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  • Sean W

    Hi everyone,

    We recently had our 9-year-old chocolate lab allergy-tested and he came back with the following things testing positive and their HERBU scores are:

    Barley: 14
    Chicken: 29
    Fish Mix: 45
    Lamb: 19
    Milk: 19
    Pea: 27
    Peanut: 57
    Pork: 24

    He was previously on Hills Prescription Metabolic & Mobility which is $106 for a 24lb bag to try and help him lose a little weight and with him being a labrador retriever, the mobility was to help stave off joint issues. I’m having a hard time finding a food that doesn’t have some ingredient in it that he is allergic to. Do you guys have any advice?

    Thank you!

    Caroline Z

    My Golden Retriever has allergies to eggs, salmon, peas and legumes. I don’t know if anyone above mentioned Dr. Harvey’s Specialty Diet – Allergy – Turkey or Fish Recipe. Dehydrated food. Pleased with this and my dog is doing well on this. Expensive if only using this for the amount she needs. She was underweight and would like to add some decent dry kibbles to use as well. Get tired of reading labels, labels. Any suggestions? She does best with beef and turkey. Could handle some fish, but not salmon.

    Donna R

    I know I’m late to the conversation here, but pea allergies are real. BUT in the event anyone comes to this thread I wanted to share my experience.

    My dog has SEVERE POULTRY allergies. ALL POULTRY and POULTRY BY PRODUCTS… Chicken fat, Chicken Liver, Eggs, Egg Shells, Turkey, Turkey Broth, liver, fat, etc. Let’s just say, I’ll not be subjecting her to any winged animal protein anymore, ever. She’s suffered enough.
    Through that adventure, I discovered she’s also allergic (both itching, and extreme panting, etc) to peas, lentils and potatoes. I’m taking it on what I’ve read and studied about nightshade veggies/plants causing allergic reactions to animals with sensitivities to deduce I’m not going to go through them ALL. I know enough to know I’m not taking chances. So anything with ANY Nightshade Plants/Veggies as ingredients will be a no go for me. Poor little thing has suffered enough and I’ve finally found what works for her and I’m sticking with it until, for some reason, it no longer does. We’ve been on this for almost a year without issue (knock on wood).
    First we tried Pork. She did excellent with it, thankfully. But I also use different Novel PROTEINS in rotation. Rabbit and Kangaroo for now. I am using kibble, freeze dried and dehydrated. She’s doing great. No itching, no yeast, no signs of any allergies or adverse reactions. She’s maintained a healthy weight and energy level.
    Sadly, this won’t work for everyone, but… NOVEL PROTEINS generally will. Avoiding Nightshade plants and veggies may be a great beginning to helping also. There’s tons of them and no need to torture your baby going thru the list when you know if they’re sensitive to one or two chances are great they will be to a great many so keep them all on LIST TO AVOID.
    When all else fails freeze dried and dehydrated. While it’s pricy, there are ways to help keep costs in check by being inventive in how you use it. Find a kibble that’s suitable for your baby and mix in.
    I do hope this is helpful to all you pet parents who struggle when they see their baby suffer and feel helpless when trying to help.

    Stephanie W

    My brother’s Newfoundland has loose stools. We have tried Purina Forti Florida for dogs, tried canned pumpkin, nothing seems to be working. We are now switching his dog food to Purina ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon & rice – large breed dog food. We have had him checked for parasites – nothing. The vet suggested that he might have allergies to chicken so we have switched to the salmon. His first poo seems to be getting better, a little formed, then when he poos the second time it is real loose (hard to clean up)

    Any suggestions would be very helpful. He is eating about 5 1/2 cup per day split between breakfast and dinner. His weight is around 160 lbs.

    Kate L

    Hi! I know this topic has been covered endlessly, but I wanted to share my experiences with allergies and maybe gain some insight on different kinds of food for my 7 year old staffy, Gumbo.

    We adopted Gumbo when he was 2. He was missing hair, his coat was dull and rough, belly and paws were red and irritated, and he was constantly scratching. The only allergy we were informed of was chicken. He was immediately started on a prescription diet of Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein. It helped slightly, but still itchy and red.

    After not seeing much of a difference with the prescription diet, I tried a few store bought foods. Zignature Kangaroo, Taste of the Wild (with fish) and Instinct (can not remember which we tried.) Nothing really helped and we put him back on the prescription diet, this time Royal Canin Ultamino. We do not feed any treats-just carrots and cucumbers.

    Monthly cytopoint shots started two years after we got him which I would say brought him the most relief. He also got groomed monthly and bathed with oatmeal bath. Still not 100% but the best he had been. His nails were still red, raw and yeasty. I almost feel he has more of an environmental allergy at this point-different times of the year he seems better or worse.

    Over the past few months I have noticed the cytopoint injections are not helping at all. I know it is dry in December where we reside, but his itch became unbearable. His breath was rotten. Coat looked terrible. Vet put him on antibiotics for a “skin infection.” The stink and extreme itch went away, but he was still uncomfortable.

    Out of desperation I found an article online that said dehydrated beets had helped their dog considerably.
    I immediately ordered and I can not even begin to explain the difference I’ve noticed in Gumbo this month. His nails are growing in completely white (which I have never seen before-they are always brown/red/streaky) his coat is gleaming and his energy is great. He is barely scratching himself. If anything he is still licking his paws, but we are trying to be diligent about wiping them down when wet and using medicated wipes and cream. Then we wrap him like a burrito so he can’t lick the cream off.

    I know I shouldn’t mess with something that seems to be working-but I am also tempted to try another type of food with limited ingredients. At $100/month and our first baby on the way it would be great to find him a more cost-effective food and I just don’t love the idea of a kibble that is made in a lab. I’ve considered making his food-I just haven’t done enough research and want to make sure he’s getting the correct ratio of protein, vitamins and nutrients.

    I just received a sample from Verus. I spoke with the operations manager and she recommended the menhaden fish formula. Gumbo loved it but it immediately gave him terrible gas..
    “We truly believe that VeRUS could be the perfect fit for your furbaby. In addition to offering chelated and proteinated vitamins and minerals (where the body can absorb more efficiently than standard vitamins and minerals), we utilize wholesome ingredients without the use of synthetic chemical preservatives, fillers, or by products. Our cooking methods and standards of manufacturing are of the highest possible being that we are manufactured in an EU certified (European Union) facility. This mandates that each ingredient must be fit for human consumption with an increased level of testing to confirm only the best ingredients are trusted and safe to be used in our formulas. Reliability and transparency are the principles of VeRUS with dedication to nutrition being the guiding force.”

    So I’m leaning towards trying a full bag of this food but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on what has worked for their pup. I always feel for anyone going through allergy troubles because it has been something we have been dealing with for years. We really do everything we can for our furbabies! Thank you for reading my novel and any insight you may have.

    Regina A

    Hi, our dog when we first rescued him also had a horrible allergies. we didn’t know why. he would lick, chew and scratch at his skin, 24/7. We suspected after many switches it was fish product related.
    The only dry dog food we found after years of searching was Dr. Pol’s Healthy balance Chicken Recipe dog food. Based on your list above, I believe the only ingredient it has is flaxseed but perhaps if it’s the only item, even if he may have a slight reaction, it may still be a dramatic improvement over what he’s been having.
    If you change dog foods just make sure to slowly add it to the current dog food and gradually increase the amount over at least a couple weeks before changing it completely so you don’t also upset your dog’s tummy and have diarrhea. And remember it can take a a couple months to really see the different it might make. I feel so strongly about it because our dog was really suffering. He’s a light tan shih tzu so we could see his skin was always red and inflamed, including his gums. and where ever he licked his coat was rust colored and felt like wire. Now he has no rust colored spots and his coat is so soft. I couldn’t believe that difference it made. I hope it will at least help. Best Wishes for you and your fur baby.

    Mel R

    Hi everyone. I’m at crying point for my lovely female boxer. She’s 7 this year and she’s been the most poorliest dog I’ve ever had. I’ve read about the same problem on this forum that my bitch has and I’ve read all of peoples solutions but I’ve done them all. I’m devastated for her. For 6 years my girl has had the gulping thing but can I start by telling you of her illness so you will understand why I can’t try all of your suggestions . She started at an early age of itching and scratching her ears were left bleeding and her chest sliced from her claws. She has no fur left on her chest now. She’s bald. The fur just doesn’t grow back. So in 2018 I had an allergy test done . It cost £450 but it wasn’t the money ( I’m just trying to explain that it should be an extensive test for that price. ). It turns out she’s allergic to 13 things…….dust, grass, weeds, beech trees, birch trees, ostrich in dog food, venison in dog food, grain, blue fish ( I can’t remember the rest . I’m waiting for the vet to send me a print out). So I put her on a hypoallergenic food, grain free dog food. The vet that told me of all these allergies said that a dog can eat everything on a pig apart from the oink hmmm funny… so she’s on pork , sweet potato and apple. But her gulping remained. All her life when she’s had an episode of gulping I’ve automatically opened the back door and she’s ran out to eat grass for 30 minutes minimum but you may remember that I said she’s allergic to grass 😔. Recently I moved house which has no garden so when she has a gulping fit I’m walking to the field at the bottom of the road at 3am in the morning just to stop her from gulping. The grass seems to stop the gulping but it’s not doing her grass allergy any good. She panics and just expects grass. She’s been put on omeprazole 3 months ago and I’ve spaced her food out incase it’s too heavy on her stomach to have big portion. I also got her a food bowl and water bowl with them lumps in the bowl ( to stop them from eating too fast ) and I also took her collar off ( I only put her collar on when it’s time for walkies. ). She’s gone the longest time ever without having a bad gulping fit , which is 10 weeks and when she has a small panic gulp I put her head in my hand and stroke her throat ( easier without the collar on ). But today no stroking her throat would calm her down. 3 hours of gulping and panicking … she vomited. She has never vomited. The vet has put her on a steroid called medrone to fight her itching but it’s not the answer to ALL her allergies and I’m also aware that steroids ruin the organs in time. She’s been on them 4 years now and when she’s had to come off them for an acl operation her itching went worse . She’s also been diagnosed with pancreatitis last week so
    . If anyone has got any recent suggestions they are more than welcome . Just bare in mind she’s limited with all her problems .

    lexie M

    hey guys. I have been dealing with this for a very long time my dog is now 13. she’s a pit mix. We are currently having an episode right now that’s what made me finally search it on the internet. I’ve tried all your common acid reflux medicine and she’s on Science Diet sensitive skin and stomach dog food. But what I have noticed in these last few episodes she has had is she starts having them in the middle of eating her dog food she goes from eating dog food all the sudden she’s hacking like she’s got dog food stuck in her throat and then looking for grass or carpet or whatever she can eat. We’ve been going through this for years I think the sensitive skin and stomach dog food has helped but still we have the episodes but now like I said it is whenever she is eating she will start after she has choked on a piece or something. Because it’s not after she eats, it’s mid meal. She’s ate so much carpet and other things in the past and then usually 2 – 3 days in she would throw up all the grass all the carpet she ate in a big ol wad and she would feel better. Her last episodes I have never noticed that final throw up happening it just finally subsides actually. I keep a closer eye on her now and make sure she doesn’t eat carpet and try not to let her eat grass when she goes outside. These episodes still last 2 to 3 days and she’s just miserable makes me so sad for her but it’s not acid reflux it’s not allergies it’s like she gets food stuck in her throat I massage her throat tap her on her back try to do whatever I can to dislodge this piece of dog food or whatever is making her choke and hack we still have not had any luck though. I showed my video to vets as well this is like this most uncommon ailment in dogs nobody knows how to cure it if it isnt acid reflux and it isn’t allergies…


    In reply to: Medicated Shampoo

    John K

    Before dying your pet’s hair, make sure that the product you use is safe for your dog. It is important to never use products designed for humans because they contain chemicals that can harm your dog. Choose a product made specifically for dogs and buy it from a reputable manufacturer. Also, you must make sure that your dog does not have any allergies. Before attempting to dye your pet’s hair, you should consult with your vet about whether it is safe for your animal.

    Source: Doggie Hair Dye – Dog Hair Dye

    Hanna D

    I have a Cocker Spaniel that has food allergies. She is allergic to dairy, beef, wheat and flaxseed. We don’t want grain free food or any with legumes. What she is on now she doesn’t like. Does anyone have any recommendations of foods or maybe a website I can put in the ingredients she is allergic to and it provide me a list?

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    In reply to: Sunday’s dog food

    ryan E

    My dog has alwaysgood and had a strong stomach and never had any dietary allergies. But Sundays made his poop very mushy constantly. Once in a while he would have massive diarreah. We love the brand, their process, the smell and quality of the food, and even the packaging, but unfortunately, this isn’t right for our dog.

    The basic idea behind this Click counter is to measure the clicks in a particular time interval. That means clicker counter. if you select the time for 30 sec,

    Regina A

    My male dog also suffered terribly from allergies. when I switched to a grain free and saw improvement I thought it was the grain he was allergic to even though the vet said it’s highly unlikely that a dog would be allergic to grain. all along it ended up being all the fish oil/fish meal. Not saying it is the same for you but I thought it was the grain because I changed dog food brands and saw improvement. Please read my post on “finally a a dog food with NO Fish Ingredients” I don’t know if you would want to try the food but it’s been a game changer for my dogs. They are both on Dr Pol’s healthy balance chicken recipe dry dog food. I saw the ingredients, doesn’t look like it has any fish product(omega’s) and no potatoes. It does have brown rice and barley but like I said… could be the other two ingredents and not the grain. might be worth a shot. hope this helps…

    Staci W

    My dog has allergies and they effect his skin badly. I was informed by my vet to go grain free. That helped some but he was still having some major issues with loosing his fur and odors and well as bad skin. He was really starting to look like he had mange. Vet says no Potatoes. He has yeast and Potatoes feed yeast. Ok so I go find a food that has no grain and no potatoes. His skin is healing within days of this switch. But now he smells like cat pee. We do not have cats and he is a senior dog who does not hang outside long enough to roll in cat urine. I googled it and turns out it is common in dogs who are sensitive to high Omega 3 & 6. So now I need to find a dog food that is Grain Free, Potato Free, and low in Omegas. NO I’m not going to feed raw and NO I’m not going to cook for him. I barely have time to cook for myself let alone my doggo.

    Todd L

    Hi All, sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum for this question or if I missed it. I did a forum search and didn’t find it.

    It appears the review was updated in March of this year and shows as a 5 star, highly recommended.

    However, further down the the ingredients and nutrient analysis sound average at best.

    In addition, the comments about the food are very negative.

    I am switching my dogs off of poultry and beef due to suspected allergies from our vet (ear infections, hot spots).


    Michelle A

    My dog eats the Kangaroo low fat kibble which I mix with the Kangaroo wet. She loves it. Her stool is so much better than it used to be. She has environmental and food allergies. You may want to switch from Rabbit as it just may be too rich for your dogs stomach. I have not tried the rabbit on Rayne, but I used to use the Rabbit by Nature’s Variety and even though it is a high grade food, it was too rich for my dogs belly. I like Rayne. It is expensive, but a better more well dog is worth it.

    Hanna D

    I have a cocker spaniel with beef, dairy, wheat and flaxseed allergies. I have a golden retriever with anal gland issues. I would like to find a dog food both can it. I want to stay away from GRAIN FREE! Right now they are on Royal Canin weight dog food.


    Hi all! Hoping someone out there can help me out.

    My service dog has had extreme food and environmental allergies since 2017. Back then, the vet felt he could eat a non-prescription diet as long as we avoided the proteins that he was allergic to. For anyone that has done allergy tests at the vet, they’ll know a 300 for each allergen is severe. My boys tested anywhere from 300 to 2000+, mostly on the upper end of that scale. However, there were still enough types of food that he was not allergic to thankfully which meant I could just avoid what we knew he was allergic to and feed what we knew he wasn’t allergic to. I just had to carefully read labels if I gave him new treats and we kept to the same food formula.

    I recently noticed changes in his symptoms to the environmental allergies during/after he was going outside, so we redid his allergy tests again since it’s been a long time. To my surprise (because I don’t see any obvious symptoms after I feed him any food/treats), we learned that he’s now allergic to so many types of food and environmental allergens that he’s practically allergic to himself! Some allergens go as high as 2800 — it’s dairy, some plant based foods/oils, and all proteins they can test for (they can’t test every type of food out there obviously), Amazingly, there are no issues with wheat, corn, etc.

    Anyway, the vet initially suggested Ultamino from Royal Canin. Problem number one is that I’m bothered by the main protein is chicken by-product (aka junk) rather than chicken or chicken meal. This is a service dog that needs the best possible nutrition, and the service dog organization told us to stay away from anything listing byproducts on the label. It’s a bit shocking that a prescription diet could theoretically contain who knows what in it. I am also concerned why corn starch is listed as the first ingredient — and I see a similar trend of some weird ingredients being listed as the first ingredient when I looked at some other hydrolyzed brands like Science Diet. Doesn’t seem very nutritious to have weird things like corn starch as the first ingredient.

    The second problem is the price. There’s no way I can afford these prescription options. My boy has been eating Science Diet Chicken and Barley formula for a very long time now. A 35 lbs bag is usually $55-$60 and lasts and 6-8 weeks. Ultamino, as an example, is only sold in 19 lbs for $99 each. That means I’d have to spend WAY more on Ultamino for the equivalent amount of pounds (ie, two 19 lbs bags for $200) than what I’m spending now on SD. I don’t mean to put a price on my priceless boy, but I sadly just don’t have that kind of money given my financial circumstances.

    That being said, I’m looking for alternatives that may cost less and have the maximum nutrition value possible. The vet told me that any brand/formula I feel is suitable (he knows I’m knowledgeable about canine nutrition and labels) so long as it’s a hydrolyzed formula. I’d prefer a non-prescription option because I have more of a chance of being able to catch sales, apply coupon codes, and not have to constantly request refills — however, I am also open to less costly prescription options that are healthier without byproducts and weird ingredients than Ultamino. It also must be kibble to abide by rules set by the service dog school due to the way they are trained. He cannot eat wet food.

    I would also like to understand why the diets I’ve looked at have weird ingredients as the first ingredient. I’m guess it has something to do with the hydrolyzing process, but why would the amount exceed the amount of protein and most of the actual food in the ingredients? It’s concerning to me, and I’d love more information about this if anyone has it.

    There is an old topic that is closed to posts where a someone there recommended a specific formula from WholeHearted that is hydrolyzed and sold without a prescription.

    I am hoping there might be more options being that the above post is from 2018. This WholeHearted formula is a pea-based, grain-free formula that can lead to DCM in dogs. Being that my boy isn’t allergic to grains, I’d prefer a food option “with” grains that so I won’t have to start supplementing taurine and monitoring him for potential DCM issues.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond! I’m very passionate about my boy’s health and well-being. He’s perfectly healthy thankfully other than the allergies he developed shortly after I brought him home from service dog school at age 2.5. Any input would be deeply appreciated.

    Tammie B

    Good morning Tracey! I’m so sorry your babies are going thru this! I give my baby a supplement that eliminated his incontinence and I have a friend who had great success eliminating the bladder stones/crystals. If you’d like more info, just let me know. He’s a yorkie and has had bouts of pancreatitis, haven’t had any of that in a very long time. He may not be as prone as your babies, but I’m happy to share what and why I feed what I do. He does have horrible allergies and was on apoquel for years, successfully off apoquel and on an all natural supplement now.

    Andrea L


    I have an 11 year old Yorkie who has food allergies or intolerances (causing itching, skin lesions),it’s also likely that she has outdoor allergies since in the spring/summer she will easily develop eye/ear infections. After trying beef, pork alternatives with no luck, the fish based food I started her on cleared up her skin within the first 2 weeks of her being on it .A year and a half later she developed a bladder infection that showed 2 types of crystals in her urine. Supposedly caused b y the dog food . Her vet put her on Royal Canin SO to clear the crystals and it worked ,yet within 3-4 months of being on this food (chicken based which I knew yet my vet said the crystals was much more of a concern than the itchy skin issue ) she has again broken out with lessons and is all over itchy. Her yearly bloodwork (a few weeks ago) showed a crazy liver #,thyroid was checked and all normal so she goes for liver ultrasound Monday .I’m assuming the liver is completely separate form anything else she’s dealing with . From everything I’ve read allergy testing is inconclusive . Im looking for advice on how to help her be comfortable and not itch the rest of her life yet not have bladder issues . Im not sure what to feed her or if I should stay on the SO diet to control the crystals and then pursue allergy meds once we resolve the liver issue . I’m honestly at a loss and I’m against medication if I possible.

    Thank you for any help /advice


    Okay, so for starters this is my first self-owned dog ever. He’s a retired racing Greyhound, and I’m a pre-veterinary college student who overthinks like everything and worries constantly about my dog.

    My hound came home in January, and I first started feeding him ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach salmon & oatmeal… he had loose stool & pretty bad dandruff, which the vet chalked up to being due to stress. I switched him to ProPlan beef & rice, and he continued to have loose stool but the dandruff became literally horrific like it looked like it was snowing on him. NOT allergies, and he weirdly wasn’t itchy? He just had ridiculously dry skin.

    Then, I switched him to Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains (the lamb one) in hopes of trying to curb his dandruff (omega-3 supplements weren’t helping), and he had HORRIFIC diarrhea, I mean like straight up he had the runs. I took him to the vet the next morning and we did a course of metronidazole & probiotic paste. The probiotic paste gave him some temporary relief.

    Because of his reaction to TOTW, I switched him to Canidae beef & oatmeal. And honestly? he was doing really well for awhile. I was also supplementing fiber through Olewo Carrots for awhile, but we ran out and have been issues ordering another bag until yesterday. We were still having 50/50 loose stool and good poops, my only qualm was that he seems to have a duller coat. And now we are here…. Aaaand he is having liquid shoot-out-the-butt poops again- I bought him Fortiflora, but I don’t think it’s doing much to help. I made him an appointment to see the vet again but they couldn’t squeeze us in until Thursday. I’m kind of at a loss lol… I feel like total garbage and I don’t know what to do 🙁

    He doesn’t have any other symptoms than the diarrhea either! It’s not parasites (I’ve had him tested twice), he’s not lethargic, he isn’t in pain, he’s not itchy, he’s not vomiting, he’s eating & drinking like normal, there’s no blood. He’s totally normal other than having horrific diarrhea!


    In reply to: Sunday’s dog food

    Gabriel W

    My dog has always had a strong stomach and never had any dietary allergies. But Sundays made his poop very mushy constantly. Once in a while he would have massive diarreah. We love the brand, their process, the smell and quality of the food, and even the packaging, but unfortunately, this isn’t right for our dog.

    Curious to see if anyone else has also been experiencing this with Sundays.

    Robert G

    Hi, I have a GSD and she is having her second episode with belly hot spots which she licks and bits and which also cause crusty side lips and has her licking her lips all the time and at same time she is lethargic. Vet says allergies. But to what? We have fed her home made chicken and Zignature High Protein Kibble her entire 5 years of life so far with no problems. And once you start down the road of Allergies and food it gets crazy and you get crazy reading about it all. Our breeder says it is the NexGard Flea and tick pills. She forbids them and says they are killing our dog. Pesticide that never leaves the system and just builds up.
    So what am I to think.
    I did notice Zignature Kibble size change recently. And I wonder if it has coincided. I contacted them and they said no change to formula, that it is just a machine change. Then I read on your forum about Zignature problems and someone mentioned they don’t make food themselves….. oh boy.

    Any advice on my dogs situation and how to solve?

    Tracey G

    I am in the same boat. Walter, half shitzu and mutt, developed pancreatitis about 10 years ago after prednisone for allergies. The apoquel was not a help and was expensive. He is now 13. He has been on Hills low fat diet for years with no issues. If and when we tried something else, he had a flare up. We just picked him up from the vet today after having stone surgery. They pulled out a huge stone. It has been sent to the lab, but I’m pretty sure it’s a calcium oxalate stone. I read where carrots and spinach can cause this. He is addicted to carrots, so those have to go. I’m terrified his pancreatitis will flare up on the kidney diet after reading what you all have been through.

    Is it possible to use both foods? Will any fat send him into a pancreatic flare up? Like you all, he is our baby. I will do anything including cook his foods. It’s interesting to note there are many other dogs with these issues.

    Piki, I too am so sorry about your doggie. What enzyme would the doctor have added? Very curious.

    Patricia A

    Liz I’m so sorry if she has this disease because from what I read it will be very painful. This usually presents itself at a young age. (The condition occurs in males and females, with an average age of onset of 3 years, though puppies as young as 4 months have been affected. Fortunately, if MMM is diagnosed early, dogs can be treated to increase the likelihood of a full recovery. Research of this disease at the University of California-San Diego led to the development of a blood test in 2004 that detects the presence of 2M antibodies and accurately identifies affected dogs.)
    Does she fall into this age group? Also mostly effects jaw but you said jaw is not as bad. It causes extreme pain when trying to eat?
    Was allergies and dental issues ruled out? I know scented candles or even bedding or carpet cleaners can be extremely toxic to dogs and exhibit severe allergic reactions.
    Keep updating and hope she ends up not being diagnosed with this.

    runi K

    The Labrador breed is prone to developing food allergies, which often appear as skin allergies through the body’s inflammatory reaction to the offending food.

    runi K

    Eye discharge can result from food allergies, which compromise the immune system and cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms.

    Regina A

    I have a Shih Tzu I adopted years ago and he scratched 24/7, licked/chewed at his paws and was rust colored anywhere he licked and around his eyes from his tear stains. When I adopted him the person caring for him mentioned be was being fed a salmon dog food. My vet put him on steroids to provide relief but we knew it wasn’t a long term solution. I tried so many foods and finally landed on Merrick grain free chicken. He was a completely different dog. His coat almost started like a wired coat and became so soft. He stopped itching and he no longer had any rust colored saliva which was evident where he licked or tears. Everything went well for years. Then about a few years ago I noticed that the he wasn’t itching but all of a sudden all his paws were reddish again from where he licked his paws. I noticed my other shih Tzu who never had food allergies started getting rust colored tear stains. That’s when I found out Merrick updated their formula and added more fish meal. I tried to find other foods with less fish product but it was so hard to know since they almost all contain them. I eventually just kept him on Merrick and continued checking from time to time to find something without fish. It wasn’t until just a couple months ago I noticed that Dr. Pol from the TV show has different products. I scoured all the different dog foods and discovered that Dr. Pol’s Healthy Balance Chicken has NO FISH INGREDIENTS. I was so excited to try it out. As soon as I got it I slowly started adding it to the current food to make sure the food change wouldn’t upset their tummies. Both dogs are on the food for over a month now and the results have been AMAZING! Neither one has rust colored paws and another huge benefit is that I realized not only are their tear stains clear but they have FAR less eye discharge/boogers. I hardly have to clean their eyes. This worked wonders for my allergy prone male shih tzu bit it made me realize that even for the dogs who aren’t seemingly as affected like my little female, they actually still are. I hope Dr. Pol never changes his Healthy Balance Chicken formula!!

    Ana V

    I agree with everything u said, I did all that when I first got my 2 doggos. 1 girl Maltese 1boy Yorkiepoo. 11lbs each. I even gave her angel eyes but then I found out it was bad for their overall health so o threw it away.
    Ever since I found out MyOllie human grade food, it has been the chance they needed. The girl had so much stains but months later she was co clean n white fur no stains. They disappeared n the allergies. So she looks better in pictures n in person.

    Emily S

    Hi guys. I couldn’t find anything about this dog food here so I thought I’d ask what anyone may know about it?

    Currently my dog who as what feels like every allergy in the world is eating their Good Grub version.. I’ve never seen her so fluffy and good looking. Previously she was in a cone for 12 months! It’s the only food with none of her allergies except for salt.

    I’ve had good luck with it but I still want to hear others opinions!

    Steven I

    Hi everyone. I have a soon to be 17 year old female chihuahua.

    Her vet advised she should go on a limited ingredient diet because of allergies and age.

    She has the fresh pet refrigerated food now but what similar food would be good for her?

    She prefers the refrigerated fresh food over kibble and has some teeth missing so she likes softer foods best. Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

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    Sounds like you are having a rough time finding an appropriate food for your pup. I am curious how you determined that he/she is allergic to all of those ingredients? Most allergy tests are not accurate and food allergies are not very common. Has your vet recommended an elimination diet?

    Most will recommend a hydrolyzed prescription food to get the allergies under control. Then you can slowly add a new protein to see if there is a reaction.

    A lot of people have great results with Purina ProPlan Sensitive Skin Salmon kibble that have dogs that are sensitive to chicken.

    I hope you get it figured out.

    Nicole D

    Having a heck of a time trying to find a food for my dog that has allergies. Can’t find anything without chicken, sunflower oil, rosemary, no grains, sweet potato, yeast, garbonzo beans, etc. These were the main ones that I am finding in all of them. Does anyone know of anything that dose not have all this?

    c G

    SOLUTION*********HELLO everyone! I think it is allergies! My Golden retriever has gulping attacks and swallows and I noticed it is when my husband does laundry and uses TIDE and DOWNEY! These smells are so strong they also cause me to have to take my inhaler!! My dog runs outside and eats grass and I can tell he is panicking! I’m telling you it is allergies! If you have air fresheners in your house or use perfume or spray anything or use cleaners STOP for the sake of your dog!


    Greetings, my 14-year-old dog has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. The vets have suggested a prescription renal diet but I am reluctant to put him on any prescription diets, not only due to the poor ingredients but because he did very poorly on one in the past. He has allergies to chicken and the biggest roadblock that I am having is that he has allergies to all grains. This includes rice, pasta, oats, barley, quinoa, yeast, tapioca, couscous, wheat germ. Many of the recipes out there call for some form of grains for the carbs.

    I live in Canada and picked up a book from my vet called Hilary’s Renal Diet Cookbook. The recipes are to be used with the supplements to make for a complete diet. Unfortunately, there is only one recipe out of the entire book that will accommodate his allergies. I have communicated with the author of the book and was told that I cannot make substitutions in the recipes with the carbs and proteins. I live in Canada and unfortunately, we just do not have the resources here like in the States where there is a multitude of companies who have high-quality, K9 KD products.

    Just wondering if any forum users have any of the same obstacles I’m facing and any suggestions on where to find something that I can feed my dog outside of pork and potatoes.

    Ron L

    I buy as much Aldi’s Pure Being Salmon and Potato as I can find in my local store. My dog Bentely loves it, and it is gonea soon as I put the bowl down and turn my back. He is a 5 year old Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix. He turns up his nose at Pedigree beef chunks in gravy, but will eat Purina 1 Lamb and Rice or Lamb and Vegetables, though without gusto. He will generally eat only half of the kibbles I mix in with the wet stuff. I bought Pedigree beef in gravy at Walmart at $.83/can and he frowned at the bowl, but eventually after hours of protest, ate it later in the day. Too bad, it was cheap.

    I do not feel it necessary to buy expensive dog food. As one of my vets said, they joked in school that since dogs are scavengers, and so the only advantage of feeding them expensive food is better feces! I realize that there may be some benefit from expensive food, but I have had several dogs each for 15-16 years, and always fed them moderately priced stuff. It is kind of like Apple and Sony, some brands market themselves as “premium quality” in order to make more profit. I won’t fall for that. Some people feel less guilt and better about themselves when they buy expensive dog food. If you want to be convinced expensive food is better for them, you will be convinced because you want to be. It is like voting if you think about it.

    My point is, although he smells of fish when he finishes, he licks his bowl clean when he is fed the Pure Being Salmon and Potato. He does not get the runs from it, and when I run out and he has to eat a substitute, his digestive system tolerates it. It is fortunate Aldi’s is only 5 minutes away.

    Bentley, (who is a rescue dog), will practically pry open the lid of the can to get at the Salmon and Potato. I wish it was Salmon and Sweet Potato, (which I think I remember Aldi’s also sold before.) I paid $1.55/can yesterday and found 7 cans mixed in with the chicken/beef mixture cans. You sometimes have to rummage around the open cartons to find the salmon cans.

    I NEVER feed my dog chicken. I believe it causes allergies in some dogs, and I am not fond of buying the allergy medication. He has already cost me, after 9 months, what I paid for my first Super Beetle in 1971.

    Reine S

    Our 6-year old beagle had both stomach issues and skin allergies. He’s been on dry hydrolzed purina (chicken flavor) for a few years now, and he is doing great from that perspective. It was recommended by vet and requires vet prescription. In addition to the diet, we also feed him at mouth level as when he ate out of a bowl on the floor he was also prone to throw-up.

    Elizabeth B

    Great Information thank you all. But I’m confused. I have a Great Pyr 125lbs of love, and gets a lot of belly groin pustules. So I thought it was food allergies. Thanks for suggestion it might be environmental instead. Nevertheless, all the suggestions for good food for large breed are grain free. Yet studies came out in the last two years AGAINST grain free because of development of cardiomyopathy. In the studies, 93% were eating peas and lentils. Vet warned about this. So do you still recommend Gentile Giants or Pro Plan or Wellness simple? but maybe supplement? thanks


    Hi Kathy,

    It is more common to have environmental allergies the food allergies . As i understand it ,characteristics of food allergy are signs starting under 1 year of age, Itchy butts and ears, Skin signs combined with GI signs like more than 2 stools a day and “sensitive stomach” make food allergy be more likely than environmental. Itchy paws alone may more commonly be environmental signs. Some dogs have both.

    Parasite or bacterial or yeast infections and contact reactions can also cause itching. Best place to start is at your veterinarian. There are no accurate tests for food allergy. Very specific diet trials are used to diagnose. Additionally, testing for environmental allergies is done to select which allergens to include for desensitization, not to diagnose allergy.

    I believe that there are foods in the Pro Plan line formulated for skin support.

    Kathy B

    Our large breed dog is continuously chewing, licking her paws and I suspect it might be food allergies. She currently is on ProPlan Savor for Large Breeds. Rather than jump in with allergy tests I was hoping for some suggestions on a food change. I understand chicken is a potential problem but then also grains. Any suggestions on something to try that is good for dogs with allergies? We do like to feed high quality food. Thank you!

    Kelly S


    I’ve always had my dogs on grain free/rarer protein foods due to skin allergies. However, she is almost 12 and her last bloodwork showed some signs of early kidney disease. The dr said we would recheck in 6 mos and if it is any higher, she will need a diet change. I am looking to start know (which he said was ok). However, I can’t seem to find any dog foods that are good for both. I did find Royal Canin multifunction renal and hydrolyzed protein, which is perfect, but it has been out of stock forever). Does anyone have any suggestions? The low phosphorus, lower protein, and added omegas seem to be the main things. Thanks!


    In reply to: Flaxseed Beware

    rachel S

    hello flaxseed avoiders,
    my dog was diagnosed with food allergies at 12 months. back in July. we determined he was allergic to a couple of things, some he had never been exposed to. but Flaxseed and peanuts, yea no peanut butter anymore either. the vet wanted to put him on a hydrolysed diet. i saw the price of $100/20lb bag, I said no way and started my own research. i found Taste of the Wild Prey all flavors, he gets 2 cups a day(split), he is 86lbs, his vet said she is so happy with his skin condition, but he needs to lose a bit of weight. he is 1.5 years old chocolate labrador. I hope this helps some of you struggling to find food that does not contain flax, but is still mid-high quality

    Jane R

    I’m so glad I found this about dogs with gulping, licking episodes! THANK YOU all for sharing your experiences, suggestions, etc. I have a basset beagle mix that’s 6 years old. I got her when she was 4. She has sensitive stomach and mild anxiety.
    She started doing the licking the floor, gulping, sometimes hacking/coughing sound like something is stuck in her neck or her throat is itchy (?), and wanting to frantically go outside to eat grass. I tried Pepcid, famotidine from the vet. Didn’t help. Took her to see another vet and showed him a video clip of her frantically licking the floor and not responding to me or anything else except to go outside to look for grass. Sometimes she would throw up, but that was rare. This vet suggested she might be having focal seizure especially since Pepcid didn’t help which led him to rule out acid reflux. He gave me xanax as he said the focal seizure can be caused by anxiety (which she does have mild anxiety). Well that didn’t work or help either. So I’m back to square one and have written down some things she does related to these licking the floor episodes (which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes; and go on and off for a day or two before subsiding) and wanting to go out to eat grass. I noticed that she licks the top of her paws and her chest area almost on a daily basis. She will also periodically make gulping and licking sounds, at various times of the day or night. The last time she had a licking episode, she eventually threw up, I noticed alot of hair in it. So I am wondering if she gets small hairballs from her “grooming” herself (I googled symptoms of hairballs) ? Or is it post nasal drip as she does have allergies?
    I have tried Benadryl in case it could be post nasal drip. It helps a little but could be only because it makes her sleepy? I can’t give her more than one in 24 hours and more than maybe three days in a row as it makes her sick/vomit.
    So yesterday I asked a friend who does cat rescue what she uses for hairballs and she said laxatone. Then I ordered some indoor grass that dogs/cats can eat and laxatone (a lubricant), from for my dog. If her issues are related to hairballs, this should help.
    I just found this forum today and saw the suggestions for slipppery elm…I’ll give that a try too if the laxatone doesn’t help. Plus try changing the protein source in her food.

    Thank you all again so much for sharing your experiences and what you have done to try to get to the bottom of these episodes with your dogs. I also especially appreciate those who had tests done, scoping, x-rays, etc. and still no answers. This is all very frustrating for sure!

    Also wanted to mention that fragrances from candles, essential oils, perfumes, would make my other dog do the gulping/swallowing and she would want to go outside, so I don’t ever use those anymore. And she has never had an episode since.

    Heather A

    First time poster. We have 3 huskies, in the past 4 days 2 of them have had allergic reactions (muzzle swelling, itching, biting paws, hives, nausea). For the life of us we can’t figure out WHAT is causing it. The only thing we can think of, is that we opened a new bag of dog food (Purina One Chicken and Rice). It is the same food they’ve eaten since puppies, but a new bag…is there a way to check if the formula has changed, or any other advice as to what it could be? Only 2 of the dogs are affected, they all eat the same thing. If it was just one dog we would have thought it was something he got in to, but then 2 days later, a different dog, same symptoms. We live in the North East…so no bees, spiders, grasses to cause allergies. They have not eaten the christmas tree, not gotten into trash, the ground is covered in snow….we’re at a loss….Thanks

    Stacey B

    I put my IBD dog with severe allergies on Instinct Limited ingredient turkey and peas. I do half wet down kibble and then half 95% nulo turkey. I also add a little Purina probiotic and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. I read yeast is why they lick their paws so apple cider vinegar kills the yeast. I also do an apple cider vinegar rinse after her medicated shampoo bath.

    Prior to that, I tried all the rx diets. She either didn’t do well or wouldn’t touch them.

    It’s been about 3 months and she seems to be doing well. I did send off for an allergy test…I figure it’s something.


    I just bought a bag for my dog, and mixed it with the Primitive Natural Earthborn Holistic dogfood that she was already eating. So far, the mix has been fine….no allergies, etc, and she likes it. The protein in the Unrefined grains seems a bit low, though.

    kerry S

    Hi Everyone,
    hoping someone here can provide some advice guidance/recommendations. I have a 13 yr old Shiba whom we just adore, who started having major vomiting /eating grass issues last April. We had him do rounds of tests at a bad vet with no resolution. I suspected he might have food allergies and got him on a protein he had not eaten and food that was grain free. He did GREAT ont his new food majority of the covid summer (had him on Just food for dogs DIY Venison and Squash).
    He recently had a very bad episode of vomiting, loose stool and no appetite in November. We got him to the emergency vet and their team there recommended we put him on Ultamino by royal canin for IBD. He eats the kibble but itches and itches/licks his paws 45mins after feeding, and he’ll do this for quite some time (1-2hours sometimes more). I think something in the food is irritating him, but I don’t know what.
    I called the vet and she just said to try a different food. However all the Royal canin Hydrolyzed brands seem to have the same ingredients… I can try a different brand… Does any one know of any Limited ingredient Hydrolyzed protein foods? He’s allergic to grains , chicken and beef (those are the ones I know of)
    Blue Buffalo makes one (Hydrolyzed Salmon, grain fee, preservative free) , but the vet said there is no science or verified results on that brand that is proven effective for IBD and that the ingredients I think I am getting might not actually be the ingredients I am getting… I heard allergy tests are not reliable. Any advise would be much appreciated! I feel like I am running out of time to get him better since he’s a senior pup
    many thanks!

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    Mary S

    Hello all….I have a 5 year old terrier beagle mix and Id like to change his food. A year ago, he curiously developed acute hemorrhagic gastroenteritis….he pulled though very well thank god!, but after the ordeal and time my vet told me to feed him The dog food my older lab is on for severe allergies( shes 14), …Hill’s z/d. ..that the hydrolyzed protein would be better suited for him…well he has been thriving on it but I want him off of this…simply because it’s certainly not the best and I worry about it being deficient for the long haul….Any thoughts? Before this happened he was on Purina pro plan grain free for small breeds…Also, my vet has since retired and my new vet suggested Royal Canin , and Ive read that this is pretty inferior also….I need some help! Thanks in advance


    Watching our dog have a seizure is one of the most traumatic things I have ever experienced. It’s very hard for anyone who has never seen a seizure to understand. Those few seconds–seem like a lifetime and you just never know if they are going to come out of it. Our pup was doing ok for awhile but then started having the seizures more frequently. We found a holistic veterinarian nearby. Surprising, but he told us that food allergies and stress can be a big trigger. Riley always had allergies and ear infections so we worked with our vet to change his diet. He is on Primal raw venison and we use a variety of freeze-dried treats such as Stella and Chewy’s and Vital Essentials. We also give Riley CBD oil, fish oil and digestive enzymes along with Keppra. He has not had a seizure in over a year. I found the information on this website helpful and use their Happy Paws Hemp oil and Amazing Omegas. Hope this helps someone with their dog. Seizures are so tough but we did find help for our Riley.


    In reply to: Flaxseed Beware

    Jen S

    I am in the same boat. I feel horrible that it feels like I’ve been guessing for years but with mild symptoms. It’s gotten worse recently with the head shaking, licking, biting and scratching to the point of sores. While we always thought he may have a food allergy, it got worse when we moved to Pennsylvania last year. I researched more after one vet tried Cytopoint (sp?) and another gave us magical solution to put on his hot spots. I found an allergy test from Chewy and sent it away to see if they could determine allergies. Corn and household fungus are the most severe, but various proteins and flaxseed are mild intolerances for him. We had our pup on grain free food for the longest time too, but I found a food Zignature Select Cuts Trout and Salmon that doesn’t have his potential allergens, including flaxseed. I had to take him to the vet to get treatment for his sores, and the vet gave us a prescription for hydrolyzed food. It it taking everything I have to continue with the food that doesn’t have his allergens to see the outcome before trying to hydrolyzed food (which has all of the allergens but just broken down to the amino acids to avoid detection by the immune system). My fear with hydrolyzed food is that the proteins might be broken down but not his other allergens. Anyway, after a week on this new Zignature Select Cuts Trout and Salmon, he’s still itching and shaking his head. It is breaking my heart, but I’m hoping the new food will help him over the next 6 weeks. This post helped because I was beginning to think he might somehow have mites because it’s amazing to me that a food allergy could have this impact on him. Would a food allergy always be immediate? He tends to develop symptoms over time rather than immediately after eating a new food. Positive thoughts for your sweet fur babies!


    Hi Aastra,

    The only way to diagnose food hypersensitivity is by a food elimination trial. I think Ultamino is a good choice to use for a elimination trial. You can read about food allergies and doing food trial here

    Be aware of anything that crosses your dog’s lips. Sources of food triggers that you my not think of could include capsules from medications, sources from scavenging outside, stool consumption from cat boxes or other dogs in the house etc.

    Doing an elimination trial correctly is challenging. Good Luck!

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