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    Emily S

    Hi guys. I couldn’t find anything about this dog food here so I thought I’d ask what anyone may know about it?

    Currently my dog who as what feels like every allergy in the world is eating their Good Grub version.. I’ve never seen her so fluffy and good looking. Previously she was in a cone for 12 months! It’s the only food with none of her allergies except for salt.

    I’ve had good luck with it but I still want to hear others opinions!

    Steven I

    Hi everyone. I have a soon to be 17 year old female chihuahua.

    Her vet advised she should go on a limited ingredient diet because of allergies and age.

    She has the fresh pet refrigerated food now but what similar food would be good for her?

    She prefers the refrigerated fresh food over kibble and has some teeth missing so she likes softer foods best. Thanks for any suggestions you can give.

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    Sounds like you are having a rough time finding an appropriate food for your pup. I am curious how you determined that he/she is allergic to all of those ingredients? Most allergy tests are not accurate and food allergies are not very common. Has your vet recommended an elimination diet?

    Most will recommend a hydrolyzed prescription food to get the allergies under control. Then you can slowly add a new protein to see if there is a reaction.

    A lot of people have great results with Purina ProPlan Sensitive Skin Salmon kibble that have dogs that are sensitive to chicken.

    I hope you get it figured out.

    Nicole D

    Having a heck of a time trying to find a food for my dog that has allergies. Can’t find anything without chicken, sunflower oil, rosemary, no grains, sweet potato, yeast, garbonzo beans, etc. These were the main ones that I am finding in all of them. Does anyone know of anything that dose not have all this?

    c G

    SOLUTION*********HELLO everyone! I think it is allergies! My Golden retriever has gulping attacks and swallows and I noticed it is when my husband does laundry and uses TIDE and DOWNEY! These smells are so strong they also cause me to have to take my inhaler!! My dog runs outside and eats grass and I can tell he is panicking! I’m telling you it is allergies! If you have air fresheners in your house or use perfume or spray anything or use cleaners STOP for the sake of your dog!


    Greetings, my 14-year-old dog has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. The vets have suggested a prescription renal diet but I am reluctant to put him on any prescription diets, not only due to the poor ingredients but because he did very poorly on one in the past. He has allergies to chicken and the biggest roadblock that I am having is that he has allergies to all grains. This includes rice, pasta, oats, barley, quinoa, yeast, tapioca, couscous, wheat germ. Many of the recipes out there call for some form of grains for the carbs.

    I live in Canada and picked up a book from my vet called Hilary’s Renal Diet Cookbook. The recipes are to be used with the supplements to make for a complete diet. Unfortunately, there is only one recipe out of the entire book that will accommodate his allergies. I have communicated with the author of the book and was told that I cannot make substitutions in the recipes with the carbs and proteins. I live in Canada and unfortunately, we just do not have the resources here like in the States where there is a multitude of companies who have high-quality, K9 KD products.

    Just wondering if any forum users have any of the same obstacles I’m facing and any suggestions on where to find something that I can feed my dog outside of pork and potatoes.

    Ron L

    I buy as much Aldi’s Pure Being Salmon and Potato as I can find in my local store. My dog Bentely loves it, and it is gonea soon as I put the bowl down and turn my back. He is a 5 year old Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix. He turns up his nose at Pedigree beef chunks in gravy, but will eat Purina 1 Lamb and Rice or Lamb and Vegetables, though without gusto. He will generally eat only half of the kibbles I mix in with the wet stuff. I bought Pedigree beef in gravy at Walmart at $.83/can and he frowned at the bowl, but eventually after hours of protest, ate it later in the day. Too bad, it was cheap.

    I do not feel it necessary to buy expensive dog food. As one of my vets said, they joked in school that since dogs are scavengers, and so the only advantage of feeding them expensive food is better feces! I realize that there may be some benefit from expensive food, but I have had several dogs each for 15-16 years, and always fed them moderately priced stuff. It is kind of like Apple and Sony, some brands market themselves as “premium quality” in order to make more profit. I won’t fall for that. Some people feel less guilt and better about themselves when they buy expensive dog food. If you want to be convinced expensive food is better for them, you will be convinced because you want to be. It is like voting if you think about it.

    My point is, although he smells of fish when he finishes, he licks his bowl clean when he is fed the Pure Being Salmon and Potato. He does not get the runs from it, and when I run out and he has to eat a substitute, his digestive system tolerates it. It is fortunate Aldi’s is only 5 minutes away.

    Bentley, (who is a rescue dog), will practically pry open the lid of the can to get at the Salmon and Potato. I wish it was Salmon and Sweet Potato, (which I think I remember Aldi’s also sold before.) I paid $1.55/can yesterday and found 7 cans mixed in with the chicken/beef mixture cans. You sometimes have to rummage around the open cartons to find the salmon cans.

    I NEVER feed my dog chicken. I believe it causes allergies in some dogs, and I am not fond of buying the allergy medication. He has already cost me, after 9 months, what I paid for my first Super Beetle in 1971.

    Reine S

    Our 6-year old beagle had both stomach issues and skin allergies. He’s been on dry hydrolzed purina (chicken flavor) for a few years now, and he is doing great from that perspective. It was recommended by vet and requires vet prescription. In addition to the diet, we also feed him at mouth level as when he ate out of a bowl on the floor he was also prone to throw-up.

    Elizabeth B

    Great Information thank you all. But I’m confused. I have a Great Pyr 125lbs of love, and gets a lot of belly groin pustules. So I thought it was food allergies. Thanks for suggestion it might be environmental instead. Nevertheless, all the suggestions for good food for large breed are grain free. Yet studies came out in the last two years AGAINST grain free because of development of cardiomyopathy. In the studies, 93% were eating peas and lentils. Vet warned about this. So do you still recommend Gentile Giants or Pro Plan or Wellness simple? but maybe supplement? thanks


    Hi Kathy,

    It is more common to have environmental allergies the food allergies . As i understand it ,characteristics of food allergy are signs starting under 1 year of age, Itchy butts and ears, Skin signs combined with GI signs like more than 2 stools a day and “sensitive stomach” make food allergy be more likely than environmental. Itchy paws alone may more commonly be environmental signs. Some dogs have both.

    Parasite or bacterial or yeast infections and contact reactions can also cause itching. Best place to start is at your veterinarian. There are no accurate tests for food allergy. Very specific diet trials are used to diagnose. Additionally, testing for environmental allergies is done to select which allergens to include for desensitization, not to diagnose allergy.

    I believe that there are foods in the Pro Plan line formulated for skin support.

    Kathy B

    Our large breed dog is continuously chewing, licking her paws and I suspect it might be food allergies. She currently is on ProPlan Savor for Large Breeds. Rather than jump in with allergy tests I was hoping for some suggestions on a food change. I understand chicken is a potential problem but then also grains. Any suggestions on something to try that is good for dogs with allergies? We do like to feed high quality food. Thank you!

    Kelly S


    I’ve always had my dogs on grain free/rarer protein foods due to skin allergies. However, she is almost 12 and her last bloodwork showed some signs of early kidney disease. The dr said we would recheck in 6 mos and if it is any higher, she will need a diet change. I am looking to start know (which he said was ok). However, I can’t seem to find any dog foods that are good for both. I did find Royal Canin multifunction renal and hydrolyzed protein, which is perfect, but it has been out of stock forever). Does anyone have any suggestions? The low phosphorus, lower protein, and added omegas seem to be the main things. Thanks!


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    rachel S

    hello flaxseed avoiders,
    my dog was diagnosed with food allergies at 12 months. back in July. we determined he was allergic to a couple of things, some he had never been exposed to. but Flaxseed and peanuts, yea no peanut butter anymore either. the vet wanted to put him on a hydrolysed diet. i saw the price of $100/20lb bag, I said no way and started my own research. i found Taste of the Wild Prey all flavors, he gets 2 cups a day(split), he is 86lbs, his vet said she is so happy with his skin condition, but he needs to lose a bit of weight. he is 1.5 years old chocolate labrador. I hope this helps some of you struggling to find food that does not contain flax, but is still mid-high quality

    Jane R

    I’m so glad I found this about dogs with gulping, licking episodes! THANK YOU all for sharing your experiences, suggestions, etc. I have a basset beagle mix that’s 6 years old. I got her when she was 4. She has sensitive stomach and mild anxiety.
    She started doing the licking the floor, gulping, sometimes hacking/coughing sound like something is stuck in her neck or her throat is itchy (?), and wanting to frantically go outside to eat grass. I tried Pepcid, famotidine from the vet. Didn’t help. Took her to see another vet and showed him a video clip of her frantically licking the floor and not responding to me or anything else except to go outside to look for grass. Sometimes she would throw up, but that was rare. This vet suggested she might be having focal seizure especially since Pepcid didn’t help which led him to rule out acid reflux. He gave me xanax as he said the focal seizure can be caused by anxiety (which she does have mild anxiety). Well that didn’t work or help either. So I’m back to square one and have written down some things she does related to these licking the floor episodes (which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes; and go on and off for a day or two before subsiding) and wanting to go out to eat grass. I noticed that she licks the top of her paws and her chest area almost on a daily basis. She will also periodically make gulping and licking sounds, at various times of the day or night. The last time she had a licking episode, she eventually threw up, I noticed alot of hair in it. So I am wondering if she gets small hairballs from her “grooming” herself (I googled symptoms of hairballs) ? Or is it post nasal drip as she does have allergies?
    I have tried Benadryl in case it could be post nasal drip. It helps a little but could be only because it makes her sleepy? I can’t give her more than one in 24 hours and more than maybe three days in a row as it makes her sick/vomit.
    So yesterday I asked a friend who does cat rescue what she uses for hairballs and she said laxatone. Then I ordered some indoor grass that dogs/cats can eat and laxatone (a lubricant), from for my dog. If her issues are related to hairballs, this should help.
    I just found this forum today and saw the suggestions for slipppery elm…I’ll give that a try too if the laxatone doesn’t help. Plus try changing the protein source in her food.

    Thank you all again so much for sharing your experiences and what you have done to try to get to the bottom of these episodes with your dogs. I also especially appreciate those who had tests done, scoping, x-rays, etc. and still no answers. This is all very frustrating for sure!

    Also wanted to mention that fragrances from candles, essential oils, perfumes, would make my other dog do the gulping/swallowing and she would want to go outside, so I don’t ever use those anymore. And she has never had an episode since.

    Heather A

    First time poster. We have 3 huskies, in the past 4 days 2 of them have had allergic reactions (muzzle swelling, itching, biting paws, hives, nausea). For the life of us we can’t figure out WHAT is causing it. The only thing we can think of, is that we opened a new bag of dog food (Purina One Chicken and Rice). It is the same food they’ve eaten since puppies, but a new bag…is there a way to check if the formula has changed, or any other advice as to what it could be? Only 2 of the dogs are affected, they all eat the same thing. If it was just one dog we would have thought it was something he got in to, but then 2 days later, a different dog, same symptoms. We live in the North East…so no bees, spiders, grasses to cause allergies. They have not eaten the christmas tree, not gotten into trash, the ground is covered in snow….we’re at a loss….Thanks

    Stacey B

    I put my IBD dog with severe allergies on Instinct Limited ingredient turkey and peas. I do half wet down kibble and then half 95% nulo turkey. I also add a little Purina probiotic and a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar. I read yeast is why they lick their paws so apple cider vinegar kills the yeast. I also do an apple cider vinegar rinse after her medicated shampoo bath.

    Prior to that, I tried all the rx diets. She either didn’t do well or wouldn’t touch them.

    It’s been about 3 months and she seems to be doing well. I did send off for an allergy test…I figure it’s something.


    I just bought a bag for my dog, and mixed it with the Primitive Natural Earthborn Holistic dogfood that she was already eating. So far, the mix has been fine….no allergies, etc, and she likes it. The protein in the Unrefined grains seems a bit low, though.

    kerry S

    Hi Everyone,
    hoping someone here can provide some advice guidance/recommendations. I have a 13 yr old Shiba whom we just adore, who started having major vomiting /eating grass issues last April. We had him do rounds of tests at a bad vet with no resolution. I suspected he might have food allergies and got him on a protein he had not eaten and food that was grain free. He did GREAT ont his new food majority of the covid summer (had him on Just food for dogs DIY Venison and Squash).
    He recently had a very bad episode of vomiting, loose stool and no appetite in November. We got him to the emergency vet and their team there recommended we put him on Ultamino by royal canin for IBD. He eats the kibble but itches and itches/licks his paws 45mins after feeding, and he’ll do this for quite some time (1-2hours sometimes more). I think something in the food is irritating him, but I don’t know what.
    I called the vet and she just said to try a different food. However all the Royal canin Hydrolyzed brands seem to have the same ingredients… I can try a different brand… Does any one know of any Limited ingredient Hydrolyzed protein foods? He’s allergic to grains , chicken and beef (those are the ones I know of)
    Blue Buffalo makes one (Hydrolyzed Salmon, grain fee, preservative free) , but the vet said there is no science or verified results on that brand that is proven effective for IBD and that the ingredients I think I am getting might not actually be the ingredients I am getting… I heard allergy tests are not reliable. Any advise would be much appreciated! I feel like I am running out of time to get him better since he’s a senior pup
    many thanks!

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    Mary S

    Hello all….I have a 5 year old terrier beagle mix and Id like to change his food. A year ago, he curiously developed acute hemorrhagic gastroenteritis….he pulled though very well thank god!, but after the ordeal and time my vet told me to feed him The dog food my older lab is on for severe allergies( shes 14), …Hill’s z/d. ..that the hydrolyzed protein would be better suited for him…well he has been thriving on it but I want him off of this…simply because it’s certainly not the best and I worry about it being deficient for the long haul….Any thoughts? Before this happened he was on Purina pro plan grain free for small breeds…Also, my vet has since retired and my new vet suggested Royal Canin , and Ive read that this is pretty inferior also….I need some help! Thanks in advance


    Watching our dog have a seizure is one of the most traumatic things I have ever experienced. It’s very hard for anyone who has never seen a seizure to understand. Those few seconds–seem like a lifetime and you just never know if they are going to come out of it. Our pup was doing ok for awhile but then started having the seizures more frequently. We found a holistic veterinarian nearby. Surprising, but he told us that food allergies and stress can be a big trigger. Riley always had allergies and ear infections so we worked with our vet to change his diet. He is on Primal raw venison and we use a variety of freeze-dried treats such as Stella and Chewy’s and Vital Essentials. We also give Riley CBD oil, fish oil and digestive enzymes along with Keppra. He has not had a seizure in over a year. I found the information on this website helpful and use their Happy Paws Hemp oil and Amazing Omegas. Hope this helps someone with their dog. Seizures are so tough but we did find help for our Riley.


    In reply to: Flaxseed Beware

    Jen S

    I am in the same boat. I feel horrible that it feels like I’ve been guessing for years but with mild symptoms. It’s gotten worse recently with the head shaking, licking, biting and scratching to the point of sores. While we always thought he may have a food allergy, it got worse when we moved to Pennsylvania last year. I researched more after one vet tried Cytopoint (sp?) and another gave us magical solution to put on his hot spots. I found an allergy test from Chewy and sent it away to see if they could determine allergies. Corn and household fungus are the most severe, but various proteins and flaxseed are mild intolerances for him. We had our pup on grain free food for the longest time too, but I found a food Zignature Select Cuts Trout and Salmon that doesn’t have his potential allergens, including flaxseed. I had to take him to the vet to get treatment for his sores, and the vet gave us a prescription for hydrolyzed food. It it taking everything I have to continue with the food that doesn’t have his allergens to see the outcome before trying to hydrolyzed food (which has all of the allergens but just broken down to the amino acids to avoid detection by the immune system). My fear with hydrolyzed food is that the proteins might be broken down but not his other allergens. Anyway, after a week on this new Zignature Select Cuts Trout and Salmon, he’s still itching and shaking his head. It is breaking my heart, but I’m hoping the new food will help him over the next 6 weeks. This post helped because I was beginning to think he might somehow have mites because it’s amazing to me that a food allergy could have this impact on him. Would a food allergy always be immediate? He tends to develop symptoms over time rather than immediately after eating a new food. Positive thoughts for your sweet fur babies!


    Hi Aastra,

    The only way to diagnose food hypersensitivity is by a food elimination trial. I think Ultamino is a good choice to use for a elimination trial. You can read about food allergies and doing food trial here

    Be aware of anything that crosses your dog’s lips. Sources of food triggers that you my not think of could include capsules from medications, sources from scavenging outside, stool consumption from cat boxes or other dogs in the house etc.

    Doing an elimination trial correctly is challenging. Good Luck!

    Piki G

    My dog Tapi succumbed to death a month ago, from pancreatic complications after he was placed on the bladder stone diet. He had just turned 8 (his breed lives for about 16 years).

    Tapi always had a bit of a weak stomach; couldn’t tolerate fatty food. He was placed on a low fat diet all his life. I was never told why (& I never asked why) except for the fact that this diet suited him, so nothing to worry!

    Upon having a detailed discussion with the doctor who saw him last, I understood that a possible reason why Tapi couldn’t tolerate fatty food was most likely a sign of underlying chronic pancreatitis.

    Every year Tapi suffered from seasonal allergies and his vet prescribed him Prednisone. I am told now that Prednisone affects the pancreas. Supposedly Apoquel is a better alternative with milder side effects.

    The irony is Tapi could have continued with his low fat GI diet post surgery; all the doc needed to do was to add an enzyme to his diet to prevent the bladder stones from forming. It was just that simple.

    What I learnt from this is to not change your pets food all of a sudden, especially if the pet is on a special diet. There is always a way around it.

    NaDu D

    Hello, my dog is a maltese, 10 years old and lately she has allergies. I’ve been feeding her from day 1 with Orijen (red, but now Senior). I am looking information for Acana Lamb & Apple, and if it is suitable for a 10 years old dog.
    Thank you!


    In reply to: Flaxseed Beware

    Lauren O

    I’m going through a similar issue with my dog. Long story short, she started vomiting one day, I took her to the vet. The vet incorrectly diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel Disease and switched her food to Hill’s Prescription Diet Multi Benefit and put her on a high fiber diet. Almost immediately, she started itching everywhere, to the point of getting a little burn under her arm from scratching so much and losing hair on her leg from licking. I left her on that food for about a month and did as much internet research as I could. I found another food that most people said was a good food for dogs that need high fiber but have skin allergies. So she got switched to Earthborn Holistic Venture Alaskan Pollock Meal and Pumpkin. Two weeks later, she was still itching. I tried another food, that she ate a quarter cup of and vomited. I was ready to scream. The problem is there are SO MANY INGREDIENTS in dog food so trying to eliminate a common denominator is exhausting, not to mention, you have to wait several weeks in between switching. It’s all trial and error with a significant wait time in between the trial and the error. So I was overwhelmed. I wanted to find a food that had the smallest number of ingredients possible. Then I found Just Food for Dogs. They have several different flavors, and if you live in California, you can meet with one of their employees and custom make your dog’s food, however I live in Texas so I had to settle for a pre-made recipe, but the best part is: her current food has 6 ingredients and each of those ingredients-I know exactly what they are. No mixed tocopherols, choline chloride or Rosemary extracts; just cod, safflower oil, broccoli, green beans, russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. And amazingly, Lulu stopped scratching. BUT THEN, Lulu started having potty issues. There isn’t enough fiber in this food. Also, the 9oz bag is $25, so I’m paying roughly $125 a month for dog food, which is pretty expensive for me. I don’t really care about the money, if my dog isn’t scratching and miserable-I’ll pay for it, but with other digestive issues due to the lack of fiber, I had to start doing research again. After studying the list of ingredients of all of the foods that Lulu had problems with, I noticed the one thing that was in every food that wasn’t a vitamin was FLAXSEED.
    Tonight I googled dog food allergies to flaxseed and ended up here. Any help, advice, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I keep hitting a wall. I’ve always tried to do the best for my pup and now I’m lost. I’ve always fed her grain free food because I assumed that was the best (I realize now how naive this was) and now I’m reading that grain free diets in dogs can lead to heart failure. Does anyone know anything dog food that I can feed my poor little dog that won’t make her itch like crazy and lick her paws bare?
    Sorry for the length- part explanation/part venting.

    Teresa R

    I am very new to raw, but not to dog food. I ordered one bag of Dr. Marty and let me add, I have two Pomeranians and a Maltese, they were all very happy with Fromm dry and Weruva wet but with Fromm being named as one of the dog foods associated with DCM, I took them off immediately. I have been searching for a food they will eat since then (2018). So far they are happy with Annamaet small breed (started about 4 months ago) and I still feed them Weruva wet( great food and great variety) . With all that said, they AGAIN, were struggling to eat … After AGAIN countless hours of research, I saw the Dr. Marty infomercial and decided to give it a try. I ordered a bag in July thinking I would use it as a topper because of the price. It is now early October and all of them still like it, as soon as I started it, they began eating like they really enjoyed their food again. I haven’t noticed any change in my one that has allergies or any changes for that matter in any of them but they have always been on premium food. I really wanted them on Dr. Tim’s but after a week they hated it, tried all blends and they hated all. I use Dr. Marty’s as a topper – they eat 1/4 cup Annamaet,; 1teasp. Of Weruva wet and three pellets of Dr. Marty. I dilute with 1 tablespoon -and a smidge more of water, wait 3 min. And smush down with my finger and mix everything all together. I still have about 1/4 of the first bag or a little less left and have ordered my second bag today. I will update if things change but they still love it. Their weight has stayed the same, that is very important since the Poms have luxating patella issues which btw, I give them Dasuquin with MSM, and on this, they have no visible signs of discomfort from patellas.


    Hi Isabella,
    there might be too much organ meats in the pre made raw your buying read ingredients, also too much bone, my boy cant have too much organ meats- liver, heart, kidney, or bone causes diarrhea with him or the fat is probably toooo HIGH in the raw you’re feeding …
    The fat in raw diet, cooked meal & wet can foods & dog rolls hasn’t been converted to dry matter like a kibble has, so when you see say-5%min fat, I times the fat % by X 4 = 20%min-25%max fat you’ll get an ruff idea what the fat is, also it depends on the moisture %, if the moisture is 78% max & under the max fat will less, if the moisture is 79% or more then the max fat will be higher.
    Or contact the Pet Food Company & ask them which raw formula has the lowest amount of fat you’d be looking for 3% 4% max fat to get around 10-16% fat, ask can you have the fat converted into dry matter.

    Best to make your own premade raw diet my vet said cause most pre-made raw is high in fat, when you make your own raw you control ingredients, organ meats, & fat unless you find a local small business who makes pre-made raw with fresh human grade free range meats.

    Turkey & Pork is really good lean white proteins when the fat is removed & buy green fresh vegetables – parsley, broccoli, celery, small spinach leaves, apple, peel de seed cut up apple & put veggies thru a blender, blend into a pulp & put veggies/fruit mix into ice cube trays – 1 spoon & cover ice cube trays, then freeze & take out night before put in fridge or use as needed, add 1-2 veggie/fruit mix spoons to 1 cup meat also buy tin Salmon drain the salmon & put in container & store in fridge, add 2 spoons salmon per meal to help balance diet & add Omega 3 to dogs diet.
    Or look for Freeze Dried Raw or Air Dried Raw- Ziwi Peak has their Venison formula for Skin & bowel problems & has the lowest fat% but fat is still too high for my boy, in Australia we have Prime SKD rolls – Kangaroo & Pumkin, Wild Boar & Pumkin, Salmon & Tapioca, Duck & Sweet Potato, Crocodile & Tapioca, Kangaroo & Potato, Turkey & Flaxseed rolls, these rolls are really good for dogs who suffer with food sensitivies then you start an food elimination diet what you need to do.
    I dont know if there’s same type of rolls you have in US??
    So you’ll know what ingredients your dog is sensitive too?? as food sensitivities cause farts, sloppy poos, wind pains, yeasty ears, yeasty skin, rubbing bum on ground, anal problems, vomiting itchy skin,.
    Food sensitivities can take 20mins for dog to react after eating a food, up to 6 weeks to react??
    Id start a food elimination diet now Winter is coming best time as environment allergens are at their lowest so less chance confusing results.

    “Sudocrem” is excellent its an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, healing cream for skin problems, Eczema, Dermatitis, itchy dry red skin, Sudocrem acts as a barrier & protects skin from Allergens normally dogs who get Hot spot suffer with Environment allergies & yeasty ears, skin paws can be from environment allergies & food boy suffers with both..
    Weekly Cool Baths in a medicated shampoo are the best you can do to wash & cool skin, if dog is really itchy then bath twice a week in medicated shampoo, I use Malaseb medicated shampoo, it kills the yeast & bacteria on skin, days you do not bath buy baby wipes that have aloe extract leaf & vitamin E, wipe the dog down after being outside wipe off allergens, before bed wipe dog down & apply the Sudocrem to stop any itchy skin & heal red itchy skin even ears I use cotton tip & lightly apply Sudocrem & before going outside apply Sudocrem it acts as a barrier to protect skin from allergens.

    I like “Canidae Pure Fresh Pork -16% fat or Canidae Pure Fresh Duck & Sweet Potato 16-17% fat or Canidae Pure Fresh Salmon & Sweet Potato has highest fat% 18-20% fat a lot of dogs doing really well on Canidae Pure formula’s I buy the Canidae Pure Senior for my old boy.

    You can also try “Gastro Elm” alot of people say its really good firm up sloppy poos acid reflux etc its Slippery Elm powder, Dandelion Root Powder and Marshmallow Root Powder.

    Taylor C

    I just wanted to let you know that we had her CT scan done last Monday and on Thursday evening the vet had called me back with some extremely devastating news … she had a large mass in her right nasal cavity that had migrated up to her cranial area as well as a lump in her lymph node (on the same side) that was almost positively cancerous. The steroids stopped working and the cancer had started to push everything from her right side over to her left so she lost the use of her left nasal passage. I tried tumeric, CBD drops, herbs specifically meant to fight cancer and it was all in vain, there was no turning back for her. I made the hardest decision of my life on Sunday evening to finally put her to sleep. She was struggling and I couldn’t watch her suffer anymore, she deserved peace. If there’s anyone on here who is currently struggling with the same symptoms in your fur babies I urge you to go straight to a CT scan. What breaks my heart is that I tried treatment and after treatment with no avail because it was masked as “allergies” or a “foreign body” and maybe, just maybe if I had of caught it early I could have turned things around. Just wanted to give you and update in hopes that this maybe can help someone else.

    Taylor C

    Her sneezing started about a month and a half to two months ago so around the beginning of July. I thought maybe it could be due to allergies as I live in western Canada and our summer doesn’t really start until then but the unilateral discharge and the colour of it worries me. Nothing has changed in the house, I don’t smoke or vape and I live alone so she’s never around anything like that. As soon as her symptoms started I washed her bedding and made sure her crate was vacuumed and nothing has changed. I’ve also tried using benadryll and natural allergy drops, they made a VERY minute difference in discharge and sneezing but not enough to consider her condition to be allergies.
    I was also very frustrated that they did not suggest doing a CT in the first place as I’ve already spent over $3000 on her in the last month and a half and I am a bartender (who doesn’t make very much) and I haven’t worked in the last 4.5 months due to COVID.
    I’m in the process of booking her CT scan right now for hopefully this weekend so I’ll let you know what they find.
    Part of me has a feeling that it’s going to be the worst case scenario, cancer … but the other part of me has hopes that it’s maybe something treatable as she’s still her normal, loveable self.
    Cross your fingers for me that she’s okay, I don’t know what I would do without her 🙁

    Patricia A

    Taylor I’m so sorry that after all treatments and test she still has these health issues. You wrote that her discharge is unilateral. I would think this is very telling to the vet. All those antibiotics and still no relief. Don’t know why when the vet couldn’t do the rhinoscopy he prescribed even MORE instead of going right to CT scan which hopefully give the true cause of her suffering and finally correct treatment.
    This is a long shot but has anything changed in the way of detergents , air fresheners or scented candles in the home. I know many dogs have severe symptoms from the plug in diffuses. When did her symptoms start. Could it be an allergic reaction to one of the common allergies outside at this time of year? But again, I’m thinking you said discharge is only one side of nose and I would think that if it were an allergy or infection it would be bilateral.
    Please post when you get results of CT scan.I hope a reason and hence treatment.

    • This reply was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by Patricia A.

    Hi Michelle,
    Yes Patch has tried most of the Vet Diets we get in Australia, most caused diarrhea (Hills),
    Hills & Purina didn’t help made his skin itch & smell yeasty
    Why vet diets work help skin problems as the are VERY high in Omega 3 whats needed for dogs skin.
    Royal Canin seem to work best, R/C Sensitivity Control-Tapioca & Duck fat is 9% kibble
    R/C Gastrointestinal Low Fat, Low fiber, fat is 7% but Patch smells a bit yeasty & still rolls on carpet but stops sloppy poos.

    Have a look at “Wellness Simple”- Turkey & Potato it’s really good its for Skin Problems & the Potato is good for IBD symptoms & stomach problems firms up poos, we cant get it no more in Australia 🙁
    The Omega 3% should be 1/2 the Omega 6%, Wellness Simple formula’s are balanced properly, give one of the G/F formula’s a go I prefer Turkey as its a cleaner meat & its white there’s also Salmon & Potato.

    Wellness Core Large Breed Adult even thought Patch is a medium breed dog he still eats the Large Breed kibbles as they are good for Intestinal stress they’re made to prevent bloat in large breed dogs & the Kcals are lower under 340Kcals per cup, so kibble is easier to digest.
    Canidae Pure Wild Boar Sweet Potato
    Canidae Pure Sky Duck & Sweet Potato
    Canidae Pure Healthy Weight would be really good fat is lower & its for weight gain,
    Canidae & Wellness have a return if not satisfied money back.

    Also Baths are best to wash off allergens. Bath twice a week when dog has really itchy paws & itchy skin in a medicated Shampoo – Malaseb medicated shampoo works best on Patches also relieves his itchy paws & itchy skin, then bath weekly thru hot months & keep a Diary you will start to see a Pattern as the season pass yr after yr with Seasonal Environment Allergies your dog will be better thru Winter months & bad thru Spring & Summer months.

    Get some “Sudocrem” its an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial healing cream, I’ve been using it on Patch for 8yrs now, the Sudocrem protects dogs skin & paws from allergens, apply before bed, first get baby wipes & wipe dog down, wipe paws, body, head, stomach around mouth & chin if red & after dog eats also wipe dog down after being outside the days you haven’t bathed, then apply the Sudocrem its stops itchy skin, itchy red paws, I use cotton buds in between dogs toes & apply the Sudocrem not too much cream as it can become messy, if paws are red, by morning dogs paws aren’t red no more.. then start over again apply Sudcrem before going outside if paws are BAD get shoes booties when outside but let Paws breath when dog is sleeping & inside.
    also get some local honey with 5km form your place give dog & yourself 1/2 teaspoon each twice a day Patch LOVES his honey we had the best Summer last yr since starting his local raw honey, the local bees eat the pollen from trees flowers etc in your area so when you give your dog some honey your slowly desensitizing him from certain allergens in your area.
    Everything I’ve written I’ve learnt over 8yrs with Patch he’s nilly 12 yrs old now, a lot of vet visits, research, trial & error.
    A lot of people think their dog has Food sensitivities but if its Spring or Summer chances are dog is suffering from Environment Allergies, so best to do elimination diets in the cooler months when allergens are low.

    Jewel P

    You know it is the food when right after they eat they start coughing or scratching or chewing on their legs or their paws. Another sign is if they keep getting yeast infections in their ears! I have been having the same problem with finding a dog food that agrees with my dogs. It is so frustrating!! If they are in allergy medicine for I environmental allergies it will obviously help them to tolerate their food better. But it shouldn’t be this way. They are putting something in dog food days that is causing it. Dogs were meant to be meat eaters so it makes zero sense that they are allergic to most meat food groups. I wonder about additives such as preservatives that could be in the food causing all these issues. It makes me so mad! I wish someone could test the food ingredients and figure it out!

    Michelle D

    I have a 2 year old Beagle who has had issues with paw chewing, itching, ear infections, anal gland issues and occasional diarrhea. I am pretty sure he is allergic to chicken amongst other things.

    My vet suggested a food trial using Purina HA and then trying a novel protein. It has been 10 weeks since switching to the HA and all the symptoms are greatly reduced. However, he is gaining weight, his energy seems lower and his coat is not as soft and shiny. I contacted my vet’s office today to see when I should start the novel protein and asked about Royal Canin Select Protein. The assistant emailed me back and said we should stay on the HA if it is working. I asked again if I could try a novel protein because I would prefer something other than soy and this was not what we originally discussed. They responded with these suggestions:

    “Hill’s Science Diet makes a hydrolyzed diet with chicken liver protein — z/d (Skin/Food Sensitivities)
    Hill’s Science Diet also makes d/d – which can be purchased in venison and potato, or duck and potato.
    If you would like to try one of the animal protein diets, Dr. would recommend trying Hill’s z/d diet first, since this chicken protein is hydrolyzed. The d/d may have ingredients that don’t agree with Maverick, and this may cause us to take steps in the wrong direction.”

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these they could share or any suggestions. Maybe I am overthinking all of this.


    Hi Sienna,
    Your girl sounds just like my Patch, who I rescued November- 2012. He was weeing blood when I got him & Ultra Scan showed Urinary Crystals he was put on Royal Canine S/O Urinary Wet & dry kibble for 6 weeks to dissolve the crystals & he was desexed, I adopted him cause I didnt see any health problems probably cause he was on the R/C Vet Diet as soon as the vet said his crystals have dissolved feed him what he was eating before this is when my nightmare begun & he was always STARVING HUNGRY eating cat poo… I kept thinking Pancreatitis, but all times we checked his Pancreas its good, he cries whinges after he eats, wet food is the worst if comes back up cause it digests quicker & cause his lower sphincter flap isn’t closing properly the food comes up his esophagus & throat causing acid reflux, a Acid Blocker- Pantoprazole-20mg given in morning really helps Patch even stopped his vomiting finally in 2018 Patches stories are thru DFA Forum section how I nilly put him to sleep 2018 he was 10yrs old but we have really good vets in Australia who wouldn’t put Patch to sleep till they worked out what was happening now.
    Vet changed his PPI to 20mg-Pantoprozole it works heaps better then Omeprazole , I take Pantoprazole for my GERDS & asked my vet can we please change his PPI as they all work different till you find the right one for yourself & dogs would be the same + my gastro specialist told me Pantoprazole is best when Lower Esophageal Flap isnt closing properly.

    Have you done Endoscope & Biopsies yet? you need the Biopsies so vet can diagnose properly. Or ask vet can you please try the triple therapy meds for Helicobacter all dogs have Helicobacter BUT when a dogs immune system is compromised the Helicobacter takes over the dog stomach also Patch suffers with Environment Allergies in Summer causing his immune system to crash by Autunm cause its been working overtime fighting his allergies this causing bad acid reflux as well, Patch does best on an easy to digest kibble.
    Canidae Pure Senior, Wellness Core Large breed adult but they changed their recipe & added Lentils Patch cant eat Lentils he gets Diarrhea, he does really well on Potato & Sweet Potato kibbles.
    Patch suffers with IBD, LES =Lower Esophageal Sphincter Flap doesn’t close properly in between his stomach & esophagus causing BAD Acid reflux, 1 yr after I rescued Patch I was told my boy has IBD I didnt believe vet so I asked can we do Endoscope & Biopsies, the Biopsies came back IBD, Helicobacter Pylori he was put on Triple therapy medications for 21 days, Metronidazole & Amoxicillin given every 12 hours with a meal & a PPI -Pantoprazole or Omeprazole-20mg given in the morning before breakfast, a gluten free, low fat diet is best, no high fiber diets, 8 yrs on he still has Pain stomach area, doesn’t eat poo no more as soon as we fixed his Helicobacter & kept him on a PPI the poo eating all stopped , your girl has Pain in stomach & food relieves her stomach pain, the Helicobacter lives in their stomach walls, food stops the pain BUT 20-30mins later they’re starving again how I know is I suffered with Helicobacter when I was younger, get her on the Metronidazole, Amoxicillin & a PPI will help her you’ll see results 5-7 days..then when medications are finished after 21 days continue with teh PPI or you’ll have to do the triple therapy meds over & over again I did research & Drs found when humans stayed on their PPI medication their Helicobacter didnt have the right environment in the stomach.
    There’s a few of Patches post thru DFA Forum back 2015-2018..
    I havent had time yet to read your posts, I have to feed Patch now its 7pm he’s waiting, he eats 5 smaller kibble meals a day 7am,-1/2 a cup kibble, 9am-1/2 cup kibble, 12pm he either gets 1/3 cup kibble or 1/2 boiled Sweet potato, 1/2 boiled white potato with his lean Pork rissoles but he prefers his kibble some days, 5pm 1/2 cup kibble, 7pm-1/3 cup kibble 9am a dry piece of Milk Arrowroot Biscuit then at 10pm he gets 1/2 his Quick Eze Rapid Chew ant acid lollie every single night they have also found Pepto Bismol kills off the Helicobacter
    Hes doing well on his Eukanuba Senior kibble we have just started 3-4 weeks ago, I have to rotate his kibbles as soon as he starts showing he has his stomach pain I change his kibble.. also the Kcals in the kibble need to be under 360Kcals per cup or he gets his pain right side..
    are you on Face Book??
    join “Acid reflux in Dogs”
    I’m on there you can msg me on f/b if you want…You’ll see Patches photo hes a English Staffy & my name is Susan B


    Hi Maria,
    these test -Fur, Salvia & Blood test give false positives, my vet said they’re a waste of money, the only why to test for food sensitivities is to do a home food elimination trial, Feed 1 meat protein & 1 carb for 6 weeks & see doesn’t dog react or use the Hypoallergenic Vet Diet & Environment allergies is see a Dermatologist & have the Intradermal skin test done that humans have done for skin allergies..
    Keep a diary & you’ll find your dog is probably suffering Seasonal Environment allergies, he’ll be fine thru Winter months then when Spring Summer come along he’s itchy scratching red paws, Baths are the best thing for allergies, wash off allergens & use baby wipes the days he doesn’t have a bath, also diet feed a diet high in Omega 3, strengthen immune system & find a local honey supplier within 3km of your home, the bees eat the pollens, give 1/2 a teaspoon twice a day, local honey build dogs immune to local allergens in his area.

    Maria D

    I have a shepherd mix I have struggled for 7 years with finding the right food for him. He had allergy symptoms itching, paw biting, hot spots, and skin irritation. I’ve used every kind of food including homemade food. I finally found a site called 5 Strands Affordable Testing, that does allergy testing for dogs and humans. I did the test by sending in a specimen of his fur. I received pages of things he has sensitivity to in varying degrees. His most allergic foods were what I had been giving him ie salmon, chicken , turkey and the list goes on. I have him on lamb and or beef foods only now which he is not allergic to ,and his itching and hot spots are gone! The 5 strands test was the best money I have ever spent! He is a much happier dog and more comfortable obviously! And I’m so glad to finally know what to feed him! I joined this site to post this to help other owners with dogs with allergy symptoms, because I know how frustrating it is to deal with!


    I purchased Dr Marty’s just when COVID hit my family hard. My husband lost his job but was returned 60% paycut resulting in one way commute 2 hours. Ugh! During this terrible time, I contacted Dr Marty to cancel my shipment for obvious reasons and I was brought to tears by Nic who refunded my purchase out of the kindness of his heart. I was beyond moved by this simple act of kindness but he was confident that some good would come out of it. My 10 year old shih tzu, Olive LOVES LOVES this food. I feed her 60/40 Marty’s/Royal canine selected protein cause I can’t afford it any other way. Her skin conditions & allergies are gone! Her coat is beautiful and she’s no longer faintly stinky. And she’s happier pup than before which is so worth it. Expensive, Yes! I just hope I can afford to keep feeding her this amazing blend. Thank you so much Nic, Kat and Dr Marty.

    Nina Z

    Hello! I adopted a pit mix about 5 years ago. We had her for few months and she started to vomit. She would vomit so much that I would come home and find piles of blood. She would gulp and gag and do something what looked like hiccup. Long story short I spend over 10k yes 10k! Trying to figure what is wrong with her. She had 2 stomach scopes that only thing they found out that her stomach wasn’t really digesting her food, the vet said this because when she did the scope my Lilly still had her stomach full of food and she hadn’t eaten 16 hrs prior. And her tonsils are large. So we switched her to soft food. She has been eating science diet chicken and barley or turkey and barley. She also had full blood work done to see if allergies were causing this, she also had her adrenal glands tested to see if this was stress related. Negative. So I tried acid reflux reducer, she would still have these crazy episodes. I give her metaglopram (not sure if this how you spell it) 30 min prior she eats to relax her esophagus. I was able to minimize her episode. Something out of ordinary happen a week ago which made me research again… she started to vomit again. She would vomit 2-6 hrs after she would eat. Again it was indigested food. She vomited daily for 5 days. More or less… so I called vet again. She spend the day again there. $500 later she got antibiotics, probiotic and a medicine to help with nausea. She stopped vomiting. But she had the most “violent” gulping episodes today. I thought her intestines are going to turn. She stopped after about 30 min but now she keeps “burping” and what looks like hiccup. Vets have no clue and I have also shown videos of her doing it. She was even doing it once I rushed her to ER vet. I am afraid to leave her alone so she goes every I go. This is beyond stressful for me and causes me great deal of anxiety. One time when I wasn’t home she ate one foot by one foot area of her crate floor including the carpet underneath the crate, foam and stopped on the concrete floor. $3k vet visit and they had to cut her stomach open to get it all out. I have no idea what to do. She is my life.

    Frenky C

    Well, unfortunately my post didn’t have any traction.
    Spent two days investigating Merrick cat food and turns out this brand is a wise choice for feline owners as well.

    The Cons. I read this Merrick review by Claudine Sievert where she informs that it was recalled hour times (last recall was in 2018) and ofcourse its quality was downgraded after brand was acquired by Purina.

    However, it’s still a very decent option for the price.

    The Pros. They have grain free and limited ingredient formulas which is awesome for pets with allergies and digestion problems. Also you will stay on the safe side if your pet is overweight or a picky eater because these formulas tend to taste really well for our cats.

    Wrapping it up just want to say that I already ordered a Purrfect Bistro Complete Care Grain Free recipe and later will share my experience.

    T B

    Hi, we got our first 2 rescues in 2006, and they started doing a lot of scratching after a few weeks, one of them developing a hot spot. After doing some research on possible food allergies we switched them to Wellness grain free dry & canned recipes and it stopped their itching immediately. We’ve fed all our dogs Wellness exclusively ever since.

    Haley N

    Hello! I’m new to this forum and in the process of developing a raw menu for my dog. I’m really here to hopefully get my menu reviewed so I can get a second opinion on its balance. For some context I have a 64 lb medium/large dog, she is quite lazy so I am feeding once a day for 2% of her body weight (1.3 lb). I created this menu since she has a past with allergies, mainly chicken and eggs which makes me avoid one of the easiest proteins out there unfortunately. It’s a process of slowly introducing till there’s balance, any tips and insight would be well appreciated! Kelp powder is a supplement I’m highly interested in including too, does anyone know any places for that? Thanks!
    80/10/5/5 Balance over time – 1.3 lb (20.8 oz) a day
    Week One (Add meat):
    Morning: 1.3 lb (20.8 oz) of Beef
    PROGRESS (Monitoring of stools, skin, smell, etc):
    Week Two (Add bone): -2.2 lb a week of Turkey Neck-
    Morning: 0.3 lb (5 oz) of Turkey Neck, 1 lb (15.8 oz) of Beef
    PROGRESS (Monitoring of stools, skin, smell, etc):
    Week Three (Add liver): 0.7 lb of Liver a Week
    Morning: -BUILD UP TO- 0.1 lb (1 oz) of Liver, 0.3 lb (5 oz) Turkey Neck, 0.9 lb (14.8 oz) Beef
    PROGRESS (Monitoring of stools, skin, smell, etc):
    Week Four (Add kidney): 0.7 lb of Kidney a Week
    Morning: 0.1 lb (1 oz) Liver, 0.1 lb (1 oz) Kidney 0.3 lb (5 oz) Turkey Neck, 0.9 lb (13.8 oz) Beef
    PROGRESS (Monitoring of stools, skin, smell, etc):
    Week Five (Add Fish): 1.3 lb (20.8 oz) of Fish a Week
    Morning: 0.2 lb (3 oz) Fish, 0.1 lb (1 oz) Liver, 0.1 lb (1 oz) Kidney 0.3 lb (5 oz) Turkey Neck, 0.7 lb (10.8 oz) Beef
    PROGRESS (Monitoring of stools, skin, smell, etc):


    Hi Jake,

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through this with your beloved pup, and understand that you would like to provide him with some immediate relief.

    Allergies and skin problems are often the signals that the body is out of balance. Dr. Dobias has written several articles on the topics of allergies and paw licking that I have shared with you below. Many dog lovers are surprised to learn about the underlying cause of these common issues and the natural protocols that can be super helpful.




    Apoquel can look like a miracle for dogs with allergies and their human companions watching them itch, however the negative effects of this drug are now well documented.

    I recommend that you seek the guidance of a local holistic/integrative vet to help you with alternative treatment options and also have your dog’s spine checked by a chiropractor – as issues with spinal health are related to skin problems in dogs. I have included some links to help you find holistic practitioners in your area:

    Regarding diet, it’s best to avoid processed food (kibble and canned food) entirely and provide a fresh, raw or cooked diet for your dog. Dry dog food/kibble is is an extruded, highly processed product full of synthetic ingredients and starchy carbohydrates, which are very often the main cause of allergies. Every medical professional knows that fresh food is always healthier than processed food!

    Fine tuning your dog’s body with a species appropriate diet and essential nutrients is the key to supporting his health and well-being. The best diet is as nature intends; fresh meat and bones with some vegetables and leafy greens, along with all natural vitamins, minerals, omega-3’s and probiotics;

    Here is a link to a quick and easy Natural Diet Course which contains videos and articles full of information on this subject and an online Recipe Maker which will help you build healthy meals for your pup with the ingredients you have available:

    We switched to home-made meals many years ago and it was the best decision for our pup. I hope you will find these free resources helpful and wish you and your boy the best in good health.


    Patricia A

    Kathy is it possible this could be the problem??? It may be related to her facial structure. Some BT can have Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS), the shape of their short heads can lead to airway obstruction, so when eating or drinking, they in effect can’t breathe, so they vomit. Other possibilities include elongated soft palate, pyloric stenosis, or megasophagus. All of those could suggest an abnormality that might have a surgical response, some may not. If her food is not even reaching her stomach, but is vomiting very shortly after eating or drinking, the problem might be a congenital structure problem, not related to her food or allergies.
    Also have you tried many smalls meals a day? Getting off the kibble and giving only boiled white meat chicken and rice for a few days and see if she vomits? Those with dogs with this facial structure also elevate their water and food bowls .
    Also just like people who take acid suppresses, once stopped a rebound effect might occur which makes the acid worse for awhile.

    • This reply was modified 10 months, 4 weeks ago by Patricia A.
    • This reply was modified 10 months, 4 weeks ago by Patricia A.
    Patricia A

    Jake first off make sure your Goldie has no flea dirt on him. Just pull a fine comb through fur and shake on white paper. You’ll see little black specks that rehydrate in a bit of water turning red with the blood. Fleas can live year round I think. For allergies make sure there is nothing in your home causing the paw and eye itching. Maybe scented carpet cleaner, those scented plug ins or even scented detergent you wash where she beds.
    Make sure you wash off all her paws thoroughly when coming in from walks or in your backyard so he doesn’t scratch at face with paws full of pollen etc. You can try the change in diet without going hydrolyzed . Maybe SLOWLY, SLOWLY as not to cause more problems with stomach upset, switching to a food with a novel protein. I use Stella Chewy’s. If you look at their f/b page many positive comments. I also use Primal freeze dried as toppers.
    Here is many products that you can look through for the ones that people said worked and see which one fits for your dogs symptoms .
    Hope this helps.

    Jake G

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum but I really wanted to reach out to see if I could get some good advice. My 5 year old Golden has battled allergies since he was a pup. He also had puppy strangles so I do know if that had any long lasting effects or if the allergies are genetic.

    I also used to think it was environmental because he use to do better in the winter. However, the past couple years its been basically year round. So I am thinking it could be food related. He has really dry skin around his eyes and muzzle while also licking his paws with some scratching. He does not have dandruff and no red marks around his stomach or anywhere else. The major areas are around his eyes and muzzle like I mentioned…does this give any indication if it might be food related or environmental?

    I give him apoquel here n there but I worry very much about the long term use. Are there any natural allergy relief? I know I read some things about Callogen and Quercetin. Also thinking about putting him on a hydrolized diet but would rather try something else that has more nutritional value.

    Any advice, comments or pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


    alberta H

    Have not been able to get the Zignature turkey since about last December. They keep telling me it was because it became so popular they got caught off guard and could not keep up the demand but would soon (that was months ago) this came just after we started seeing discoloration of the turkey pate when opening the can. we told them but all’s they did was send a free case. we have switched to Fromm’s turkey and pumpkin but our girl does not seem to be doing as good as she used to on the Zignature. Has anyone heard what the heck has been going on? our girls has sooo many allergies (can’t eat anything with chunks, and no lamb, no beef, no fish, no milk and no potatoes. So trying to find her a food is so difficult. thanks for anything you might know on all this.

    Maureen R

    Greetings! Thank you so much! After some research I believe my dog hahas allergies as well as DLE. Due to the current situation my vet is not open and only emergent cases are being taken. So I am going to work on treating her naturally with organic food, vitamin e niacinamide and keep an eye on her flaking, runny sometimes inflamed nose. She coughs sometimes sneezes. I live in the Finger Lakes New York and just in the last week her nose has become terribly flaky and bled once. I softly ran a q-tip under the front to see if there was something in there and there was what seems to be a hardened scab that came out. Today I am going to try a 25 mg benydryl to see if she has relief. She has a bit of eye discharge. Nothing from the nose or eye indicates infection for example, no green or yellow or smelly stuff. Wishus luck and thankyou all.


    In reply to: Help plz need dog food

    Michelle K

    I’m so sorry you are going through this. I dont know if food allergies cause diarrhea or not, you may want to give the vet s call to discuss.
    My boy has so many food allergies. We had him tested at the vet. It was a blood test by VARL
    They actually give you a list of suggestions for food after they complete the test too.
    The one I use now is by blackwood. It’s a catfish blend. He is allergic to chicken, lamb and too many other things to name.
    Good luck.

    Kathleen H

    Actually his weight is great! he weighs just under 10lbs. He is technically a mix of a shortie and parsons. He has the long legs like his mother, His dad had the short legs. He was also the runt of the litter. He looks buff. He runs and jumps and plays like a puppy at times. The last vet visit his vet said he and my 12 yr old Border Collie mix are very healthy for their age and look half their age! I have been giving them both CBD pellets made from the entire hemp plant the last 4 yrs which IMO has helped their coat and their old age everything. Back to my JRT Einstein, I walk him every 4 hours. It does seem like the lipoma has been pressing near where he urinates and I have seen his little ” wee, wee” when he is having a bowel movement the past month…I had NEVER seen it ever as he was neutered as soon as he was able years ago. The only difference is the switch of food. I have considered grain-free but having eliminated corn, wheat and soy in the kibble they had been eating did improve both of their coats and my BC mix no longer has skin allergies.I do believe they need a few grains. Im just wondering if the fat content in the food could just be adding to the bulk in his stomach.and he is not digesting it well.It has had no ill effects on my BC mix. As I stated he does relieve himself, both ways every 4 hours when I take them out as does the BC mix. The Vet did say the lipoma might eventually get in the way of him urinating but advised against surgery at his age even several years ago. I absolutely hate the idea of going back to kibble full-time because of the vitamin D that sometimes gets through in almost any brand!. I know I will get backlash from this but I was feeding them Rachel Ray Nutrish Real Chicken and veggies recipe which was a come up from the Beneful they had always eaten as einsteins parents ate it and I just kept him on it after I was able to take him home. When I rescued My BC Mix..he just ate what Einstein ate. I spend more money on my dogs than I do myself! As far as vaccines go…They got whatever was required up until 3 years of age, the distemper/parvo and something else combo. They only get Rabies every 3 years. They did, however, get the distemper booster two years ago. I had a vet when I lived in PA tell me unless my dogs were around other dogs they really did not need that vaccine after the age of 3. Well, when I moved back to NY this vet said she had heard that from a lot of people and talked me into getting that done several years ago. That was only because I have an RV and my dogs are in the woods a lot. I did not get them the Lyme disease shot because I believe that their monthly Advantix II should take care of ticks anyways. I believe less is best! Idk I guess I will just talk to their vet about the food when they go to their wellness exam in about 6 wks.I guess what it really boils down to is at 12 years of age I know my time left with them is less than the time I’ve had with them and my anxiety gets the best of me. Thank you for your response and I am sorry this has been such a long reply!


    A Veterinary Dermatologist can do a skin test that will tell you exactly what environmental allergies your dog has.

    Food sensitivities tend to fluctuate so the blood test is not accurate even when done by a vet.

    The mail order hair/saliva tests are a total scam.

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