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    Harry’s been on Natures Logic Beef or Sardine formulas for a while and doing well, but I’d like to rotate. My options are limited as I need to avoid turkey, chicken, venison, salmon, white fish, sweet potato, oatmeal, corn, & soy. I’m looking at the Back To Basics Pork Formula or the Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. Anyone use these & opinions?

    Thank you!

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    B2B is fine as long as it’s not the line with the very low calories. EB is fine, too. How about both?

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    No I wouldn’t use the lower calorie GF. The Pork formula looked ok to me as did EB Great
    Plains. I think I’ll try a small bag of each. B2B 1st as I can get free shipping at the moment.

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    Update: the Back to Basics Pork wasn’t a big hit with Harry. He didn’t dive in with gusto as he usually does. And the “output” wasn’t great. I usually do a long food transition with him but stopped. I ordered a bag of the Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast & the results were much better. He liked it and so far it likes him 🙂

    So now if all goes well besides his raw we can rotate
    NL Beef
    NL Sardine
    Earthborn Holistic GPF
    See Spot Live Longer Pre Mix

    For some odd reason I have it in my head that a 3rd brand for kibble would be a better rotation. I then think I am a glutton for punishment & I should be grateful I’ve found anything that agrees with him.

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    At least you have foods to rotate! Right now, only one of my three can eat a variety.

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    It took 1 1/2 yrs to get ONE kibble so I feel greedy even thinking about rotating.

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    I’m still experimenting after 2 or 3 years now!

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    !!! ARGH !!! LOL

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    It’s been a full year since I figured out that Micah was intolerant to chicken and most grains, but just the other day I found out he also can’t do tomato. I haven’t tried potato or much in the way of legumes yet and I can’t say I’m in much of a rush either.

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    As a preemie my daughter had many feeding issues …. I CANNOT believe I now have a dog with issues !! A kid that has never let pasta touch her lips in 14 yrs & a dog who can’t eat 95% of all dog foods. Nice sense of humor the Universe has. DOH!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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