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    kelsey r

    I completely switched my golden pup over to Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy (Rocky Mountain Recipe) a couple days ago. Not a moment after, he began having horrible diarrhea, constantly cried, and was so lethargic he wouldn’t wake unless I shook him vigorously. Normally he’d wake and groggily grumble in protest. It was so frightening! We stopped the Blue immediately and put him on a bland diet of chicken and rice. Today is the first day he’s had a solid (yet still very soft) go. He’s feeling better, it had to have been the Blue. The breeder had the pups on Purina and that rubbish didn’t make him sick! He gobbled up the Blue as we were switching him over and even went so far as to segregate the Purina from it, but after the first time he got sick, he wouldn’t even go near the kitchen, much less the bowl.

    DO NOT FEED YOUR DOGS BLUE BUFFALO! I thought I was shelling out for an excellent brand with an excellent reputation. But judging by Consumer Reports’ review page for Blue (, a whole string of dogs have been getting sick recently. An email to the company has yet to yield a response. Shame on Blue! They have to be aware of this by now. A recall needs to happen! Stay far, far away from this brand!

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    Zach M

    My dog was doing fine on blue buffalo. I did decide to switch though, because she started eating grass, and it wasnt the food.

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    If you read through the posts on BB you’ll note that a lot of poster’s dogs have had many issues with the food. I don’t know whether it’s always been that way or if something along the way has changed but it does seem to cause a lot of issues. If I’m not mistaken, I think they may have had a recall in the past. Sorry, I’ve never fed the food so I’m not sure about that but I do seem to recall a Blue Buffalo recall.

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    Marlene N

    hello Kelsey I read your post and im starting to believe the same.
    I have a Golden Retriever puppy too.
    At 9 weeks old we were forced to change your food because the breeder was using a cheap brand called ” purina ol Roy”. (No nutritional value) We chose the blue life protection large breed brand. For the first 5 months everything seemed to be fine. Her coat was softer, her energy level and bowel movements better and she was anxious to eat her food. Then she started to be exposed to swimming in a lake, grabbing things off the street, eating grass , basically everything that comes with summertime. The diarrhea started. so we stopped her food and started her on the chicken and rice diet and then slowly gradually introduce her food to the chicken and rice and same thing the diarrhea came back full fledged.
    For us -it has been going on for 2 months on and off, and we even tried to switch her over to the blue wilderness because we believed it was the grains causing it, but our second visit to the vet today, believes that the blue brand dog food is to rich in protein for dogs with senstive stomach’s. It makes sense. after a lot of research and discussions with veterinarians they believe that golden retrievers naturally have a sensitive stomach so diarrhea is something that will be regular, when it happens, our vet recommended imodium 1 tab every 12 hrs to stop the inital diarrhea runs and cramping along with the bland diet of chicken and rice. And to not feed them blue products.
    So at the end of the day, we are guilty of trying to do the best thing for our pets by buying the best brand of dog food on the market with no grains, no by products, no soy or wheat and no chemicals when it would appear that this is what some dogs require.I would suggest any brands that for large breed sensitive stomach like natural choice nutrition. On another note, I saw 1 recall back in 2010 but it was for to much calcium.
    right now our girl is on the chicken and rice with a slow introduction to new vet brand of dog food find that is a made by Hills, prescription I / d. we are keeping our fingers crossed that this works. Good luck!

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    Hi Marlene- Some Wilderness was recalled for excess Vitamin D at one point in time.

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    Marlene N

    Hi Melissa…Yes, the Article was by the FDA, US Food and Drug Administration.
    It covers all Blue brands (protection, basic and wilderness)… it was excessive Vitamin D. Back in 2010. That was on the side of precaution.
    If it was a food poisoning bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria or E.Coli. causing death then that would be something to be concerned about.
    Taking others views….(with a grain of salt)….- the numerous complaints by pet owners feeding their dogs Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness products and going through 2 months of my pet having severe diarrhea…it was enough to make me change.
    Who’s to say what is right or wrong … Every food is different, every dog is different….
    I don’t really feel that there is something wrong with the food, I just know that it is not right for my dog.

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    Hi, I think alot of people try a new kibble not realising that the fat% & Protein is tooooo high for their pup, I did this last year & Patch started diarrheing & pooing light red blood, he was put on a vet prescription diet & all the diarrhea & pooing blood went away, so now when I try a new kibble I try to stick with a kibble where the Fat% & Protein% is near his vet prescription diet kibble & if he’s stable on the new kibble then I’m going to try another flavour with the same brand & try & rotate his kibbles, well thats my next step, to try another flavour that’s a little higher in protein & see how we go…..

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    Marlene N

    Hello again!
    Well, I agree 100%, there is something specific with the higher Protein content that affects our dogs. As soon as the diarrhea started, we tried the boiled chicken/ rice and then a few attempts to change back over to the Blue Wilderness food. As soon as we started it, it was an immediate diarrhea reaction / gas etc.. This went on for two months. She didn’t gain any weight, and for a 8-9 month old puppy, we were scared. A Petsmart manager suggested eliminating the protein, ie. Chicken and replacing it with a different protein. ie. Ground Beef. Instantly the diarrhea was gone!…and by the following week, we were able to start using the Prescription ID, recommended by our vet. That was fine for a month, until I found Nutro- Large Breed, Puppy, which was equivalent if not exactly at the same levels of Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber, Calcium, Nutrients, etc. We switched her food and everything has been fine.
    At 10 months now, she is 52 lbs, and as happy as she should be!

    We did try 1 day of a handful of the Blue Wilderness again… and her stool was extremely soft again.. so, yep! it is definitely the food and we are not switching back.

    A few things we have learnt from all of this:
    -sometimes all of our researching to do what is best for our pets….ie. buying the absolute best dog food on the market, is not always the best for your pet.
    -Golden Retrievers have very sensitive stomachs in general… so to help eliminate diarrhea, give them a boiled protein (opposite of what is in their food) and white rice diet is ok, but, sensitive stomach, prescription ID food works well too.
    -Sometimes all they may need is just 1-2 tablets of Immodium. Generic Name: loperamide
    Safely prescribed by your vet.
    -Finding what food works for your pet is a challenge, Thank Goodness Petsmart accepts returns of open bags of dog food!
    -Listen to other pet owners with the same type of breed…. that will save you a little aggravation too!

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    non-working dogs typically only need about 20% protein in their feed. pups, a lil more (high 20’s), just like mother’s feeding pups and performance dogs mid 20’s.
    so much feed now is crammed with high percentages of protein. i very recently saw a commercial with Purina now ( i think) with a new feed at 30% protein. unless your dog is a sled dog whose needs require this, why all the unnecessary protein in the feed these days????? if anything it’s more HARMful, as the extra protein cannot be utilized by the dog and is then excreted through their kidneys, along with a host of other issues, depending on what the protein source is. also, higher protein typically means more calories. it’s no wonder so many dogs today are ill, over weight or both. BB did have a recall as i remember, over the summer, but hopefully that issue has been corrected.
    sometimes more isn’t always best. feed is a funny thing with dogs: what works well for one may wreak havoc on another.
    wishing you all the best, and if your dog is just a pet who likes to sit by your side for the majority of the day, no need for all the protein these “food companies” (MANY of which animal feed is only ONE of their venues, which makes me question how much *your animals’ well being they actually have at heart) are manufacturing.
    sometimes less IS more!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi 2nd2none –

    The idea that only active dogs require more protein is a myth. In fact, strenuous activity has only a marginal impact on dietary protein requirements.

    From “Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding” 5th Ed.:

    “Rennie and Tipton (2000), in a review of this subject [the effect of strenuous exercise on protein and amino acid metabolism], reported that sustained exercise stimulates amino acid oxidation (chiefly branched chain) for gluconeogenesis and possibly affects regulation of acid-base balance, resulting in a short-term net loss of tissue protein due to decreased synthesis and increased degradation. Protein synthesis rebounds quickly following rest. The data indicate that exercise does not increase the dietary protein requirement; in fact, efficiency of protein metabolism may be improved as a result of exercise.”

    Higher protein does not equate to more calories when in fact the opposite is true. Protein contains 4 kcal. per gram, carbohydrates contain 4 kcal. per gram and fat contains 9 kcal. per gram. Exchanging carbohydrate for protein does not change the caloric density of the food and exchanging fat with protein would actually decrease the caloric density of the food.

    From “Focusing on Protein in the Diet” by T.J. Dunn Jr. DVM:

    “Extra carbohydrate intake, above the immediate needs of the dog (which occurs often with grain-based diets) prompts internal enzyme factors to store that extra carbohydrate (sugar) as fat. Give that same dog extra protein and it is excreted through the kidneys and NOT stored as fat. Knowing this, what do you think would make a better “weight loss diet” for a dog … one with grain as the main ingredient or one with a protein-rich meat source as the main ingredient?”

    It’s also a myth that excess protein (beyond what is necessary to meet the dog’s amino acid requirements) harms the kidneys. It is the job of the kidneys to excrete wastes and in a healthy animal, the kidneys are fully able to do this.

    From “Small Animal Clinical Nutrition” 4th ed.:

    “Feeding protein above requirements or recommendations for healthy dogs and cats does not result in toxicity because the excess amino acids from the protein are catabolized and the waste nitrogen is excreted.”

    From “Focusing on Protein in the Diet” by T.J. Dunn Jr. DVM:

    “The very early research that pointed a finger at protein as being a cause of kidney failure in dogs wasn’t even done on dogs! It was done on rats fed unnatural diets for a rodent — diets high in protein. (Were we tinkering with Nature during these “tests”?) Rats have difficulty excreting excess protein in their diets because they are essentially plant eaters, not meat eaters. Dogs are quite able to tolerate diets with protein levels higher than 30 percent on a dry weight basis. Dogs are meat eaters; that’s how Nature made them!”

    From “Kirk’s Veterinary Therapy XIII, Small Animal Practice” p. 861:

    “…restriction of protein intake does not alter the development of renal lesions nor does it preserve renal function. Considering these (research) findings, the authors do not recommend reduction of dietary protein in dogs with renal disease or reduced renal function in order to achieve renoprotective effects.”

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    Kriste M

    Please help (and I apologize if this has already been addressed)!
    I have a 12 week old Golden Retriever puppy and he had been on BB Wilderness Grain Free puppy dry food. After about a week his stools got very runny, took him to vet, no problems in fecal analysis. Gave him plain white rice for a few days, stool got better, but started getting runny again. Vet wants him on Science Diet, which I have never been a fan of. Can you please give me some options on great puppy food? I know calcium content is a big factor, because of dysplasia. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Kriste, my boy has runny soft poos, in the end vet said IBD, he was put on Vet Diet Eukanuba Intestinal, The vet said to leave him on the Intestinal vet diet for 1 year to let everything settle and get better but around 6 months I started to try better kibbles, I found I had to get a lower fat% kibble or we’d have the sloppy poos again …Wellness was the best for his poo’s. His poos are the best that they have ever been, here’s a link to have a look at their range..they have the “Large Breed Complete Health” puppy……also made by Wellpet is “Holistic Select” Grainfree Adult/Puppy… Good- Luck

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    Kriste M

    Thank you Sue!

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    My standard schnauzer puppy had really runny stools on the Wellness Complete Health, we switched him to Wellness Core Puppy and that resolved. Its on HDM’s list of 5 star foods appropriate for large breed puppies too.

    He is almost 7 months old now, and I was looking at possibly switching him to Go! Sensitivity and Shine Duck.

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    arwyru24, you could switch him to the Go! dog food, and also find a few more good dog foods and start rotating between them. That is good for dogs to be on a rotational diet.

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    Marlene N

    hi kriste. 
    My suggestion is take your puppy off of the blue wilderness puppy food completely.
    My Golden Retriever puppy like I said was fine for the first 6 months and then the diarrhea started. The food that my vet had recommended after doing the chicken and rice for 2 months and trying to get my dog back onto dog food was called Prescription ID , which is only sold by vets in canada. At $45 for a small bag, i decided to research futher. I found that the nutritional values, etc. were equivalent to the puppy food by Nutro Natural Choice lamb and rice puppy food for large breed.I have had my puppy on this food now for 2 months and no problems with her stomach, stools are firm, energy level is returned and her weight is where it should be.  At 10 months old she is 52 lbs.I hope this helps!
    as you transition from chicken and rice over to puppy food I can only suggest to change the protein to either ground beef or turkey instead of chicken.
    your transition should take no more than 14 days. Start with the protein and rice for a few days, until the stool is semi formed. (assuming you are feeding your puppy 3 times a day one cup per meal.) then slowly introduce the food and reduce the other two components by 1/4 cup intervals.
    Ex. 1/4 protein, 1/2 rice, 1/4 food, keep consistant for a few days, reduce the other two components until you are down to 1/8 protein, 1/8 rice and 3/4 food. By this time you will also know if the food is stable on your puppies stomach.
    good luck!

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    Kriste M

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

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    to clarify, i said this….” the unnecessary protein in the feed these days????? if anything it’s more HARMful, “….. i didn’t say it was more harmful [to the kidneys], HDM. nor did i mention any thing about renal failure. and as with all things, everyone has an opinion on the subject, based on one study or another, or, whose POV they find most convincing.
    case in point: (in fact) 2 of the 5 footnotes on this very subject, in this site, are from the 1990’s, another is 7 years old. outdated to some, perhaps, but convincing to others… belief is a matter of choice

    my source came from the 2010 edition of the Merek Vet Manual.

    but thank you for your opinion.
    imo, if something in a dog’s body is not being utilized and due to the extra amount given, is causing something else in the dog’s body to overwork, to compensate for that, why even give it in the first place?

    and best wishes to the op’s dog. hoping things have improved since july

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    I fed my lab and cocker spaniel both Wildnerness Chicken this summer with no issues at all. They’re now on Dr. Tim’s ALS Kinesis and doing great on it. I personally like Dr. Tim’s better.

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    John T

    Something is going on with Blue Buffalo. They have over 852 complaints of sick dogs, just take a look >
    It seem a supplier company was sold, and subpar ingredients such as carrageenan being purchased from China and added to Blue Buffalo food. Please pay attention because this is starting to get big. I was feed my 7 year old Shi Tzu BB treats and had been for years. Over the last 3 months he had continued loose stools, upset stomach and not being himself. The funny thing is after reading all this I removed all BB food and he is back to normal. NO more of this crap, I am making his food!! You just can’t trust any of these dog food companies because they are more concerned about chasing the Benjamin’s!! PLEASE pay attention and get off this poison!!

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    Tim L

    I switched my Yellow Lab, Payton, to Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Salmon & Duck mixed together) when he was 13 months old this past September 2014. He did very well on it until January 2015. I had purchased 2 new bags on January 7th, since we were just about to run out. I was feeding him the Salmon and the Duck and mixing the two together. He started the new bags on or about Jan 9th. I noticed in the days following, that is stool was becoming more and more loose. By Jan 17th he had horrible diarrhea. We put him on a bland diet of boiled turkey, rice and sweet potatoes. His stomach recovered quickly. We began to slowly transition him back onto his BBW. I noticed almost immediately that his stools become loose again. By the time he was fully back on BBW, the horrible diarrhea returned. We had his tool tested and blood work performed. He is healthy with no bacteria, parasites, kidney and liver functions are all normal. So, back on the bland diet. I have purchased Merrick Grain Free and began adding it to his bland food in very small quantities. So far, solid stools. Everything I had read thus far about Blue Buffalo is very concerning to me and my pup. I will be contacting the BB company today

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    John T

    Something is going on with Blue, I have been feeding my dog Blue and have trusted them until I started seeing all the post. For 3 months we thought something was wrong because of the loose stools but the vet could not find anything! Took him off Blue and like magic his stool is PERFECT!! Is that not a clue – No More Blue!!! I heard they switched their supplier which is most likely the problem!!! Dogs and Cats sick and dying because of store bought food is crazy and irresponsible! It is all about the dollar and not our pets! Home cooked meals from now on!!

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    Rebekah S

    To fellow beagle- and any dog – lovers! We switched Bit and Miss to Blue Buffalo in the wake of the Purina revelations. (They had been on Beneful and healthy weight dry for years.) We switched to Blue Buffalo and Lil Miss got sick within a week. We thought it was her back disc issues. Not walking. Peeing the bed.lethargic in the extreme. Took her to the vet for bloodwork, x Rays etc. then Lil Bit got really sick really fast on Saturday. Limping. Panting. Lethargy. Duh. I googled Blue Buffalo complaints. There are over 900 horrifying stories on Consumers Affairs site. They ate it for 17 days. I am hoping there is no permanent organ damage. They have been eating boiled chicken and rice for 48 hours and are much improved already. THROW IT AWAY!!!!

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    John T

    Thank God you got them off of it! The SAD thing is that it take a whole lot of companion animals both dog and cats to get sick, suffer and die before they identify the cause as BAD food!! ALL these companies, and I mean ALL of them are out for profits! That is why they sneak and put bad products in their foods. Think about it, they throw bad meat in a batch and save thousands! I had always trusted Blue until we could not find any reason why my dog had constant loose loose stools and high ATL levels. Amazing, with in one week of taking him off ALL commercial products he is back to normal! I make all his food and give him a daily vitamin and probiotic! It may take more time but oh well, I love him that much!! He gets 1/4 chicken, 1/4 white organic and washed rice, and 1/4 sweet potato and 1/4 vegi mix, mostly peas, carrots, green beans. I make a big batch for the week then take some and bake it for 6 minutes each side to use as treats and he loves it!! NO MORE COMMERCIAL FOOD! People are killing their companions and don’t even know it. Why do you think so many are dying with kidney and liver failure not to mention cancer! I am SO glad you got them off in time! PASS THE WORD – SAVE ANOTHER PET!

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    Rebecca L

    I just switched my 6 year old yorkie poo to Merrick this past Friday and didn’t even have to mix with his old food. No problems at all with the switch. Very Happy with the choice thus far.

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    Judy D

    About a week ago my little dogs suddenly started drinking a lot of water. At the time, I wondered why. They weren’t sick but, shortly thereafter, they did get sick with stomach problems and very watery diarrhea. I stopped feeding them for a period of 18 hrs. Then I slowly put them on boiled chicken and potatoes until they were better. Last night I resumed feeding them their usual BB canned dog food. We went for a walk and my schnauzer had watery diarrhea again. During the night my little toy poodle got sick also. Both dogs are now so sick again. It is so pitiful to see them suffering like this and I suspect something is wrong with BB. I will never buy it again. For three years they had been eating it without any problems and it is supposed to be the best. However, I have read many threads today on internet and found that since Dec 2014 more and more pet owners are experiencing the same gastrointestinal problems and switched their pets off BB which resolved the health issues. I also noted that there are a multitude of lawsuits against BB stating that their ingredients are no longer as pure as they used to be and contain grains now although BB is contentious about this they did finally admit to this. Apparently, they buy from various manufacturers and haven’t maintained a high quality by testing those suppliers’ ingredients. I am shocked. Now this info is based on various plaintiffs’ documents. In addition, there are rumors that they also import from China. However, to be fair this is heresay until I can verify. In addition, I happen to talk to a friend in AZ (I am in NYC) who mentioned that his little dog was in the hospital with bleeding gastroenteritis. Guess what dog food little Maggie was? You got it, BB!!
    Once I get my dogs recover this time, I will not go back to BB. NEVER EVER!!!

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    John T

    I am glad you found out before they had Kidney or liver failure/damage!! This is crazy!! I trusted BB with their BULL CRAP and heavy marketing while all along buying sub-standard cheap ingredients to pad their profits on the health of our loved one!! NEVER AGAIN! I will continue to make my little guys food and treats!!

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    Kristin C

    Judy-my story sounds exactly like yours. I got a puppy in Dec 2014 who we put on Blue Puppy. Our older dog was on Blue Wilderness at the time. Our puppy did terribly on it, actually did better on Purina Puppy Chow! I consider it a learning experience as I would have just kept feeding my older dog Blue if we had not gotten another dog. They both eat homemade raw now. One gets Farmina kibble and one gets Orijen kibble a couple times per week though. My older dog now has a barely audible heart murmur since taking her off the Blue. Could be the raw, and extra heart I feed her but I am thrilled and hope she will be with us for a very long time. Good luck with your dogs.

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    Our beautiful dog Ben is no longer with us – he has now died. He was eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula and it made him very sick. First he started having diarrhea. Then he started vomiting bright yellow with white foam. We took him off the BB and gave him chicken and rice for a while until it seemed that he was getting better. Then we started feeding him the Blue Buffalo again and instantly he started vomiting the bright yellow again! This time it was too much to bear for his weakened body and system and he could not bounce back to health anymore. Please avoid Blue Buffalo foods and warn everyone you can about the damage their foods can do to your loving animals! Since our dog passed away we have talked to dozens of people who have also had issues with their pets getting very sick while eating – you guessed it – Blue Buffalo!!! I seriously cannot believe that this company has not recalled their foods – or that they are still in business!

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    Chantelle E

    I switched my 9 year old Silky Terrier, Asta to Blue Buffalo Chicken after I found bits of metal in his Pedigree dog food. That switch was made around August 20th, 2015. After about a week I began to notice small diarrhea spots in the house and Asta would cough up foam. I thought it was left over side effects from the Pedigree. The symptoms have become worse so I checked out this website and DING!!! Everything the previous posters have cited have been happening to Asta. I am ditching the BB and will put him on a chicken and rice diet for the next few weeks and then switch to Hill’s Science Diet. This is just awful and I’m so mad I could spit! I used Pedigree for two decades and never had an issue until recently and now the BB is killing my dog. These companies should conduct a recall and if they can’t produce a safe/healthy dogfood, CLOSE THEIR DOORS! ST, I am so,so sorry to hear about your beautiful Ben and send sincere condolences and best wishes.

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    John T

    My little guy has been off Blue Buffalo for 6 months now and he has not had any problem whatsoever with diarrhea or throwing up like he did while he was on it. It’s just amazing that we can’t stop this and I’m sure more dogs are dying because people don’t get on the internet to read this post. I’m not sure what we can do unless we alright the Food and Drug Administration and I’m not sure that will work. Anyway he gets no commercial food as my wife and I make his food and his treats he’s 9 years old and the vet said he’s healthy as an ox. Good luck

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    Chantelle- Are you switching to Science Diet per your vet’s recommendation or another reason?

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    Chantelle E

    Hi Pitlove, I was going to switch to Science Diet because I have had good luck with their feline food but I instead switched to Diamond and have had good results so far. Asta is no longer coughing up foam and his BM’s are more normal thank goodness.

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    Glad to hear it Chantelle. Hope you have continued success with the food.

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    Shirley M

    I also put both my lab girls on Blue and their stool was always runny. I even added pumpkin. They would eat a lot of grass and dirt so I took them off and started them on Wellness, no corn, no wheat, etc. They are doing much better and their stools are for the lack of a better word …. “beautiful”…. LOL Something just not right with the Blue brand sorry to say and it’s expensive to boot!

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    Jordin K

    People do not realize that unless your dog is extremely active and always outside/hunting, the Blue Wilderness is too rich in protein. This gives Blue a bad reputation but the Life Protection formula, Freedom and Basics are all normal in the amount of protein and fat and do dogs a lot better on those. The Freedom is grain free and so is some of the Basics, which are better options for your dog who aren’t as active. Blue is a better choice for dogs over Pedegree because Blue does not contain any By-Product, Corn, Wheat, or Soy. Four main ingredients that can cause issues with dogs and puppies. A lot of the time it’s an issue with your dog as well. Mine have diarrhea and gas with any food that contains chicken, which is why I feed the Basics and they do wonderfully on it. I agree that the Wilderness will cause a dog to have those problems if they aren’t active enough to use all of that fat and protein in their activities, but Blue is not a bad brand. Just keep that in mind.

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    John T

    Jordin, sorry but I must disagree with you. My dog is active and gets more protein now that he did with the blue food. Something is going on with blue as there are way too many complaints and all with diarrhea problems. Unfortunately I think all these dog food companies are out for the almighty dollar and they cut corners where they can. Its really funny now that I make my dogs foods at home with the correct ingredients and he has no issues or problems whatsoever. And at nine years old he looks like he’s a 3 year old. Unless you work for Blue Buffalo you really don’t know what they put in it.

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    Blue was recently sued for finding by product in their food.

    The protein comment is a myth, as well, has nothing to do with the activity level

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    Chantelle E

    Got to disagree with you Jordan! When I consulted my vet about BB two weeks ago he stated that BB is dangerous (too much vitamin D which is toxic) and will not feed it to any of his own animals. He recommended Diamond which so far has been great!

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    jiggamah n

    I would stay away from it. I fed my first dog their food when he was 1.5 years (this was a while ago). He would sporadically get lethargic and vomit with mild diarrhea. My food-snob girlfriend blamed the food and suggested switching. I did and the symptoms stopped. Three years later, I had adopted another puppy and ran out of his food (in the interim, he was eating the older dog’s food and was fine). I ended up buying and feeding him BB’s puppy food. Like my older dog, he started vomiting, was lethargic but did not have diarrhea. My girlfriend, again, blamed the food. I switched and it stopped.

    This is not to say that it’s necessarily the food. But the two having similar symptoms from similar food –both of which stopped after we changed the food– is enough for me to avoid it. Compound that with their ratings on Consumer Affairs and I’d encourage you all to avoid it, as well. It’s not worth the money or the vet visits.

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    Blue Buffalo was a disaster for my dog too. Went right through her. I tried Orijen, great food, but soft poop. So I found Petcurean NOW Fresh Large Breed and I’m all set now, dog is perfect on the food. I tried to switch to Fromm, but again soft poop…so I hope Pstcurean stays in business and continues to make the same food or I’m screwed! 😉

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    Eileen E

    Please follow and like my page and help me bring awareness to get this stuff off of the shelf! This product killed my cat and the other is in treatment and so many animals are suffering:

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    Dustin B

    I’ve been feeding my dog that stuff for years and she’s never gotten sick,you don’t change food without doing the proper transition and expect your dog not to get sick idiots,my dog has been on it for four years and never has gotten sick,it’s your fault they got sick because if you change from on food to another in a blink of an eye of course your dog is going to get sick,you’re just ******* ********

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    John T

    First of all Dustin, don’t come in here calling us idiots and being nasty! Every dog or cat is different. While I agree changing food too fast can cause problems, but I trusted BB for over a year while my dog had constant digestive problem and abnormal blood work. After finding no reason for the problems the vet said take him off BB which I did and guess what Dustin, within two weeks he was normal and has been for a year now. BB has a lot of money and they are the marketing kings. All they care about is the almighty dollar. Trust them if you wish, it is you right, but for me I sm fone with them. They lied and got caught. See here. Have a good evening.

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    Jeff A

    A few years ago I had an eight year old Great Dane that I fed Canadae. He was on the food for years, but around eight he developed osteosarcoma. He started occasionally throwing up the Canadae so on a whim I tried Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Six months later, at the end of his life, he was able to eat the BB Wilderness.

    A few months later I adopted a Great Dane from a rescue to keep my other Dane company. I decided to go back to Canadae. My one dog never had an issue, but the new rescue would sometimes throw it up. I switched to TotW at that point, and although the random vomiting lessened it still occurred. At that point I switched them both over to BB Wilderness and her random vomiting stopped. They were on the food for two years without an issue.

    Then a month ago I got the idea I would slowly transition the girls over to Fromm. Two weeks into the transition both dogs were hit with vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite, and bloody diarrhea. Was it the Fromm?

    My point is that dogs and nutrition is not one size fits all. I’ve never had an issue with BB Wilderness.

    I’ve read all the lawsuit crap. From what I can tell, Blue Buffalo has never admitted to intentionally lying about their ingredients. They claim their supplier is responsible, and they didn’t know. They might be lying and knew it all along, or maybe they didn’t know until it was brought to their attention. Purina suing is like the pot calling the kettle black. Even their premium Pro Plan has chick by product meal as the 4th ingredient.

    What make me angry is that I paid good money for a premium product that was not as advertised, but they have a site I can go to and get some money back.

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    Amanda Q

    I have used blue life protection for my dogs for nearly a year. Recently we switched to blue wilderness for more flavor choices for our dogs. After switching to the wilderness formula my dogs started getting sick and my younger ones could not kick the illness. After spending nearly 600 on the vet visits and medications we discover they had contracted parasites and had digestion issues! We switched them to a special diet and with that and the medication they got better. We decided to give blue wilderness one last chance and after about 2 days of eating it they are sick again. I keep my food in a sealed container so I do not have the bag for the batch information but I am very disappointed with blue dog food.

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    jiggamah n

    Dustin, did you even read the comments? Some of us had our dogs on BB for long periods of time, which should have been enough to resolve any issues that would have occurred from simply switching dog foods. Next time, think it through before you troll.

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    Hi Minsway, I’m very sorry for your loss….you’d feel helpless, I can’t imagine going thru this, 1 dog passing but to have 2 dogs die, it would be so awful. So sorry…

    Have you posted this information on the reviews section under all the Blue Buffalo formulas, that’s where people go to see how many stars & what ratings the “Dog Food Advisor” has given their kibble that their dog is eating..

    What did your vet say he thinks caused the deaths of your 2 dogs & did you have the food tested for evidence?
    Have you contacted Blue Buffalo & what have they said?

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    Thank you! Yes, I have save food, throw up and stool.
    I will look for some of the forums you are speaking of and post .

    Yes, Blue Buffalo will pay for the vet bills. Yet you are allowing Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food Company to pay for your silence. If they pay for your bills, you have no claim and you have no voice.

    Im on a mission to “Save A Life Campaign ”
    To help those not to experience what my two girls went thought after eating Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food. They died a horrible death!

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