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    Since I have a dog with allergy type issues, I’m pretty picky on treats. I use mostly Buddy Biscuits, SoJos duck and cherry and The Honest Kitchen ones.
    What does everyone else use?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Marie,

    My dogs generally get 1-2 grain-free biscuits or freeze-dried raw treats per day. Right now I have Nature’s Variety Instinct biscuits, I also frequently use Darford Zero-G and the grain-free Cloudstar Buddy Biscuits (I’ve ordered the Sojo’s grain-free biscuits before but they’re way too small for my dogs). For freeze-dried I have the Wysong Dream treats right now, I also use the Nature’s Variety Instinct and Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw medallions.

    After their evening walk every day they get a “kongsicle” – they each have a large kong that I layer with a 4 or 5 star grain-free kibble and the canned Fruitables Pumpkin or Sweet Potato supplement and freeze it. I use whatever kibbles I can get samples of or buy trial-sized bags of. Right now I’m using Orijen and Petcurean. It keeps them out of my hair while I make dinner lol

    For training treats I use ZiwiPeak food (I buy the 8 oz. trial sized packages).

    Every night before bed they get a dried trachea, bully stick or pig ear.

    The only day they don’t get treats is Sunday (they fast on Sundays).

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    I have a dehydrator and use it a LOT for any type of meat. I also bake bite size meatballs.

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    My Shiba has certain protein sensitivities (beef is a big no no, and we generally stay away from processed chicken). Frankly, there are a lot of commercial dog treats out there that don’t offer much bang for the buck, in my opinion. We’ve taken to a more rigorous dehydration schedule in recent months, so we’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of chicken hearts and gizzards for training treats. And free pouches of kibble sample from the local holistic pet store.

    A big bag of Zuke’s training treats (salmon and peanut butter are our favorites) last us a long time, and are clean. There are a couple fish skin treats that we like. Salmon Ears are economical, and each box lasts us a long time. Recently fell in love with The Honest Kitchen’s Beams, their new Icelandic catfish skin chew treat.

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    Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch, Instinct Boost, Nutrisca freeze dried, Dr Becker Bites (liver chips), Merrick tripe steak patties, tripe chew, freeze dried tripe. Sometimes Wagatha’s and Nature’s Select cookies. On my list to try are FreshisBest freeze dried treats.



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    Jackie B

    Prince Poodle’s #1 favorite treat is the Zuke’s Mini Naturals. They are low calorie and fit perfectly in his Kong Wobbler treat puzzle. He’s very smart though so he can empty it really fast. Unless I use irregularly-sized treats. Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Kisses work well. He also gets True Chews treats, he likes most everything they make.

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    A lot of people seem to like Zuke’s- I was looking at the moist training treats they sell today and they all have rice in them. Does anyone else feed their dogs grain-free food and mostly grain-free treats, but then feed them Zuke’s treats that contain rice? Has anyone had any problems with that?

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    I feed grain free and would use Zukes as training treats for 2 of my 3 dogs. I have 2 that get grainfree because I believe it is best, but I allow a small amount of treats to be junk food. I have one dog that can’t handle grains or even much carbs and all his treats are pure meat except that I just got him some special grain and potato free low carb biscuits that I still only give him less than one a day. The majority of all my training treats are still meat for all of my dogs.

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    We just started Vital Essentials freeze dried nibbles. We use it as treats. They love it but honestly, I don’t think there’s anything a pug would refuse!

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    We just started using Charlie Chews. These are an organic based treat and in all honesty was not sure if my Sammy would like them or not. But, wow he actually follows me around the house for them lol. These are by far my favorite treat so far.

    You may want to check them out. http://www.charliechews.com

    What other brands of organic treats have you guys tried and had some success with?

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    @JessicainNYC, We were just introduced to them by a friend of ours and our dog loves them. She has been extra good trying to get more than she should she loves them so much! I love that they don’t upset her tummy at all!

    I have tried most natural or organic brands for her but she likes the taste of these the best and like I said, no tummy problems!

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    Wagatha’s biscuits are organic but not grain free. And I believe Grandma Lucy’s has organic treats as well.

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    I use a few different treats for mine. I like Zuke’s and they do have some grain free ones now. I pinch them up so they’re smaller for training. I like Vital Essentials bites (they’re tripe, I think) for mine. If I use biscuits I will go for Nature’s Variety Instinct or Darford…sometimes Fromm grain free. I also like to use freeze dried chicken pieces. Sometimes I just give them their kibble for a treat lol. The Cavs are treat monsters! They also love THK Beams (dried catfish skins)! They are not great chewers, but love the Beams and also lamb ears.

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    Home made dehydrated meats for treats here, kibble, Nutrisource biscuits and depending on what we are doing, I have also used freeze dried broken into small pieces : )

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    I’m late to the party, but when I have dogs with bad allergies I recommend Primal treats. They have nothing but meat in them, and come in a few varieties including venison.

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    My guys love little bits of raw sweet potato and apple. Also – sweet potato jerky – slice ti really thin and cook on racks in a low oven for an hour or two. Unfortunately they are so good last time I made it I ate most of it.

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    Buddy Biscuits here! Just got 6- 4 lb bags (24lbs total) of the Peanut Butter flavor off of Amazon for $13.00. SCORE!!!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    My dogs love the grain-free buddy biscuits. I like them because they’re so big – I have a hard time finding treats that are big enough for my girls. Most are so small that they just swallow them.

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    HDM- same problem here.

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    I’ve been giving my 4 mini Schnauzers cut up Raw Carrots or bits of Apple (no seeds!) But I just bought a bag of Zuke’s Mini Natural bits! They absolutely love the taste! I hope they’re not bad for them, I think Dog Food Advisor recommends them? Please never give them anything from Purina! Ingredients come from China! Milk Bone are bad, too! *puppy hugs! πŸ™‚

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    To Hound Dog Mom: I respect your beliefs, but your Dog should not be Fasting every Sunday! Dogs need some kind of food nourishment every day. Please!!!! πŸ™‚

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    Dog were designed to eat as much as they can stuff into themselves and then go days without eating. There are a couple health/medical problems that make dogs that have them need to eat daily or multiple times a day, but they are by far a minority. Feeding every day or twice a day is what we do because we anthropomorphize our dogs, not because they require it. Some people feel that fasting a dog once a week is important for their health. It allows their intestines to rest and detox.

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