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    Wendy T

    My 6 yoa 122lb Rottweiler tested allergic to 33 different items including chicken, turkey, lamb, soybean, rice, egg, milk, all berries, all squash, pumpkin, sunflower (and oil) and guar. He suffers from irritable bowel, hip dysplasia and arthritis. He is overweight and doesn’t like any fish based foods. Does anyone have a suggestion for feeding? If I have to prepare his food I am willing but want to be sure I meet all his dietary needs.

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    Gina G

    I use Happy Paws and Arthrosoothe for my Sheperd who has Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis. The people at Ask Ariel will help with diet tips. There are alot of good articles about diet issues too. https://www.askariel.com/supplements-for-hip-dysplasia-in-dogs-s/1866.

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    Gina G

    I just wanted to ad that I hope your doggie feels better soon. I know it’s so hard when they are struggling. The Ask Ariel products have helped my Hope so much when she was having a difficult time too.

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    Nina S

    Any recommendations for Teacup and Toy Poodles?
    Hoping to get one soon.

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    Roger O

    Just received and read Mike’s article on food allergies. I’d like to expand that a bit by saying that most (obviously not all) vets have no clue as what to do for food allergies.. The ones I’ve seen, or spoken to simply ask that I try an elimination diet, and when the dog stops having diarrhea, that’s the food that he’ll tolerate.

    My pup is so sensitive to all animal protein, that he can only tolerate mahi mahi fish, nothing else. Even plain flounder upsets his stomach. Forget any mammalian red meat of any kind.

    By the way, he does do ok on the hydralized protein food, but absolutely hates it, to the point that he’ll starve rather than eat. At almost 14 years old, I will not torture him, so mahi mahi it is…

    Your suggestions, are greatly appreciated!


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    Kathleen C

    I went onto a site earlier asking about feeding your dog 3 meals a day and wound up complaining about my dogs extreme diarrhea and his being diagnosed as allergic to chicken. The vet convinced me to start feeding him Royal Canin. I want to thank Mike for sending me an email with information about allergies and how to find out what your dog is allergic to. I personally do not believe Jack is allergic to chicken, but I’m now starting another Royal Canin Hydrolyzed dog food with lower fat. The email also contained Mike’s list of best allergy fighting dog foods but it contained the Royal Canin and my vet has made me so frightened of switching to real dog food again that I can’t bring myself to do it. What gets me is the third ingredient is chicken fat.

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    Kathleen C

    Extra note on the previous entry: Jack loves Royal Canin, but he’s a Boston and he eats anything, even his poo

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    Tom S

    Hi all,
    I’m on a search to find kibble that doesn’t have the following ingredients:


    It’s really hard to find.

    According to tests, these are the allergies of my standard poodle. He has some ear itching problems so we hope the hypoallergenic diet will help.

    thank you
    Tom S

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    Larisa B

    Allergic mice presented a significant weight loss 7 days after oral challenge with a concomitant decrease in epididymal adipose tissue mass.Food allergies and sensitivities can have a ripple effect when it comes to weight gain. While the allergy or sensitivity you experience does not directly cause your body to put on extra pounds, the reactions you experience may indirectly lead to weight gainWhat About Weight Gain? Food sensitivities and food allergies do not directly cause your body to pack on extra pounds. However, the symptoms can sometimes have a ripple effect that indirectly leads to weight gain.The answer is quite simple: they are not in a caloric surplus. We know that in order to gain weight, you have to be in a surplus. In other words, you need to be consuming more calories than you are burning. You can eat only cookies and never gain weight if your calories are low enough.

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    Ana W

    I hope your dog is feeling better, I recommend you prepare food for him for a while, so that his system is cleaned of the processed food

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