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    Please let me know how you order is when you get it πŸ™‚ I assume the others in your co-op are pleased there seem to be quite a few co-ops that use them if I recall.

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    I believe I’ve seen a few good reviews on a raw thread on Yahoo. I’m curious about them too as I live less than 10 min from them. I would pick up from them as no co- op. I need to look at their food list again.

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    He’s got to try them sometime as I’ll need the freezer room & I want to give him bones for his teeth.Greyhounds and anesthesia dont mix well & he just had a dental so i want to keep those choppers as clean as possible. He is not a fan of brushing, but he’s getting there slowly.

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    Sent ! πŸ˜‰

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    I will – thanks for the link πŸ™‚

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    Nope not yet LOL. Im know I’m being a wuss. He’s doing so well on the NL w/raw I’m reveling in the moment – it’s taken a year to get here. The necks look so large to me but he is an 85 lb Greyhound, plus turkey has always been his primary problem kibble ingredient so I figure I better give him a neck on a weekend in case there’s ugly after effects so to speak. So maybe I’ll put my big girl panties on next Saturday πŸ™‚

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    It seems that the Natures Logic Beef is totally agreeing with Harry (hooray!) as it contains none of his trigger ingredients. Next time i order I’m going to try the Sardine formula. As far as rotating brands go choices seem limited. It looks like the Zignature brand may be an option as far as their duck or lamb formula. I know he tested okay for Lamb but duck will be a guess. I’m still searching for a third brand to try but haven’t been successful yet.

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    *** Note To Self ***
    Do not EVER divide up Harry’s raw Green Tripe after eating dinner!!! That is best done on an empty stomach. Not the worst thing I’ve ever inhaled, but certainly eye opening…

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    Thawing out some tripe as we speak! I have freezer envy also. I have 2 old refrigerators in my kitchen but they’re for people food. Harry’s raw gets a corner of one of the freezers (not much room). I’m still separating my last order so I’ve got the chubs taking up too much space. Tomorrow I will prep them &get them flattened into their “doggie bags”

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    I know, I did Nutro for a while & Iams too with much guilt. I didn’t get the miracle results as most are chicken/turkey based & Harry doesn’t tolerate those at all. ** SIGH** πŸ™

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    My guess on why Nutro improved his “output” is the dried beet pulp they use in most of their foods. I have a Greyhound & they are infamous for poo the consistency of milkshakes. ANYTHING you can actually pick up is celebrated. Iams, & Nutro ate commonly fed because of the firming effects of the beet pulp. And many owners (yes I did it once) purchase 25lb of the stuff at TSC and split it with others. It didn’t work for Harry & still haven’t achieved total success but we’ve come along way from laying a paper plate in the “drop zone” lol

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    I recently did the Nutriscan test. I think it was pretty accurate. Harry didn’t have a extraordinarily high reaction to any one ingredient but quite a few common ones were high enough to get pegged “avoid”. Some of those I knew thru attempting to find a kibble he could handle- turkey, chicken, venison, salmon, & sweet potato (which at least confirmed I wasn’t crazy). Others I didn’t know- milk, oatmeal, soy. I use the results as a guide. I will avoid the turkey, salmon & sweet potato as he has real problems w/ them, but I’m going to try the chicken in raw form, he appears to be able to handle it. It’s recommended to retest annually I don’t know about that yet.

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    Glad I found this thread – safe bones (for cleaning teeth) are of huge interest to me. It’s a common Greyhound problem πŸ™

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    Oh yes – this forum great!

    Little Pea- check out Natures Logic. Maybe the duck, rabbit, or venison may be okay. My hound has similar “avoid” ingredients : chicken, turkey, venison, salmon, white fish, corn, milk, soy, oatmeal & sweet potato. He’s been doing really well on Natures Logic.

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    Thank you!! Glad I’ve been lax in supplements the last 2 wks LOL. Will be copy/pasting this πŸ™‚

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    Oh my- I need a flip chart just to READ this thread! I’m lost & clueless! Advice please..
    I’m feeding kibble in the AM and kibble mixed w/ premade grinds (meat,organ,bone, & tripe) in the PM
    I add in:
    Ground sardines 2-3 meals per week
    Crused egg w/shell 2-3 meals/week
    Kefir 4-5 meals/week
    Vitamin E cap (400 IU) when I remember to AM meal.
    I have the Dr Stephen Langer 15 strain Probiotic coming in the mail tomorrow.
    Salmon oil is not tolerated by Harry AT ALL.
    Suggestions please would be appreciated!
    We’re just starting out on the raw mix ins & trying to figure out supplements.

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    HDM- same problem here.

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    Buddy Biscuits here! Just got 6- 4 lb bags (24lbs total) of the Peanut Butter flavor off of Amazon for $13.00. SCORE!!!

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    And I put in another order this evening… I’ve got room in my freezer so I figured order some different mix grinds and have them available to ease into his rotation.

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    Cyndi – I’m feeling equally intimidated by the turkey necks. They’re friggin HUGE! I know Greyhounds love these things but geeez I know at some point (when I get up the courage to give it) I’m going to want to shove my hand down his throat & pull it out LOL.

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    This Forum is wonderful and sooo helpful πŸ™‚

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    Haha – try to read ^^that^^ 10x’s quickly!!! But I get it. I just assumed like the chicken feet – raw is fine with him. After a little over a year of dog food Hell with him if he likes it & it likes him I’m in heaven!

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    Oh the sardines are a huge hit with him – he’s starts prancing around when he smells em coming lol. When I looked up white fish sardines was the first thing that popped up so I assumed same “family”. He’s always rejected anything “fishy” until I found canned sardines. He does not like salmon & it doesn’t like him either. I will order the mutton in the future as he’s clear on lamb, rabbit will be a test run. Duck is also on the to do list πŸ™‚ As an added bonus the new kibble is working out VERY well so the planets must have come into alignment.

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    Update report: Harry is scarfing the beef mix/kibble with no ummm ugly output shall we say. He’s quite the happy hound. I know I can’t feed beef exclusively but here’s my problem – he tested quite reactive to turkey & chicken, & venison. A bit lower but still reactive to salmon & white fish. He does tolerate things like raw chicken feet & sardines so perhaps he does better with raw forms of things. I haven’t given him the turkey necks I ordered yet to see if they’ll set him off.
    I’ll feed the beef for now to get us used to this but what to order next time? I will definitely pick up more of the beef grind and also the pork. I’m thinking I’ll take a chance and order the chicken grind as well to see how he handles it, but maybe I should pick up some ground chicken at supermarket and use that as a test first?

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    I’ll have to remember the 1 lb rolls… Just got finished slicing through the 5lb roll -whew!! I don’t have a scale so based the patties on a Bubba Burger (very professional I know). I made a few smaller as starter packs. By the time I got done dividing up the ground sardines Harry was standing at the kitchen gate barking like a nut, so he got some for a treat. Blown away by the size of the turkey necks- that’s a new one for us.
    Thank you soooo much for all the great replies! It all looks wonderful (well, as wonderful as raw meat & fish can look). Now lets hope he eats it!!! Lol

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    Ok…. So tomorrow I will be getting my 1st order of raw food delivered from Hare Today …. And I’m starting to hyperventilate. My goal is to have my 80lb Greyhound on a raw/kibble diet. What is the best way to start out? He now gets 1.5 cups of kibble twice/day. I would like to keep the AM meal straight kibble and add in the raw to the PM meal. I’m starting him out with the beef/organ/tripe/bone grind. I believe it comes in a 5lb roll so I’m not sure how to portion it out for freezing. I believe I read on Dog Aware that I shouldn’t exceed 3/4 kibble or I’d throw off nutritional balance. I believe I’m having a panic induced brain spasm so I can’t figure out how much to add of the raw. Am I rambling? Oh damn probably…. Advice (and a cocktail) needed πŸ™‚

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    Starting out w/ beef – Harry tested reactive to chicken, turkey, & venison. I’ll be introducing these in raw form in the future to see how he handles it. Love the variety & all the options

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    I just placed my 1st order with Hare Today. What a great selection they have. My plan is to feed a raw/kibble diet so I ordered the beef/tripe/organ/bone mix, some frozen turkey necks, and the ground sardines. I don’t have a separate freezer but I do have 2 refrigerator/freezers (don’t ask lol) so I can’t go nuts. Hopefully this is a good start πŸ™‚

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    I get my chicken feet at a large Asian Food Store near me, I’m going to try for the turkey necks there also. If not there’s a big turkey farm a bit further away that I can check with also. I too have stumbled across a raw food supplier within 5 min of me. He delivers to many co -ops but no where near me. I want to email him & see if I can get smaller amounts then he lists if I pick it up.

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    I’m going to try a turkey neck next as I would like to find something for him to chew on for his teeth. Admittedly I am unsure of safe/unsafe bones but the necks seem okay. Turkey hasn’t been kind to him but I guess I’ll find out what happens.

    PS). I just ordered a bag of the Nature’s Logic Beef formula kibble. After some research I found this and 1 or 2 of their other formulas) to be the only kibble I’ve found that contain NONE of the ingredients that he tested sensitive to : Chicken, turkey, venison, salmon, white fish, soy, corn, milk, oatmeal, and sweet potato – oomph. Chicken, turkey, salmon & sweet potato are the big no no’s in kibble (but okay raw). I like the Victor but I am curious to see what happens with the Natures Logic. I’m aiming for a part kibble part raw diet, so even though the price on the NL is a bit steep compared to the Victor , it may balance out.

    I’ve been feeding Victor High Pro Plus to my Greyhound. He does better on that than the grain free. Good luck

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    Some retired racing Greyhounds are balls of energy… Harry isn’t. They do call them “40 mph couch potatoes”. Harry was only off track about 5 weeks when I got him & never fostered. I was prepared for the worst, but it didn’t happen. Since they are “turned out” at the track kennels several times per day , he didn’t know to ask to go out so there were a few accidents the 1st week. Once we established a schedule he learned very quickly. He had to learn to play with toys, and how to climb stairs. He didn’t know what windows or sliding glass doors were. I have never met a more beautifully trained leash walker, and a dog who listens. He’s never been cat or small dog tested but his prey drive is VERY low – he’s interested in rabbits (duh) but doesn’t go for them. He does sleep ALOT lol. And I can definitely see why they are good in apts, condos, etc. I don’t have a fenced yard – our 2 walks a day are fine by him. Some need to run off they’re energy – Harry not so much. He also is a total love sponge. A true gentle giant. I honestly never met or owned a dog like him. <3

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    I have a retired racing Greyhound whose registered racing name was RC Danger. I couldn’t imagine calling out “DANGER” in a public park without being arrested. One week of staring at his picture online before I got him I thought he just looked like a plain lovable Harry and so he his. A giant 85lb red brindled mush ball. <3

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    The enzymes I’m giving him incl Pre & probiotics. I think he will do better on the raw proteins (as he does now w/the chicken feet) the fish/salmon I doubt as he can’t stand them. Sardines are the exception so I’ll try some canned salmon and Jack Mackeral also. Will be starting off slowly with add ins to the kibble. I literally stumbled across a raw food supplier within 5min of my house which will make thing a lot easier πŸ™‚

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    I’ve found through my own trial and error with dog food that is chicken based isn’t pretty. Turkey and fish of any kind is truly awful. But chicken feet, sardines are fine. Sweet potatoes seem to trigger ear infections if I overdo it. I appreciated the test results confirming that I wasn’t nuts lol. Finding a food that he likes that like him back has been quite a challenge. Digestive Enzymes have helped also. I’m hoping to start a half raw half kibble diet soon also. πŸ™‚

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    Best Bully Sticks user here too. My greyhound loves these things & they don’t upset his system. I get the 12in large odor free.

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    My greyhound rescue group advised against them. This is probably a digestion issue with greyhounds. I give Halo Pumpkin Chews and have recently discovered Odor free Bully Sticks – these are the only 2 “chews” I’ve found that don’t go right thru my dog.

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