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    Tiffany B

    Can anyone recommend a chicken-free food for a large breed puppy?

    My Dogue De Bordeaux appears to be allergic to chicken. I’ve tried several different large breed puppy foods, and she throws up all of the chicken based ones. Right now I’ve got her on Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy because it’s the only large breed puppy food I’ve found that’s based on lamb. However, she doesn’t seem to like it and will only eat it if I mix in some FreshPet roll. She also seems to scratch a lot, so I don’t think it’s agreeing with her skin. (Not to mention she’s been having a lot of gas. . . .)

    All the other large breed puppy foods I’ve found are chicken based. I’m open to putting her on an adult or all life stages food since there are more chicken-free options, but most of them don’t provide the calcium and phosphorous info.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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    In this forum, above, highlighted in yellow, is a stickie on large breed puppy nutrition. Somewhere in that very long thread is a list of appropriate brands for large breed puppies. I’d start with the last page & work backwords to find the link to the list. Once you see the list, you can go to the website for the food & look for non-chicken ones.

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    Taste of the Wild makes 2 puppy formulas that are safe for large breed puppies, both of which are chicken free.



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    Look into NOW Fresh Large Breed puppy and adult. I believe it is free of chicken and my GSD does extremely well digesting, which is rare! Also the food contains no iffy ingredients and seems to be ethically produced.

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    Tiffany B

    Thanks for the replies. I finally found one that is agreeing with her — Fromm’s Prairie Gold Large Breed Puppy. She’s been on it for a week and hasn’t thrown up at all.

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