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    Chandra H

    Hi! I have a 1 year 9 month old lab. She is great, super active, good weight, strong and fun. However, she has NEVER had a solid poop in her life. I know she has a chicken and egg intolerance and probably several other allergies. She constantly licks her paws, itches, etc. However, the smelling, sopping wet poops are really hard to deal with. She goes about 4-5 times a day and they are a yellow-ish brown color. She has been tested for parasites, etc. so it isn’t that.

    This is not new, this has been going on since she came home. I had her on probiotics for a while but it didn’t change anything. She has been on Life Abundance, Purina Pro Sensitive Skin and Stomach, Science Hill prescription, and Open Farm. In the past 1.5 years, we have tried grains and grain free. She is currently on Open Farm Turkey (wet and dry). I really feel like there is something going on with her stomach and I just don’t know where to go from here. She did best on the prescription diet, but it wasn’t firm then either. My vet thinks she just has a lot of allergies . Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Oh, and we have tried Turkey, Chicken, Beef, and Salmon proteins and the only difference is that on Chicken she does very poorly. (She looses hair, diarrhea, etc). Thanks for any ideas that may help my sweet girl.

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