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The Dog Food Advisor is published as a public service to help dog owners make more informed decisions when shopping for dog food.

Welcome! My name is Mike Sagman — and as editor and creator of this website, I believe it’s important for you to know a little about my background.

Mike Sagman, D.D.S.I’m a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia with a doctoral degree in dental surgery.

My college curriculum included a major in chemistry and a minor in biology.

Yet none of my education or my more than 35 years in healthcare should be considered an essential requirement for publishing The Dog Food Advisor.

However, when creating a reference website like this, it does take a genuine love for dogs and a real concern for what they eat.

And, of course…

It Takes a Team

As you’d expect, it would be impossible for any one person to write and update the hundreds of reviews and articles you’ll find on this website — without the help of others.

Our current team includes two dedicated research assistants, an experienced social media admin as well as one extraordinarily knowledgeable (and generous) veterinarian friend.

Thanks to their collaborative help and after publishing more than 950 reviews representing some 4,100 products, The Advisor has become the Net’s most visited website about dog food.1

How We Do It

The Dog Food Advisor’s approach to evaluating dog food is based upon one important principle:

No food can ever be magically better than the ingredients that were used to make it

That’s why it’s so important for you to know what’s actually in your dog’s food — before you buy it. And the only reliable way we know to do that is to carefully examine the label.

Where We Get
Our Information

The many articles and reports you’ll find here are the direct result of information we’ve personally aggregated from readily available public sources

Books, journals and published research found at the United States National Institute of Health PubMed medical libraries.

And, of course, more importantly, from government-regulated pet food labels, too.

Who Owns the
Dog Food Advisor?

The Dog Food Advisor is a blog written and edited by me and my staff. The views and opinions expressed here are presented in good faith and are strictly our own.

We do not accept money or samples from pet food companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews or ratings.

In addition, to avoid any influence from the industry itself:

We do not accept or allow paid advertising from pet food manufacturers.

To learn how we support the cost of operating this website, please feel free to visit our public Disclosure and Disclaimer page.

Why I Do It

What really made me passionate about canine nutrition was the result of a personal tragedy.

In 2007, I lost a wonderful little shelter dog named Penny to my unquestioned trust of commercial pet food.

So, after that heartbreaking experience I made it my personal goal to never again let anything like that happen to any dog in my care.

And I’d like to help you make sure what happened to Penny could never happen to your dog either.

How You Can Help

Have you ever bought a dog food and discovered something about it you didn’t like? Or maybe you finally found one you believe is the perfect choice for your dog.

Here’s how you can help us grow a valuable dog food resource:

Simply share what you know about any dog food we review with the rest of us.

Your personal experience with different dog foods could provide valuable information for everyone. So, please leave your comments and opinions after any review you read.

We’d love to hear from you. And so would the rest of the world’s dog lovers.

Speak Up for Dogs

By the way, be sure to visit The Dog Food Advisor’s community action website, Speak Up for Dogs.

And while you’re there, please sign our petition to help us change the pet food industry on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves — our beloved dogs.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor
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