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  • in reply to: Large Breed Puppy with Chicken Allergy #80813 Report Abuse

    Look into NOW Fresh Large Breed puppy and adult. I believe it is free of chicken and my GSD does extremely well digesting, which is rare! Also the food contains no iffy ingredients and seems to be ethically produced.

    in reply to: Blue Buffalo Wilderness making dogs sick #80628 Report Abuse

    Blue Buffalo was a disaster for my dog too. Went right through her. I tried Orijen, great food, but soft poop. So I found Petcurean NOW Fresh Large Breed and I’m all set now, dog is perfect on the food. I tried to switch to Fromm, but again soft poop…so I hope Pstcurean stays in business and continues to make the same food or I’m screwed! 😉

    in reply to: Most palatable dry cat food? #80627 Report Abuse

    I feed Orijen and my cats love it and it has a low glycemic index too. I also feed Fromm 4 star line of food. I think the top rated variety is the Surf and Turf, however my cats prefer the Beef (I think it’s called Beef Fritata?)

    in reply to: Top cat food, canned and dry #80626 Report Abuse

    Orijen Makes an excellent cat food, low glycemic index, quality protein without frivolous fillers. My cats enjoy the cat & kitten and six fish varieties. The were not fond of the regional red.

    My cats also eat Fromm beef flavor 4star line food. They like it a lot and it’s healthy too, but not low glycemic.

    as for wet food I have had very little luck. My cats are finicky and they snub most the healthy foods. They loved BFF foods, but they developed explosive poop from it, bummer. They will eat Tiki cat canned tuna or tuna/chix, depending on their mood.

    in reply to: GSD puppy food #80625 Report Abuse

    My GSD has done very well on Petcurean NOW Fresh large breed, both puppy and adult. The adult kibble is very big too so no inhaling of food!

    I tried Fromm, Orijen, Halo and blue buffalo – she could not tolerate.

    I also add flaxseed and coconut daily, pumpkin about 4x a week, scrambled eggs about 3x a week and/or Stella and chewy freeze dried patties…I stay away from chicken, that protein source has had the most recalls. I use the beef, lamb or surf and turf.

    Good luck!

    in reply to: Quality budget friendly kibbles? #80624 Report Abuse

    My GSD had GI issues on Orijen and I tried Fromm Large Breed and it was even worse, then found NOW Fresh Large Breed and I have been feeding my GSD the kibble for over 2yrs with some fresh food daily. It is not inexpensive but solid poop is priceless 😉

    in reply to: Orijen Grain Free Review? #80623 Report Abuse

    Orijen has the most impressive ingredient list and purported fresh farming/ cooking methods of any kibble. It is very high in protein which some dogs are fine with, some are not. My Highly active GSD cannot tolerate being on the food completely, my sister’s golden-doodle and my cousin’s golden retriever both do very well on the food.

    I went to another Canadian company, Petcurean and feed Now Fresh Large Breed, and I mix in Orijen (less than 25% of meal) Regional Red often.

    in reply to: Help with brand recs for my Bullmastiff puppy #80622 Report Abuse

    I feed Now Fresh Large Breed Adult – the kibble is big so my GSD has to chew her food. I fed her the puppy version too, kibble is smaller but not as small as most adult dog foods. My dog does extremely well digesting NOW Fresh. She could not digest Orijen or Fromm. Good luck!

    So far so good feeding Petcurean Now Fresh Large Breed. I think Orijen has been free of controversy except for an issue exporting to Australia, but that was a unique situation. Ideally I’d love to feed fresh food, but I won’t feed raw (disgusts me, not the dog) and cooking a balanced meal for a dog is somewhat challenging. So I supplement the kibble with fresh foods as a compromise.

    in reply to: favorite online store to order from #80620 Report Abuse

    I use Chewy. I noticed packing issues and any time there was something miss packed they replaced the item. They have excellent customer service, and when my dog cannot tolerate a food they credit me and I donate to the shelter – therefore I have stuck with them and the shipping has been okay since I think July. They recently switched shipping warehouses so I think it could be growing pains.

    in reply to: Budget friendly dog food? #80619 Report Abuse

    Hi. The investment in a dogs food pays back by not needing to feed as much per meal and improved health. Fromm is a reputable manufacturer and their Gold line is reasonably priced. Their 4 star line is mostly grain free which is better, but some varieties are more costly. The company has never had a recall.

    If you have Costco in Canada, their Kirkland brand dog food is very economical and I think a well rated food.

    However, overall dogs are expensive. The vet well visits, vaccines, spay/neuter, and grooming costs (depending on the dog and if you groom yourself, including nail trims) add up quickly. Then add on a crate for training, leashes, collars, toys and puppy training classes (unless you are getting a trained service dog or know how to train) is on top of the other costs and does not include food and the unexpected visits because the puppy/dog is sick, ate something it shouldn’t have (for example my sisters puppy ate a roll packing tape and that was $700 vet visit without surgery).

    And if you intend to keep your dog by your side 24/7 then you won’t need daycare or a dog walker, but if you want to go someplace alone or overnight you’ll have to make arrangements.

    I suggest googling the cost of owning a dog and find out the cost for the breed you are considering, average life expectancy and common health issues. A dog is hopefully a long-term commitment, so think it through and please make sure you can afford all the costs and never feed grocery store brand foods like Beneful. Good luck!

    in reply to: Large Breed…Need to try a new food #80618 Report Abuse

    My German Shepherd, Ziva, also could not tolerate Fromm Large Breed.

    Ziva hands down does the best on NOW Fresh Large Breed by Petcurean
    It’s the only food that does not cause GI issues for her.

    I also add coconut and ground flaxseed daily in her meals. Sometimes eggs, parmesean cheese, salmon, Stella and Chewy patty, pumpkin, sweet potato,etc just to mix things up since I cannot rotate her kibble. I tried Orijen and she cannot tolerate more than a 1/2 cup in her meal of any flavor. It’s a bummer.

    I highly recommend trying NOW Fresh Large Breed. It was a lifesaver.

    in reply to: Need to find a larger Kibble #69702 Report Abuse

    The largest kibble I’ve found is NOW Fresh Large Breed by Petcurean. It’s rated 4.5 stars and has been very good for my German Shepherd Dog with a sensitive stomach. I highly recommend. I add raw extra virgin unrefined coconut oil and a every other day I mix in either scrambled eggs, salmon, fresh cooked chicken or ground beef. Just for variety and some fresh foods.

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