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    I need the best cat foods, canned and dry for my cats. I have switched over to the Nature’s Logic dry, they like, and I am still feeding two cans of the pate Fancy Feast a day due to finicky cats. I want to upgrade to a better canned that they will eat, that is key!! and does not cost much more than $1 a can. Only one cat like the Bravo raw, but I couldn’t really afford to go completely raw with the dog on raw. Thank you for any info! Beth

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    I have found a great website regarding cat nutrition as I have also been looking for quality cat food at a reasonable price. The author does not recommend any dry food at all, but has a couple of charts of canned food that include fat, protein, carb, and phosphorus levels. It was eye opening to me. The site is: http://www.catinfo.org. Hopefully it will be helpful to you also. Deanna

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    Frankie B

    Have you tried Nulo? There’s coupons available for the cans all the time

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Frankie B:
    Where can I find Nulo coupons?!?!

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    Orijen Makes an excellent cat food, low glycemic index, quality protein without frivolous fillers. My cats enjoy the cat & kitten and six fish varieties. The were not fond of the regional red.

    My cats also eat Fromm beef flavor 4star line food. They like it a lot and it’s healthy too, but not low glycemic.

    as for wet food I have had very little luck. My cats are finicky and they snub most the healthy foods. They loved BFF foods, but they developed explosive poop from it, bummer. They will eat Tiki cat canned tuna or tuna/chix, depending on their mood.

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    Gary W

    I am a strong believer that cats cannot have any grain in their diet, as it is just an open door to health problems. You may be paying a lot upfront, but your wallet will thank you when your kitty doesn’t get loads of health problems. Onto food!

    Below are some recommended brands for Dry and canned foods:

    Purina Fancy Feast canned food
    Rachael Ray Nutrish both Dry/canned
    Natural Balance
    Wellness(I would feed it if they take out the garlic)
    California Natural
    Hills Science Dry Cat food
    Blue Wilderness
    Nutro(Natural Choice or Max Cat) (some people think it’s terrific and others might disagree)

    Here you can find some top canned and Dry cat foods https://www.criticthoughts.com/pet/best-cat-food/

    Of course, the more canned the better. To paraphrase our cat specialist vet’s recommendation, it’s best to feed a grain-free, low-carb wet-only diet. My suggestion for “best” foods would be canned foods with as much meat as possible and minimal (or, better, no) carby stuff like grains of any sort, peas, potato, and tapioca.

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    Celt S

    Applaws is a very good dry cat food in my opinion. Very heavy on meat protein and almost no grain. Here it’s $20 for a 4 lb bag. Which is pretty decent for the quality. Another much more cost effective, if not the same quality, good food is Crave. It’s about 10 for 4 lbs. Nutro’s Wild Frontier dry is decent too. Both Crave and Nutro have more “grain” to them but isn’t bad. Nutro perfect portions, Fancy Feast (classics only, the rest has too much “extras”), some Fancy Feast broths (usually in the treat section, but are doable has a meal), Fancy Feast fillets (same place), Crave, and Muse (not the ones in the can) are also usually cost effective and pretty good. I love the applaws wet foods, but have to say they are a bit pricey. Worth it but not very budget friendly.

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    Sandra K

    Do not feed your cats Fancy Feast, my cat that were raised n it for 13 years hall gotten sick in the past 2 months. I have read a number of articles from other people that have lost their cats or have very sick cats like mine. Please change cat food if you are using fancy feast. My babies started with vomiting and diarrhoea. We had not done anything different. As soon as we changed the food they started to get better. Please tell everyone you know.

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    joanne l

    Wow my sister-in-law feeds fancy feast and her cats are fine. I don’t have cats but I will tell her, but she is stubborn she may not switch.

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    Fancy Feast is a fine canned cat food. It is probably one of if not the most popular foods sold.

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    adam s

    Hey guys, I have found a great website for your cat which will provide you many useful instruments needed for your cat, check out https://mycatneedsthis.com/10-best-cat-water-fountains-reviews-buying-guide/. This is water fountains article which is very need for cat.

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    Canned or Dry Food: Which is Better for Cats?

    excerpt below, click on link for full article and comments

    Canned or Dry Food: Which is Better for Cats?
    Posted on September 3, 2019 by skeptvet
    Among the timeless questions that are debated endlessly from generation to generation, such as “What is the meaning of life?” and “Does the refrigerator light go off when the door is closed?” is one that veterinarians and cat owners are particularly familiar with: “Is feeding canned or dry food better for cats?” Cat lovers, and many vets, often have strong and absolute opinions on this question, and disagreements on the subject tend to be about as amicable as disagreements about politics and religion.

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    Alexander G

    I absolute agree with you though on the different tiers of dry-food, and the quality of the ingredients and amount of fillers included in each tier. In fact – I just read this information (https://catspurfection.com/high-calorie-cat-food-to-gain-weight.html) this morning prior to discovering your post here.

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    Rabbi A

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article. I really appreciate it.
    I’m also writing stuff on cats’ basic needs and utilities: like the best brushes for long-haired ragdoll cats or the best food and treats, and also about litter and cat toys. You can read my blog post at https://gopetco.com/

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    Jessica J

    Best Dry Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach 2023

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