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    Renee S

    My Pom/chic mix went into kidney failure twice while I was living in SoCal. The holistic vet there recommended raw. I made the switch to Halshans raw products. My dogs thrived on it- no issues with liver or kidneys, blood work was awesome. Stools always consisted. No itching, digging or rashes.

    Since Ive moved to Portland- now Washington, I feed small batch. I was doing the raw chubs. Since they discounted the beef and bone(the main protein source)I switched to the gently cooked sliders.

    Since being fed small batch of any kind.. .ive noticed they will eat dirt. Like hunt a certain area down, and go to work. All vets I have asked said “some dogs just like to eat dirt” and left it. I’m assuming they’re missing micronutrient, upset stomach?

    Everyone seems to be doing worse on the gently cooked. We are talking 5k in vet bills the last six months worse. Not sure if all three dogs Medical issues are correlated to their food- I’m assuming it is.
    I would go back to halshan if I could. They do not ship outside of California.

    True raw(no hpp) food that comes from an honest company seems to be hard to find.

    Any recommendations to raw foods similar t halshan? Should I make my own raw food? Go back to small batch raw chubs? Help!! I just want the absolute best for my dogs.

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    I definitely would not make your own unless you will be working with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist. It is very difficult to get the correct balance.

    The only commercial raw pet food my vet recommends if a customer insists on it, is Nature’s Variety Instinct. She feels they have good safety protocols in place and do some feed trials. It’s best to check out the company very closely before purchasing raw food.

    Welcome to Washington!

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    Hi Renee
    Hope you see this…
    I feed Halshan as well.. only I stay away from Anything that is or turns into Sugar…Veggies & Fruits are high in Sugar causing Yeast overgrowth & they are not Designed to Process them anyways & it can cause numerous Health Issues..like Spinach is Oxidative Etc so have to be careful…leafy greens can help with Chlorophyll but only tiny amount…their Tripe they have has that added…Fruits & Veggies Good for Human Herbivores not Carnivores lol!!
    I think Logically..if they don’t Hunt it I don’t Feed it😆& when they eat Prey the Prey has already Digested the plant matter & only alil may be absorbed like the Chlorophyll/Fiber cuz again Carnivores do not Process plant matter

    You may want to do a Cleanse to free up possible Yeast Issues inside the Body you may not see right now…Coconut Oil & Probiotics Help…
    Always Cleanse the Body before Transitioning cuz Yeast Overgrowth Barriers will not allow good Proteins & Nutrients to be Absorbed
    The problem with Gently Cooked is that ANY Cooking Depletes vital Nutrients & Enzymes & Cooked meat basically becomes a Carbohydrate Filler (like All Kibble which is All Carbohydrate…Highly Heat Processed all Sugar No Nutritional Value) which turns into Sugar feeding Healthy Cells turning them into Cancerous Cells & again Yeast & Unhealthy Health Issues…that’s why Humans shouldn’t consume Meat..so I Always do Raw for my Pets….
    I do the Ground Rabbit & Ground Chicken WITHOUT Veggies & add their Beef Organ Mix for extra Heart & Kidney Tripe & Chlorophyll Etc Benefits
    & also use an Omega Salmon Oil..I Only use Lifeline Salmon Oil.. Trusted for 10 Years now!

    Researching Kelp now even tho they wouldn’t hunt it lol but for alil for added nutrients

    & ALWAYS feed Grass-fed Grass Finished NO Grains (especially for Tripe) Grains cause Bacterial Infection Irritation Inflammation Etc
    I will also add Beef Meat with Fat (Boneless) to level out the Bone intake if too much Calcium & the Fat is good for them just not too much lol😆Halshan doesn’t have just that so I get it elsewhere as long as it is Grass-fed finished too…but everything else
    That’s why I like Halshan

    I believe “Furlys” a Pet Store in Orange County California sells Halshan & Ships Nationwide!!
    Hopefully I spelled it correctly..just Google lol
    Hope all this helps Here if ya need..Bless your Sweet FurBaby

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    Hi Kelwolf,

    Usually when someone says ” I stay away from Anything that is or turns into Sugar” they mean to convey that they avoid carbohydrates. However, protein and fat are also sources of sugar. Sugar is necessary for life . If not supplied in the diet the body has to make it from other sources.

    It may interest you to learn that dogs, like humans and other omnivores have sweet receptors, to guide them to select sweet items to eat from nature’s table. Cats and other carnivores lack this ability.

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    Hi Aimee
    Logical reasoning..I stay away from Processed Sugar & UNNECESSARY carbohydrates that yes convert into Sugar….
    I did not say anything about Protein & Fat which are completely necessary & what they do Process..I didn’t include that regarding unnecessary carbs/sugar..
    Whole Prey body parts good!
    Unnecessary Sugar bad!

    Dogs and Cats are Carnivores they do NOT process plant matter! Humans seem to think just cuz human foods are healthy it is good for their pet. Fact they are not omnivorous…They are both Biologically Scientifically Carnivorous by Design & they do not Process as the Herbivore does..Just as the Human Body is designed Herbivore (should not be consuming meat) Even though we can consume flesh the human body is not designed to Process it & flesh results in body organ stress health issues & sicknesses even death!
    Carnivores are completely different by Design…so as the same for Humans Dogs & Cats consuming unnecessary foods does the same thing stress out the body & organs health issues & sicknesses even death!
    Fruits & Veggies are high in sugar…there are some greens like pureed/powered Dandelion or Collard greens algae or other sources that can offer alil Chlorophyll or other benefits like Curcumin etc but very Lil is absorbed & has to be processed absorbable bioavaialable since they do not Process plant matter!
    If it isn’t something that they would actually hunt in the Wild don’t feed it unless their bodies are safely able to absorb it without negative effects (health issues & allergies) like say Green lipped mussels can benefit even tho they wudnt hunt again as long as it is tolerated without harm
    & One has to ask what would this pet actually Hunt!?!

    Whole Prey is best & Yes one can add other wonderful things Nature can provide like herbs depending on how its converted & say the wonderful benefits of like Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar or Colloidal Silver in Moderation but if it’s not Species Appropriate then be cautious & stay away if overall harmful!
    Processed Products processed for Animals most of the time add unnecessary ingredients coatings etc that will convert into Sugar so the more sugar added daily the more unhealthy issues will arise!
    Their receptors are searching for something to help the body when something is lacking or when their bodies are in distress or when they are trying to feed a hunger craving…grass for an upset tummy they will either throw it up or poo it out! Wolves Coyotes will consume grasses & other inappropriate matter like berries just to feed the hunger if they have lack of or unsuccessful hunting of Prey but will not Process it..again instead it gets pooed out!
    Even grass has sugary roots when consumed will add sugar which in turn will add yeast! Grains cause bacteria & yeast so stay away from grain-fed animals (prey). What goes into the Prey goes into the Predator. Again the Preys body processes the plant matter not the Predator!
    Even feeding whole Prey one has to think how is the Prey treated fed harvested etc since it will be consumed by the Pet..everything is crucial so incorporating something unnecessary & harmful is crucial!
    Like never consume Tap Water..Believe it or not some people don’t even realize not to…Tap water is cleaned with chemicals causing issues & Cancers etc…be cautious of everything!
    So adding unnecessary ingredients just harms the body in many ways so to avoid it is best…Believe me I try to look at everything after seeing harmful results!
    I research all the time & even find some things I thot were possibly healthy really aren’t but have to learn new everyday! Like unfortunately I have cut off ALL Tripe no matter what due to yeast issues since alot of Companies state grass-fed but don’t state grain-finished & some are both but may supplemental feed (grains or hay) during winter months causing issues & Tripe usually isn’t 100% clean & other Organs may affect the Pet as well…so again learning each day!
    Adding Sugar on top of Natural Sugar & feeding multiple things with sugar & adding too much will cause issues. Feeding them feeds their Cells & everything matters when trying to be as close to appropriate as possible…mimicking to the best of our knowledge is our hope!
    Also even when your trying to feed a healthy Raw Diet..if the pets body is compromised say from sugary yeast overgrowth/cancer/etc it creates a barrier not allowing healthy nutrients to absorb so No matter how hard you try to feed healthy it’s pointless & they continue to get sicker so they need to CLEANSE first & rid the body of the yeast in order for the body to do what it needs to do to heal itself & Cancerous Cells thrive on sugar..take Away the sugar source better the chance the Cancerous Cells will die or return back healthy & new healthy cells will thrive at long as there is time!
    Just cuz Dogs & some cats will eat pretty much anything doesnt mean it is good for them..& they are designed Completely different than the Human Herbivore especially the Feline..so feed as the body is designed & be cautious of things that will benefit (even tho they are not what they would hunt like ex Colloidal Silver/ACV)…just like for Humans Animals stay away from unnecessary/processed Sugar Chemicals & harmful products & the Body no matter Herbivore or Carnivore it will thrive Healthy🐾💛🐾

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