Best Dry Grain Free Dog Foods


The following is a list of our best dog food brands — each known to include at least one dry grain free dog food.

Bowl of Grain Free Dog FoodTo qualify, each dry kibble must have been rated four or five stars by the Advisor.

And of course, it must be grain free.

If you know of a dry grain free dog food you feel should have been included on this list, please feel free to share your suggestions in the Comments section below.

Or if you’re searching for some suggestions yourself, remember to browse our readers’ Comments below to get some more ideas.

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Best Dry Grain Free Dog Foods

The following is a list of our top-rated dry dog food brands. Each line has been shown to contain at least one grain free dog food.

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Ginna-
    Look under Kirkland Signature’s Domain. It is rated 3.5 stars. Therefore, it is not on the “best grain free” dry foods. This list is for four and five star foods.

  • ginna kelly

    Costco has added a new “Kirkland” brand dry kibble called Nature’s Domain. There are 3 flavors and all are grain free. I don’t see any reviews for it, any input I could use? Do you know who makes it for them? ginna4dogs

  • Teresa Stauffer Berry

    It is an excellent food. One of our vet techs with two very allergic dogs researched it out and it very good quality.

  • aquariangt

    as bobby dog said-simply nourish isn’t a bad brand. I use it occasionally-usually the Simply Nourish Source line, which is the highest protein of their options. They’ve added some more flavors as well, but be warned they ALL have chicken, so it’s not a line I would feed exclusively. Chicken/Turkey, Duck/Chicken, Rabbit/Chicken, Venison/Chicken. I’ve only used the turkey and duck thus far, but may try out the others in a bit here. It’s manufactured by American Nutrition. I do think that a big bag may run more than $40 though, but it is the best price of the decent foods at petsmart. Authority Grain Free is a better price point, I know in the past Authority was made by menu (ugh) when they were gone, I’m not sure who the manufacturer is now.

  • ATigger_Girl

    Thanks!!! I appreciate all that info :-)

  • Bobby dog

    DFA – Dog Food Advisor, sorry about that. I am not sure what your budget is, but Petsmart has a few house brands, Authority and Nourish. I like Nourish more out of those two. You will be able to easily comparison shop at home since Petsmart’s website has all the foods they sell on there.

    Also, if interested, there is a coupon thread on the forum side where posters share coupons, sales, rebate offers, and any other deals they find. You can subscribe (upper right corner of the page) to this thread to get e-mail updates every time someone posts.
    Page one is the intro:

    This is the current page:

    Here’s a $5 off specialty food from Petsmart coupon. Look for a post from Akari_32 dated September 27, 2014 at 7:10 am:

    Sign up for e-mails from the pet food companies that Petsmart sells. Allot of companies have frequent buyer programs or send out coupons via e-mail.

  • ATigger_Girl

    currently I have to go to Petsmart bc my diabetic cat food is only sold there (or the vets) so idealistically if I find a grain free food that works for both my dogs from Petsmart that would save me a trip.

  • Bobby dog

    Where do you shop for pet food?

    You can also print out lists of the 3 – 5 star DFA rated foods and take them to the pet store with you. Then check out the foods your store has to see what is available in your budget and you feel you dog would do well on.

  • ATigger_Girl

    Hi, we have a rott/chow mix and a 3.5 year old Siberian Husky. The husky is super hyper & doesn’t play well with others (by breed I know they are energetic dogs) but was told to first try switching his dog food to no grain before we try anything else. I’ve done some research & all the no grain food seems soooo expensive for our budget. I don’t want to order online until I know the food works for our dogs and in case I can’t order online need to find it at a local pet store. As much as I’d love to, I do not have time to make my own food (I have 3 kids), and I can’t afford to buy a $40 bag of dog week per week to feed both large dogs, plus I already have a senior diabetic cat who takes expensive insulin & has other meds for his old age that are quite costly. I love my animals but am having a hard time finding something we can afford but that is not going to harm my fur-children also? Any suggestions?

  • margaret waddell

    Thanks for the suggestions. Will keep them in mind.

  • theBCnut

    I certainly agree. If you can feed a raw meaty bone or a raw meal a couple times a week, your dog would still be getting the benefits of raw foods. Or you can add canned to a good kibble to up meat intake, if you find a kibble that you like, but it is lower in protein than you would like.

  • margaret waddell

    No, of course it isn’t, nor am I implying that I would feed a dog high starch kibble. My dog and cat are both currently on raw diets. However, I am only ever on this website because I am recently widowed. Raw is very expensive. My cat will remain on raw. But I came to this site looking for a non-GMO, grain-free kibble as a possibility for the dog, which though still expensive, is less so than feeding raw. One needs must make new choices sometimes when one’s income changes downwards, and if needs must, I would rather choose kibble than give up my dog.

  • theBCnut

    My cat snatched up a tomato that squirted out of my burger and ate the whole thing in less than 3 seconds. My dogs wouldn’t touch it. My dogs happily eat bunnies, frogs, lizards, and mice, so do my cats. You are right that dogs are not obligate carnivores, but that doesn’t mean that the best diet for them is high starch kibble.

  • margaret waddell

    True…I had a cat who loved lettuce and would beg for it. But if I didn’t get ahead of my Siberian , she invariably ate every ripe blackberry and raspberry in the patch, leaving none for me. I will amend to cats are more obligate carnivores, canines less so. Consider what urban coyotes will eat. =)

  • Tom Sims

    Incorrect, and an abjectly flawed argument. I have a cat who loves kale and peanut butter but that doesn’t mean that’s what I should feed him. There are humans who eat their own fingernails but that doesn’t mean they’re digestible.

  • margaret waddell

    Cats are obligate carnivores. Dogs are not. Have you ever really looked at what dogs will happily scarf down, but cats will not touch?

  • SpunkyBunks

    Hi Dawn!

    Did you find a new dog food for your dog? My little stinker was on Blue Buffalo Wilderness for 2 years, and it has transformed my dog into one energetic muscular cutie. But I had problems with it. He wouldn’t touch the dark “lifesource” bits in the kibble. He would spit them out! And he also developed an allergy to it, he was constantly licking his paws like a cat in a very aggressive manner. And he was constantly eating grass wherever we went. It was weird.

    I’ve since switched him to Rachael Ray Grain Free (Turkey) and he’s doing rather well with it. I love the ingredient list and it’s available everywhere: Walmart, Target, Smith’s, Albertsons, etc. It was rather inconvenient to drive to Petsmart to obtain Blue Wilderness, plus it costs twice as much as Rachael Ray.

    He also stopped licking his paws and eating random straws of grass! Which is a big plus. I didn’t know that paw licking was an allergic reaction until I read the comments on this website.

    Hope you are successful!
    Good luck.

  • Tamara Britt-Smith

    i have been using it for yrs for my mastiff and 2 Chihuahua’s I use the White fish and Potato..

  • Kati

    Does anyone know if tractor supply’s 4health grain free is any good?

  • Tom Sims

    Dogs are obligate carnivores. They cannot digest cellulose. Rice is literally empty filler for a dog. If you’re vegan, that’s fine, but don’t abuse your dog by forcing her to conform to a diet that will malnourish if not kill her. If you can’t bring yourself to comply with her needs then surrender her to a rescue and get an herbivorous pet.

  • John

    Hello everyone, I owned pug, she is 6yrs old, has horrible atopic problem. Anyone suggest me best vegan dry food? I tried so many method to release her skin problem but not that I know nothing had been worked. Nowdays I fed her flat white rice with grind beef but it takes me so much time and care. I never fed her vegan dry food yet so I want to try what happens.

  • theBCnut

    One of the major factors that gives foods higher ratings is the amount of meat protein in the food, so you will not find a low protein food with a high rating. Good luck in your search.

  • theBCnut

    Sorry it has taken so ling for me to get back. I got hurt and am kind of laid up.
    I definitely like Preformatin better, and if his stools were getting better on it and you are willing to buy it, go for it. If you want to use up the Fromm, wait until he is doing good on a regular food and then mix it with his regular food, but only about 1/4 Fromm.
    Feeding a rotational diet really helps a lot of dogs with sensitive stomachs, so once you get him settled on one food, you ought to check into it.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Dimas, Grain free foods do not contain rice, or any other grains. Sorry, but I doubt anyone has the time to go through your list, and find a food for you. Good luck tho.

  • Dimas Rodriguez

    Hey everybody, I need some help finding the best grain free dog food for my 4 year old Dalmatian. Im looking for something that has lamb and rice that has a low crude protein of 21-25. Right now I’m feeding him natural balance lamb and rice, but after reading some review on it and seeing the rating i just want to switch to a better quality food brand with good rating thats in his crude protein area. Any info or suggestion will help please. Thank you. Also i try to stay in the green purines list when it comes to ingredients.

    Green Purines
    Whole grain, yeast-free breads and cereals
    Most vegetables, including potatoes (see exceptions below)
    Fruits (avoid acidic citrus)
    Nuts (including peanut butter)

    Yellow Purines
    Most poultry, including chicken and turkey
    Fish and shellfish (see exceptions below)
    Lamb, pork, and beef
    Oats and oatmeal

  • nicole

    Fromm is 24% protein 15% fat.
    I should also note that he is underweight

  • nicole

    The preformatin is 37% protein and 16% fat

  • nicole


  • nicole

    Top is the preformatin bottom is fromms

  • Susan

    Hi Nicole, What is the fat% & protein % in the kibbles that he is having diarrhea on & what is the Fat% & Protein % in the kibble he doesnt have diarrhea on??Chicken & rice is a bland diet, low in fat,& he does well on that, so just keep an eye on the fat% in the kibbles ur using & see if its the higher fat that he’s having diarrhea….once you find a kibble that works stick with it till his stomach & bowel settles & watch the treats as they are offen high in fat% dont give too many, I use kibble as treats for training as you need a few…if his diarrhea continues see a vet for test…I just thought of something, do these kibbles that he has diarrhea on have Potatoes, this happens to my boy when he eats potatoes…

  • Herb
  • theBCnut

    A lot of dogs don’t do well on Blue Buffalo. What grains are in the Fromm food, other than rice? If he did good on chicken and rice, it can’t be grains in general, because rice is a grain, but it could still be another specific grain, if the other foods had a different grain in them.
    I would put him back on chicken and rice, until his stomach calms down, and then just add a little bit of the Fromm food and see how he does on just a little of it. If he does fine, then after a couple days, increase the amount of Fromm’s to 1/4 of his food. If he is still doing well, try half and half after 3 more days. Then after three more days, try 3/4 Fromm’s. And finally, after three more days, try all new food. You will have to adjust the amount you feed at ever stage, because the kibble is likely to have more calories than your chicken and rice, and that alone can cause diarrhea. If at any time, his stools get soft, back off on the new food and wait three more days to try the higher amount again.

  • nicole

    he does great on chicken and rice…and good when I mixed that chicken and rice after a few days with the performatrin. but instantly not good with the blue buffalo and chicken and rice and the Fromms with chicken and rice which lead me to think maybe he has a grain allergy. The only food that was grain free was the performatrin. I haven’t been trying to switch him too much but when we first got him he was on blue buffalo for about a week with constant loose stools so i figured that def was not working for him and then when I reintroduced it and it happened again i said ok, no more blue buffalo…lets try the performatrin. that worked in combination with the chicken and rice but there is not much left in the bag and I have the fromms chicken a la veg already so I wanted to see how he would do but an hour after he ate it he got the runs again so do I keep trying and hope his stomach gets used to Fromms or just go grain free?

  • theBCnut

    It sounds like you are switching his food around faster than he can adjust to it. If he is improving on the chicken and rice, why not try a bland chicken and rice food, like NutriSource, and ssslllooowwwlllyyy change him over to it. If his diarrhea is like pudding, try adding a little bit of canned pure pumpkin to his food. And get him some probiotics to take until after the diarrhea is gone.
    If giving him chicken and rice is not helping, then maybe it is a grain issue, or a chicken issue, and you could try a food like Earthborn Holistic.

  • nicole

    Hi all, we recently adopted a 9 month old lab mix on the 4th, ever since we got him he has had diarrhea. We were giving him blue buffalo puppy food, so i put him on chicken and rice and it cleared up in the meantime we went to pet valu and since he was a rescue they gave us a free bag of puppy food. It was Performatin ultra grain free puppy food, but since we already had a bag of the blue buffalo i put him back on it to see if he could handle it again…nope, almost immediately he had massive diarrhea again…so back to the chicken and rice. After 3 days I opened the bag of Performatin and started slowly mixing it in, his poops slowly started to firm up (still mixed in with chicken and rice). As of this morning he had 2 nice solid ones. HOWEVER, tonight I mixed his chicken and rice with Fromms a-la-veg and he instantly has diarrhea again. Is it safe to say my little guy has a grain allergy?? if so what is the best but most friendly on the wallet dog food for him? a 26 lb bag of the performatin is $60. Thanks

  • DogFoodie

    Hi Herb,

    The first two that come to mind are Dr. Tim’s and Annamaet. I know both are used for high energy sled dogs and are nutritionally dense.

  • Susan

    Have you looked at Wellness or Holistic Select kibbles , also what I do is I look at how many Kcal per cup the kibble has, the Wellness Simple Duck & Oatmeal has 450Kcal per cup my boy started to gain weight after 2 weeks being on the Welllness Simple Duck & Oatmeal, there’s also the Lamb & Oatmeal it has 406Kcal per cup he also gain weight the Lamb….here’s their link…. scroll down for the Wellness Simple range & then click on “FEEDING GUIDELINES” & scroll down & u’ll see the Kcal per cup ME…

  • Herb

    I need to find a dry dog food that is NOT GRAIN FREE. i must put some weight on my boy and grain free food does not do it. Any suggestions??