Best 5-Star Wet Puppy Foods


The following is a list of 5-star dog food brands… each containing at least one wet puppy food.
Yorkie Puppy Waits for Food
To qualify, every puppy food must meet AAFCO nutritional profiles for either growth or all life stages.

Or it must be recommended for puppies by the manufacturer.

If you know of a puppy food you believe we should have included on this list, please feel free to share your own suggestions in the Comments section below.

Or if you’re looking for some suggestions yourself, be sure to check out that same Comments area to find more recommendations.

Links to More Good Puppy Foods

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How to Find the Best 5-Star
Wet Puppy Foods

The following is a list of 5-star wet dog food brands that are known to contain at least one puppy food. Within each brand, search for products that include the word “puppy” in their names.

In addition, many other products are designed for all life stages… a group that also includes puppies.

Best 5-Star Wet Puppy Foods

  • Azul

    Awe how cute. 🙂

  • Pitlove

    You’re welcome! My best tip for owning a pitbull is to train and socialize from an early age. Pits have a bad reputation only furthered by bad people who use them for evil things. Every well behaved, friendly pitbull out there is a step towards showing people what kind of dog they are born to be.

    Your baby is gorgeous! I hope whatever food you choose for her works well for her! Keep us updated and don’t be afraid to post more cute pit pics 🙂

  • Sandra Thank you so much for your input. It is greatly appreciated, what with Ginger being my first puppy/pitbull. Any other tips for my sweet girl are very welcome!

  • Pitlove

    Yes. Product coming from the South Carolina plant is notorious for issues. It seems as though their California plant (which you would be getting from) is not an issue. I live in Louisiana and we have never been affected by any Diamond recalls at the small pet store I work at.

  • Sandra

    I live in Texas. Is there something different about the brand depending on location?

  • Sandra

    I live in Texas. Is there something different about the brand depending on location?

  • Pitlove

    Definitely sounds like she was not fed a good diet at all. Sad to say, but I find this to be common with people who “breed” pitbulls. Sounds like you are on the right track with switching to a large breed puppy food. Just be careful with Diamond depending on where you live.

  • Sandra

    She does have worms, she was a rescue and had a horrible limp. Vet said it was due to malnutrition and “her body is growing to fast for the strength in her bones”? Is what I was told. She was given vitamins to take daily for stronger bone structure. I am now switching to diamond brand for bigger puppies and was told to mix a little cocoanut oil and warm water

  • Azul

    Your welcome. Since he’s already been eating solid food with no problem, except constipation, I would continue with food and just try to add more moisture.

  • Daisy

    Thank you Azul. I will definitely be getting Pure Balance.
    I have been soaking the kibble in water but I don’t feel it’s helped him enough so I’ll be switching. For the moment I have stopped feeding him Ol Roy and have been giving him his milk with water only. Do u think it wise?

  • Azul

    Hi Daisy, you should start your puppy off with a higher quality food.
    I would return the Ol’roy and pick up a bag of Pure Balance. Since your pup is a small breed, you can feed als (all life stages ) or puppy food.
    Or you may even want to try canned. Pure Balance has stew varieties that my dogs love.
    You could also try adding water to the kibble and let it soak to help with constipation.

  • Daisy

    I have a 1 month old puppy, shi tzu/maltipoo, that I’ve been feeding milk replacer plus. Recently started adding some crushed Ol Roy puppy complete kibble in his milk, which he eats just fine but now he’s constipated. I’m thinking it’s the kibble so today I’m back to just milk replacer. Any recommendations?

  • Pitlove

    Hi Sandra-

    I’m assuming by issues you mean GI issues? If so have a look at NutriSource. They make a small and medium breed puppy formula (for dogs that won’t mature to be over 50lbs) and a large breed puppy ( for dogs who will be over 50lbs at max weight). If a store near you doesn’t carry it you can order off Personally I would exhaust all options for puppy foods before ever switching to an adult food. Especially for a dog that could potentially be a large breed.

    Also if she needs the canned food to eat that is fine. If she’s losing weight too fast you need to do whatever you can to get her to eat normally.

    Has she been tested for parasites? These are common in puppies and can cause these symptoms.

  • Babslynne
  • Sandra

    I have a 4mo old pit pup who is has been having a lot of issues. My vet suggested I switch to adult dog food and I most likely picked a horrible kind without doing any research first…so after the week of mixing and switching to purina one adult dog food, she has been having stomach issues. Mainly diarrhea. She refuses to eat ANY kind of dry food. Even Vets suggested brand. Only wet food. What is a good recommendation being that she is loosing weight fast??

  • Pamela Lynn Mason-Farley

    My dog is 3 months old but keeps getting in the adult food how can I stop this I even put it on the table but she’s big enough to get to it help

  • Brandon W

    Is it a wet food?

  • Bob

    my 2 month old puppy (cavalier KC) is spoiled. She won’t eat unless I hold her and put her kibbles on my stomach. Then she eats all. Any suggestions

  • Bear’s Labs

    I currently feed the Diamond Large Breed puppy kibble to my puppies and do so for a full year. I have found this helps development of ALL parts of the skeletal make up in the animal. I recommend this to new puppy owners and they too have met with success.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Orijen is a wonderful food to feed your puppy. Adding wet food or water is a better way to keep your pup hydrated.

    Unfortunately, unless it is a specific kibble that is designed to clean teeth, dry food is not better for their teeth. This is an old myth. You will still need to brush your dogs’ teeth or give them chews, whether they are natural, dental or designed to help scrape off plaque and tartar.

  • Fabienne Egerton

    I’m using Orijen puppy, try wetting it down to begin with then add less water over a few days. Dry food is better for their teeth. I give 3 feeds of Orijen and 1 wet food at night, pup sleeps for 7hrs! No grain or gluten, and it’s sorted his itchy skin.

  • Lyn

    How does one find any dog?!? They are lost, they got away from their owner, an idiot turned the loose.

  • wendy

    i have a 4 month old border collie and am feeding her canidae dry puppy food mixed with natures variety raw lamb medallions- she itches all the time? no fleas etc i think it may be for related? any suggestions?

  • margo

    Anyone recommend blue buffalo tubs? There is a site with horrible reviews..dont know wether to believe or not?

  • LabsRawesome

    Get a new partner. lol JK

  • yvonne

    I rub liver sausage on the bottom of the bowl so there is a film. Then top with 5 star puppy dry food.

  • Bob K

    Please read the analysis of purina moist and meaty. Is that what you want your dog to eat? It really is not that hard to get a dog to eat. The microwave can be your friend but make sure the food is not hot for the dog. What kibbles have you tried? Buy small bags that are rated 4 or 5 stars and remember to transition slowly.

  • Mili

    Thank you

  • Mili

    He’s been eating purinas moist and meaty, I tried dry food with broth on the kibble but he didn’t like it

  • Bob K

    Mili – What are you currently feeding him? Transition slowly to other foods. Other options, drizzle a little gravy or broth on the kibble, mush in a little soft boiled egg or crumbled/finely diced chicken or turkey and mush it in good. Add a little warm water to the kibble to bring out the juices and smell. Its really not that hard to get a dog to eat.

  • theBCnut

    My suggestion would be to print up the list and then cross Evanger’s off, then take it with you to all the different pet boutiques around and see what is available. Try a number of different ones. Any that your pup doesn’t do well on cross off the list.

  • Mili

    Hey! I have 7 month old poodle toy mix and he won’t eat dry food any suggestions? But He’ll eat purina moist and meaty and that one isn’t for puppies

  • theBCnut

    If they are old enough for solid food, chicken and rice. How does one just find Chihuahua puppies? They don’t grow on trees.

  • Valicia Johnson

    I found some very small Chihuahua pups. Its late and they look as if they have not eaten. What can I get out of the kitchen for them until I get to store. Helppp

  • William Casalino

    This is normal for a pup that age thats when they really start growing so they need more in their diet. I would suggest asking your vet what they prefer and what would be the right choice for a pup like yours.

  • Lhen Amante

    Hi everyone i have Almost 3 month old puppy poddle when the owner give me he said feed her a cesar can food at first she eat but now everytime i feed her always many left over she eat so little so im so worried now any suggestion that a food that i could give her. Im happy having her this is my first time to take care a puppy and i love her so now really worried look like shes weak. Please any suggestion i will consider. Thank you guys

  • theBCnut

    Pure Balance at WalMart, 4Health at Tractor Supply, or Cuts and Gravy at Costco. Shar Peis often have digestive and skin and coat issues that diet affects, so good luck on getting him on a better food.

  • Carly Bird

    Hi ppl We have a 6 month share pie pup, my partner insists on buying disgustingly cheap dog food (79p for a huge can) which stinks the downstairs out. I’was happy to keep him on the kibble he came with but partner says it’s too expensive so what is the best wet dog food to buy that is not too expensive and more importantly good for my pooch

  • Laura

    Hi everyone. I adopted a precious 8 week old beagle mix puppy three weeks ago. I’ve been feeding her Orijen grain free puppy dry food, Wellness just for puppy canned food, with a treat of baked or boiled soft chicken once a day. I feel pretty confident in the Orijen dry food, but is the Wellness wet puppy food the best choice?
    I live in a small town with a small Petsmart, but would be open to ordering online, as I do the Orijen.
    She is growing so fast, and I want to be sure she is getting the best nutrition.

  • Crazy4cats

    There are many advantages to switching up the kibble now and then. Click on the FAQ (frequently asked questions) tab above and find the diet rotation article. It will explain it better than me. Good luck!

  • jay

    Wow did no one reply to you thats strange? Yeah you could mix dry and wet food look on this site there is a section for puppy foods. I looked under 5 star puppy wet food and dry food and picked mines from there. I choose dry wellness core for puppies and he is doing great on that and i tried wellness canned but his stomach didnt agree with it so i switched to tiki and hes doing good on that so far! Hope this helps

  • jay

    The kibble too? How many variety of kibble is recomended? Maybe switch between 2 kibbles?

  • Crazy4cats

    Yes, definitely, it is very healthy to rotate foods, including the kibble.

  • jay

    hey guys so my 8month old shih tzu mix is currently on wellness core for puppies and tiki wet dog food. is this good enough for him to get everything he needs? he likes the food and no upset stomach at all. also is it okay to add another wet food for instance maybe one day mix his wellness core with tiki and another day with weruva canned food? because he likes weruva too lol. sorry for so much questions thanks!

  • Jenn Lu

    Is it ok to feed my 5 month old teacup red poodle some wellness core puppy canned food on top of the dry food? She will be no more than 3.9 pounds at full- grown. Or do you have other recommendations for toy breed puppy canned food?
    I am thinking about feeding her orijen or merrick puppy dry food. Is there one better for small breed puppies?

  • Clove

    Hi Joanne,

    There are plenty of non aversive techniques that can be used – look up kikopup on youtube or search youtube for videos for non aversive training for counter surfers – i have one too so I feel your pain. I wouldn’t use fear as a way to get him to stop.

  • Dick

    Give it a teaspoon of pure 100% pumpkin(not pie filling) Which to grain free food.

  • Cav

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  • Cav

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  • Cav

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  • Cav

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  • Cav

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  • Cav

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  • Cavalier mama

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  • Cavalier mama

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  • Cavalier mama

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  • jay

    Thanks alot 🙂

  • Crazy4cats

    Yes, it’s actually preferred by most to add some type of topper to kibble. Either canned, raw, dehydrated or even healthy scraps are a good addition. And, yes, you can definitely mix brands. That’s also recommended as different brands offer different benefits. Good luck.

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  • jay

    is it okay to feed your dog dry food and wet food? and if yes do they have to be the same brand for example i am going to buy wellness core dryfood can i get him tiki wet food?

  • Barbara

    My dog trainer said that you must leave a “trap” that would scare him away… like, let there a hot dog easy for him to catch, tying some cans on the edge, that way when he tries to catch the hot dog, the cans will fall and the noise should make him go away and stay a little bit scaried to go there again.. try that two or three times and it should work.. if it doesn’t work, maybe byuing a gate to install on the kitchens door so he can’t enter the kitchen should be a good idea too

  • Joanne Ouzer

    Need some advice how to keep 6 month old golden doodle off the kitchen counters. Many thanks

  • Jessica Roland Schaefer

    I just had this problem 2 days ago I took my pup to the lady I got her from shes been giving her pedilyte with and eye dropper and feeding her baby chixken baby food and says shes doin 100% better!!! Hope all works out with your fur baby

  • InkedMarie

    Take her to the vet.

  • Betsy Greer

    How old was she when you got her Martin?

  • neezerfan

    So she is only 8 weeks old? Have you called the breeder with your concerns? Has she been to the vet for a checkup yet? I find it most concerning that she won’t move. It’s possible she is traumatized by being removed from her family. I would definitely take her to the vet to make sure it’s not an illness.

  • Martín Vargas

    I have a 2 month old siberian husky and she wont eat or drink. She is also very sad and wont move at all from y hay one spot she stays in. What can i do?

  • Ashley Bolton

    Going to vet today for normal checkup and going to find out if we should go to canned food, I have heard eggs and cheese can help with blood sugar! But going to check with the vet first!
    Thank you for the advice though it is very appreciated!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Would it be possible for you to feed him a canned dog food? Canned foods are much more appetizing and also much healthier than dry foods. Any of the 4 or 5 star foods would be great. If you’re on a budget Walmart has a very reasonably priced ($1 per can) 5 star canned food called Pure Balance (there’s a puppy formula). Another option would be Fresh Pet – this is available a most grocery stores and Walmart although it’s a little pricey – it’s a fresh refrigerated food sold in rolls and most dogs find it very appetizing (it looks and smells like bologna). My grandmother has a yorkipoo and she hardly eats at all, she’s so skinny – maybe the breed is just prone to having a poor appetite??

  • Ashley Bolton

    yes same food and he is barely eating the a meal a day. Could be stress but I worry about his blood sugar. I just worry that he might be hungry.
    Thank you for your response. This is my first time with a new puppy so it is all new to me!

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Ashley,

    Are you feeding him the same food he was eating when you got him from the breeder? Even though I’m not a fan of Purina, I wouldn’t change his food at all right now. He’s had enough changes already transitioning into a new home. If he develops some loose stool, a spoonful of plain canned pumpkin will help. Use the time that he’s adjusting to his new home to research better foods.

    Congrats on the puppy!

  • Ashley Bolton

    I have an 8 week old yorkie-poo and he has been home 2 days and is not eating well. We are feeding him purina complete. Should we try something different?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Look for Earthborn Holisic or NutriSource. NutriSource is a good transition food, easy to digest.

  • Khloe:)

    Hi everyone I have a 12 week old chocolate mix with corgi and I have been feeding her blue with dha mixed with the blue puppy dry food and she has been having the poops 🙁 any suggestions I have tried acana as well but after a couple days we were back to the poops.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s true, balanced homemade is best, but if you aren’t up to that, take the 4 and 5 star list with you to all the stores around and take notes on what is available, where, and for how much. Then come back and check out what people have to say about the ones that look most promising. Then choose a few to try. Take more notes on how your pup does on them. Cross off the ones you reject. And try a few more. When you have a few different protein sources from a few different brands, you’ll have a nice rotation. Feeding variety is best. Pictures are amust! Have fun with your pup. And good luck in your search.

  • USA Jerky Treats

    Hi TDT

    Good luck with your pup!!!

    My top suggestion is buy a good book on nutrition. A good place to start would be Steve Brown”s See Spot Live Longer and start preparing homemade meals for your new addition.

    With yourself in charge you can guarantee your pup is getting the highest quality and freshest human grade ingredients possible.

    Good luck again!!!

  • TDT

    I am bringing home a 8 week old soft coated wheaten terrier soon. Any food suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Crazy4cats

    That’s funny and awesome. The things we do for our pets! I’m never able to trick my dogs when it comes to food, however. Lol! I hope you are taking Betsy’s advice and it’s working out. Good luck!

  • Betsy Greer

    Just make sure it’s a complete and balanced food that’s AAFCO certified for either all life stages or puppies.

    Make sure it doesn’t say “for supplemental feeding only.” If it says that, it doesn’t have all of the nutrients your puppy needs and is best used only as no more than 20 percent of your puppy ‘s diet, like a topper for kibble.

    Watch the fat content too. Last I knew, EVO canned had quite a bit of fat.

    If I were choosing from the ones listed, I’d choose Castor & Pollux, Merrick, Nature’s Variety, Wellness, Weruva and ZiwiPeak.

  • Chewy’s momma

    I appreciate your advice. Any specific canned food suggestions?

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi chewy’s momma,

    If canned is a full time option, I’d choose that over dry. Canned is much healthier than dry food. Just be sure to rotate brands of canned foods that you use as there is no one perfect food. You might also look into dehydrated foods that you reconstitute like The Honest Kitchen, or ZiwiPeak which you feed as is.

    Then, when it’s time to eat, put his bowl down and give him 15 minutes. If he doesn’t eat, he gets nothing until the next mealtime. He’ll learn. But, there’s nothing wrong with healthy table scraps – lean meats, cooked pureed veggies, etc.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s fine to stick with just canned.

  • Chewy’s momma

    I have a 6 month old 3 pound Pomeranian. He is healthy. He was being fed human food and now that I have him, I can’t get him to eat dry dog food. He’ll let himself starve for days . . . so I break down and give him a little chicken or veggies off of my plate. That’s not at all the way I want to feed him. I’m thinking if I put canned food on my plate and feed it to him in between my bites, I may fool him into thinking it’s human food. Then I’ll transition it away from my eating time. I can afford canned food as a permanent food, but I think mixing canned and dry will fill him up better and will be better for the long run. My question is . . . What canned and dry foods will mix well together and give him complete nutrition?

  • Pattyvaughn

    I have 2 dogs that do really fantastic on it and one that is intolerant of tomato pomace. I really like this food and can’t wait to try their LID foods that don’t have tomato in them.

  • John t

    Instinct. Dog food any comments on it

  • Pattyvaughn

    Same here, but it isn’t that way everywhere.

  • InkedMarie

    Here in nh, you cannot transfer ownership before eight weeks.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m not sure about the hypogylcemia issue. 40 years ago it was extremely rare to have this issue at all. 30 years ago I only knew one person who had this issue with a puppy. I think that as toy breeders have bred for the extremely tiny pups, they have created this problem. Puppies should have enough stores of glycogen in the liver to be able to go a normal amount of time between meals without it being life threatening, which makes me wonder what is wrong with these tiny puppies’ livers. The same types of things happen whenever breeders breed for extremes. Extremes are not for the betterment of the breed, JMHO.

  • Melissaandcrew

    Oh I think most pet ownrrs would agree with that statement. I was thinking in trrms of hypoglycemia which, in my experience occurs more from poor management of toy breed pups.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Only that there is a big difference between breeding something that is known for potentially having a problem versus definitely does have a problem. A responsible breeder should endeavor to make sure that their breeding stock is free of every issue or weakness, not just the convenient ones.

  • Melissaandcrew

    All breeds are known for certain medical issues I missing something?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Saying that toy breed puppies are not allowed to leave home before 10-12 weeks is just plain not true. It MAY be true where you are but that is certainly not universal. Where I’m at there are no breed distinctions about what age puppies can go to their new homes. Many place have no laws about what age puppies can be sold at all. I prefer breeders keep puppies later, but that is puppies of all breeds and that is my preference, not the law. And there are valid arguments on both sides of the debate. Some breeders prefer that puppies go home at 7 weeks before they enter a fear period that lasts a few weeks. That is supposedly the perfect age for a good bond with the new family. I’m on the side of leaving them with their mom until after that fear period is over. The law where I live is only concerned with requiring that the breeder gets the puppy it’s first shots, nothing else.
    It would be a very rare breeder that I wouldn’t consider money grubbing even if they kept the puppies longer. Anybody who is breeding for any purpose other than to improve the breed is trying to make money off of their dogs and shouldn’t be breeding. And nobody who breeds dogs that are known to have medical issues is a responsible breeder. That includes the breeders of every one of those known to get hypoglycemic puppies.

  • Slyvia600

    Have puppy 4 months old scottie. Had infection, stools 20 times a day. Antibiotics for that. Had all the above. Was going 6 times a day unformed stool.

    Tried 2 hypo allergic whole dog food(buiscit type). Didn’t work. So I thought go back to basics. Got cheap tesco mixer buiscits and gave him chicken and mince. Half buiscits half meat.

    Dog is thriving. Formed stools. Good weight. I thought he was an allergic dog, he isn’t. I think the protien content of these foods are too high and they are very rich. Manufacturers just want to push their products. Years ago dogs didn’t have all these problems. Hope this help

  • InkedMarie

    I think you should wait to bring your puppy home until it’s at least eight weeks old

  • flowerhead

    Hi all, I’ll be bringing home a 7 week old Toy poodle in few days. What is a good dry food i can give him?

  • If you’re feeding a balanced kibble like the ones Storm’s Mom mentioned, you can top it off (20% max) with a little bit of Weruva Human Style (since it is for maintenance). Most of them (chicken ones) are shredded instead of chunky so easy to eat for small mouths. There are pictures of them on their website. Also shredded is Fromm Four Star Nutritionals (all life stages) and Organix Butcher & Bushel Shredded Chicken Dinner (maintenance).

  • Storm’s Mom

    Amicus, Nature’s Logic and Nature’s Variety Instinct are all 5-star foods with tiny kibble pieces. They would be my top recommendations. Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch also has a tiny kibble (but if you decide to go with Earthborn, make sure it’s that formula you buy, because not all of Earthborn’s formulae have the small kibble pieces). For wet food, any of the ones listed above on this page would be just fine. Hope this helps!

  • liliana
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  • Lorie

    I have a 5 month old golden doodle. I’ve been giving him royal canine golden retriever pupp when I first got him we went to a party and a vet tech who has golden retrievers told me that that was the beat food for him. Now that I’m more educated on what to look for in dog foods, I noticed that the first ingredient is chicken by-product meal :'( my neighbor gives his dog solid gold wolf king, it appears to have good ingredients, I was also looking at blue buffalo puppy which has 5 stars on this site. My puppy does not have any stomach or skin issues, he loves vegetables. He wasn’t too fond of the taste of the royal canine so I mix a handful of Newman’s own canned food and he eats it. Any help or advice would be appreciated. There are so many 5 star puppy food on this site i am confused and I want to make the best decision. Thank you,

  • Lizzy

    planning for a Maltese puppy who is presently on Royal Canin Yorkie at the breeder. Any recommendations for wet and dry puppy food to transition to? She will be 12 weeks when I get her

  • PSG

    One of my (small) dogs also had serious digestive problems with Blue, switched her over to Nature’s Recipe ‘easy-to-digest’ after trying Wellness and some other…they all love the wet form but are finicky about the dry, haven’t yet found a kibble made by anyone that they enjoy eating, so I mix a small amount in with their wet to get some bulk to each meal.

  • 2cents

    As Patty mentioned, the intolerance – yeast infection – leaky gut progression could be the problem. My dog developed severe allergy symptoms, vomiting, weight loss and even mini-seizures, which I eventually recognized as leaky gut. Placed him on 4 small feedings per day of nothing but canned Evo 95% venison mixed with a double daily dose of Nzymes brand Back-Pac (probiotics and enymes) plus a double daily dose of Nzymes brand Ox-E Drops. In between alternated small “chunks” of refrigerated (hardened) extra-virgin coconut oil (combats yeast), and Nzymes brand Antioxidant treats. That therapy created a turning point. It took months, but he is now symptom free.

  • Mae K

    Sounds similar to my dog. I ended up doing an elimination diet( test one raw protein one month at a time. and found her break into yeast with chicken which I tested last because I was suspicious. . Ear infection in 3 days and had been clean on all other meats. Currently I use nature instinct raw venison, salmon nature instinct mixed with ziwi peak venison fish, and lamb. Some dogs who do not tolerate chicken also do not tolerate chicken fat. The brands above do not add chicken fat. I have had minimal to no ear infections or diarrhea (which is awesome to clean up every day ) . In the meantime I would also add the digestive enzymes and or honest kitchen perfect form. The perfect form seemed to settle her stomach down enough so she could eat and not have diarrhea. Unfortunately when your in a state of inflammation everything can upset the dogs stomach. About a year after the switch it was spring grass season and started to lose patches of fur. I resolved this with an enzyme with zinc. ( unsure if that is safe for puppies or not.

    You will get it figured out. I would still be on raw but it makes me gag so much and is messy, so this is not an option for me.

    I would not suggest the greek yogurt because of the dairy. Pumpkin and white rice is what I use if I need to get her to start eating again.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I would transition over to kibble first if she is on kibble or canned if she is on canned. I can’t tell you an amount because every dog is different. It is going to be based on the number of calories she needs. If you want to use kibble and canned, then keep in mind that, like fresh meat, canned will go bad in the fridge after about 3 days, so you should use at least 1/4 of a can each day. As long as you pick a good food I wouldn’t worry about the specific amounts of each type of nutrient, just work on getting the right amount of food. If you look at the upper left side of this page where the articles are listed, there is a dog food calculator. You’ll have to guess at a adult weight, but it will give you a starting place.

  • gwen

    Thank you!!

  • Melissaandcrew

    Look again. Natures variety had a feeding guide that Will break it down for you.

  • gwen

    How much kibble would I give my 43 pound boxer & how much canned. I wanted to do all canned but I was looking at Natures Variety & for puppies more than over 1/2 grown would need 39.6 oz. of protein every day.
    Would I transitioned her w/Blue slowly over to one food at first say canned over a 3 week period & then slowly add the kibble? How much of each do I give her? I don’t know how much protein, fat & carbs to give her in the AM & again PM? I did see where it stated on Natures website somewhere. Maybe it wasn’t the right food. I will check again because that is one I really want to give her. They have more choices too.

  • Pattyvaughn

    The 95% canned foods do have fat and carbs are not required and if it is a yeast problem, they feed the yeast. Kibbles have to have carbs to make them, so adding the canned helps give you a higher protein lower carb meal. If you are feeding only canned then you will have less problems with carb level, but I always found that to be cost prohibitive.

    I don’t know about the statement you made about AAFCO and Natures Variety, Dr. Mike has them as being AAFCO All Life Stages, but I haven’t checked for myself.

    I mix all different kinds of foods together and have never had a problem, many of us here do. I have only known one person who had a dog that couldn’t handle having different kinds of food mixed. I use kibble as a base and add other foods for flavor and moisture. I’m feeding raw with kibble now, about half and half.

    Everyone learns by asking questions, so ask away.

  • gwen

    I went to Nature’s Variety Instinct’s website to check out the canned & kibble because it was rated 5 stars but it wasn’t recognized by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. I was surprised to see that info. The flaxseed was listed as #4. I will look up the Earthborn & Brothers Complete as you suggested.
    Is it really good to buy the 95% single source protein foods w/out fat & carbs even though there are vitamins in it? Can I mix canned & kibbles together & how would I go about doing that? Sorry for all the questions but I’ve always given my babies what the vet told me & finding this wonderful website I’ve found it’s been so wrong. I haven’t had any problems until this puppy. All my boxers have lived to be 12-13 years old. It’s a lot to take in at once & I want to make sure I’m getting the right balance & nutrition for her until I understand the raw. Thank you for being so patient with me!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    For Earthborn, look at Great Plains Feast or Meadow Feast. I don’t have an issue with flax as long as the amount isn’t excessive, but Brothers Complete Fish formula is flax free. All of these are kibble.

    For canned food there are a couple companies that have 95% foods, which are single source protein foods with vitamins and/or minerals added to balance them. Merrick has some, and I think Wellness does.

    Yes, I think probiotics and digestive enzymes are very important for her.

    Sweet potatoes are not the same as white potatoes, but I still wouldn’t want an excessive amount of those either.

  • gwen

    Thank you for your reply! The food she is eating is Turkey/Sweet Potato. Is there a difference between sweet potato & a white potato? She is maintaining her weight but isn’t gaining but is still eating the Blue Grain Free Turkey/Sweet Potato. She is about 7 pounds underweight.(I neglected to mention that) Earthborn Holistic has potatoes, Nature’s Logic is a plant based kibble, Nature’s Variety Instinct has flaxseed in it as does Brothers Complete which only comes in a kibble. I saw where flaxseed isn’t good. What are your thoughts? The only other grain free canned food w/a 4-5 star rating would be Merrick & I’m not sure about it?? I feel as though she hasn’t really gotten the right nutrition as a puppy & it scares me. My vet suggested I feed her Pro Plan & I’m not about to give her that. I agree w/you about the chicken. So you think it would be good to give her probiotics & digestive enzymes?

  • Pattyvaughn

    From the sounds of it, she has a grain intolerance, which caused leaky gut, which led to a yeast infection. Of course I don’t know this, but that is what is sounds like. You need to find her a grain free, white potato free, low carb food. You may find that you need to avoid certain types of meat too, because these issues can cause intolerances to the protein sources that were fed. Try Nature’s Variety Instinct, Brothers Complete, Earthborn Holistic, or Nature’s Logic for kibble. About any grain free, potato free canned will do, unless you find she also has a problem with chicken, which wouldn’t surprise me.
    Swansons has good probiotics and digestive enzymes at a good price.
    You probably don’t need to worry too much about calcium level any more. She is past the rabid growth phase.

  • gwen

    I want to change to canned food for my 10 month old boxer. She was on Diamond coming from the breeder & starting scratching, vomiting, loose stools, biting her paws, not eating etc. At this time I found out there was a recall on Diamond. I took her several times to the vet. Had x-rays for blockage, extensive blood work for kidneys, liver, pancreaes, worms/parasites. Everything looked fine. Vet said it might be allergies & digestive issues. She was put on Hills for a while & then transitioned her over to Blue Basic Turkey/Potato dry. She had the same symptoms as above plus ear infection. I’ve been reading through all the comments & was going to switch her to “Merrick” canned grain free but saw where Hound Dog Mom mentioned it was too high in calcium I believe?? Also to avoid chicken & beef for sensitive dogs & supplement w/a multi-strain probiotic & digestive enzyme supplement? What kind & where would I purchase it if necessary? Other comments were to add a spoonful of greek yogurt or pure pumpkin to the food or Tripett as a topper(if that’s the correct word)to mix w/food. I saw where canned is better than dry & raw is the best. I’m so overwhelmed I just want to start her on something good as I read where some dogs got sick from the Blue. What can I give to help my baby girl?
    Very upset. . .

  • Joan Lockwood

    My poodle does not like canned food. I have tried her with them but she just’s leaves them.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Which food are you talking about? Your post isn’t attached to a particular post.

  • DeeDoo

    with all the negatives below about the side effects of this food, how is it 5 stars?

  • Stacey

    I’m amazed at all that you know . Would you please help me with my 4mth old puppy, he’s 3 lbs. He’s not happy with raw, somewhat likes Solid gold and Orijen…but it’s a battle. I have no problem alternating foods and buying a few different types, but I’m at a loss as to where to begin.

  • CoCo Chanel

    meat tenderizer! My beagle eats everything including her and our other dogs do doos try meat tenderizer though

  • lee

    got a vizsla puppy with a beautiful coat, mixing dry with a protein meat in the a.m., dry at lunch, and dry with a canned topper in the evening with some water:) works well! Love Wellness and Castor and Pollux!!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    As long as he’s eating a complete and balanced canned food he’ll be getting all the nutrients he needs. Canned food is actually much healthier than dry food, so if you can afford to feed canned go for it. You may also want to check out Tripett – it’s NOT complete and balanced (meaning you’ll have to mix it with a complete and balanced canned or dry food), it’s just plain canned green tripe. Dogs go nuts for it. Maybe if you mix a bit into his food he’ll eat more.

  • RidgebackOwner

    My puppy is 3 months old now and still doesn’t want to take dry dog food. I have been mixing it for a month now. Lately I started realizing he eats less and less. Today I decided to separate it and he ate all of his canned dog food and didn’t even touch the dry. Can him only eating canned dog food supply the nutrients that he needs to develop?

  • SanDnMila

    Thanks, that’s good to know. I’ve never been to Petsmart 🙁
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  • Paula

    I know it’s been awhile but in the future if you buy your dog food from Pet Smart they will take it back for any reason.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They can start now. Wet the food with goats milk and water until it a gruel and let them have it.  As they get older they won’t need it so wet.

  • Elizabeth

    my puppies are one  month old today when can they eat puppy food

  • SandyDuarte

    Thanks! She’s ok now I think I had just transitioned her food too fast (9 days) from the Iams puppy she came with into the Canidae Single Grain I had her on. I’m transitioning her again since she didn’t like it into Earthborn GF but this time taking it slow (3 weeks) and she seems to be fine. I did pick up some canned pumpkin that i’ll use only when she needs it.

  • judy

    My collie puppy had the runs, the vet had me give him a teaspoon of canned pumpkin.  No added spices or anything, pure canned pumpkin.  worked like a charm.

  • Lcunningham

    My Mini Schnauzer puppy already has bladder crystals so I need a puppy food low in magnesium and a bit more acidic.  Any suggestions?  Now on Earthborn Puppy.

  • SandyDuarte

    So far yes, she’ll eat a few bites. Haven’t tried the Tripett yet. I’m hoping she’ll like it, it’s a shame to keep wasting food. Just want to keep trying til she finds something she likes. Should I try the BG Tripe alone without the kibble or add something else to it?

  • I can’t say that they like one over the other.  None of my dogs are picky!  Even the foster dog ate it (Tripett) right away when I gave it to him. Do you just use it as a topper for kibble?

  • SandyDuarte

    She’s not really liking the BG Tripe too much, do you think she’ll like the Tripett? I got a can of the original formula today so she can try. I know you said your dogs have had both, do they seem to enjoy one more than the other?

  • SandyDuarte

    I was actually surprised she doesn’t eat as often as I thought or would like, 1/2 a cup of dry (Iams puppy and Canidae Single-Grain) twice a day mixed with a little canned (She tried Canidae Pure Land and Sea and now BG Gripe and Newmans Own Organic Beef). She’s finally off the Iams today and I’ve tried a few canned just to see what she likes best. I don’t feel like i’ve over-fed her. But I will try the yogurt or pumpkin if I see that it continues. Thanks

  • Puppies also eat more than adults so they have more output. It’s also difficult to tell how much to feed a puppy sometimes. You could cut back just a hair or add in some canned pumpkin puree or a spoon of yogurt. If my adults over eat they would get soft/runny poop as well. Do you give her a little bit of raw food with bones? All the dogs at my house that get raw/bones have solid stool. They come in convenient little one ounce medalions too from the pet store.

  • monkey

    What are you currently feeding her?

  • SandyDuarte

    I’ve had her for a little over a week now :), and her poop has started to get runny the past few days, what would be the best thing for that? Is that just her system getting used to different foods??

  • Johnandchristo

    Hey Melissa….

    Your pretty cool, and have helped me ever since I came on this site.

  • melissa


    I am laughing because I have a dog that does the same thing. Some flavors of food he loves, others he just turns up his nose at. He will eat fish dry food, but don’t think of giving him canned-or beef/chicken combos-but straight beef or chicken is okay..very strange!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi SandyDuarte……

    I think you should. Its a really good food. Organic beef , Organic beef broth, Organic guar gum, and vitamins, and minerals. that it. Awesome! its about $2 a can, but I think its worth it. Newmans grain free organics is the only food I would buy at the supermarket. but I got to admit it is easy. Mike S gave it a five star review, he said it was very close to the diet of a wolf.
    (in the protein fat ) 

  • SandyDuarte

    I saw Newmans at the supermarket, i’m glad to know that your dog likes it, maybe we’ll try it.

  • Johnandchristo

    HI SandyDuarte…..

    My dog has had all three, he likes the lamb, and venison, but not the beef. I dont know why. He will
    eat Newmans own organic beef, but the beef and liver, or the liver, he wont. He was always picky he loves the lamb a lot. after 4 or 5 days I give him salmon.(bumble bee) He wont eat the duck and salmon 
    beef tripett. I never had a dog like this. HaHa, thank God he loves his Brother’s kibble. 

  • I like the original beef tripe, then the lamb tripe, and then the tripe with duck and salmon.  The beef tripe is the really green one.

  • SandyDuarte

    I found Tripett in a local pet store, yay!! They don’t have much variety just the beef tripe and venison tripe. Have you tried both, which would you prefer if you have?? 🙂

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Pugsonraw……

    A lab is a  great running buddy. Also I hear that Rhodesian Ridgebacks are great long distance runners.
    I’ve also heard that Vizsla’s to are great runner’s.

  • Pugsonraw

    I’ve actually been wanting a big dog- one that I can take running with me. Maybe a lab.

  • Sandy

    Jake is adorable. His eyes are so clear and his fur is lustrous  – you can see he’s a healthy boy.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Sandy…

    I think your right, one of those adorable pugs could 
    certainly find their way into my life!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Pugsonraw….

    Thank you so much for the pics . to adorable . I can see how you ” pug lovers” get started now. That dog is amazing.

  • Ha-ha!  Only 2/3 cup of kibble a day, less with  toppers and such. You’ll either get one that’s the bestest boy ever and won’t want any other, or you’ll become a pugaholic.

  • Pugsonraw

    Hi John!

    The avatar picture is of Jake – my almost 4 year old brindle pug. I snapped this picture of him when he was a little grumpy.  It makes me laugh…

    Here are some more of him….. He gets a lot of attention due to his lovely coloring.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hey Sandy….

    I have to get a dog like that, it would not cost to much to feed him. I bet he could live on what falls out of Christo’s mouth lol 🙂

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Pugsonraw…..

    I agree sandy dogs are so cute it makes me want to get one. Can I also say the dog in your avatar is  
    the most adorable little face, I have seen in some time.

    maybe you could post some pic of him/her so we could see . 

  • Mike P

    What a handsome little boy!!!I wanna take a snooze with him…

  • Pugsonraw

    He is so sweet and looks so peaceful sleeping.  I’ve got one pug that sounds like your little guy.   He is my shadow… Will follow me around the house, sits under my feet and when I sit down, he curls up on my chest and falls asleep.  I will catch him watching my face for some kind of reaction or acknowledgment and I try not to laugh….

    Sandy, kudos to you for fostering so many pugs.  I know I would get attached and want to keep them all..

  • Here’s my boy that has to be near me all the time…sleeping under my vanity in the bathroom while I’m on my laptop on the counter…doesn’t go to the 2 big memory foam dog beds in the room or up on the big Temperpedic…just lays under the vanity waiting for me to get off the computer. And then when I go to bed he gets under the blanket with me – we spoon 🙂

  • Thanks.  I was updating my foster album and there have been 125 fosters so far!

  • Pugsonraw

    Your pugs are so darn cute!  Great pics….

  • melissa

     I agree with Addie as well. Some people only feed canned and their dogs do wonderfully. I switch around like Addie does-somedays its dry only, some days its a tablespoon or two, other days(if the canned is very low fat its more canned then anything)  Alternating with fresh toppers, and the dogs always look forward to their meals : )

  • Mary Lou

    Addie ~ I agree with this!  : )

  • Addie

    On the Brothers thread, I saw Richard advised you to not go over 20% with canned because they lack pro/prebiotics and all that. I just wanted to let you know I disagree, a dog can only benefit from having more moisture in their diet. I do think dogs benefit immensely from pre/probiotics, but they can easily be added separately. With my dog, some days I’ll use the canned as toppers, other days he’ll get a whole can with very little kibble, and other days I’ll mix in raw with the kibble or canned. It’s all about what your budget can allow. If your budget can only allow a couple tablespoons of wet a day, then great, but if you can afford more, go for it.

  • SandyDuarte

    You have been so helpful, thank you

  • And I’m trying a new product on the gang…Answers Raw Goat Milk. A dollop on top of their kibble.  Some folks use yogurt. Maybe this will help your puppy transition? Be sure to go their FAQ page, too.

  • SandyDuarte,

    Well…here is what Tripett Original Beef Green Tripe canned and Merrick Before Grain 95% Tripe looks like.  The Tripett is just tripe and nice and green and stinky.  The Before Grain was not so green, has egg product and other ingredients in it and did not smell like it had much (green) tripe in it, nor did it smell as bad as I think green tripe should smell like!  But the dogs ate it all the same and licked their bowls of kibble with Before Grain on top clean.

    So…take it how you want it.  I don’t think there is enough garlic in there to do harm.  Garlic in EXCESS is harmful. Plus the garlic in the canned food (and kibble) is cooked, not fresh, which would be more potent.

    I do believe the Tripett tripe with duck and salmon is also not so green but I can’t remember for sure.  I used that a few weeks ago.

    Also, some people not only rotate kibbles but also use VARIOUS canned toppers so you can try feeding all brands to give variety.

    I use several different canned foods. But my new fave is Tripett for the added benefits of tripe to my dogs’ diet, not just adding in more chicken or beef or salmon, etc…

  • SandyDuarte

    Tripett green lamb tripe has garlic as an ingredient on this website, would that cause any problems?

  • SandyDuarte

    The Solid Gold green tripe is adult maintenance, would that still be ok for a pup? I was looking at the BG beef tripe online last night, let us know how it goes with that 🙂

  • Tripett is for supplemental feeding.  I like it because it has minimal ingredients.  It does not have added vits/minerals.  I use it to top kibble. There are a couple other brands of canned tripe like Solid Gold and Merrick Before Grain Tripe.  I picked up two cans of Before Grain Tripe today to try out.  I shook the can and it sounded a bit soupy. I’m going to try it in the morning.  I’ll report back!  I’m definitely a Tripett fan.  Actually I like the raw tripe best.

  • SandyDuarte

    Don’t really have Tripett in the area, would have to buy it online. And those are good as toppers or better alone to give variety?

  • SandyDuarte

    Thanks, Sandy 🙂

  • SandraDuarte,

    The addition of some canned foods and even some fresh foods and some raw food will benefit your pup. I like Merrick and use several varieties along with Tripett canned. Merrick comes in different textures as well – stew-like, porridge-like, but no pate.  Probiotics and digestive enzymes will help with transitioning and gut health and gas issues.  The Tripett is also a favorite of mine more so than the Merrick.  It has health benefits as well. Look up “green tripe”.  I would attach an article, but I’m at work.  I can do it tomorrow sometime.

  • I think this website is so helpful and amazing. I will be getting a puppy (blue/fawn pit) soon in the next week or two, I’m so excited!! I went to the pet store and asked about Evo (because that is what the mother eats) and it was suggested to me Canidae Single-Grain Protein Plus. I saw that on the 5 star list for dry food so I’m very pleased. I was told I wouldn’t need a wet food, but my question is what would you suggest for a canned food just to give the dog variety once in awhile so she’s not always eating the same thing and getting bored with it. Should I stick with Canidae for a alternative or try one of the other brands you have listed above. What should I look for? Merrick looks very good but I wasn’t sure if I should go with a stew-type or just like an Evo 95% Beef?? She’s been eating Iams puppy dry and i will be slowly transitioning her to the Canidae, would wet food help that process? I appreciate any help, thank you.

  • Kimmiejimmie1

    I had a puppy that did the same thing. I was told to put something disgusting on her stool: castor oil, lemon juice, lime juice, etc. It worked for me.

  • Hi Janice and Wanda,

    The habit of a dog eating his own feces is a condition known as coprophagia.

    This is a fairly common problem amongst dog owners and I believe this video by Dr. Karen Becker called “Coprophagia in Pets” does an admirable job of explaining the problem.

    You can access this video by clicking the following link.

    Hope this helps.

  • Janice

    Sorry, no answer to this disgusting problem.  I am still struggling with my puppy.  Basically now I am just trying to get it before she does.  I tried the clicker training which worked in the beginning to get her away from it, but she has now caught on to that and ignores the clicker until after she eats her poop.  Now I stand over her and grab her before she gets a chance to eat it.  I am hoping that eventually she will get over this.  Of course when I am not home there is nothing I can do.  I can’t tell you how much this upsets me.  There are a lot of dogs who do this and you would think that someone would have come up with an answer that actually works.  I am about ready to feed her a cheap puppy food because years ago before I became educated on dog food, that is what I used.  I NEVER had a dog eat their poop then.

  • wanda

    This is exactly the same as my puppy. What was the answer?

  • Janice

    Can you tell me which brand is a very high quality canned protein rich puppy food that does not contain any soy, corn, dairy, wheat or other gluten grains. 

  • Janice

    I have a new puppy, 2.5 lbs at 4 months, eating Wellness puppy canned and dry.  I did not see what rating the canned puppy has and was wondering if this is a good dog food.  Also, is it okay to feed a puppy grain free food?  And which is better, canned or dry or a combination of both?  One last question which has nothing to do with food but I am hoping someone here can give me an answer.  My new puppy loves to eat her stool.  It is driving me crazy!!!  I have tried pineapple and Puppy Mouth neither worked.  Any suggestions?

  • sandy

    Nomm nommm nommm… Here is the link. It includes recipes for cooked and raw feeding.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all for the information, very much retired Shawna, besides I was one of the good guys. Anyway, will keep all the constructive criticism in mind with my next batch, I do give them dry food as well. I will keep in mind the info re chicken broth commercially made I am assuming, would never have thought it could be harmful but those “additives” seem to get us every time. Thnaks again

  • sandy

    And Dr Becke also recommends not feeding veggies in the broccoli family everyday. Cruciferous group??

  • Shawna

    PS — chicken broth is commonly a source of hidden excitotoxic free glutamic and aspartic acids.  They are used as “flavor enhancers”.  Dogs (and people) generally really do like these flavor enhancers but they can be damaging to the health — can cause brain damage or depression or multiple sclerosis as examples.  I have posted research articles stating the very above here before :)..  That is not just my opinion.

  • Shawna

    Prosecutor1 ~~ not sure I want to give you any negative feedback after reading your moniker 🙂 hee hee hee 🙂
    There are a few things that concern me about your recipe — however, often when I start picking apart a diet I learn it wasn’t really the entire diet so keeping that in mind.  The biggest thing I see is the lack of calcium.  It is VITAL that home prepared diets (I’m a raw feeder) have the appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphorus.  Approximately 1.3 to 1.5 calcium to 1 part phos.  However acceptable guidelines are 1:1 to 2:1 per AAFCO.
    The general guidelines for raw diets is as follows — 60 to 70% of the diet is from lean muscle meat, 5 % from liver and 5% from other organs (there organs are where most of the vitties are).  Vegetables should make up 10 to 20% and fruit 5%.
    Based on these common guidelines, if you are feeding 1.5 pounds of meat (or 24 ounces of meat) you should only include no more then 4.8 ounces (not a lot) of veggies.  I’m not AT ALL fond of grains in the diet for many reasons. 
    The other consideration is variety.  Beef is high in saturated fat but not a big source of omega 6 fatty acids.  Granted the brown rice does have some but chicken is a better (protein) source.  The amino acid compostition of different proteins vary too so feeding a wider range of proteins means more amino acid diversity.  Ex — chicken and turkey are higher in tryptophan (which the body uses to make seratonin – the “feel good” hormone).

    If interested, Dr. Karen Becker and Beth Taylor have an excellent recipe book that gives guidelines for a raw or cooked diet.  The recipe plan meets and exceeds AAFCO guidelines making the diet “complete and balanced”.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I make my own wet food in a slow cooker, 1.5 pounds of beef burger, 1 large yam, 1 cup of brown rice, I head of brocoli and 5 or 6 carrots, 5 cups of liquid, chicken broth if in the fridge, dogs really seem to enjoy it, any comments

  • Mrsjojo82

    well a puppy IS supposed to be active.  most vets don’t know much about nutrition. they get their “education” from hills. that says a lot.

  • Hi Mary Lisa… Actually, Puppy Vantage is a part of the Earthborn Holistic product line which already appears on my Best 4-star Dry Puppy Foods list. Thanks for the tip.

  • MaryLisa

    Earthborn Puppy Vantage or TOTW

  • Mary

    You need to read this on nutrition. You are on the site, read the reviews!

  • Mary Lisa

    Earthborn Puppy Vantage

  • hello, i have a Mini Goldendoodle puppy. about 3 months old now. What do you suggest the best brand puppy food for it?

  • sandy


    Try Amicus Puppy. The food is low glycemic and very small kibble.
    Your dog should not get a sugar high from this food.

  • It was the fruit that gave her the sugar high. is there anything aout there you would recommend without fruit.

  • The breeder had my little maltese on purina puppy food wet and drey. I slowly changed it to wellness puppy wet and dry. She begame wild and rand around barking and biting. The vet said the fruit in it porobably gave her a sugar high. Soon as I stopped it she got much better. I changed it to Natural coice puppy food, but she is a good eater but doesnt like it. What wouyld you suggest which is like wellness without fruit.

  • So on dry matter basis, that’s 36% protein, 18% fat, and approx. 39% carbs. Average numbers for a canned food, but with so much of that protein attributed to the soybean meal, and the inclusion of generic animal liver, and the almost 40% carbs, this is probably only a 1-1/2 to 2 star canned food.

  • Dave W

    @ dog food ninja and Shawna – Thanks for your replies.

    Here is the GA – crude protein 8 percent, crude fat 4 percent, crude fiber 1.5 percent, moisture 78 percent

  • Shawna

    While we’re waiting for Mike’s review I have some thoughts..

    1. Soybean meal is an inexpensive source of lower quality protein. Many feel that the phytoestrogens in soy products (not properly prepared by fermentation) can contribute to multiple issues including breast cancer, low testosterone in males etc. How this applies to dogs?? Not sure but I personally would avoid.. Dr. Mercola, Dr. Josh Axe, many Certified Clinical Nutritionists etc recommend the avoidance of non-fermented soy products. Soy also contains more anti-nutrient phytates, so I’ve read, then other legumes/grains.

    2. Barely contains the same protein source as wheat. A common allergen.

    3. The corn in the food is likely genetically modified. Many feel genetic modification is highly risky and causes a whole host of issues possibly including cancer. Corn is also a common allergen. Both barley and corn are believed to be foods that can lead to maldigestion by damaging the tiny hairs (called villi) in the digestive tract and preventing nutrients from being absorbed.

    4. animal liver — the liver is from an un-named source “animal” and therefore could be any animal.

  • Dave, the soybean meal, corn, and nondescript “animal liver” are not good ingredients at all. What’s the GA look like?

  • Dave W

    Thanks for your prompt reply. It’s Kroger Value dog food distributed by the Kroger Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. No website that I can see. thanks.

  • Hi Dave W… Unfortunately, these reports take me hours to prepare. And with over 10,000 visitors (or more) each day, I simply cannot provide customized reviews and product comparisons for each reader.

    If the product has a name and a public website, I can add it to my To Do list for a future review.

    For more help, please visit my FAQ page. Look for the topic, “Help Me Choose a Dog Food”. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers. Wish I could be more help.

  • Dave W

    Ok, I have a question. I see these 5 star canned foods being raved about, but I have been using a value dog food from Kroge. It’s in a white, no-frills, looking can. I was using it because it leaves out all the fatty gravy that Pedigree and various others likes to put in their cans. My question concerns the ingredients. I don’t think there is anything of grave harm to in them and I would like some confirmation: sufficient water for processing, chicken, soybean meal, barley, ground corn, beef, animal liver, guar gum, salt, choline chloride (??), vitamins (E A B12 supplements, thiamine riboflavin) and minerals (ferrous sulfate, zinc oxide, copper proteinate, manganous sulfate, iron oxide). What do you think??

  • Gordon

    Claire Wilson – Do you have access to ZiwiPeak dog food. I would recommend their canned product if you wanted to go wet. It’s got to be amongst the best in canned, if not the best, for all life stages, IMO.

    Also, why not thaw any blocks/patties in the fridge 24 hours prior to feeding a raw commercial product, instead of defrosting same in a microwave, if I’m understanding your dilemma, properly?

  • Claire Wilson

    Firstly I want to say this is a great site and I have managed to lose 2 afternoons when I should have been working – reading!!
    I have an 11 week old bull mastiff cross staff who when we collected him looks like he is showing early signs of sensitive skin/allergies. We were thinking of putting him on food rotation diet. We have initially chosen the Oreijan Puppy Kibble, Stella and Chewy or Barf raw meat blocks (as easily available in the UK). Where I am struggling is on the provision of a wet food. Does anyone have any experience with a very natural wet food?
    The puppy seller (accidental breeder) told us to use “whatever we liked” as she changes the food brand depending on what offer was in the supermarket at the time.
    My last dog was a staff x who was on the “Nature Diet” with grain free kibble. This worked well but there is an ever increasing number of the nature diet seals on the tubs blowing and spoiling the food. This makes it pretty unreliable and expensive. Any advice welcome! thanks

  • sandy


    Does your dog have hyperinsulinemia? Is she on medication for it? Just wondering since there is medication for it for humans and wondered if there is for dogs.

  • Hi Jessica… Unfortunately, because your dog is a puppy as well as hypoglycemic and since I’m not a veterinarian, it would be inappropriate for me to provide specific health advice or product recommendations. This is an issue you should probably discuss with your puppy’s doc. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers. Wish I could be more help.

  • Jessica

    Oh and the teacup puppy is hypoglycemic.

  • Jessica

    Hello. In your FAQ you talk about diabetic dogs, I have a teacup puppy. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for him? Preferably a wet food.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the help 🙂

  • Hi Michael… The feeding method you describe is a technique known as “topping”. Mixing a good canned food with a kibble is an excellent way to improve the palatability as well as the nutrient value of most any dry food. Topping works great with diet rotation.

  • Michael

    Hi Mike… I was reading your article on diet rotation for dogs and I was wondering if it was okay to mix a wet food made by one manufacturer with a different manufacturer dry food. For example.. innova canned food with wellness dry food or the honest kitchen with orijen.

    Even though you might not be able to answer this question I appreciate everything that you had done and continue to do. Thank you =)

  • Hi Ann… It’s probably not the food itself but how much food you’re feeding him. Every dog food recipe has its own caloric “fingerprint”. Whenever you change dog foods, you have to adjust the serving size to allow for this important difference. Your dog is most likely gaining weight because you’re feeding too many calories. Adjust the serving size downward until your dog begins to lose weight and approach his ideal wight. Hope this helps.

  • Ann

    I switched my 2 year old Irish Jack Russell to Lotus Dry Dog Food about four months ago. He used to look like a string bean and now he looks huge. Could it be the food??

  • Hi Jane… There’s a link on this page to my list of 5-star dry puppy foods. As to whether or not to switch your puppy to TOTW, that would have to be your call.

  • My puppy is 7 months old and is a boxer. She is on Wellness puppy food. Should I switch her to Taste of the Wild. It is a 5 Star dog food? Is there a 5 Star dry puppy food.

  • Hi Deborah… Please visit our FAQ page. Look for the topic, “Diet Rotation for Dogs”. Hope this helps.

  • Deborah

    My 16 week old Golden Mountain Dog is eating Lotus brand dry and canned dog food along with a little sweet potato or pumpkin added. I would like to know the suggested paramaters of mixing different foods for flavor variation. Right now he gobbles it right up but would like to give him some variety. Should I wait til he’s full grown and mix within the same brand or can I mix different brands?

  • Hi Morgan… The leading cause of skeletal disorders (like hip dysplasia) in large breed dogs is overfeeding while your dog is a growing puppy. So, no matter what you decide to do, be sure not to find yourself guilty of this common (and damaging) practice. Be sure you’re feeding your dog a food meeting AAFCO nutrient profiles for puppies (growth or all life stages). And before you decide your dog is underweight, be sure to check with your vet to see if he/she agrees.

    By the way, just like with humans, weight gain and loss is directly related to calories per meal. Be sure you’re feeding a quality food and feeding the recommended amount. Hope this helps.

  • morgan

    I adopted a beautiful Lab/German Shepard mix puppy about a month ago and I am still trying to put some weight on him. He is five months old (approx) He was very skinny when I got him and is getting a bit taller now but you can still see a lot of his bones and ribs. Any brand of dog food you can recommend that would help get him to where he should be?

  • Hi Alina… In many ways, dogs are a lot like us humans. Each responds to a particular food (or ingredient) in its own unique way. So, it would be impossible for me (or anyone) to assure you feeding a specific product would XXX or provide the results you’re looking for. Unfortunately, choosing the right dog food still involves at least some trial and error.

    In any case, you may want to visit our article on “Best Puppy Foods” and see if you can find one that is hypoallergenic, too. Hope this helps.

  • alina

    can anyone tell me what would be the best food for my 9 months german shepherd , he started to have skin allergies

  • Hi Jessica… Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a good choice. But for some more good ideas, you may wish to visit my article, “Best Puppy Foods“. It contains links to all the different puppy foods we like the best (ncluding the ones in the post you’re now reading. I know it can be a little overwhelming. But there’s no way I (or anyone) can possibly assure you a specific dog food will work best for your particular pet. I’ve narrowed the hundreds of puppy foods down to these lists. You’re the only one to know what your dog might like best. Hope this helps.

  • Jessica Harvey

    I have a very picky Blue Heeler puppy, 10 weeks, she is a very picky eater. What is a good dog food I was just looking on this site and am thinking I am going to try Blue Buffalo Wilderness puppy either the longevity or life protection. What is other ideas?

  • Hi Linda… Actually, the Wellness Super 5 Mix Dry Dog Food contains the two dry puppy foods and is rated 4-stars. Hope this helps.

  • Linda

    I see you rate Wellness canned puppy food with 5 stars. Does that include the Wellness Puppy dry food too?

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