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Beginning in early 2016, Acana dog food is now available in two product lines. One group of recipes is produced for USA consumers and the other for Canadians.

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04/26/2016 Last Update

  • Danielle

    Amazon no longer carries Acana or Orijen not because of their choice, but because Champion only wants to be affiliated with companies who not only appreciate their customers, but love amd care about their animals as well. This is the same reason why Chewy will no longer carry Champion foods, because they do not want to be affiliated with Petsmart who bought the company. I have been using both Acana and Orijen for my two dogs and they are doing amazing on it – it is from the Kentucky factory. From the research I’ve done on the differences between the American production vs Canadian is the American ones contain higher protein and more raw meat – which would tremendously affect your dogs stomach if he wasn’t slowly adjusted to new the food from the old. The company itself still has the same values it always had, otherwise they would care more for profit and decide to let Petsmart sell their products. Just make sure that if Champion food you purchase is American you wean your baby onto the food slowly to not upset his stomach and I’m sure your baby won’t experience anymore digestional upset.

  • Vickie Green Neff

    Agreed, I just put both my pups on this food. little bitty guys Rocky is 2 and 11 pounds Buddy is a 5 month old puppy so far both are doing wonderful. Rocky was on low fat royal canine diet for almost a year stupid vets recommend garbage he has been on Acana grasslands for almost a month huge difference I switched very slow. they have great stools and love this food. Rocky took his first piece and went and rolled all over it before finally eating it that is what he does with raw food. so wish I would have known about this food before. Blessings to you and your pets : )

  • Linda Luette Turpin Messersmit

    Since coming to America with their manufacturing….this food has become no more than another american made duplicate….could see the difference in my dogs almost immediately…..back to Canada I go

  • LunaLove

    i heard acana was high in copper could that be the cause of so many liver/kidney problems with dogs on this food?

  • Caitlin

    So glad I saw your comments. My goldendoodle has been eating Acana for his whole life, and I just bought a new bag four days ago, and he started having “mud pie” stools and diarreha. I didn’t connect the two until after the fourth day of it not getting better I wondered if the food was bad so I looked up recalls and saw this message board. I checked the bag, and of course it is from the US plant – first time I’ve had a bag not from Canada. Hugely dissapointing and very concerning. I called amazon (which is where I always order it from) to ask for a return, and they immediately decided to no longer sell it out of fear that it will continue harming more dogs and didn’t want to take any chances. You’ve got love amazon and their quick action to protect not only their customer’s but the doggies of the world as well! It hurts me to say it, but STAY AWAY from this food until they can figure out what is going on.

  • now i can see why my 8 months old puppy throw up all his Acana Yorkshire Pork yesterday, and it happens couple hours after every meal. So i have to find other brand beside Acana n Orijen cause its already made in US.

  • Zignature Dog Food

    Hello Francesca! We apologize for any inconveniences you’ve had with our product, however our sodium levels are as so:







    Trout & Salmon-0.57%



    Catfish would be 0.63%

    Pork would be 0.54%

    If you have any concerns, as we’ve said before, please contact us directly.

  • Amanda Bolton

    Is this only in the us? I live in Canada and my dog was in the hospital and was sooo sick with all the same symptoms that you are all mentioning. The vet couldn’t find anything, so I decided to look further and saw these reviews.

  • Miche

    We had all the same issues, vomiting every morning, increased sickness, PH balance all out of wack, and all allergies returned no matter what type we bought, even the fish which used to be good. it is true the food doesn’t smell right anymore even to my nose. It got so bad we ended up with a $1000 vet bill for bacterial issues and stomach problems. Of course it took a while to put all this together because you trust the food and had been buying it for so long in the past with no issues. Stop buying Acana now, it is dangerous for your pets. I used to trust it and am so disappointing in this brand.

  • Katwomanj

    Going to stop feeding this to my cats! My friends and I were across the bay and almost went by Pet Food Express on the way home and I was trying to tell them about Acana and how it’s one of the top lines that there is. I went to look it up online under Acana dog for them to prove it to them and was shocked at the amount of people that said they had to take their dogs off of that or could not feed them that- that they were having digestion problems, intestinal problems and vomiting since they opened the plant in Kentucky instead of just the Canadian version. When I think back to when my elderly cat stomach started rumbling coincides with when I started them on Acana!…and they have been vomiting more often and I thought maybe she was getting IBS or IBD possibly kidney issues even though her pretty recent/previous tests came out fine?! I was even giving her PepAC! I was about to take her into the vet but I think now I’m just putting them on Taste of the Wild only until I find something even better that works and see if it goes away. By the way people with young Pats have a claim that’s also so it’s not just an elderly thing but I had my neighbor put his cats on it and his older cat has been having issues so I told him to stop using it as well and see what happens. Too bad you put your faith in what you think is a fantastic expensive product and then you see that what you thought was a possible serious health issue could just be this food alone. Be careful, watch for signs – I hope more people read this !

  • Leana Vannatter

    My dog Bouvier has been on this GP paste for the last 2 years, it is great even my husband takes it for his back. If I run out of GP and Tess dont get for a day or two I see the difference. She is 11. I make the paste every two weeks as it stays fresh in your fridge for two weeks only. best you can give your animals and yourself.

  • Rick

    Ceased using Acana. My rough collie started on this and the plan was to keep her on one brand. I am disappointed to say the least. Ever since Champion moved to the states my dog has loose and runny stools. I first thought it was just a fluke, or spoile bag. I switched formulas, and no luck. Every time i tried to reintroduce Acana same thing. Now she is off it shes doing fine. I recommend avoiding this brand as long as its made in the states. They increased price, reduced quality and size of bags. Sadly any grocery store brand is just as good as the USA made Champion foods. Dont waste your money on a poor product that used to be amazing. They cut corners on every aspect of this food.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    I serve it right from the fridg, no problem. Now, if the kibble was in the freezer I would transfer it to the fridg a few hours before serving.

  • theBCnut

    That’s a great idea, just make sure you don’t open the bags until they come completely back up to room temp, or condensation will dampen the food and spoil it. I’m sure you know this, just posting it for others.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    I sometimes freeze the divided bags of kibble.
    BUT, it is best to call the specific kibble company and ask first, if this is okay. I have heard conflicting reports that it is not necessary and can change something with the oils, therefore not recommended. Hope this helps

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    When I buy a large bag of kibble that will last for more than 2 weeks. I divide it up into tightly sealed freezer bags or containers and store in the fridg, about a 2 week supply in each bag, therefore the kibble is not constantly being exposed to air. Seems to keep it fresh. Of course, if you can afford to, buy smaller bags instead, for maximum freshness.

  • theBCnut

    Something to keep in mind. As soon as you open a bag of dog food, the oxygen starts working on the fats in the food. You should not get bags bigger than what will last you about 2 1/2 weeks.

  • Marsha

    I checked this site today because my dog has been having digestive issues for about 4-6 weeks and then I realized we had just bought a new bag of ACana Heritage about that long ago. We only feed kibble about 1/4C for treats a night but on the odd day, he gets a meal of kibble. Last night , all kibble, he has thrown up three times today- all the kibble. Our old huge bag must have been the end of the last formula. There is SO MUCH pork in the AMerican formula… he can;t eat pork. SO disappointed.

  • Todd

    We’ve had the same issues with our dog. She’s been on Canadian Acana for years with no health issues. After the plant switch to Kentucky this summer, we couldn’t get her to eat it anymore. We tried dusting it with treats and heating it, which she would eat, but it made her lethargic and vomited at times. We were at a loss (didn’t know they changed plants until we saw this post) so we changed her food to another brand and she’s back to her normal self. Should have known better when she wouldn’t go near the stuff anymore, they are smart animals and know when something is not right. I will be calling Acana tomorrow as well.

  • Keli Bitow

    I started my Pug on the Six Fish almost 2
    year ago, it was recommended by my local pet store, because he has sever allergies. I saw an immediate difference and it was a relief to see him not constantly itching and not needing shots in the summer. I personally was extatic that i finally found a dogfood that helped with his allergies! Naturally when i bought my bulldog puppy a little more than a year ago he also went right on Origins. SADLY!! with the formula change however, my Pugs allergies are back and my bulldog who never showed signs of allergies, cant hardly sit still long enough without needing itching to sooth how badly his skin itches, he runs around whining it itches so bad. I have changed started making my own food for them again, but with my busy schedule having a dryfood was easier. I was ready to be a customer for life, but now I am back on the hunt for a different brand of food that will help with there allergies. I am very sadned by the formula changes, and ive tried different versions including the Acana lines. Completely Disappointed.

  • SEL

    My dog has been eating Acana’s Ranchlands and loving it for a while now. However, the last bag I purchased didn’t look or smell the same. Instead of all dark kibble, it was a mixture of light and dark pieces. And the food didn’t smell as “meaty” as usual…just kind of bland. She wasn’t very interested in eating it, but did eventually (although not all of it, and not enthusiastically) and within two days had mucusy-diarrhea throughout the night, and all day. I pulled her off of it immediately and went back to the Performatrin Lamb & Rice she used to eat as a puppy and she was instantly better. I talked to Champion Pet Foods (makers of Acana) who said there’s no recalls on that lot # and they test each lot before it leaves the plant…but still…it didn’t look right, smell right, and wasn’t palatable to my dog, and obviously made her sick. The pet store refunded me the money, but now I’m hesitant to buy anymore Acana. I think I’ll stick with Performatrin.

  • sharron

    thanks again – yes i think it was the food, she rarely vomits