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    dianna M

    Hi everyone. I have a 6 month bullmastiff puppy who is a picky eater.. I have tried a few of the top brands like fromm, taste of the wild, dr. Tims. I also tried wellness before I knew about the green tea extract. Anyways the breeders fedd eucanuba which I mixed while transitioning and he ate his food fine no issues the problem is once the transition is mostly the top brand he won’t eat it. My conclusion is he doesn’t like the little baby kibble in all those brands. He eats eucanuba, and wellness no problem and even if mixed with the better brands.

    So is there any great brands for large breed puppy with a bigger kibble??? Or is there an ok brand with big kibble that I can always mix with a better small k ibble food. I really want to feed him a great quality food but I am at a loss.

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    Hi Dianna- What makes you think he doesn’t like the size of the kibble? Most of the kibbles that are for LBP’s are larger because the dogs mouth is larger. I feed Fromm Gold Large Breed Adult and the kibbles are a good size for my pitbull. The kibble is the same size for the Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy. I can see Wellness being smaller because even though its appropriate for LBP’s its “marketed” for puppies in general which could also mean small breeds.

    The Eukanuba LBP formula is actually not too bad and is correctly formulated for your Bull Mastiff pup, so if he is willing to eat that perhaps go back to what you know he likes.

    My personal favorite LBP food is Fromm Gold LBP so its unfortunate that it didn’t work out for him.

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    Tammy H

    Have you tried the Orijen puppy food? It is pricey so I would check to see if you can get a sample or buy the smallest bag available in case your puppy does not like it.

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    I feed Now Fresh Large Breed Adult – the kibble is big so my GSD has to chew her food. I fed her the puppy version too, kibble is smaller but not as small as most adult dog foods. My dog does extremely well digesting NOW Fresh. She could not digest Orijen or Fromm. Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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