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    Renee S

    My Pom/chic mix went into kidney failure twice while I was living in SoCal. The holistic vet there recommended raw. I made the switch to Halshans raw products. My dogs thrived on it- no issues with liver or kidneys, blood work was awesome. Stools always consisted. No itching, digging or rashes.

    Since Ive moved to Portland- now Washington, I feed small batch. I was doing the raw chubs. Since they discounted the beef and bone(the main protein source)I switched to the gently cooked sliders.

    Since being fed small batch of any kind.. .ive noticed they will eat dirt. Like hunt a certain area down, and go to work. All vets I have asked said “some dogs just like to eat dirt” and left it. I’m assuming they’re missing micronutrient, upset stomach?

    Everyone seems to be doing worse on the gently cooked. We are talking 5k in vet bills the last six months worse. Not sure if all three dogs Medical issues are correlated to their food- I’m assuming it is.
    I would go back to halshan if I could. They do not ship outside of California.

    True raw(no hpp) food that comes from an honest company seems to be hard to find.

    Any recommendations to raw foods similar t halshan? Should I make my own raw food? Go back to small batch raw chubs? Help!! I just want the absolute best for my dogs.

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    I definitely would not make your own unless you will be working with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. It is very difficult to get the correct balance.

    The only commercial raw pet food my vet recommends if a customer insists on it, is Nature’s Variety Instinct. She feels they have good safety protocols in place and do some feed trials. It’s best to check out the company very closely before purchasing raw food.

    Welcome to Washington!

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