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    Natalia N

    Hey there, new member on the site (aside from all the creeping I’ve been doing for the past two years). Just wondering if anyone on here could help me out a little.

    I’ve been thinking about getting service dogs for a while now, all that’s left to do is bring it up with my doctor to get a referral and convince my parents that I’d really benefit from them. That’s half the problem, the other is feeding them once I get them. I live in Canada (I understand that the US has much better prices on dog food) and I’m a university student so I don’t have that much money to spend; I’m trying to figure out what kind of dog food(s) I could buy that’s easy on the wallet but also has decent ingredients.
    And if anyone is willing to help out with how to talk about it with my parents that would also be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi. The investment in a dogs food pays back by not needing to feed as much per meal and improved health. Fromm is a reputable manufacturer and their Gold line is reasonably priced. Their 4 star line is mostly grain free which is better, but some varieties are more costly. The company has never had a recall.

    If you have Costco in Canada, their Kirkland brand dog food is very economical and I think a well rated food.

    However, overall dogs are expensive. The vet well visits, vaccines, spay/neuter, and grooming costs (depending on the dog and if you groom yourself, including nail trims) add up quickly. Then add on a crate for training, leashes, collars, toys and puppy training classes (unless you are getting a trained service dog or know how to train) is on top of the other costs and does not include food and the unexpected visits because the puppy/dog is sick, ate something it shouldn’t have (for example my sisters puppy ate a roll packing tape and that was $700 vet visit without surgery).

    And if you intend to keep your dog by your side 24/7 then you won’t need daycare or a dog walker, but if you want to go someplace alone or overnight you’ll have to make arrangements.

    I suggest googling the cost of owning a dog and find out the cost for the breed you are considering, average life expectancy and common health issues. A dog is hopefully a long-term commitment, so think it through and please make sure you can afford all the costs and never feed grocery store brand foods like Beneful. Good luck!

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