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    • Canine Nutrition
      Are dogs omnivores or carnivores? How much protein or fat is appropriate for a dog? What about carbohydrates or minerals? Here you can discuss the science and biology of a dog's diet.
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    • 43 minutes ago

       Stacey C

    • Diet and Health Issues
      Many canine diseases can be treated or prevented with proper nutrition or special diets. Here's where you can ask questions or share your knowledge about specific health issues and diet.
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    • Homemade Dog Food
      Got a homemade dog food or cooking technique you'd like to share? Did you create your own recipe? Here's the place to go to discuss the healthiest ways to do it yourself.
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    • Dog Supplements
      There are hundreds of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements made for dogs. Do they work? Which ones are best? Discuss nutritional supplements here.
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    • 6 days ago

       Adina S

    • Raw Dog Food
      Many dog owners are passionate about feeding their animals a raw prey-style diet. Here you can ask questions or share your knowledge about this sometimes controversial subject.
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    • Dog Treats
      There are hundreds of commercial dog treats on the market. And many more you can make yourself. Ask questions and discuss your thoughts about dog treats here.
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    • 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

       Bobby dog

    • Vegetarian Dog Food
      Substituting plant-based protein for meat when feeding dogs can be a controversial subject. This is the place to discuss the pros and cons of vegetarian and vegan diets.
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    • 3 weeks ago

       milly w

    • Pet Memorials
      Have you lost your beloved pet? This is the place to leave a lasting memorial to your sweet baby. And for others to offer their comfort and prayers to those in need.
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    • 3 weeks ago

       milly w