Yorkie needing chicken free food but urinary formula for 2 types of crystals

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    Andrea L


    I have an 11 year old Yorkie who has food allergies or intolerances (causing itching, skin lesions),it’s also likely that she has outdoor allergies since in the spring/summer she will easily develop eye/ear infections. After trying beef, pork alternatives with no luck, the fish based food I started her on cleared up her skin within the first 2 weeks of her being on it .A year and a half later she developed a bladder infection that showed 2 types of crystals in her urine. Supposedly caused b y the dog food . Her vet put her on Royal Canin SO to clear the crystals and it worked ,yet within 3-4 months of being on this food (chicken based which I knew yet my vet said the crystals was much more of a concern than the itchy skin issue ) she has again broken out with lessons and is all over itchy. Her yearly bloodwork (a few weeks ago) showed a crazy liver #,thyroid was checked and all normal so she goes for liver ultrasound Monday .I’m assuming the liver is completely separate form anything else she’s dealing with . From everything I’ve read allergy testing is inconclusive . Im looking for advice on how to help her be comfortable and not itch the rest of her life yet not have bladder issues . Im not sure what to feed her or if I should stay on the SO diet to control the crystals and then pursue allergy meds once we resolve the liver issue . I’m honestly at a loss and I’m against medication if I possible.

    Thank you for any help /advice

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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