% and even though I know she is aware of all the weirdo Greyhound protocols – I will still be watching the clock & waiting for the call.
    I will probably try upping the tripe strips & continuing with everything else. I believe some dogs are predetermined to have worse mouths than others & Harry is huts one of those. Ugh.

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    I’m no help on the price question. Harry doesn’t really tolerate chicken or turkey very well, except the bones it seems. I will eventually try some chicken legs quarters but haven’t gotten there yet.

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    I was very freaked the 1st time I gave Harry a huge turkey neck — he chomped & crunched the thing for quite a while (frozen) and then swallowed it. A few seconds later he horked it back up, chewed some more & down the hatch it went again. And stayed. Harry’s a large Greyhound so the turkey necks are a good size for him. Duck necks last about 3min but he loves them. The beef kneecaps are smaller & rounder so I was worried, but he didn’t try to swallow it. Chicken necks I’ve heard are small (too small for Harry). Chicken & duck feet he gets as treats & he did well with his 1st chicken back last week. I give him everything frozen to slow him down & make him work harder. And I’m always right there to supervise him.
    Hope that helps

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    I live within 5 min of his place & have debated going in for the Tripe Patties many times. There’s not much on the menu that Harry can eat besides that, so I just order my Tripe with the rest of my stuff from Hare Today & now trying Reel Raw.

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    They are considered RMBs when I researched. I took it away from him after about 90 min and put it back in the freezer for another day. I was concerned at first that he’d try to swallow it whole as he’s more accustomed to turkey/duck necks, but he figured it out as a dog should lol.

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    Harry has been gnawing on a kneecap for an hour. He’s in heaven & I’m getting chores accomplished w/out an 80 lb Greyhound following my every move = priceless

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    If you ask Harry there can never be too much Tripe lol

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    Just gave Harry his 1st chicken back for dinner (frozen). He gave me his usual WTH look but was quickly chomping away. This is my chicken experiment as I have avoided it except for the feet as a treat. Reel Raw had them so I gave it a shot. As far as the rest of my order I noticed right off the bat that the duck necks were quite a bit smaller than what I usually get from Hare Today. I also ordered the beef grind & the beef kneecaps. I haven’t tried those yet.

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    Our local County shelter has quite a large pet food pantry for pet food/supplies. As well as a program to help out Military families. There are also donation bins at my local feed store and Petco. Our County Food Bank (human) also accepts pet food for the families that need it – one stop for all – that is where I usually take my donations (human & pet).

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    Harry HAS to have a Cloud Nine Buddy Biscuit (peanut butter) before bed every night. For a “home alone” treat he has his XL Kong usually filled w/ frozen kefir, peanut butter & over ripe banana or frozen tripe grind. He doesn’t even bother to look up to see us going. He recently pulled out from God only knows where a Yak Chew & has been gnawing on it daily ( he originally hated it- go figure). His favorite treat of all is a throwback to his racing days – marshmallows, but those are reserved for special occasions lol

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    Hi! Been working hard lately and having my hours cut. I got it into my head to treat my daughter (and myself) to a trip to Ireland next year. I was there in 1992 & have been longing to back ever since. Decided to bite the bullet & get my azz in gear to make it happen.

    I’ve been checking out the Reel Raw site this morning & have a few things in my basket already. Going to chance a few chicken backs for the 1st time to see how/if Harry handles a bit of poultry besides his turkey necks. I’m not going for a big order as my small freezer is pretty stocked but $9.99 shipping isn’t too bad for the assorted things I’m ordering.

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    Keep me posted- looks like a great option! Harry is just fine (napping after a woods hike). Met his Dane friend Sally ( a beautiful all black female w/rhinestone necklace & painted blue nails) at the park. She’s the only dog Harry ever has to look up to lol.

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    I’ve been AWOL from the site for awhile & look what I missed! Bring me up to sipped on this Reel Raw site!!! Just gave it a quick peak & it looks great. Everyone still pleased with products?

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    The CarnivoreRaw is something I keep wanting to look into for mixing with bone in grinds, but I keep forgetting (DOH!). Harry gets all sorts of excited when I give him the GL Goat recipe. Honest Kitchen brings back the all too common sweet potato problem πŸ™

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    Can’t use the Dr Harvey’s or Urban Wolf mixes due to the Sweet Potato. Currently rotating Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance (which Harry LOVES). Will be ordering the See Spot Live Longer soon (Harry does well on it but doesn’t dive in as with the GL).

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    Paid also

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    Not something I would ever consider using for my 80 lb Greyhound. He is perfection on a leash due to his racing training but I still wouldn’t use a Flexi. I’m not a fan period. 5 ft leather leash w/ a martingale collar used here. πŸ™‚

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    Depending on budget, brand rating, & if there are other sensitivities : Natures Logic, Natural Balance, Nutro Natural Choice, California Natural, Addiction, & Natures Recipe all have a venison formula. There’s a few more – I did a quick search on πŸ™‚

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    Hi Nancy ! Sorry to hear about your boy’s problems. Harry has been prone to loose stools since I got him 2 yrs ago – it is a common Greyhound thing. I went thru MANY kibbles with no luck & thru trial & error and a Hemopet Allergy test found out he’s intolerant to turkey, chicken, salmon, white fish, venison, sweet potato, & oatmeal. And he refuses Lamb. Well that eliminated 95% of kibbles on the shelves.

    Nature’s Logic Beef or Sardine formulas & Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast are the only kibbles I’ve found that have none of the “avoid” ingredients in them. Harry does best on the Natures Logic Beef kibble. His diet at the track consisted largely of beef & that’s he continues to do well on. I add digestive enzymes & probiotics to his meals also.

    I’m waiting to see the new Acana singles line up that’s coming out this summer. The Pork or Duck formulas look promising.

    It is sooo frustrating I know. Natures Logic has been amazing. I can’t pick it up locally so I order it online from

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    Sitting in amazement on how the advice on these Forums have helped over the past year. I went from a Greyhound who had so many food intolerances I was at the end of my rope to now feeding:
    Natures Logic, Earthborn GPF, Hare Today grinds bones & Tripe, Grandma Lucy’s, See Spot Live Longer, and Tiki canned food (the only canned food I’ve found).

    I never thought I’d find ONE food let alone rotate! Soooo very grateful πŸ™‚

    Shasta: LOL! I have a hard enough time not tripping over my 85 lb pony a/k/a Greyhound sprawled underfoot.

    in reply to: Nominate a Brand for Editor's Choice #40828 Report Abuse

    Another vote for Nature’s Logic. It isn’t readily available her (kibble) but May be in other areas.

    **make that Tripe treats, not Trip**

    Cloud Star user here too. Peanut Butter is the flavor of choice. Harry waits for one after dinner everyday. Trip treats work for any other time but after dinner he won’t budge until he gets his cookie πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Probiotics #40652 Report Abuse

    I’ve given it in the past w/no problems. I now add in Kefir which has more strains in it.

    in reply to: Canine Caviar vs. Nature's Logic #39442 Report Abuse

    Due to MULTIPLE food intolerances I can only feed my dog 2 brands of kibble. Natures Logic Beef or Sardine formulas or Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. He does better on the Natures Logic. I have to order from online sites as no one locally carries it (only the wet food). I have no complaints & it has been a life saver here.

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    My Greyhound chatters when he’s excited (waiting for dinner, when he sees a rabbit etc). It’s normal for him. πŸ™‚

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    Hi Nona – fellow Greyhound owner here, so sorry to hear about Halle’s issues. Hopefully some of the wonderful knowledgable people on this forum will offer some suggestions as I’m still learning the food ropes myself.

    Harry has suffered from “milkshake poo” since I got him 2yrs ago. I think I tried everything that was suggested on the Greytalk Forum (Iams Green Bag, beet pulp etc) & endless bags of failed food. One allergy test & finding out about multiple food intolerances helped a lot. Probiotics / Digestive Enzymes have helped also. Things aren’t perfect 100% of the time but I can pick it up which is a major improvement. Harry also gets raw in his diet now and things are going well.

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    I have a bag of the rabbit heads in the freezer… I haven’t had the nerve to serve them yet. My family now calls the freezer “The Little Shop of Horrors” lol

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    I got the same email back about the egg etc. πŸ™‚

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    Hi Ann- yeah I’m in the same boat- most of this list is off the table here too. But it’s going to keep expanding so I’ll keep searching. Right now we can use Earthborn GPF & Natures Logic Beef or Sardine only. I’m hoping the new Acana Singles recipes may work when they come out but I don’t think they’ll be good in your case.

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    I will. Would love the bone-in option. Thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚

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    My dog has multiple food ingredient intolerances & I feed Earthborn’s Great Plains Feast. It’s one of the 2 kibbles that work for him. I have no complaints. πŸ™‚

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    Central NJ here. Family pets have been assorted mice, hamsters, a huge black rat, hermit crabs, many cats, a Shepard/Collie mix (passed at 23yo), an obnoxious Cocker Spanial (didn’t know what she was as I found her in a dumpster so matted I guessed it was a dog) she passed at approx 17yo, a witch Quarter Horse who was my bread & butter as a teen doing rodeos in Texas, and a 6ft Pine Snake.

    Currently just a soon to be 5yo XL retired racer Greyhound now called Harry. Sunday was his 2nd Gotcha Day with us.

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    Thank you for posting this. This looks VERY promising for my dog. He can’t have oats & there’s no poultry, sweet potato or salmon/white fish either – the usual ingredients I have to bypass. It looks like all 3 varieties are an option (that’s a first).

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    Very nice! I have never served those. My Greyhound loves a big turkey neck though πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Survey-curious #36261 Report Abuse

    I’m thinking its 60/40 kibble & raw. With limited options for kibble the add ins have added up- sardines, raw grinds, tripe, necks/feet, beef chunks, etc.

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    My dogs stools are always looser & multiplied when on walks. Stimulation? Scenting? I don’t know but it never fails. He’s not a bouncy poop kind of guy so I don’t even consider the ones on a walk as far as how a food is sitting with him.

    in reply to: Acana and bad breath? #35793 Report Abuse

    I can’t feed Acana but do use high protein kibbles. Normally I feed Earthborn or Natures Logic but recently tried a TOTW formula – my Greyhound loved it but after a few days I did notice a terrible change to the way his breath smelled. I assumed it was connected with digestion and won’t feed it again. Back on his regular food & breath is much improved.

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    Yay Bruno! πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Mucusy Soft/Gel-Like Stools and Pooping Often #35432 Report Abuse

    I just use the broth/pasta mix at first and then as things improve add in some kibble or boiled chopped meat. I don’t use “whites” in my house either, but now buy the elbows just to have for Harry. Avoid the healthy grains until things firm up. Pumpkin, rice, oatmeal (Harry’s allergic to oatmeal-go figure) have never worked for him. Rice will work eventually but the pasta speeds things

    Harry’s food intolerances have made me a pro at bland diet. When my Mom had emergency abdominal surgery I was her chef for 2 weeks – fed her the same meals (minus the kibble) LOL.

    in reply to: Mucusy Soft/Gel-Like Stools and Pooping Often #35386 Report Abuse

    Oh and white bread helps the runs too as snack. All the white cr@p that you shouldn’t eat comes in handy with a sick pooch. Greyhounds are notorious for stool problems so the bland diet is something I’m used to lol

    in reply to: Mucusy Soft/Gel-Like Stools and Pooping Often #35385 Report Abuse

    Harry does best & recovers faster with over cooked elbow macaroni rather than rice. I mix it with low sodium chicken broth. I have also mixed in unflavored Pedialyte if problems are prolonged. When things start to get better I introduce his food back in gradually. Liver treats did the same thing to him when I 1st brought him home. Vital Essentials Tripe treats are his favorite.

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    It’s our little secret πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Not adequate? #35149 Report Abuse

    If you look under the FAQ tab on Natures Logic website it explains why in detail. Nothing scary as far as I’m concerned. Its the best food I’ve found out there yet for my hound with multiple food ingredient issues. Grateful I found it πŸ™‚

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    Serves me right for mentioning “the limp”. Harry was doing his zoomies (term for XL Greyhound racing back & forth). He must have crashed on the turn in the dining room & hit the wall. Comes in yelping w/the right front leg drawn up. Ugh. Flashback to my horse days- give a good once over & make him walk. Luckily he walked it off. No yelping, limp or panting. Whew – EVet averted.

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    I am in total denial at this point. I stare at my lawn hoping it sticks around, it took so long to finally see it again.

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    Due to a long needle nose my Greyhound hoovers around the slow feeder bowl obstacles – a length of chain from the hardware store (large link) in his regular dish has worked the best. He has to pick the food out between the links. Goes in the dishwasher too.

    Dried beet pulp is something that many of my fellow Greyhound owners hold in high regard due to loose stools being a common problem. I actually bought a 25 lb bag (the smallest I could find) of the stuff to add into my dogs food. It had absolutely no effect on him good or bad. Can you buy a small bag of the kibble and see how it goes? I gave up on large bags as I ended up donating most of them when thing didn’t work out.

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