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    I recently received the results from testing my Greyhound and the ingredients listed to “avoid” are chicken, turkey, venison, white fish, salmon, sweet potato, oatmeal, soy & milk.
    He is currently eating Victor High Pro Plus kibble and doing as well as he’s ever done on any dog food (I have tried many in the year I’ve had him). It does contain some of the ingredients listed above ie: chicken meal, whitefish meal, oatmeal.
    I know from experience turkey, chicken, salmon & sweet potato produce ugly results. He does enjoy sardines, and frozen chicken feet as treats with no adverse reactions. Is it best to avoid when possible & moderation is the key? I don’t think it’s possible to avoid all the listed items in a kibble.
    Suggestions appreciated 🙂

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    Hound Dog Mom

    If he’s eating and doing well on a food that contains some of the ingredients he supposedly has an allergy to I wouldn’t worry about it. I have heard that the NutriScan is more accurate than blood allergy tests but I still don’t believe either are 100% accurate. Also, some dogs can be intolerant of cooked chicken but do fine on raw chicken or be intolerant of chicken meat but do fine with chicken organs (like liver), others can eat a food that they’re “intolerant of” intermittently, etc. etc. Just monitor your dog’s reaction. I think monitoring a dog’s reaction to particular foods is much more accurate than going by what an allergy tests tells you.

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    I’ve found through my own trial and error with dog food that is chicken based isn’t pretty. Turkey and fish of any kind is truly awful. But chicken feet, sardines are fine. Sweet potatoes seem to trigger ear infections if I overdo it. I appreciated the test results confirming that I wasn’t nuts lol. Finding a food that he likes that like him back has been quite a challenge. Digestive Enzymes have helped also. I’m hoping to start a half raw half kibble diet soon also. 🙂

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    Hound Dog Mom

    That’s wonderful that you’re considering starting half raw – you may very well find he isn’t as sensitive to certain ingredients when they’re served raw. The enzymes are great, in addition to enzymes (if you aren’t already) you may want to consider supplementing with a high quality, multi-strain probiotic supplement. Probiotics help to strengthen the gut and, ultimately, the immune system and there’s some evidence suggesting that they can help with food intolerances.

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    The enzymes I’m giving him incl Pre & probiotics. I think he will do better on the raw proteins (as he does now w/the chicken feet) the fish/salmon I doubt as he can’t stand them. Sardines are the exception so I’ll try some canned salmon and Jack Mackeral also. Will be starting off slowly with add ins to the kibble. I literally stumbled across a raw food supplier within 5min of my house which will make thing a lot easier 🙂

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    Tammy J B

    Freeholdhound, there are foods available now that don’t have ANY of the allergy triggers your dog has… Zignature Duck, Lamb, or the new Kangaroo! GF food with no chicken, salmon, potatoes, eggs, or soy! I was researching the Nutriscan test and ran across your review so thought I would share about Zignature dog food!

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