Best Low Fat Dog Foods


The best low fat dog foods can be beneficial for pets suffering from specific health conditions like:
Woman looking for low fat dog food

  • Pancreatitis
  • Obesity

However, finding a quality low fat dog food can be difficult.

That’s because to cut back on fat, pet food companies are inclined to design dog foods that contain less meat.

So, most low fat dog foods also tend to be low in protein and high in carbs, too.

How We Select
the Best Low Fat Dog Foods

The average fat content1 and arbitrarily chosen low fat limit2 of all dog foods currently stored in The Dog Food Advisor database are included in the following table:

Table of Dog Food Fat Content

Best Low Fat Dog Foods

The following low fat dog foods have been selected by The Dog Food Advisor because they each meet three criteria:

  • Below-average fat content
  • Above-average protein content
  • Product rated 4 stars or higher
Acana Light and Fit (Dry)39113605
Annamaet Grain Free Lean Low Fat Formula (Dry)33103505
Castor and Pollux Indulgent Mix All-Beef Sausage Links and Sweet Potato (Canned)47163475
Dr. Tim’s Metabolite Weight Management (Dry)33112865
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals Shredded Chicken Entree (Canned)4473114.5
Fromm Gold Coast Weight Management (Dry)28113414
Halo Spot’s Stew Grain Free Healthy Weight Turkey Liver and Duck (Dry)31133584
Premium Edge Healthy Weight I (Dry)49133475
Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon (Canned)44173735
Victor Senior/Healthy Weight Formula (Dry)30133604.5
Wellness Core Reduced Fat (Dry)37133605

A Low Fat Compromise Worth Considering

In our efforts to list only dog foods rich in meat-based protein, we have intentionally omitted some good candidates that are lower in fat content than the examples listed above.

So, if you’re looking for a dog food with a fat content even lower (say below 10%), you may have to settle for a recipe with less meat and more carbs.

And for especially sick animals, this could be a compromise worth considering.

A Final Word

The descriptions and analyses expressed in this and every article on this website represent the views and opinions of the author.

The Dog Food Advisor does not test dog food products.

We rely entirely on the integrity of the information provided by each company. As such, the accuracy of every review is directly dependent upon the specific data a company chooses to share.

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Each review is offered in good faith and has been designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food.

However, due to the biological uniqueness of every animal, none of our ratings are intended to suggest feeding a particular product will result in a specific dietary response or health benefit for your pet.

For a better understanding of how we analyze each product, please read our article, "The Problem with Dog Food Reviews".

Remember, no dog food can possibly be appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition. So, choose wisely. And when in doubt, consult a qualified veterinary professional for help.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from pet food companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews or ratings.

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Notes and Updates

The Advisor would like to personally thank research assistant, Sandy Brown, for her generous help in researching the low fat dog foods included on this list.

  1. Dry matter basis
  2. Significantly below-average
  • Susan

    I have a dog with IBD & Pancreatitis, I found when he ate a lower fat diet he got his pancreatitis pain, then I read somewhere high fiber diet are not good for dogs with Pancreatitis, when the fat & protein is lower the carbohydrates are higher, so I lowered the carbs increased the fat & protein & he does heaps better….

  • My black lab was on the Kirkland Healthy Weight plus 1-2 Kirkland biscuits a day, both 6% fat, and quite high in fiber compared to all others. For 4 years or so. 100% healthy dog all his life, then had a near fatal bout of pancreatitis at age 12. Fat in the diet was not the culprit. My vet says it’s spikes in fat intake that can be the trigger now. The science is not completely “IN” on this IMO. And if it were, you better believe companies would be marketing a pancreatitis-free food, amigos!

  • Susan

    Hi have a look at “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb kibble or “Holistic Select” Adult/Puppy Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine Meal Grain free kibbles…… I have a dog with IBD & the kibbles above are single protein kibbles they made my boy finally do firm poos after trying vet diets & other premium kibbles, he is doing firm poos that last & don’t go sloppy again after 2-3weeks…..
    Food sensitivities cant take from 1 day to react up to 6 weeks to react to an ingredient… has your pup taken Metronidazole for 28 day?? if he has S.I.B.O you need to take the Metronidazole for 28days & change kibble to a single protein formula with limited ingredients like the “Taste Of Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb or Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon kibble has….make sure you do not feed the same protein as he was eating before & look at ingredients & try & get kibbles that have different ingredients to the last brand kibble he ate…

  • Lauren Dodds

    Hello, i have a bouvier des flandres puppy who has been on a consistent diet of blue buffalo puppy food and has been having diarrhea issues. Been to the vet 3 times and when on meds he will have normal stool but when he is done the diarrhea starts again so I am thinking it is food related. I am looking for a low fat 12-15% and low protein 22-24% what do you suggest for food?

  • Jill Hultquist

    what is the exact measurement of each ingredient you are making?? what is the vitamin powder?

  • Kathy

    Hi, Susan. My dog is currently on Life Stages by Canidae, which contains a 3.6 grams of fat per 100 kcals. My vet told me that the Science Diet I/d has only 2 grams of fat per 100kcals. THE BAGS ARE DECEIVING because they only show percentages. You have to actually call the dog food companies and get the break down. Hope this benefits you!

  • Susan

    H, when my boy was put on the Hills I/d Restore Low Fat kibble, I put him on “Canidae” Life Stages Platinum, the fat% & Protein% are around the same % & the Canidae has better quality ingredients that are human grade & the Canidae digests easier, I found.. When looking for another kibble just make sure it has around the same amount fat % Protein as the Hills Low Fat kibble has….

  • Lancashire Rach

    I have been making a similar recipe with skinless chicken breast, carrot , sweet potato, butternut squash cooked in skimmed (homemade) chicken broth, bone meal and a few herbs (marjoram parsley basil rosemary) for flavour. Fudge loves it but I worry about it being nutritionally sufficient so we alternate with some on the bone raw rabbit, raw venison and mince turkey.She also has a bit of raw veg paste. I give her Golden paste and pancreatic enzyme to help with inflammation/digestion.

  • Maria Rhiannon Stiffler

    My Yorkie has pancreatitis and I received a recipe from the nutrionalists at UC Davis in California that is white long grain rice, baked chicken breast and vitamin powder mixed. Doodlebug love it and her labwork has really shown the benefits! All her numbers are almost completely back to normal range.

  • Pamala Rodman

    My dog was just put on hill science I/d low fat. Is there a cheaper food. I really can’t afford 90.00 a bag that may only last a month

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    You should never feed your dog cooked bones. Cooked bones can splinter and shred their insides.

  • Charlene M.

    What about a real Beef bone from the grocery? I usually get them and boil all the fat off and my dogs love to chew on the real bones.

  • Susan

    Hi Donna, I have a dog with IBD diagnosed thru Endoscope + Biopsies.. yes my boy couldn’t gain any weight with the Royal Canine Low Fat Intestinal & he started scratching & licking his red paws & itchy ears shaking his head/ears….How old is your boy? have a look at the “Holistic Select” Senior health, fat is 10% kibbles are nice & small size kibble & it’s very easy to digest & has everything to keep their joints nice & healthy + their skin, when I was feeding the “Holistic Select” Senior Health my boy was 6 yrs old they don’t have to be older to be feed a senior diet… are you wanting a wet tin or a kibble diet?? Just remember the normal wet tin food formulas sold at Pet Shops haven’t been converted like the Hills vet diet wet formulas have been, say the fat in a normal wet food says 5%min-fat when converted to dry matter (Kibble) 5% min fat is around 20-25% max fat when converted to dry matter (Kibble) so just be careful, if you find a wet tin food it has to be 3% max or under for fat, 2% fat would be the best bet…

  • Donna Howard Stansell

    My Yorkie was just diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia plus IBD. He is suppose to be on a low fat diet. I have tried both the Royal Canin and Hills ID. He loves both, but they don’t stay in his system long and he’s always hungry. I have also tried the Hills OTC Sensitive Stomach and Skin which seems to work better. Anyone with a baby with this condition, I would love to know what foods have worked for you. Thanks so much!

  • Factteller

    Ready? We’ve gone with . . . Pretzel Crisps, a new product for people but LOW fat. Of course not too many and consider the salt.

  • Factteller

    Also have them eating Merrick Chicken Stew limited ingredient because the Salmon was causing occasional diarrea

  • Barbara A Mehr

    Thank you that’s what I gave my dogs on, only one had Pancreatitis and it was bad. Then had it again and put them on Royal Canin but they are not fond of it. I think I will try that salmon with it and see if they do ok!!!

  • Barbara A Mehr

    My Schnauzer suffers from this . So I have both of my dogs on Royal Canin for gastric problems, but it’s expensive and they are not fond of it. But since being on this, no more attacks.

  • Susan

    Hi, just be careful with can wet tin foods they haven’t been converted to dry matter (Kibble) same as raw…. If a wet tin food say 5% min fat, when you convert to dry matter 5%min-fat is around 20-25% fat, if it were a kibble…. a kibble & wet tin food can be 1% to 5% more when it says 10%min fat it never says what the max fat % is, sometimes the Weight management foods will have the max fat % but a lot of weight management foods are higher in fiber to keep the dog more full & too much fiber isn’t good when a dog has pancreatitis…..Hills Vet Diets all their wet tin foods have already been converted that’s why people start getting confused, Hills have converted their wet vet diets but Royal Canin hasn’t……Look for wet tin foods 3%max & under…3%max fat will be around 11% fat when converted, you will need to contact the wet tin food companies & ask them what’s the max fat % & please convert to dry matter all formulas will be different… Wellness wet foods all vary heaps, email Wellness & they’ll send you all their wet tin foods all convert as dry matter… Here’s Wellness link they have a few wet tin foods,
    Sometimes it’s cheaper & you know what your getting when you cook & freeze the meals….

  • Ceci_B

    After years** of trying to find the right diet for my border collie mix who was allergic to almost everything we finally found fish protein + grain free. It worked for half a decade and then she had an acute pancreatitis. Her recovery has been rough so I’ve been cooking for her for 6 months but would like to get her on canned. Any recommendations for a fish based, grain free high quality canned food that stays below 10 % fat? Thank you!

  • Lancashire Rach

    Thanks so much Susan – would never have found these resources without your help. Lots of very good useful information there. Will get started!

  • Susan

    Hi here’s a few links, to balance the meals have a look at “Balance It” they have easy to make recipes on their site here’s the link click on “Get Started”….
    Here’s Dog Aware link it has heaps of info & scroll down & down for low fat recipes, really good information..

  • Lancashire Rach

    Do you have any advise on home made low fat menus for dogs suffering from pancreatitis?

  • Susan

    Hi Donna, just make sure you convert the fat % & protein % to dry matter (Kibble) in the wet tin foods… Hills Vet diets wet tin foods have already all been converted to dry matter %….. if you see a wet tin food that’s 5%min fat when converted to dry mater (kibble) 5% fat is around 20-25% fat, email the companies & ask them to give you the converted fat% & protein% or look for wet tin foods around 3% max & under, 3%max fat is around 11% fat, 2% wet tin food is around 7% fat….

  • Donna Howard Stansell

    Arlana, my Yorkie was just diagnosed with this. I took him to Mississippi State Veterinarian School for diagnosis. They too said low fat diet & steroid. They recommended Hills Science Diet ID low fat dog food. My vet had recommended Royal Canin Low Fat. He likes both, but the Hills is a stew and very messy. I too have tried to find the same type food with better ratings. However I had an Akita with Cushions Disease who lived to be 14 that was on Hills. It is a dilemma. We want what’s best for our babies.

  • boxers1

    Solid Gold has a dry food that is a very small kibble …Holistique Blendz very low in fat and protein and perhaps you can add canned trip in to increase protein as tolerated

  • sharron

    Hi Donna – i have a yorkie/chihuaua – i’m feeding her Royal Canin Low Fat Dry with RC Low Fat can – i did have her on Acana for a few days, but that didn’t go so well. So back to RC which she does well on – i soften the dry with warm water so it mixes better with the can food, she doesn’t like kibble.

  • Donna Howard Stansell

    My Yorkie has a digestive disorder. We just returned from Mississippi State Veterinary Hospital. They recommend a low fat diet (along with meds prescribed). They gave me a couple of cans of Hills ID low fat and he loves it. However, it is a stew and is very messy for his face and whiskers. My local Vet gave me the Royal Canin low fat and he likes it as well (it is not a stew so less messy). I would like to feed him both dry and wet, but I need a small kibble in the dry. I’m also trying to find what is the most healthy choices (both Hills and Royal Canin get lower reviews for quality). Any suggestions for tiny dogs?

  • Metka

    My dog had pancreatitis and they gave her prescription food that has horrible ingredients so I’ve been looking at wellness core and Acana fit&light. Before she got sick she ate dehydrated raw food.

    I have a 3 year old min pin. My sister has 9 year old min pin and they both got pancreatitis at the same time.

    She is not overweight and get’s exercise(very active dog). Vet told me she is at her ideal weight. I do put a lot of time and thought into keeping her health and happy.

    They prescribed her Hill’s Prescription Diet but told me I can switch if I want now, but I have to find something with low fat. Honestly when I saw ingredients in Hill’s kibble I decided to find something new as soon as I can. She hates Hill’s and I’m not a fan neither.

    Anyone has similar experience or any advice? Thank you.

  • Holly Hill

    I have a aussie who gains weight so easy. My agility trainer said try natural balance as it not super high in cost, and the fat is 10. However I have heard that some of the ingredients come from china? Is this true? If so what food is low in fat that is dry that is not going to kill the bank.

  • Tracy

    We use Natural Balance L.I.T. treats for our pancreatic dog. They are almost as low fat as her Royal Canine food, within 1%.

  • Ronald Volkman

    We put 14 yr old blue heeler on Royal Canin Gastrointestinal dry food. And she gets a couple Tbl. of Merrick limited ingredient salmon canned food, also very low fat. She loves it all and our vet said LOW FAT LOW FAT! Protein level was not a concern. She had a severe pancreatitis attack 2 years ago and same attack last month. Barely survived (had her on IV fluids for 5 days) and now this food appears the answer. We buy from and they’re excellent.

  • shirl

    I found a dog food at costco, healthy weight, it was 6 percent fat. I just got the hill can food today, from my vet. My dog was just told ,pancreitis, too.

  • Amateria

    I have read stories of people experiencing issues with extra freeze dried pieces added into food, we don’t have those here and Rusty has not had any problems from eating freeze dried foods with a lot of fat.

    A lot of the problems he’s had we’ve found out that while my dad was feeding Anja he would drop pieces of the food purposely on the ground for Rusty and would pretend he did it accidentally.

    He’s had treats upwards of 55% fat which lower to a tiny amount once water is added, but still.

    Highest fat food he’s had which again was freeze dried so lowered with water was around 38%.

    I think moderation is the key with foods like that and always make sure to thoroughly soak the freeze dried foods before serving or else you’ll be feeding likely 38% fat.

  • Mel

    Not sure if it’s coincidence or not but my 2lb, 2 year old baby girl (Yorkshire Terrier) just spent 5 days in hospital with a scary bout of pancreatitis. I was terrified I was going to lose her. Her blood sugar was extremely low the whole time she was there as well although I believe that was due to the stress she was under being so terrified there. They charged me $4,000 for her stay. I demanded I take her home because I felt she wasn’t healing becaue she was there and within 2 days of being home she was a different dog. Thankfully she is doing way better at home. The only change in her life before the pancreatitis was a new food I had purchased that was kibbles with freeze dried raw meat in it. I’m not sure but I worry it was the raw that triggered the attack. Have you heard of that before?

  • Jenn

    True, thanks for the tooth brushing reminder…She’s the only dog I’ve ever had that won’t eat a carrot! Mostly she just obsesses over her squeaky toys, and giving her a chew bone was a nice distraction!

  • Pitlove

    Hi Jenn-

    The answer seems straight forward imo. She is responding well to the Hills I/D, therefore that is the best food for her to be on.

    If you are planning to switch back to commercial foods because of cost, I would consult your vet first.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    I would just use a bit of the prescription kibble as a treat. Or, a bite of lean cooked chopped up chicken breast. Will she chew on a whole carrot? My terrier likes to chew on his Chuckit max glow ball (at chewy dot com) when we come in from a game of fetch, it seems to exercise his jaw, however, I have to watch him and take it away after about 10 minutes as he can tear it apart and try to ingest it.
    Brush her teeth once a day, if you are concerned about dental. YouTube has some good videos.

  • Jenn

    Yeah, no kidding. It was $350 for this last visit, between antibiotics and antinausea and fluids…
    Any ideas for treats, though? I was told vegetables, but she will NOT eat them. I have tiny freeze dried chicken bits, but I know she misses chewing on things…I tried that yak milk chew and she wasn’t into that, or the antler bits…

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    I would stay within what your veterinarian recommends, consider getting a referral to a veterinary internal medicine/endocrinology specialist. She requires the expertise of a veterinary professional for the best results, imo. If you are concerned about the cost, think about how expensive one trip to the emergency vet can be….

  • Jenn

    My cockapoo was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis…again. They’re guessing now that it’s chronic, and something must have tipped the scale into a full blown attack. I think someone gave her something at Thanksgiving, but everyone denies it. She’s also newly diabetic, diganosed in April, and her blood sugars were out of control, and she required more and more insulin. She was eating Nutrisca and getting 16 units of insulin twice daily and her blood sugars were in the mid 300’s. The vet gave us samples of dry Hills I/D low fat, and she was better within 2 days, and her blood sugars are MUCH better (100-low 200’s) even on 10 units of insulin. Go figure. I guess she’ll be a low-fat dog for life, but it’s really hard to balance the low-fat, moderate-protein, AND the low-glycemic. Any ideas? had the best prices on the prescription dog food, by the way!

  • Susan

    Hi, go on the Australian Earthborn Holistic F/B page & send a msg asking is their food money back refund? It use to be cause i use to feed Patch Ocean Fusion & when he was eating the same batch he did well then i bought the Ocean Fusion 13kg bag from Pet Quarters & Patch got bad gas & diarrhea so I emailed US Earthborn Holistic told them what happened & the lady said they buy their potatoes by the truck load sometimes they’re brown, red, rustic,white etc I think green?? she said Earthborn is money back…..if your dealing with Pet Circle some of their kibbles you don’t have to send back… Just take photo of bag of kibble send in a email & they refunded my money for Artemis Turkey but I always contact the kibble company first ask is your kibble money back guaranteed then I ring Pet Circle…they know Patch now lol I’ve only delt with My Pet Warehouse once & I had to pay the postage to send back the kibble..I like Pet Circle better they are based in Sydney

  • Pitlove

    Here in the US, the laws for new drugs entering the market are really strict. Most of the people who have discovered a new drug will be dead by the time it passes the FDA trials and makes it to the market.

    I’ve heard EU is much less strict and many drugs make it to the market in less than half the time a drug comes out in the US. So it doesn’t surprise me that you’ve had some problems with new drugs.

  • Amateria

    Well he still reacted to something in the Earthborn and I’ve decided to give the food to a friend as she feeds cheap junk so he may as well get some expensive cuisine from time to time because why not? since Christmas is close it can be as a kind of present as well.

    They should trial some of the drugs we commonly use for nerve pain and stuff a little longer and on a wider array of people as I’ve had some undocumented, unheard of reactions to them and even reactions to some foods that I could not for the life of me find any bad reactions for and yet I had them.

    Prf was offered to me for my nerve supposedly no one had a worsening of symptoms and it was a 60% success chance, well I can tell you I got worse, I couldn’t walk or sit anymore and somehow I felt really stupid for making a decision based off of maybe 20 or less test subjects, most of that got fixed when they removed the huge amounts of scar tissue I had and moved the nerve away from the ligaments, but what I’m trying to say is they simply don’t test these things enough and than we pay for their incompetences.

    Derp night time madness, when I had the surgery I improved, but I went through hell for about 3 years before I had that done, I’m never blindly going to allow that doctor to use me as a test subject ever again, either what he has for me thousands of people have tried or I am going to live with this and at the very least have somewhat of a life.

  • Pitlove

    The link Susan gave you is discussing the possible side effects of humans taking it orally or parenterally by IV injection as some type of medication or supplement.

    Don’t forget, any time they do drug trials every single reaction must be documented. Doesn’t matter how small or insignificant.
    I would not overreact to that information as the route of administration and dosage is very very different in dogs.

  • Amateria

    Asked for a refund or send the bag back, but they told me they can’t do it, no idea why, they asked that I drive to St Peter’s to give the bag back, yeah no.

    Not going to drive all the way to Sydney to give a bag of food for a refund lol.

    Another disappointing email from pet warehouse.

    Because Mel gives her dog Optimum I’m going to give her the bag later on and she can try it on her dog and see how he does, hers is a pitbull mix I think, never seen him.
    All I know is anything I buy is better than Optimum.

  • Amateria

    He’s never had it before, so it’s likely that’s what the cause was, thanks Susan I’ll read that in the car, I have to get ready to go out for now.

  • Susan

    Hi, I just looked at Earthborn Holistic weight control kibble & the Kcals are low only- 325 Kcals per cup, Does Rusty eat many foods with L-Carnitine?? Side effects to L-Carnitine is nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhea, seizures, I would be questioning the L-Carnitine, here’s the link

  • Amateria

    He’s doing better now that he’s on his usual home cooked thanks for asking, I don’t know what the kcal of Earthborn is but I was reading about tapioca in dog food this morning off the Wysong website and realised I made a big mistake in thinking that tapioca wasn’t going to hurt Rusty, I don’t doubt that both the tapioca and fibre had their parts to play in him feeling awful.

    I will stick to what I know he does well on in the future and if I want to try any other foods, no tapioca, low fibre and fat and maybe even medium protein not too high and preferably from the brands you mention and use instead.

  • Susan

    Hi, I was wondering how your dogs have been going, Rusty needs to rest his Pancreas now, eat easy to digest foods, home cooked foods is best, I have found you lower the Kcals, I have to stay under 360 Kcals per cup & Patch doesn’t get his Pancreas pain.. Taste Of The Wild, Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb, is just 338Kcals per cup, “Canidae” Life Stages Platinum is low in fat-8.5%min & protein-20%min & is 342Kcals per cup… When I’ve feed kibbles over 400Kcals per cup after 1 month Patch is at the vets with Pancreatitis or the vet say’s it’s his IBD playing up & yes Patch can not eat real high fiber diets, dogs don’t need a high fiber diets, their bowel is small made to digest raw meat, humans have a real big bowel to digest high fiber foods….
    I’ve just Started Patch on “Holistic Select” Adult/Puppy Salmon, Anchovy & Sardine Grain Free kibble, 341-Kcals per cup, I can’t feed the Holistic Select wet tin they’re too high in fat at 6% when converted to dry matter that’s around 30%-fat….
    I cook instead of buying wet tin foods, I buy the Coles Lean Pork mince or the Extra lean Beef 5 stars both have 5% fat, it says the Fat % on front packet, I buy 2 x 500gm packets of mince, add 1 x whisk egg, cut up parsley about 1 teaspoon, cut up a few small broccoli heads, 1 small grated carrot, either a spinach leaf or a kale leaf from the veggie patch finally chop up mix thru the pork mince & make 1 cup size long rissoles, like a fat sausage, bake on an baking tray with foil, after cooking for 15mins take out & drain any water fat turn them all over put back in oven, they’re ready in about 30-40mins, cool & freeze individually, you can also buy the 99% fat free Turkey mince in Woolworths & add grated chopped up veggies & bake in oven, I found you don’t need to add an egg to the 99% fat free turkey cause it has a lot of water & becomes too soggy when a egg is added, then I add about 1/3 cup boiled sweet potato mash thru the cut up rissole, I do this every 8 days, I get 8 x 1 cup rissoles out of 1kg mince….
    I hope Rusty feels better soon, Staffy’s don’t show their pain, they can hold a lot of pain before you know something is wrong, so its hard sometimes working out are they OK…

  • aimee

    Hi Pitlove,

    Both partially digested fats and proteins stimulate cholecystokinin( CCK) CCK is thought to play a role in the induction of pancreatitis. This is why you can find that it has been recommended to avoid high protein foods in pancreatitis prone dogs.

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Pitlove:
    I think aimee has posted info about protein and dogs with a history of pancreatitis before. Not positive, but maybe she’ll be by if she reads this post.

  • Amateria

    I still don’t think it was the ziwi or the K9 either way it’s just way to coincidental with the Earthborn, I should just use what I know he does well on rather than changing what doesn’t need to be changed in the first place, rotating of treats and foods should be based on what you’ve found to be beneficial and not causing problems, not constantly trying new things and than wrecking the progress you made simply because you couldn’t help yourself.

    I tend to do that a lot with my food and I pay for it every time, you’d think I’d have learnt by now, but I guess I’m passed that.
    Stupid will always be stupid and I accept that that’s what I am right now, until I change it.

  • Pitlove

    No offense but the Ziwipeak people aren’t really qualified to make a claim like that. I highly doubt any vet or nutritionist would agree.

  • Amateria

    He’s never had a problem with it before, however I guess you could see it as a “it will happen just never know when” type of situation.

    It seemed to oddly happen after the Earthborn weight food, it’s got like 9% fibre and I read that that’s not a good amount for pancreatitis or pretty much any dog, not sure how true that is, but besides the fibre I don’t know what other ingredient could of done it and if it’s merely a coincidence and not linked to the food at all but rather my dads scraps or stuff that fell to the floor, really have no way of knowing.

    He’s also eaten several freeze dried foods which have a lot of fat, but upon entering water it says they lower to much more appropriate amounts and he’s been eating those for awhile as well.

    By the way Ziwipeak on their website do mention their venison food as being appropriate for dogs with pancreatitis and you do have to take into account the food is dried so it will be more fatty, especially if the cuts of meat they use aren’t fully trimmed, same with freeze dried.
    The way kibble is made and the way the ingredients are made, makes it very easy for kibble to have low fat formulas.

    I guess if you prefer raw type diets the best way is to simply make them yourself that way you choose the cuts and simply add a kibble for nutrients and tripe for enzymes and what not.

    Once he gets better I’ll do a slower intro of the kibble I didn’t really transition him onto it thinking he was going to be ok, should of taken my own advice and gone slow.

  • Pitlove

    I’ve had customers come in looking for low fat and low protein diets for pancreatitis before after seeing the vet. I’m not quite sure about the low protein. i’ll see if i can find anything in my big textbook for you later today. On my phone atm lol.

  • Amateria

    So Rusty had quiet a severe attack of pancreatitis last night and is sick all of today with pain, my mum took him to the vet as I wanted to be 100% sure it wasn’t anything else, they said he can’t have high protein anymore? Personally never heard of this but there are certain stages to each disease, which one does Rusty have that requires the restriction of protein?

    This kind of ruins everything, does it mean he can’t have any of that beautiful food I always buy him? Cause darn it if that’s true.
    Food like freeze dried raw or dried foods like Ziwipeak.

  • Susan

    Hi again, I just looked at the HK Zeal it’s 437Kcals (Calories) per cup.. look for foods that are under 360Kcals per cup & see how your dog goes, it’s taken me 3yrs to realise this with my dog..

  • Susan

    Hi Niko, my boy has IBD & Pancreatitis he does the same, after about 5-7days of eating a new food he starts getting his pain & lifts up his front paw, at first I thought gee he’s shaking hands until he started pulling his paw away when I’d shake it lol, then I worked out he wants me to rub chest/stomach area & he’s lifting up his front paw…I have found its not the fish, lamb rabbit etc its the Kcals per cup have a look at the Kcals per cup & when Patch stays under 360Kcals per cup he seems OK, if I buy a kibble that’s over 370Kcals per cup he gets his bad pain…read what the Honest Kitchen Zeal is per Kcals per cup are & see is it’s over 360Kcal per cup….The Kcals are normally under the “Feeding Guidelines” Oh also HK is freeze dried, I don’t feed Patch any freeze dried foods, I think they’re harder to digest…..

  • Amateria

    Our old guy has pancreatitis and I feed him a lot of fish, they say fish doesn’t trigger pancreatitis like fatty meats do and I guess they were right because he’s been eating fish heavy foods the last year and a bit and nothing, instead he’s got spunk now and super slick fur haha

    Well he had super slick fur up until like a week ago, because I stopped giving him the K9 cans as I can’t give him too much of those, hopefully the oil heavy food that he’s had before will bring his sheen back I miss it :p.

  • I bought HK Zeal for our dog with pancreatitis and he eats it for about a week and then refuses; he’s not a picky eater so I think the fish might be hurting his gut. I’ve ended up cooking the majority of his food, a mixture of brown rice risotto cooked with chicken broth, liquid eggs, shredded white chicken, pumpkin, frozen peas & carrots and curcumin. I’ve tried adding a cup of the Zeal to this mixture but then he’s more reluctant to eat his food.

  • Crystal Pearl

    Yes, my vet said the same. He also has pancreatis.

  • Arlana Cranston

    Thank you for your kind response! He has cil or canine intestinal lymphagiectasia. He is currently on prednisone but requires a low fat diet. He has gained so much weight from prednisone that he right now is shaped like a pot belly pig. I am definately looking for pointers. My boxer also currently has lymphoma which I have been cooking for her regularly.

  • Susan

    Hi Arlana vets are not food nutritionist, follow your instincts & if possible cook some meals & freeze, I cook enough for 2 weeks & freeze, 1 meal is a cooked meal & the other meal is a limited ingredient kibble….I love following “Rodney Habib” the Pet Nutrition blogger on Face Book, I’ve learnt so much, dogs that have cancer shouldn’t be eating these high carb diets full of fillers, cancer loves carbs & thrive’s on sugary carbs, also Chicken is very high in omega 6 & low in omega 3 & a lot of kibbles aren’t balanced properly & very high in omega 6 causing skin problems, IBS, joint problems etc.. What health problem does your dog suffer with??

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    If your dog requires prednisone to be comfortable, I would ask the prescribing veterinarian for a referral to a specialist, asap.
    Environmental allergies respond to steroids (prednisone) if the dog has food sensitivities/allergies(rare) you would note no improvement on the prednisone. Go to forums and search allergies. It may have nothing to do with the food.
    Best of luck.

  • Arlana Cranston

    I am not worried about cost. My dog is currently on acana which is 80 a 26lb bag. I don’t like the two the vet recommmends as they are full of filler and unsatisfactory ingredients. I always go to my vet and do whatever they say. If I listened to everything on the internet my dog wouldn’t be on prednisone and he is. I just like to hear experiences from other people. Also vets always recommend science diet or royal canin because that is what they are trained from the reps. Please don’t imply I am a bad dog owner. Thank you for your opinion and have a wonderful day!

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    I would go by what the veterinarian that has examined and diagnosed your dog advises before listening to anonymous folks on the internet that may or may not have a medical background. Sometimes it is true, you get what you pay for.

  • Arlana Cranston

    I am also wondering the answer to this question.. I got recommended science diet or royal canin but i do not like either of those brands…

  • Fluffy Net

    Anyone have experience/suggestion for CIL dog? canine intestinal lymphangiectasia and low fat diets

  • Diane Ryan

    I have a dog with chronic pancreatitis that does very well on Honest Kitchen Zeal (fish based} He stays quite lean on it but I do add boneless, skinless boiled chicken or sometimes a little My Perfect Pet (Boomers blend.} The difference between fat content on dog food bags/boxes are often very different from the actual fat content. When choosing a low fat food, my vet taught me that it’s important to find the actual fat level by using a Dry Matter Basis Calculator (available online). These high moisture foods seem to reduce his attacks far more than when we fed kibble…no matter how high the quality. In my opinion, the prescription foods for pancreatitis are really lacking in nutrition and quality. Read the labels, especially the first five ingredients.

  • Susan

    Read Aimee post wet tin food raw foods the fat % isn’t as dry matter ( kibble) so you think its low…6% fat in a wet tin food is very high be careful, with Vet diets they have already converted the fat in the wet tin foods for you….You
    need around 2% max fat & under in wet tin food & raw…

  • Susan

    Hi Bek5, can you cook for your dog cause he’s so small you’d be able to cook enough meals 1 month & freeze the food.
    Your better off feeding wet foods for Pancreatitis or look for a kibble that is very easy to digest & the fiber isn’t high nothing over 4% in fiber I always do my kibble test get a cup or glass of very warm water drop about 2-3 kibbles in the cup of warm water, a good kibble will float & only take about 20mins-40mins to go soft all the way thru… “Holistic Select” Senior is very good it digest very easy & the fat is 10% min I don’t know the max fat % you can email Holistic Select they will tell you…I feed kibble for breakfast & lunch a cooked meal for dinner…

  • Bek5

    Vet prescribed Royal Canin Canine Gastrointestinal Low Fat Canned to my chihuahua after diagnosed with pancreatitis and he ate 2 tablespoons once I opened the can, but he won’t eat it after it’s been refrigerated 🙁 and I always heat it…never cold. So I’m looking for dry dog food that is low in fat

  • Anni Young

    Thank you. Vet suggested their RC @ 8% fat or Hills @ 14%. Quite a span in fat content. Hills Science Diet Adult Large Breed is 8.9% from pet store. I will compare values of complete content of the 2 Hills/Science Diet options to really establish the difference between those two. I appreciate the help. Have always had healthy dogs that lived to old age.

  • Anni Young

    It is the lower fat they are pushing. I have found lower fat values in pet store brands than the Hills they are recommending.

  • Ryan

    I use the Royal Canin gastro low fat dry food. It’s purchased through a vet. The lowest fat I’ve found in a box store is blue buffalo basics weight control at 8%min fat but the gastro low fat dry is 4% min fat and 8%max. A few extra dollars on food is still far cheaper then a visit to the vet every couple months. Post from Ontario Canada

  • theBCnut

    Your vet may not know the their Zeal formula is low fat. Or he may have another reason.

  • aimee

    Hi Nonya,

    A canned food of 9% protein and 6% with a moisture content of 80 % would be 45% protein and 30% fat on a dry matter basis.

    This would be ~ equivalent to a 40 % protein and 27% fat diet dry diet. which would be much higher than desired ranges for dogs which have had pancreatitis.

  • Nonya Bizness

    On Friday a vet told me that my dog can not have The Honest Kitchen because she had Pancreatitis recently.My other dog eats The Honest Kitchen.The closest food I could find in lower fat and protein is Wellness Core Canned Beef flavor. 9% Protein,6%Fat.The vet I usually see wasn’t happy with those numbers,but said if that’s all she’ll eat feed her that. Friday a different vet in the same office told me Wellness doesn’t have anything low enough in fat for Pancreatitis, and the only thing that is low enough is Prescription. I’ll be receiving Royal Canin G/I low fat. Protein 6%.Fat1%.

  • Nonya Bizness

    The vet just prescribed this to my dog after she had one bout of Pancreatitis months ago. It’ should be arriving tomorrow. I hope my dog likes it, because she’s picky.

  • Nonya Bizness

    One of my dogs eats The Honest Kitchen, but the vet said my dog that had Pancreatitis can’t eat it.