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    Hi, I’m looking for some advice. I’ve heard that there are some really good pet food supplements that can help improve health. Is there anything out there that you all would recommend?

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    I think most people go overboard with too many unnecessary supplements. If your dog is on a complete and balanced food there is no need for supplements unless you want something for a specific problem.

    Extra Omega 3’s are great for skin, joint, and heart health. It is a good overall supplement but I prefer to just feed my dog real mackerel or sardines as opposed to a fish oil supplement. It is cheaper and fresh food is always a good thing.

    Glucosamine, chondroitin, msm, green lipped mussel powder are all great for arthritis. CBD oil I find is even better

    Coq10 can be great for heart health if your dog has any problems with that

    As you can see, most supplements are good for specific issues and do not need to be given just because.

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    What are you looking to improve?

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    Alice B

    Sanne can a 65 year old lady take the CBD oil for my arthritis, I need some help finding out

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    Hi Alice,
    Yes humans can take CBD Oil, for Cancer, Arthritis, Seizures etc click on both links I’ve posted so you can do some research first so you know you’re buying the right CBD Oil…
    I was also thinking of taking CBD Oil aswell but I dont know where to get it from in Australia??, we had CBD oil trials about 1-2 year ago, I’d prefer getting CBD Oil from a Dr, this way I know I’m getteing the right CBD Oil…

    For your Arthritis pain are you seeing a Physiotherapy, they give you exercises to do daily to strengthen your muscles around the joints that are sore so your using your muscles & not using your bone/joints aren’t being over worked??
    Also diet, eat foods high in Omega 3 Krill Oil Capsule & I’ve been taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin powder, it tastes AWFUL, I add 1 teaspoon in 1/2 a cup cold water & drink it, yuk yuk yuk, I bought it for Patch but then I couldnt work out the dose for a dog so Im stuck with it now, I wish I bought the Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C & Manganese tablets instead but I was told the powder is absorbed better thru the body then taking the tablets..

    You’re better off joining a f/b group, here’s one I found “CBD Users Australasia” it has lots of info…

    I’ve read it’s best to get the CBD oil that’s from the female plant & not the Male plant??? https://www.greenrelief.ca/blog/cbn-cbg-other-cannabinoids/?fbclid=IwAR1jg20o1OMapgQTP9FseTKPqKwTf0j_QtQnc-cQTjx-TIUwhGqL9mkKXoM

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    Hi Alice, yes CBD oil is just as beneficial for humans! You could certainly ask your doctor about it and they may be able to point you in the right direction and tell you what to look for in a brand. I wish I could help you out on where to buy it but I live in the Netherlands so we have different brands.

    One of the best brands I have heard about available for dogs in the States is Super Snouts Hemp Company. They originally started with products for dogs but now have some for humans too. Quite pricey though I think! The people I know who have used this brand for their dogs say they usually only need half the recommended dose though. Still, seems much more expensive for humans. Even so, their website is a great resource for information on what makes a good quality CBD product and how it works, even if you go with a different brand

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    Alice B

    Thank you both Susan & Sanne for your advice, I will follow up on those websites, I have been using fish oil capsules for 5 years I don’t think they are helping much anymore

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    Andrei C

    Hi dear,

    There are a number of things that many supplements can do for pets. Pet diet and nutrition must be a major concern for a caretaker because ensuring proper food supplies along with love and affection are the pre-requisites to keep your pet happy and healthy. Choosing the best pet foods for your beloved pet then must be invested with proper research and consideration. Natural health supplements should ideally be provided to your beloved pet in order to ensure that the pet’s health is taken care off in an appropriate manner. It is interesting to note that while the most dog, as well as cat owners, to provide their pets with the desired supplements, the fact remains that very few pet owners are actually aware of the supplements they are buying for their beloved animals.

    Thanks & regards,
    Andrei Charlies

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    We have been using the 4 Essential Supplements (GreenMin, SoulFood, GutSense, and FeelGood Omega) for many years and our dog loves them!! 🙂 He is super healthy and we are very grateful for Dr. Dobias.


    These natural supplements are like wholesome food, the body recognizes them as such and only absorbs what it requires. As every dog has slightly different nutritional requirements, it’s best to provide a wide variety of nutrients to support the body. Here is what we add to our pup’s home-made diet:

    GreenMin, as a source of plant-based minerals, amino-acids, and super greens
    SoulFood, as a certified organic multivitamin with additional organ support components
    GutSense, as a source of dog specific certified organic probiotics
    FeelGood Omega, to supplement Essential Fatty Acids (omega 3s)

    In a perfect world, a wide variety of food would keep your dog’s body nourished and no supplements would be required. The problem is, due to intensive agriculture, minerals and nutrients do not get recycled back into the soil, leading to a lack of minerals in the whole food chain.


    I hope this helps. Please be sure to do your research and only choose the highest quality products for your dog.

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