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    sky S

    Ok here’s the main question, is there a dog food out there that will work for both a senior and a puppy, that doesn’t contain wheat or corn that will not cause to much weight gain for the senior?

    A bit of the details

    Jax is a 6 year old (ok he’s not really senior but he has some senior problems) chihuahua/pitbull mix (yes i know, laugh, but it’s cute!) with hip dysplasia and who could stand to lose about 3 of 4 lbs. He also definitely has a wheat allergy, but his current food also doesn’t contain corn or soy and I’m pretty sure he’s at least sensitive to those as well. Currently he’s on 4health weight management, which is working well-ish for him but I still can’t feed him the full recommended amount without him getting really fat really quick and with his hip issues that’s really not a good thing.

    Niko is a 5 month old lab/husky mix puppy I will be getting soon from a neglected/borderline abusive environment. He is currently on Purina One, no known allergies or medical problems that I know of yet, however he is on the thin side even for a gangly puppy. I am not sure how much of this is due to neglect and not getting enough exercise and how much may be due to food.

    Ideally of course I’d love to only have to get one food for both of them, however with them having much different needs right now I highly doubt I’ll be able to find that.

    Any suggestions for either one would be highly welcome!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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