Suggested Low Fat Dog Foods


Low fat dog foods can be beneficial for those pets diagnosed with specific health conditions like:
Scanning a Dog Food Label for Low Fat Content

  • Pancreatitis
  • Obesity

However, finding a good quality low fat dog food can be difficult.

That’s because to cut back on fat, manufacturers intentionally design dog foods that contain less meat.

So, unfortunately, most low fat dog foods are also low in protein and high in carbs, too.

How We Select Low Fat Dog Foods

The following low fat dog foods have been selected by the editor of The Dog Food Advisor because they each meet two criteria:

  • Fat content notably below-average
  • Product rated 4 stars or higher

The average fat content1 and arbitrarily chosen low fat limit2 of all dog foods currently stored in The Dog Food Advisor database are depicted in the following chart:

Low Fat Dog Food Content Compared

Suggested Low Fat Dog Foods

Acana Light and Fit is a 5-star dry dog food containing just 11% fat and 39% protein.

Addiction canned dog food is a quality product. The Salmon formula contains 10% fat and 40% protein. The Venison and Apple as well as the Brushtail recipes each report 10% fat and 45% protein. All three are rated 5-stars.

Amicus Senior and Weight Management is a 5-star dry dog food with 12% fat and 33% protein.

Annamaet Adult Dog Food is a 4-star kibble with 11% fat and 26% protein.

Annamaet Grain Free Lean is a 5-star kibble with 33% protein and just 9% fat.

AvoDerm Natural Large Breed Adult Chicken Meal and Brown Rice is a 4-star kibble with 11% fat and 29% protein.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Small Breed Healthy Weight is a 4-star dry dog food containing 10% fat and 28% protein.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe is a 5-star dry dog food containing 11% fat and 33% protein.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior Chicken Recipe is a 5-star dry dog food containing 11% fat and 33% protein.

Fromm Four Star Nutritionals Canned Dog Food is a 5-star wet product. The Shredded Pork contains 15% fat and 39% protein, the Shredded Beef reports 12% fat and 39% protein and the Shredded Chicken lists a very low 7% fat and 44% protein.

Fromm Four Star Nutritionals Whitefish and Potato is a 4-star kibble with 12% fat and 26% protein.

Fromm Gold Nutritionals Reduced Activity Senior Gold is a 4-star kibble with 12% fat and 26% protein.

Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance Chicken is a 5-star freeze-dried dog food with 10% fat and 36% protein.

Honest Kitchen Zeal is a 5-star dehydrated raw dog food with only 9% fat and 39% protein.

Horizon Complete Senior is a 4-star kibble containing 11% fat and 27% protein.

Nature’s Logic Canine Sardine Meal Dinner Fare is a 5-star kibble containing 40% protein and 10% fat.

Now Grain Free Senior Weight Management is a 4-star kibble with only 11% fat and 27% protein.

NutriSource Senior Chicken and Rice is a 4-star kibble with 11% fat and 29% protein.

OC Raw Dog Food is a 5-star frozen product. The Fish and Produce recipe contains 12% fat and 72% protein, the Rabbit and Produce reports 16% fat and 60% protein and the Goat and Produce lists a very low 9% fat and 77% protein.

Precise Holistic Complete Senior is a 4-star dry dog food with 11% fat and 28% protein.

Premium Edge Weight II Weight Control Formula is a 4-star kibble with 9% fat and 28% protein.

Primal Canine Rabbit Formula is a 5-star raw frozen dog food with 17% fat and 59% protein.

Professional Senior Dog is a 4-star kibble reporting 11% fat and 29% protein.

Simply Nourish canned dog food is a 4.5 star wet dog food with just 8% fat and 59% protein.

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream is a 4-star canned dog food with 15% fat and 38% protein.

Wellness Core Reduced Fat is a 5-star dry dog food with 11% fat and 37% protein.

Weruva Human Style is a 5-star canned dog food available in twelve different recipes. As a group, the brand averages about 10% fat and 61% protein.

Wellness Super 5 Mix dry dog food is a good quality kibble. The Large Breed Adult Recipe contains 12% fat and 28% protein and the Small Breed Healthy Weight reports 10% fat and 31% protein.

A Low Fat Compromise Worth Considering

In our efforts to list only dog foods rich in meat-based protein, we may have inadvertently omitted some good candidates that might be lower in fat content than those suggested here.

So, if you’re looking for a dog food with a fat content even lower (say below 10%), you may have to settle for a recipe with less meat and more carbs.

And for especially sick animals, this could be a compromise worth considering.

A Final Word

The descriptions and analyses expressed in this and every article on this website represent the views and opinions of the author.

We rely almost entirely on the integrity of the information posted by each company on its website. As such, the accuracy of every report is directly dependent upon the quality of that data.

Although it's our goal to ensure all the information on this website is correct, we cannot guarantee its completeness or its accuracy; nor can we commit to ensuring all the material is kept up-to-date on a daily basis.

Each review is offered in good faith and has been designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food.

However, due to the biological uniqueness of every animal, none of our ratings are intended to suggest feeding a particular product will result in a specific dietary response or health benefit for your pet.

For a better understanding of how we analyze each product, please read our article, "The Problem with Dog Food Reviews".

Remember, no dog food can possibly be appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition. So, choose wisely. And when in doubt, consult a qualified veterinary professional for help.

In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from pet food companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews or ratings.

To learn how we support the cost of operating this website, please visit our public Disclosure and Disclaimer page.

Have an opinion about this dog food? Or maybe the review itself? Please know we welcome your comments.

Notes and Updates

The Advisor would like to personally thank research assistant, Sandy Brown, for her generous help in researching the low fat dog foods included on this list.

  1. Dry matter basis
  2. Notably below-average
  • Dori

    Why the change in diagnosis from the vets? Were his liver levels high? Just wondering? I’ve had a dog with severe pancreatitis that was in the hospital for approx 10 days and I’ve had a dog with liver problems. Symptoms presented themselves completely different one from the other.

  • Johnna

    Oh I’m so sorry. My goldendoodle has Lupus which is now in remission but we nearly lost her about eight years ago. They put her on prednisone too. Loved it at first but after a year and half we took her off of it because of the side effects associated with it which seem to get worse over time. I prayed a lot too and she did well off of the prednisone. I pray your dog gets well. Wish I could help out more but I don’t know much about liver failure. Sorry.

  • Judy

    Thanks for all your valuable information. After a second opinion they now think that my dog is in liver failure not pancratitis. After struggling for weeks to get him to eat we finally reluctantly gave into giving him prednisone. It seemed to do the trick over night. He is eating like he was 5 weeks ago. Not sure how long this will last but I am praying alot. We also have him on Milk thistle daily

  • Johnna

    When Ollie first had his pancreatitis the veterinarian gave me some tramadol that helped with the pain. The Purina Veterinary Diets EN GastroENteric Canine Formula Canned did help him a lot because it is very low-fat and he liked the flavor. It takes the pancreas a couple of weeks to recover so while the inflammation went down, the Purina food was great. I know it’s low quality but when they are that sick it’s just important they eat. I would give Ollie about a tablespoon at a time several times throughout the day. This prevents the pancreas from being overloaded. I would also give him no salt chicken broth to keep him hydrated. After a couple of weeks I slowly introduced the Artemis fresh mix weight management food by adding a few of the kibble into the canned food. I then slowly tapered off the canned food and used warmed up broth on the kibble to soften it a little and make him want to eat it. Much later I added non-fat cottage cheese or baked chicken breast pieces to the kibble so he would eat it. He’s pretty picky too. The thing to remember is small meals at a time until you can get him feeling better. Then two or three very small meals a day for the rest of their lives to prevent anymore inflammation. Ollie eats twice a day now and he gets a little over 1/4 cup per meal. If he seems extremely hungry I will give him a little bit later in the evening so I make sure to break up his meals. Ollie doesn’t EVER get treats,dog bones, or people food anymore. We had a setback one time when he got into a pizza box with cheese still in it and we had to go back to the beginning again. All our dogs now eat at the same time and mealtime is closely monitored so Ollie doesn’t sneak what’s not his. He did lose some weight but he needed to anyway. Keeping them at a good weight is important when they have pancreas problems. I hope your dog feels better soon. I’m sorry it took so long to respond. I don’t use gmail very often and that it where your reply went to. I will check it often in case you have any more questions.

  • Lisa Frank

    Karen, I use Nutrisca dry dog food mix in with canned merrick 96% chicken. Hills is full of garbage. Thats what my vet had my dog on at first but when I switched to the food above, he actually uses less insulin. I also have the home kit to check her blood sugar at home. I check it in the morning and at night.

  • Susan

    Hi Judy do you belong to the Yahoo group called “dogpancreatitis”, there’s a few ladies that have had & are having the same problem with their dogs not eating, have you tried Tuna or Salmon in spring water drained & I mix in some boiled butternut pumkin to a small tin of tuna, I add 30grams pumkin its about 2 tablespoons….he loves it..thats what he has for breakfast..I think he prefers the Salmon, I rinse the water it comes in then drain the salmon…….

  • Judy

    Just interested in how your dog is doing and how long he has had pancreatitis? My 10 year old was just recently diagnosed with pancreatitis and is barely eating. I’ve cooked him chicken. Its very little then stops. Hes always been a very fussy eater. Turns his mose to most everything. I’m beside myself because he is losing weight and I don’t know what else to do to get this dog to eat something. Any suggestions?

  • AnaG.

    Awesome! Thanks for all the help :)

  • theBCnut

    Annamaet Lean is a very good low fat food! I would feel comfortable trying it on my own pups too.

  • AnaG.

    Yeah, I think I’ll mantain the lower fat diet. I was just wondering because the lower was 12%. They are on a lower fat diet and doing very well so I don’t want to go crazy
    I just want to rotate their food so I think I’m going to get a bag of Annamaet Lean and see how they respond. Thanks for the reply and the info. All of you have helped a lot. :)

  • AnaG.

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Both my dogs are on Wellness Core Reduced Fat, which is high protein, and they both respond well. I am leaning towards Annamaet Lean. It’s really low fat but still has high protein. I don’t believe low protein is the answer for pancreatitis, at least for my dogs. I do believe the fat content is the key. Yeah, it’s awful! I thought Estrela, that’s my poodle, was going to die. They both had a pancreatitis crisis when I first gave them Merrick Buffalo. Not saying the food is bad, but it was the causer for both of their crisis. Lucky, my mutt, has been fine since then, but Estrela had a few other visits to the vet. Btw, good to hear your dog is doing good. :)

  • AnaG.

    Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, I have tried their Zeal formula, but it ends up being too expensive to be their main food. I can only afford to use it as a topper. I am leaning towards trying Annamaet Lean as their main food.

  • AnaG.

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Both my dogs are on Wellness Core reduced fat so they do eat high protein kibble. I just think it’s time to rotate. I did try The Honest Kitchen, but it would be too expensive to feed it to both my dogs (I’m a college student). I do give them small amounts of fish or chicken but not often. Also, I gave them primal Sardine and Turkey, as a topper, and they’ve both very well. I am leaning towards trying Annamaet, it’s on the suggested food.

  • Johnna

    My dachshund had a terrible case of pancreatitis that nearly killed him. My veterinarian wanted me to feed him Purina Veterinary Diets EN GastroENteric Canine Formula Canned which I did for several weeks. I didn’t like it because it was full of cheap ingredients and was very expensive. I didn’t feel like he was going to live a full life on garbage food so I began my search for a low-fat healthy diet. I tried Wellness Core grain free reduced fat which had 12% fat but his tummy started hurting again so back on the canned garbage. I continued my search and finally found Artemis Fresh Mix weight management. It had the lowest fat content of 6% and the protein content wasn’t too bad at 20%. The protein is still lower than I like so I started by adding two tablespoons of non-fat cottage cheese to his meals. If he gets hungry for a snack I’ll give some non-fat greek yogurt. Recently and very carefully I started adding chicken breast meat to his meals. I bake the chicken breasts after trimming off all the fat using no sodium chicken broth to bake them in with some poultry seasoning sprinkled on top and whole garlic cloves and carrots in the broth. I bake four breasts once a week and give him about 1/4 of a chicken breast mixed into his food with a little of the broth and a carrot morning and night. He’s doing great on this diet. It’s been difficult but worth it. Hope this helps you too. It’s so hard to see them in pain like that. Hope you find something that works great for you too.

  • Dori

    Have you given thought to feeding a dehydrated dog food. The Honest Kitchen dehydrated’s Zeal formula is 9 % fat and a very nice protein level of 39%. You should visit their web site and check them out. Very good high quality food. The company uses all human grade proteins, mostly all organic fruits. The food is made in a USDA inspected human food manufacturing plant. The are only two dog foods that the FDA has allowed to say that they are human grade food made in human plant. I don’t recall what the protein % should be for a dog with pancreatitis, I do know that 16% fat is much too high.

  • sue66b

    Hi AnaG 16% fat is a bit high for a dog that has Pancreatitis, Have you looked at the Wellness Simple Healthy weight Salmon & Peas the fat is min-8% fat & the protein is min-26% or there’s the Wellness Small Breed Healthy weight fat is min-9% & max-11%fat Protein is min-28% has ur dog ever been on a higher protein like 34% thats high for a dog with pancreatitis..I would pick something with max-12% fat & under for fat, you dont want another flare to happen & it happens so quickly then they’re soooo sick again…if you scroll 4 post down,u’ll see one of my post, I have put up a link about Pancreatitis theres a section about feeding them a low fat & protein diet,

  • theBCnut

    You should ask your vet what fat % he wants you to stay under. 16% is too high for a dog with chronic pancreatitis, but for a dog that has only had it once and is totally recovered, it shouldn’t be a problem. Your vet would have a better idea than anyone here how your dog would adjust to this fat level.

  • AnaG.

    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone knows if Naturels variety Healthy Weight is also a good option for a dog with Pancreatitis? Dr. Mike did not put it on the list above, however, I was looking at the ingredients and it seems ok. I’m torned between Annamaet and this one to add to the rotation.
    The Instinct Salmon has 34% protein, 12% min fat, 16% max fat.
    Thanks for the help.

  • sue66b

    Hi Karen a few dogs on Hills vet diet kibbles are always hungry, when my boy was just on the Eukanuba Intestinal vet prescription diet, he was always starving on this kibble, a friend had her dog on the Hills z/d prescription diet & he too was always hungry, I dont know a kibble for Diabetes click on reviews up the top & on ur left in the “search this website” put “Diabetes dog food” & a site comes up, scroll down & read peoples post, there’s a few groups to join one is a Yahoo group & another is a Facebook group, the people have put the links there to just click on…maybe on one of these groups someone can recommend a good diabetes dog food that is working for them..

  • USA Dog Treats

    Hi Karen,

    Losing weight in a diabetic dog who has a good appetite could mean that her diabetes is not very well controlled and her blood sugar is high. This could prevent her from utilizing the energy from her diet so in essence she would be starving even though she is eating plenty of food. A home urine test for ketones would be helpful in diagnosing this. Ketones in the urine are a sign that your dog’s body is looking for alternate sources of fuel, in this case fat, because it is not getting enough fuel from its diet

    I believe that home testing of your dogs blood sugar is essential. It enables you to adjust food and insulin levels to better control her diabetes on a real time basis instead of only when you visit your vet. Home testing will also enable you to switch foods a lot easier because you have instant feedback on how the food is affecting her blood sugars.

    If her diabetes IS well controlled then it could be that her pancreas is not producing the enzymes needed to break down her meals into usable energy. This is called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) and you would supplement her diet with pancreatic enzymes prescribed by your vet.

    I would also check her thyroid to make sure she is not suffering from Hyperthyroidism which means her metabolism is running so high that she is burning too much energy.

    Does she have any other symptoms besides weight loss?
    Drinking a lot
    Peeing a lot
    Loose stools

    Let us know and we will be thinking about you and your pup in the meantime!

  • Karen Joyce Keen Spelman

    hi all…has anyone had a dog with diabeties..we have a 10 year old lab..she came down with diabeties in may..we have been feeding her hills ..from our there a food that can be bought in a store???…she has lost like 20 lbs..and she gobbles down her she is starving..thanks you for any help.. karen

  • pots

    Hi Maria, my Yorkie also has pancreatitis and is very picky. I feed him Royal Canin gastro low fat food wet and dry and he loves the brand. Do soak the kibble in water for about 10 mins so it is easy to eat and food that is moist is actually better for their digestion. I know RC has a bad rep in terms of by-products etc but it truly works for my pancreatitic dog. He has been feeling a lot better and pancreatitis hasn’t act up again.

  • sue66b

    Hi Mommadukes, a low fat food, can you cook or are you busy…I did boiled chicken breast & boiled pumkin boiled egg & boiled rice, & frooze little meals, now Patch eats Wellness Simple limited ingredients the Duck & oatmeal has the lowest fat but its 12%, or if you can find a wet tin food that is low fat 2% & under, wet is better then kibble…Normally vets will put them on the vet prescription foods Hills or Royal Canin Gastro low fat its 8% fat

  • mommadukes

    my 2 yr old lasa is coming home today from have pancreatitis. we are in a quandry of what to feed him

  • ermira gjurra
  • jacqueline

    have a 14 yr. daschund and make my own wet food as she is a diabetic – I boil or slow cook chicken breast then add some vegetables. she is doing great and in morn she gets 2oz and at night 2oz mixed with BLUE low carb dry about a hand full and her treats are dehydrated chicken breast cut into small – about thumb size and vet says she is doing great

  • Maria Gomez

    Thank you so much, I am looking forward to trying this food. It has great reviews, so hopefully it will work for Buddy!

  • sue66b

    Hi, here’s a link about Pancreatitis & what to do & what NOT to feed, also if you scroll down to 5th Paragragh, “What are the signs I might see if my dog has Pancreatitis” the last paragragh you”ll see “Here” high lighted in blue click on the “Here” its about a female 2 year old Chihuahua mix breed that was rushed to hospital a few times the vet writes about this little dog & how she was put on Royal Canin Gastro low fat & was doing really well then after 4 months the owner started to feed her a raw Barf diet “Hambuger patties & ground bone then after 1 week she was rushed back to hospital…scroll down to read that section its on page 477…this site might help people that have a dog suffering from Pancreatitis..

  • sue66b

    Hi Ibrand, he needs to rest his Pancreas, dogs are very smart & know what to do when they are ill, not eating is Ok, he’s at the vets on a IV so he’d be getting fluids, he’ll start to eat when he’s feeling better….

  • Sophia Bailey

    How is your doggie doing now? Hope he is feeling better.

  • sue66b

    Hi Maria, my boy has Chronic Pancreatitis & was put on Eukanuba Intestinal vet prescription diet the kibbles are a low residue kibble & break up easier,better for digestion & less poo….I tried a few different kibbles & I finally found “Wellness Simple” I started with the Duck & Oatmeal & the other day I bought a bag of the Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal these kibbles also break up easy & are not too big & I soak for about 2-3 min cause my boy gulps his kibble, they soften within 2-3 mins… here’s a link so you can have a look at the Wellness range & the Guaranteed Analysis, you’ll need to scroll down the bottom to see the Simple range the Duck & Oatmeal fat is 11% protein-21% the Lamb & Oatmeal fat is 12% & protein-21%

  • Maria Gomez

    I have a pomeranian who is 11, he recently was in the hospital for 3 days due to pancreatitis problems. He will NOT eat canned food at all, EVER. And is very picky. I purchased the food my vet recommended, Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canine Gastrointestinal Health Low Fat Dry Dog Food but the kibbles are too hard for his teeth. Even when mixed with plain chicken and rice he won’t eat it, unless they are cut in half which is merely impossible to do unless I wait for them to get soggy. I would like to stop feeding him just chicken and rice, as it lacks all the nutrients he needs but I’m scared that trying a new food will bring it back and I will lose my friend. Any suggestions on a low fat (low protein) small bite dry food will be greatly appreciated! Similar experiences and success stories are also welcomed! Suggestions on any extra supplements I should consider giving him would be awesome too! I would love to keep my little guy healthy and happy, for he is truly a woman’s best friend.

    Thank you,

  • boss1austin2 .

    What about BLUE Life Protection Formula Natural chicken brown rice recipe healthy weight food Crude Protein20% Crude Fat 6% first food listed boned chicken has lots other omega s like 3 6 etc

  • v8cyclist .

    I would like to know more as well. My dachshund is diabetic with pancreatitis. Having a hard time finding a healthy choice for her.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Debra –

    Is that all you feed your dogs or do you add supplements?

  • Debra

    I make my 3 mini schnauzers boiled skinless boneless chicken breast, carrots, peas. I don’t use rice as my dog is diabetic.

  • Debra

    How is your Schnauzer?

  • Debra

    I have had 4 Schnauzers 3 still with us. One died with pancreatitis he use to move his bowl around and hide it so he wouldn’t have to eat or look at it :(. He wouldn’t eat for days poor thing !! Our older schnauzer who is now 10 has diabetes, seizures and was over weight. lots of $$$ on vet bills he gets shots 2x a day thought we were going to have to put him down but I started walking him twice a day and feeding him boiled chicken and carrots w a little dog food for his cleaning his teeth. and now he is on a drug called Marin for his liver. this really saved him!He is back in good health and great shape!
    Since I had the two older Schnauzers I fed them all Vet Prescribed Specialty GI food. high dollar food!! I have found that Schnauzers have very sensitive stomachs. I now give them boiled chicken and carrots with a little dry food once a day. NO Commercial treats at all. Treats I make some out of baby food.
    My new 2 1.1/2 year schnauzers get check ups have no problem eating are at good weight.

  • Dori

    ibrand. Please see my reply to you that I incorrectly posted to Sydney – Schnauzer.

  • Dori

    Sorry, my post above should have gone to ibrand.

  • Dori

    I had a Tibetan Terrier a number of years that got a severe case of pancreatitis. She was at the NYC Health Center for 10 days on i.v. We would go visit her at the hospital every day (we lived in NJ at the time). They then started feeding her slowly. Anyway she lived another 6 years after that never having a bout of pancreatitis again. It was actually my fault. I was going to make hot dogs for my son and his friends, the package was apparently too close to the edge of the counter, the door bell rang and by the time I got back to the counter she had eaten the entire package and most of the wrapper.

  • lbrand

    Where bringing him home from vet
    Just want nothing to eat refuses food

  • lbrand

    He still won’t eat or drink
    Hes had iv 4days
    Just wish he would eat

  • Sydney – Schnauzer

    Wish I had access to the Wellness Core Weight Mgmt food here in Mexico – I do think the digestive enzymes are a big help with my dog Sydney

  • Sydney – Schnauzer

    My 13 year old Schnauzer Sydney has pancreatitis – FOR YEARS
    I thought she was the pickiest eater on the planet. She would push her bowl
    around to hide it to eat later – little did I know it was pancreatitis. Over
    the last 4 years she would have episodes of diarrhea and vomiting. And she’d
    get HOT/feverish- I would touch the inside of her ear and it was HOT. I don’t
    live in US (live in Mexico) and we don’t have sophisticated test but they did
    take blood tests and saw her blood levels were off so they gave her
    antibiotics. Then had her on a diet of rice and chicken – once she was
    improving I started her back on some kibble (royal canine schnauzer) and boom –
    she got sick instantly so that’s when I realized it was the kibble that was
    making her sick and that meant pancreatitis.

    I found some very helpful info on the blog of a vet in Vancouver BC

    Actually even talks about back issues – which could be affecting your

    dog. Depending on where you are you might find a chiropractor that

    treats dogs – might help.

    Learned about digestive enzymes which are available for dogs with pancreatitis

    Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG – a little challenging to find

    but they do have them on this website

    I give her one with every meal – I ran out and that is when I noticed how much
    it helped. Another option –
    Also a good video on enzymes for dogs/cats.

    Initially you might try White fish which is VERY low in fat (poached) – that
    and some rice (white) with NO FAT – and no fatty treats from now on. My dog is
    slim so it’s not just heavy dogs that are affected by pancreatitis. Syd can’t
    have anything chicken anymore- she gets sick and starts vomiting and has

    New FOOD now that Syd is better – I am now feeding Syd Prescription diet ID
    Gastrointestinal health they have canned and dry so I mix a little wet and a
    little of the dry kibble along with one Pancreatrophin PMG pill.

    Good luck – know how hard it is….

  • lbrand


  • lbrand

    I didn’t know if anyone knows about this
    Pancreatitis condition

  • lbrand

    Yes this is day three hasn’t had food will not eat hes sore

  • lbrand


  • lbrand

    Yes been three day s

  • lbrand


  • lbrand

    Yes hes at vet 3rd day hasn’t ate since Thursday when.he got sick

  • lbrand

    Yes but doesn’t want no foodrat all

  • boxers1

    is he drinking?

  • boxers1

    did they put him on IV’s to give his gut a rest?

  • lbrand

    I have a schnzer 14 yrs old at the vet
    Wont rat diagnosed with pancreatitis
    A week before he had problems with balance and they gave him predizon so he got better a week wife whiched his dog food from dry too can dog food gis theeth
    Are bad he ate like a horse thought he was getting better I got up he had threw up andpooped stumbling around we tryed feed ing him he won’t eat, they gave him a shot nazia now hes in hospital a week on a iv won’t eat been a week worried what too do if the pancreatitis will stop

  • lbrand

    I have a schnazer too 14 too swit,him from dry dog food too can dog food and developt pancreatitis they gave him predzone and now he wont eat nothing
    Hes,at the vet with a iv in him he still
    Hurts looks good but wont eat nothing
    He 6days I just don’t know whats going on

  • lbrand

    I have a schnazer too with pancreatitis
    14 in the vets won’t eat worried

  • sue66b

    Hi Mary, Im trying the “Wellness Simple” Duck & Oatmeal for Patch, so far he’s doing really well on the Simple, I cant give him a high protein kibble either & the Simple Duck & Oatmeal is lower then the Wellness Core, here’s a link to have a look at the ingredients & fat% & protein%

  • Mary Lou DeGeorge Kelley

    My Schipperke has high pancreatic levels. I’m looking for a low fat grain free food. Any suggestions?

  • Dianna Kelleher

    This website has a pet food calculator too that you can use based on your dog’s weight, activity level, and the kcal/cup of food. If I fed my dog what the bag said she’d be 20 lbs overweight. Different for every dog though. I also asked my vet for a personalized recommended serving size per day.

  • Dori

    I’ve tried a lot of different supplements with her for her arthritis and GlycanAid is the one that has made the biggest difference. Keep in mind that all dogs are different and react differently to different meds and supplements. Just like us humans. Hope if you try it it works for your dog.

  • bandana

    I just seen this!! I may try it. I have been giving glucosamine but haven’t had luck with it. He is still limping.

  • bandana

    Tiny is still on Core Reduced fat. He went for thyroid check up last week and now he weights 64 pounds. Should I still put him on strict diet? Right now he gets about 2-2.5 cups a day!

  • aimee

    Hi Ala,

    My previous dog had triglyceride problems and fat intolerance problems. She thrived on the vet recommended diets.

    A friend with a Cavalier currently home cooks for her dog with triglyceride problem. It has worked wonderfully! She uses Balance it supplement and recipes. AS you know the crucial key is to feed a low fat food. Fish oils though can be of benefit…ask your vet if they would be helpful in your dog’s case.

  • Shawna

    Dietary fat has got a bad rap in this respect. They’ve actually known a long time that high carbohydrate diets increase triglycerides. Here’s to examples of data on the subject.

    “It has been known for decades that low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets can increase plasma triglyceride levels”

    And this one is taken from The Journal of Nutrition. They demonstrated that a high protein, low carb diet was beneficial for canine weight loss. They also noted “Several studies showed the potential benefits of a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet on reducing body weight in humans (6,7).
    These diets are also associated with decreases in serum TG as compared
    to diets high in carbohydrates. The results of the
    study reported here suggest that these same
    benefits can also be obtained in dogs fed high-protein, low-carbohydrate

    Since Schnauzer’s have a predisposition to pancreatitis it would likely be a good idea to feed a high protein, moderate fat diet. If you need to go low fat you could do so but then add in coconut oil to up the total fat/calories. Coconut oil is mostly digested and absorbed in the stomach sparing the pancreas from having to digest it and making it a good oil for dogs with or prone to pancreatitis.

  • Ala

    I am curious if anyone has had luck with home made food. My mini schnauzer is 13 and was diagnosed with high triglycerides so the vet changed her to a prescription canned diet (she has to eat wet food as she has no teeth) and while it has done wonders for the dogs figure, her huge swollen belly is gone to the point it may be a bit too much, I have been reading bad things about what the food from the vet is made with. My dad has been feeding his mini schnauzer home cooked food for ages, a stew of beef, rice, carrots, peas, potatos. But his dog doesn’t have a triglycerides issue. I’m obviously aware of the need for low fat, and so was wondering if anyone else has tried making their own.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Sydney,

    The amount you feed depends on the calories in the food. It’s hard to say how long a certain size will last because we typically feed based on volume as opposed to weight (of the bag). Every food has adifferent weight measurement per cup. Do you see something on your bag that tells you how many brands there are in a cup of your food?

  • sue66b

    There is 12 cups to 1 kilo kibble if that helps I dont know oz & Ibs.

  • sue66b

    Yes my boy also has Chronic Pancreatitis & when I upped his protein he was ill again so they must need a lower Protein awell as low fat when they have pancreatitis I have my boy on the vet prescription Eukanuba Intestinal diet kibble & I belong to a group on yahoo called ‘Dogpancreatitis’ & alot of the ladys there have their dogs on the R/C Low Fat & are doing really well. another thing Ive found when the kibbles are very hard my boy has his pain the Intestinal is a low residue kibble that breaks up very easy, he spewed up his kibble last night all undigested so Im thinking maybe trying the R/C lower fat as the Intestinal is 10% fat where the R/C low fat is 7% fat..I live Australia & we dont have some of the real good kibbles that u can get in America that are really low in fat% the lowest I can get from Pet Barn is min 8% max is 10%, so I have to stick with the vet diets, something I hate doing but after having a real sick dog when a kibble works ur so happy that they are not in pain..

  • Cheri

    Also, my dog takes Tylosin and pepsid daily too. You can get the Tylosin with “bitter block” to hide the terrible taste from a compounding pharmacy (I use Wedgewood Pharmacy in NJ)

  • Cheri

    I also have a 16 year old Yorkie-Poo who has chronic Pancreatitis for the last 3 years. Unfortunately it took a 3 day stay in the intensive care unit of a big time doggie hospital to get him through it. They recommended a big name prescription canned food which I used for awhile to get him all healed. He did not like the stuff (looked like a can of rice with other stuff but not much nutritional value). I started mixing it with boiled chicken (removing the fat) and a high quality dog food, Fromm Family Gold Chicken Pate (fat 4%). About 2 months ago I removed the prescription food completely and he is still doing well. If I ever think he may not be feeling good, (maybe 1-2 times a year) I give him boiled chicken and rice for a day or so and he is fine again. I am going to look into the Mercola’s digestive enzymes to see if it might be beneficial for my boy too. I would love to hear from others who have dogs with this issue and how you handle it.

  • Sydney – Schnauzer

    I have a Schnauzer who has chronic Pancreatitis – I’d like to know the dosage for 16 lb dog. Live in Mexico and want to know how long the 5.26 oz size lasts. Hoping it’ll help :-)

  • Stacy L.

    I’m reposting this from the Royal Canin site, so in case anyone notices both, I’m not spamming…I’m contributing the same info in two areas. :) My 15.5YO schnauzer/staffie mix Daisy was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis a little over three years ago. Up until that point she was vomiting for no apparent reason every day, and just seemed sick. Our vet couldn’t figure out why (she’s always had a rather pitiful tummy) until we ran blood work and her amylase and lipase levels came back elevated. More testing, and we had our diagnosis. That day we switched her from Blue Buffalo something-or-other (it was a long time ago) and put her on the Royal Canin GI Lowfat. She hasn’t vomited since and has been completely asymptomatic, except for her amylase and lipase levels continuing to go up (we check her blood 4x/year). Last November I decided to add Mercola’s digestive enzymes for dogs into the mix and last month her enzyme levels came back NORMAL. No joke. She’s also been on super-low dose medrol for the pancreatic inflammation. We and our vet decided to run an experiment and see how she’d do off the steroids. My husband and I, after having done a ton of internet research, also switched her to Wellness Core Weight Management. Still relatively low-fat, but higher in protein. Well, six weeks later and her enzyme levels have shot through the roof again and this time, her triglycerides are up. Our vet figures that’s all attributable to the food change and axing the Medrol. I suppose one could say our vet is only interested in getting our prescription food dollars, but my dog is 15 1/2 and otherwise in great shape. She plays with her much younger sister, and we all walk a mile a couple times a day. She isn’t lethargic or lacking in energy. So, “crappy ingredients” the Royal Canin kibble may have, but my dog hadn’t vomited once in three years since being on it and her pancreatitis got worse when I took her off it, so…there you go. This is definitely a “your mileage may vary” sort of situation. All dogs are different, and even if your dog does great on one food, that doesn’t mean other dogs will. I hate the “trial and error” aspect of this, but I took the advice from this board and put my dog on the Wellness Core and it made things worse, not better.

  • Kathy Audinet

    Ok. Thanks for the info!! I’m going to go read the book.

  • sue66b

    Pancreatic secreation contains emzymes for the digestion of all three major types of foods, Fat, Protein & Carbohydrates, when the pancreas gets over worked & isnt working properly u need to rest the pancreas lowering fat, protein & Carbs also its best to stop any kibble as this is also harder to digest. good home cook meals where u know whats in them..Im learning all this as my boy just got dignosed 2 months ago. Im reading a real good book called Raw & Natural Nutrition for dogs, by Lew Olson,PhD, it has very simple recipes cooked that will help certain illnesses in dogs.

  • aimee

    Hi Kathy,

    I almost lost my dog to pancreatitis…. very scary time.

    Both protein and fat stimulate the release of CCK ,a hormone that when given experimentally can trigger pancreatitis..

    The causes of pancreatitis are not well defined, but fat plays a role and possibly protein too.

    In the summary of management of pancreatic diseases the authors write “lifelong fat restriction might be needed. Very high levels of dietary protein should be avoided”
    ( Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition 2012)

    Controlled feeding studies do not support the myth that carbohydrates lead to obesity. In fact the dogs on the highest carb diets were the leanest (Romsos).

    If your dogs are gaining weight it simply means they are getting too many calories.

  • Kathy Audinet

    My vet said he needed lower protein because of the pancreatitis. However, I have been reading up on it, and ever article I have read says differently. I am SO confused on what to do for him. Any advise would be welcomed.

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Kathy,

    Solid Gold Holistique Blendz has 340 kcals per cup. A dog that’s overweight whose ideal weight is 67 pounds should be fed approximately 2.67 cups of this per day. Are you certain you were only feeding two cups per day?

    I understand why you’re feeding lower fat, but why are you wanting a food with low protein?

  • dchassett

    The easiest is on line. I’m not sure where I last purchased it. Either Amazon or on just put Glyncanaid on google or yahoo whichever you use, and it will take you to their site. Either way is fine. My dog Hannah continues to be doing really really well. Reminds me of when she was so much younger. Definitely has a new spring to her step.

  • Kathy Audinet

    I have 2 Bassets on the Solid Gold Holistique Blendz . My oldest has problems with pancreatitis. I choose this because of the low fat and protein. However, I am now in search of a new food. Because it has made him gain SO much weight because it is higher in carbs. He is very inactive, and this is not good for him. I only fed him 2 cups a day, with a tablespoon of wet and second feeding. He weighs about 72lbs now. Has been on it for about 6 months. So that is a weight gain of 6 lbs in 6 months. Which is to much for him.

  • Kathy Audinet

    Where can you get the Glycanaid from??

  • bandana

    I forgot to mention! The dog in the front ( profile photo) as you can clearly see that she was overweight also lost weight.I took her to have mast-cell removed 3 weeks ago and discovered she also lost 15 pounds on core reduced fat food. LOL. She is smaller built pit-bull and weighed 68 pounds initially.

  • dchassett

    You can always do raw diet. Primal is my favorite. There’s also Darwins, Stella & Chewys, Answers, Natural Instincts Raw. Lots of others but those are by favorites. I’m on the couch right now and Hannah just jumped up on the couch next to me. Truly I’m amazed and so so happy for her.

    I purchased GlycanAid after a lot of research on line.

  • boxers1

    No,But you can order it online and they’ll call your vet to get the Rx…this place has the best price. You give it twice a week for a month to *load* it and then every 2-3 weeks thereafter

  • bandana

    Is this something we buy over the counter?

  • bandana

    He turned 12.I may have to look into GlycanAid . Thank you! So happy to hear about Hannah. I thought about raw diet, I am not sure if I am ready in transitioning, mainly because of prep time.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hey bandana, Glucosamine and Condroitin is definitely NOT placebo. My Lab was walking with a limp. I went to Tractor Supply and picked up Level 3 Joint support. This stuff is awesome, now she can play and go for walks with no limping. It was $29.99 (on sale) for 90 tablets and for her weight she needs 2 a day. Seriously, check this stuff out for your dog. It’s awesome.

  • dchassett

    Hi Bandana. Sorry if I missed it but how old is your dog? I rotate foods and supplements with my 14.5 year old Maltese. She has arthritis as well as two degenerated discs mid spine. The supplement that I have on her now for arthritis and discs is called GlycanAid and I have to tell you she is doing really really great on it. My husband and I have both noticed a big difference in Hannah on this supplement as opposed to the others. I thought it was just wishful thinking on my part but then my husband asked me if I had added something new to her diet because she was acting so much better. Also, BIG NEWS at our house last night. She actually jumped onto the couch which she hasn’t done in about a year and a half. We have little steps so she can climb up but she by passed the steps and jumped up. Had a known I would have taken pictures. Very exciting.

  • boxers1

    Have you thought about trying Adequan? I am having success with it for my Boxer with arthritis in her rear stifle

  • bandana

    He is doing well considering his age. The vet said he has arthritis on his hind legs. He strongly recommends glucosamine, but I am skeptic about it. I just feel like it is a placebo. I give him turmeric, powdered form. He has slight limp but does not look overly unconformable. Thanks for asking Betsy!

  • Crazy4cats

    That’s great. ( I feel like I’m at a weight watcher’ s meeting) Congrats!

  • theBCnut

    Congratulations!!! That’s wonderful!

  • Betsy Greer

    That’s great bandana!

    I went back and read your comment history and it sounds like he’s just three pounds from his goal weight. That’s a great result! How are his joints and the arthritis? I can imagine how much better he must feel. You’re to be commended. Those results took determination and discipline on your part, too.

  • bandana

    It has been 6 months since I last posted the comment regarding Core reduced fat. My dog was 83 pounds six month ago when I started him on core, he had his weight measured a week ago and now weighs 68 pounds. My regime is :1 cup in the morning, 1 in the evening and occasional treats.

  • Monica NP

    I have Shepard/boxer mix we adopted from the local shelter. When she was a little over a year old she blew her knee out. 9 months and the first surgery at $1300 later she did the same to the other knee. Our vet stressed the need to get some weight off of her. She was never really a heavy dog, just solid muscle. We tried everything from supplementing her kibble with green beans or pumpkin to many of the lower fat/calorie kibbles, but nothing ever achieved any results. We then explored the “prescription dog food”. She has tried 4 different brands and the one that has worked the absolute best at getting the weight off and keeping it off is the Purina OM. Six years later and she is still fit and trim and enjoying her Purina OM.

  • Margaret McDaniel

    Sue 66 – try Nutro Lite Adult formula. Our two pugs were born with pancreas issues. We feed the kibble – free feed and the wet a tablespoon in AM and PM to mix with it. Has worked really well. Very comparable to vet brand low fat food for pancreatitis. I hope you find this helpful.

  • sue66

    Hi, my boy also suffer from Pancreatitis, in ur post u said that the lady at Mud Bay, gave u samples & had a list of low fat foods what were the other foods besides the Nutri-source as I cant get that kibble in Australia,Im sick of cooking boiled chicken & pumkin doesnt seem to fill him like the kibbles do..

  • Toxic Box

    It is so encouraging to hear this from you. Your old dog sounds a lot like mine. Digestive issues his whole life. Breaks out in rashes when he eats grains. He just developed a near fatal episode of pancreatitis a few weeks ago. I’ve got him stable by using egg whites, boiled chicken, rice, non-fat yogurt, and pumpkin puree along with his liver meds and probiotics. Could I know what digestive enzimes might be recommended? We are currently using a probiotic once a day.

  • sue66

    I got it…finally, ur dividing the tin fat% by the dry matter, thats what the / means…I see.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    If the can states 3% fat and 78% moisture:


    (3%/22%)X100%=13.6% fat on a dry-matter basis

  • sue66

    Im lost, I understand..100%-78%=22%= dry matter, then Im lost ….where do I find the Nutrient level is it on the tin or is it easier to say that if its 3%fat 78% moisture written on the tin then there’s 19% food…78%+3%= 81%now take 100% -81%=19% or is that wrong…

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Sue –

    To convert the % of any nutrient as fed to a dry matter basis you would do the following:

    1. Obtain the percent dry matter:

    100% – % Moisture = % Dry Matter

    2. Divide the nutrient level ‘as fed’ by the percent dry matter and multiply by 100%:

    (%as fed/% dry matter)X100%

    So for example, if a canned food states 5% fat and 78% moisture:

    100% – 78% = 22% dry matter

    (5%/22%)X100% = 22.7% fat on a dry matter basis

  • sue66

    My vet has just said to feed boiled chicken breast & Ive noticed that he’s still hungry, so Ive been adding some small boiled pasta & sweet potatoes, someone said rolled oats are good too,

  • sue66

    Need help…..How do I convert the fat % in tin wet foods, say it says 4% fat what is that if it was a kibble, vet said fat % has to be 9% & under for his Pancreatitis….

  • Stacy L.

    I’ve been giving my schnauzer mix the Mercola digestive enzymes for pets for about four months. She’s 15 and they’re helping tremendously. Her enzyme levels were off the charts (going up for the last three years, she’s chronic – but asymptomatic since we put her onnRoyal Canin lowfat GI), and they were darn close to normal a few weeks ago. I’d give the enzymes a shot – they’re inexpensive and I got them off Amazon. If you don’t have success, you aren’t out a lot of $$.

  • Jennifer W.

    Has anyone tried the fish based Solid Gold Holistique Blendz? 6% fat and 18% protein? I have a Schnoodle with high triglycerides and we are considering this or the Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish. He is allergic to chicken, so finding a low fat food is challenging.

  • sandy

    Have you considered giving him a high lipase full spectrum digestive enzyme with his meals?

  • boxers1
  • Sam Dewood

    Hi all! I have a 2 1/2 year old Boston Terrier that recently had his gall bladder removed so he can’t have food with a fat content over 10%, We’ve been feeding him boiled chicken and white rice but he’s gotten so skinny as a result. Can anyone relate/ recommend a dry food to feed him? Thank you!

  • L MDL

    I would share your concerns over the ingredients with your vet and really be careful about any switches. We just lost a Shih Tzu to pancreatitis and once he had it a switch in his food was fatal.

  • Cali’s mom

    After reading all of these comments over the last 4mos., I’m now confused. Because of Cali having pancreatitis, am I supposed to be looking for LOW fat and LOW protein food or should I just be concerned with the low fat?

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Cali’s mom, yes I have heard of freeze dried raw foods. Of course that would be a better choice than kibble. Unfortunately with 3 dogs and 3 cats, I have to stay on budget. I cannot afford to feed FDR. But if it is within your budget, I’d say it’s a great choice. :)

  • Cali’s mom

    thanks, I didn’t know that. A friend of mine just lost their 8yr. shnauzer from pancreatitis & from what she has described, it was horrible pain for the dog. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would be or even how Cali would be. She’s a real ‘momma’s girl’ & everytime I think of Blue Buffalo doing this to her, I wish there was someway I could sue them or run them out of business for what their foods have done to so many dogs. Cali was on such a limited diet of BB & yet when my Vet looked at the fat & protein on the package, he was not happy. He also told me to say away from anything that says DIAMOND. I don’t know what food to trust anymore.

  • Melissaandcrew

    There is corn in ID diet : )

  • Cali’s mom

    I wonder if brown rice would be better than white. The vet put Cali on Prescription ID dog food & she absolutely loves it. I’ve actually started putting frozen sweet peas in it just as a filler because she would eat 3-4xs a day if I let her. I want to get off this ID food, but am stumped as to what I should change to. She’s also alergeic to chicken, wheat, corn, gluten & beef so my choices are limited, BUT I am determined NOT TO let her get pancreatitis again if there is anything I can do about it. I was so scared before that I would just sit her, look at her and cry my eyes out……not again!!!!

  • Cali’s mom

    Have you heard about feeding dogs the freeze-dried raw foods? I’ve recently been reading on it & there are 2 stores in my area that carry raw foods. Apparently victordogfood is not in my area.

  • RealRhonda

    Same issue! Never feed my pups table scraps and my small Boston was on BB Lamb & Rice got pancratitis at age 7. After alot of vet bills and a week later, am looking for a good low fat food. I don’t want to feed I/D food long term. Also vet said to look for food without tapioca or sweet potatoes to reduce sugar.

  • java1010

    Hi everyone,
    I’m looking for some advice regarding my 4yr old Beagle… Since Romeo was a puppy we started him out on Orijen, and then a year or so ago we transitioned him to Canni Source after he apparently lost his appetite for basically all Orijen dry foods. While on Canni Source he seemed to be doing quite fine and really enjoying the food and above all he seemed to have a very healthy metabolism which was always an issue with Orijen. Anyways, long story short, there was apparently a quality issue with some of the last batches of Canni Source produced at the end of 2013, so we decided to look at changing his food. After doing some reading, we decided to switch over to Blue Wilderness Healthy Weight, as he is also a bit overweight mainly due to our wonderful yet very long Canadian winters. So after nearly a month of transitioning to Blue, our beagle seemed to become quite sick often with tummy troubles until he got progressively worse during the last few days. We brought him to the vet today and he apparently has Pancreatitis and was very dehydrated! The vet said that Blue was the cause and due to his weight issue recommended Purina Veterinary Diets OM. Now that we came home and I’m going over OM’s ingredients I realize that it is primarily corn based with pretty much no meat based proteins! I’m wondering what other low fat/low glycemic index, grain free, weight management, high quality food alternatives should I discuss with the vet about?
    Any help/recommendation is highly appreciated!

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Cali’s mom, take a look at Victor, they have 4 grain free options. It’s premium dog food without the premium price. I pay $38.99 for a 30lb bag of GF Ultra Professional. They have a store locator on their website. Also, you can get 3 free samples here.

  • Cali’s mom

    For anyone who feeds Blue Buffalo to their dogs, PLS look up Blue Buffalo/complaints – it’s unbelievable! My maltese/bichon was on Blue Buffalo per vet’s referral for 3yrs. & I thought things were great. She seemed to like it & never had any problems. However, this past Nov., 2013, all of a sudden she comes up with pancreatitis! I’ve never fed her human food & have always watched her food carefully. After googling the complaints, I am so angry I could just scream. From what I’ve been told & read, Blue Buffalo originally was a good food, but they got too big & started shipping out & then just was putting their brandname. I’ve now had 3 vets that have told me if a dog food starts being advertised on TV, 9 out of 10, the food is being processed somewhere else. I’ve had to put her on this Hills Prescription ID dog food, which she loves & seems to do very well, but I’ve never trusted ScienceDiet, so I really don’t know where to turn. any suggestions?

  • Gibber

    I’m interested to find out more about which digestive enzymes would be appropriate. I have a 14 year old mini schnauzer that has had issues with pancreatitis, in addition to vaccination reactions, and what I would suspect to be hypersensitivities and allergies. He’s been on a diet of canine WD (dry) prescribed by the vet for the majority of his life.

    I had tried taking him to a holistic vet, where I was instructed to cook his meals (chicken or fish, combined with carrots, potatoes, and peas). Unfortunately after a few weeks on the cooked diet, his triglycerides, and liver enzymes spiked, so we returned to his dried foods.

    Sorry for the long post, however I’m getting discouraged feeding him a food that may not be very good for him (containing a lot of fillers and potentially sensitizing components), but I’m apprehensive that switching his foods may lead to a similar change in blood chemistries.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Hi Maiya
    A dog that has had pancreatitis multiple times probably needs to be on low fat food for life, like under 12%. Also, add digestive enzymes to each meal.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Do the math and I think you will find that it isn’t actually a therapeutic dose and therefore anybody feeding it would still need to buy a joint supplement. How is that helpful?

  • Sharon

    HI I am a Dist for FRR and it has helped dogs with leg problems. I had one that wasn’t doing good at all and with the SPlus and massage it has done well. It is a great prynees. The S Plus has the G&C for their hips and joints.

  • Maiya

    Help! Can anyone tell me if Nutrisca is safe for a dog with occasional pancreatitis? Thank you:)

  • Regina

    Help – Is anybody her who feeds his dog with the hills metabolic food and make the experience that you have the feeling that the bones hurt from the dog.

  • Kathy

    Holistic select weight management I found was that best for my Beagle mix, we were put on a vet prescription kibble and i did not like the ingredients after I had her on it for 2 years so i went looking into the ingredients and what stuck out was the L-Caretine in the vet kibble so I went looking for a healthy kibble high in L-caretine and the only one I could find was the Holistic Select

  • Pattyvaughn

    It was NutriSource Senior.

  • bb

    hi-so glad you found a good food– and could you post the foods you found–thanks

  • bb

    HELP!- I need some advice on a great and safe limited ingredient dog food/dry and canned-
    I have a 13 yr old-“Cajun Dingo”
    (looks like a dingo-found him in New Orleans 13 years ago)-and prior to the last few months-he has been in great shape- running– playing-barking- the usual -I’d say very above average for his age-
    he’s been on a limited diet his whole life due to a sensitive gut-probably from hanging out in the French quarter too much!
    and for the last few years or so- has been on Natural Balance-I grew concerned when Del Monte bought them out- and for the last few bags of food-(lamb and brown rice)-he has not been eating well and hast lost weight- which he doesn’t need – and just recently-I started to change him over to the sweet potato and chicken mix-
    a few days ago he developed gastroenteritis/pancreatitis-(still in early stages of diagnosis-)
    My vet has recommended royal canine for his food intolerance-but I have been reading many horrific reviews on many of their diets-
    I don’t know what to do- he needs a low fat high carb easily digestible -limited ingredient food –
    thanks in advance

  • kampt

    I would strongly recommed grandma lucys complete meals or honest kitchen. They have less fat and all the good nutrients your dog needs.

  • Cameron’s Mom

    Thank you Sharon. I will ask Cameron’s vet about these. I have blended sweet potatoes to add to his food with the o.k. from vet.

  • akginger

    I know that some people have had terrible experience with it BUT I have been using Blue Buffalo. I have found this has really helped me trim down our female boxer with her injured knee AND helps with her brother who has some signs of pancreatitis. The fat is 6%. The lowest I have been able to find. I have been using this food for a year.

  • Sharon Johnson

    if you are worried about your pup not getting enough vitamins you can get high end dog vitamins on Amazon which are a vet brand. It costs about $50 for a large amount, but it is used for diets that are restricted, and you put a teaspoon or so, depending on size and weight, if they are on a restricted diet. Of course, you should always check w your vet.

    I have also heard, it is not good to add supplements to your dog food since it can mess up the balance that it has.

    But, when I had my dog on a low cal diet that I was supplementing w 30% fresh greens and vegetables (crushed in the blender so she could digest it) I used it. She lost 6 llbs on a 30 llb dog (she was up to 36 lbs and not healthy) I used them then.

    My girl also had a few attacks of pancreatitis so she is on a fat restricted diet now. Blue buffalo senior.

  • Emily

    My dog is 8 years old, lab mix, and had ACL surgery about 8 months ago. The Dr. wanted her weight down, so I decreased the amount I was feeding her. She has been on Purina One SmartBlends Weight Management for as long as I can remember. I read the ratings on this site, and am interested in finding a higher quality food for her…but I don’t even know where to start. Any suggestions?

  • Pattyvaughn

    You’re welcome!

  • Cameron’s Mom

    Thank you…it has helped with all the advice and support.

  • Cameron’s Mom

    Thanks to all for your advice, help and support.

  • aimee

    I hope Cameron continues to do well.

    Best of Luck to both of you.

  • Pattyvaughn

    He’ll be fine, it has what it needs for him to do well. He is going to need time for his pancreas to heal. Getting pancreatitis over and over or over a long period of time risks causing diabetes, so don’t risk changing his food in a rush.

  • Cameron’s Mom

    Thank you for this info. I did not know it had the complete balanced nutrition Cameron needed. I feel much better about that now. He also has a few pcs. of the dried Purina EN in the morning as his treat as we are having our coffee. It has been almost 4 months without another bout of the pancreatitis so I better not rock the boat and change anything at this time. I was just worried that he wasn’t getting all he needed in his diet. Cameron was sick for several months, in and out of the vet’s office and having to stay days at a time on IV’s. It ended up costing close to $4,000 but he is worth every cent to us. :)

  • aimee

    Hi Camerons Mom,

    The protein level in canned EN on a dry matter basis is nearly 34 % which is higher than what AAFCO requires for growth. Since protein also stimulates CCK it is recommended to avoid very high protein diets.

    The AAFCO statement reads “Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) procedures substantiate that this product provides complete and balanced nutrition for growth of puppies and maintenance
    of adult dogs.”

    Since the food passed feeding tests for growth I would have no concerns that the food is lacking in protein vitamins etc for an adult dog, but follow your vet’s advice regarding your specific dog.

    I too almost lost my dog to pancreatitis.

  • Cameron’s Mom

    Yes, it is the canned and I just went to the Vet’s to get 6 more. I asked about changing to one with more protein, but since Cameron came close to dying, they said to stick to this and chicken only. I am just worried if he is getting enough other vitamins, etc.