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    Kim K

    To respond to Frank in regards to his liver level count so high. I had the same thing with my cocker spaniel also, not to mention bald spots on her. My vet called and asked if she could do blood work as she thinks Freckles thyroid is very low. My dog groomer told me to start giving Freckles 1 capsule 2 times a day this will bring down her liver level to normal as well as everything else. Plus the vet prescribe thyroid medicine to my baby. Well it’s been over 1 1/2 months so we Freckles been taking milk this test. Wow I saw a major improvement in her, my vet could believe how Freckles looked and turned around. Her hair is so soft the bald spot on her back has come back asleep well as on her back left & right legs.

    Also gave her nupro powder mix into her homemade dog food. So if your dog is experiencing the samething my dog went through get milk thistle & give to your dog for couple months until the next blood work will show normal. Good Luck!!!

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    Nancy P

    Hi. I’ve posted here before regarding my two Schnauzers and Dr Marty’s raw freeze dried diet. I guess I’ve been giving this to my dog Kimmie fir about 9 months now. She still loves it and is doing well. Her skin and coat are doing great. Skin issues were the main reason for starting her on this brand of food. She’s had vet work ups in the mean time and all seems to be going well with her. Keeping my fingers crossed that good health continues.
    I also had my other dog, Zoe, on Dr Marty’s. She loved it and was doing well but I decided it was getting too expensive to have both dogs on this diet so she had been getting a mixture of vital essentials, Turkey flavor, and Fresh Pets vita chicken and veg. Zoe is doing well and enjoying her meals.
    I also added digestive enzymes to both dogs. Somebody on this forum suggested that earlier on.
    I hope all of our dogs stay healthy and happy.

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    Michelle W

    My 70 pound Collie was in very bad shape. He is 11 years old and has had movement problems for years, these were helped for a long time using acupuncture, but I eventually gave that up. My vet eventually suspected Addison’s disease and put him on Prednisolone a short time later we added Adequan for arthritis. I have also been taking him to an excellent dog physical therapist. He had improved quite a bit, but the Prednisolone caused him to have excessive food seeking behavior that made him not even seem like my dog anymore. Once I was on-line researching dog nutrition and ran into Dr. Marty. I purchased one bag of food (at it’s highest price) just to take a look and see what it was. When it came I was so embarrassed by what I had paid for it that I put it in a drawer and ignored it for a couple of weeks. One day I hydrated a cup of the food and gave my dog, who usually gets 1 cup of dry Avoderm with his meals. Instead I gave him 1/3 up of Dr. Marty’s and 2/3 cup Avoderm Duck. Later when I sat down to eat my dinner I was astonished that my dog was not begging. I have kept feeding it at that same ratio for a while and he is physically getting a lot better and his food seeking has returned to a normal level. I just took him off of it for two days to see if the food seeking returns and in two days only a hint of it has returned. I will leave him on the 1/3 cup per meal for another month or two because he is healing so well and when his health seems stable I will try cutting down to 1/4 cup. My conclusion is that Dr. Marty’s is very, very good for my dog and that I need not feed him a large portion of it, thus, it is not as ridiculously expensive as I thought, because I do not need to feed him the portion required to feed only that one food to a 70 pound dog.

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    It’s funny you wrote this, as I just watched/listened to the 51 minutes video and after hearing him speak on TV shows, etc. I thought it did not sound like him. I just bought 2 jars of the enzymes before reading these posts, so I hope it is real and actually works!

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    Alan B

    I ordered Dog food from your website and was mislead into purchasing 18 bags. I was charged two separate orders. The website is VERY Misleading. When I realized that I had been charged for 18 Bags I sent an email expressing my concern right away, 20 minutes after the order. It was 11pm CST.. I followed up this morning with a phone call to customer service and was told there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told they were all busy??? Really? I was told someone would call me back. As of this email I am writing, still no call. When I explained what happened, she also told me this happens all the time… Oh Really? All the time… She also told me there was no way to cancel, that I would have to wait until I receive the product and then return it to get a refund. She also told me they couldn’t call the warehouse to cancel the order. This is totally unacceptable. I am writing you DR. Marty because it was your infomercial online that made me want to try the food. Your name is all over the site. Do you know what is happening with your online orders? Or is this just a product you sell with your name on it? Hope not! What is sad is that I have Two Shelties I was wanting to try it on them. But now, seeing how Your operation is run, I do not want to deal with you Poor customer service. Dr. Marty, I wanted to let you know what was going on. I called back for the third time and talked to a supervisor named Alicia. She basically told me there was nothing she could do. I would have to wait until they received back the food before any refunds would be honored. I also sent a copy of this email to Dr. Marty and have yet to receive a response.

    Buyer Beware!

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    Alan, this is the dog Food Advisor. Dog food is NOT sold here. You need to contact Dr Marty’s .

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    Kat J

    Hi all! I’m Kat J, a Customer Advocate over here at Dr. Marty Pets. I wanted to take the time to thank you all for leaving us such valuable feedback about your dog’s experience with Nature’s Blend. As with all dog food, we do understand that some pups may enjoy Nature’s Blend and others may not. Which is why we wholeheartedly stand by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee! Just shoot me an e-mail at @drmartypets.com">Kat@drmartypets.com or give our Customer Service Team a call at 800-670-1839 and we can assist you with the refund process!

    When you’re introducing your dog to a new food, like Nature’s Blend, we recommend that you follow these steps to ensure that your pup avoids any digestive upset or tummy trouble. Gradually transition your dog’s food by introducing Nature’s Blend over a period of 7-10 days. Start off by mixing a small amount of Nature’s Blend into the old food, and increase the amount of Nature’s Blend by a little everyday, while decreasing the amount of old food. Eventually, it will just be Nature’s Blend in your dog’s bowl! This method will help your pup avoid an upset stomach.

    In addition, if you don’t want to completely transition your pup over to Nature’s Blend, we recommend using it as a topper for your dog’s food. This way, your dog is still receiving the nutrients they need.

    If anyone is experiencing ordering issues, or if you have any questions about the ordering process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at @Drmartypets.com">Kat@Drmartypets.com. Our products are typically shipped out within a day or two of the transaction, so it may be difficult to cancel the order right then and there. But we absolutely stand by our Money Back Guarantee. If you decide that you no longer want to have your pups try Nature’s Blend, please let me know and I can assist you with the refund process.

    Thank you for all of the feedback! We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business, so I have taken note of your suggestions and concerns and will do our best to implement these in the future. I also look forward to answering any and all questions you may have regarding Dr. Marty Pets! Again, my e-mail is @Drmartypets.com">Kat@Drmartypets.com. Take care!

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    Eric Y

    I just tried to purchase some of Dr. Marty’s dog food from their website. Their website wrongfully declined my first credit card. I tried 2 additional credit cards, both of which were declined. All credit cards had more than enough available credit on them for the transactions. I contacted Dr. Marty’s and was first told that they could not find any transactions by my email address. I asked them to research the matter further with their “payment department,” and then was told they showed 4 declines, meaning I would not be getting any dog food I ordered. Knowing that my cards had plenty of credit on them, I then contacted the credit card companies and discovered to my shock that all of the transactions were approved. I then contacted Dr. Marty’s again, and was given entirely different information by a different person. They did not even have record of one of the credit card transactions I made even though I was given an approval code by that same credit card for the transaction. So now, I am forced to dispute all of these transactions, which is a huge inconvenience and probably means that I will have to have all new credit cards issued. I don’t know Dr. Marty’s is a fraud or whether it was some glitch in their website or what, but at a minimum, their record keeping is poor if they had no record of one of my transactions at all. After watching Dr. Marty’s video, I thought I was doing a good thing for my dogs, but three + hours into this fiasco, my advice is to steer clear. Judging from some of the other bad reviews I have read here, I am now just hoping I don’t end up with 4 bags of their food.

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    Nancy P

    Hi Eric,
    I think there was a problem going on with the website. I couldn’t tell that my order went through and couldn’t get into my shopping cart. The problem corrected itself and when I when I was able to get into my shopping cart I had 18 bags. I was able to delete them and start over. It worked fine then. I’ve been feeding Dr Marty’s to my mj I Schnauzer for about a year now and this is the first time I had problems ordering.

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    Daryl F

    I have tried lots of different dog food and have made my own many times over the years. A friend of mine saw the video from Dr. Marty’s website and recommended I try some of the food. On the website it became very confusing and as I went through the ordering process I decided to back out and start over because of my confusion. What I did not realize is that once you put something in your shopping cart (even if you do not check out) at Dr. Marty’s website, you are charged for it (even if you think you put it back). I received emails verifying my orders but no amounts were posted. Then I received my C.C. bill, Holy Molely (not what I really said). Oh my, did I feel completely ripped off, at half price (according to the website) I was charged $26.95 a pound for this stuff! I mean who can afford this? I have three mid-size dogs and two are now thirteen and I had hoped the food would help with their health as they get older, but shoot I’ll go broke buying this sawdust (that just floats on the water it is suppose to be soaking in) as their regular food. They do love it and even Moses my 7 year old cat likes it. I called and gave the poor lady in customer service a terrible tongue lashing on what a rip off the company is and how totally cheated I felt, she was very nice and I felt bad because I am certain she has to listen to a lot of people calling that got tricked into buying some of Dr. Marty’s overpriced dog food. I can understand that freeze drying is expensive but $54.00 a pound? Come on Dr. Marty stop ripping people off, there is no reason to charge the amount of money you do and if you would please start using an honest approach with your website ordering system, and stop tricking people into buying your doggone dog food. Even though I do not know you personally, I will tell anyone and everyone how much I hated feeling cheated by you, your website, your company and your dog food. Every time (hear your name) or I open the remaining bags I have I will be thinking about my feelings of the unfair business practices that mislead me into my purchases of such expensive products. I think your system stinks but that is just my opinion after unknowingly being charged over $1,000.00 by your company. I pray that you are doing something good with all the money you must be receiving from the many customers who are simply looking for a healthy alternative for their best friends, you should be ashamed. I believe an honest person/company would be upfront and honest with their clients, just think how nice it would be to work for an honest and transparent company’s customer service?

    Mr. D

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    Daryl, you can’t be charged if you don’t put your credit card info in. If you’re charged somehow, contact your credit card company.

    Look at Hare Today, Reel Raw, My Pet Carnivore, Raw Feeding Miami. All are reputable Raw food companies. I live in NH, buy from Hare and have for years. Yes there is shipping but it would be cheaper than a premade raw. You would need a stand alone freezer. I don’t know about the rest but Hare offers rewards back for purchases, reviews, sharing photos etc

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    Kat J

    Hi everyone! I’m Kat, a customer advocate from Dr. Marty Pets. Thank you all for taking the time to leave such valuable feedback regarding your Dr. Marty Pets experience. We work diligently to ensure that each customer has an overall seamless and positive experience when purchasing from us, so I was upset to read a few reviews about those who experienced some difficulty when purchasing from our site. I would like to personally resolve each of these issues. Please e-mail me directly at @drmartypets.com">Kat@drmartypets.com so I can look into them right away. We would absolutely never want a customer to receive more product than they had purchased originally, so I’ll l do everything I can to rectify this situation and issue you full refunds. We would also never want our customers to experience a frustrating transaction, so I would love to discuss each of your individual experiences so that we can further improve the Dr. Marty Pets experience. We pride ourselves in being a reputable company that creates high-quality pet food to ensure that your pets are living their healthiest, happiest lives possible, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without your valuable feedback. I would also like to mention that our Customer Service Department is reachable by phone and they can assist with ordering over the phone if this is your preferred method of ordering. You can call them at (800)-670-1839. Please e-mail me at @drmartypets.com">Kat@drmartypets.com so that I can assist each of you individually. I look forward to hearing from you and making this right!

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    Stefanie F

    Ok I have read how over priced the food is, how bad it is to return, how some will not eat it and it is like cardboard to re-hydrate.

    BUT has anyone done any kind of research on the ingredients and quality of the food itself???

    I watched the video read the website statements, see the posts the rep KatieJ keep re-posting every now and again that says why it is expensive and it is good (I would to if I sold it and wanted people to buy)

    I want to know if the food is truly any good? Or is it just an other dog food.

    Is there a advisory rating on it and the quality of it?

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    Thomas C

    I was drinking whiskey and listened to the lengthy advertisement for DR Marty dogfood. I fed our two Yorkies aged 14 and 5 their first 1/2 cup just minutes ago.

    They were both very excited, and each ate their portion rapidly and are demanding more.

    I was unimpressed as the food floated on the warm water I used to re-hydrate.

    Our dogs are used to raw hamburger each morning. So far they seem to like DR Marty’s mix.

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    Kat J

    Hi Stefanie & Thomas! I’m Kat from Dr. Marty Pets. Thank you for taking the time to leave us some questions and a review! Stefanie, I wanted to chime in to help answer some of your questions. Nature’s Blend made up of only high quality ingredients. You can take a look at our full list of ingredients here: https://drmartypets.com/product/natures-blend/ Nature’s Blend is made at a cGMP certified facility in Canada… Which is monitored by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and is recognized by the US FDA and Europe. Yes, while I do work for Dr. Marty Pets, I genuinely love giving Nature’s Blend to my terrier-mix, Lemon. I’ve had her for about 2 years now but have been giving her Nature’s Blend for the past 7 months or so… And it’s the first time she’s eaten her food all in one sitting! I would love to answer any other questions you might have. Please shoot me an e-mail at @drmartypets.com">Kat@drmartypets.com if I can help answer any other questions!

    Thomas – I’m so happy to hear that your dogs are loving Nature’s Blend. Regarding the consistency, I’ve taken note of your feedback. Thank you for your honesty! Please e-mail me at @drmartypets.com">Kat@drmartypets.com if you have any other concerns or questions. Thank you!

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    Stefanie F


    I am not saying you are lying or anything but I do not find comfort in the company that is selling the product restating what the website says.

    Lets face it if you were selling pro plan, or wellness they would have the best ingredients and would be high quality foods.

    I still want to know if there is an advisory rating on it and the quality of it?

    Also where the food is obtained. Is it all local source or dose it come from other countries.

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    Kat J

    Hi Stefanie, Kat from Dr. Marty Pets here. All of the ingredients in Nature’s Blend come from either Canada, United States, and the duck is from Europe. They are all responsibly sourced and all supplies are qualified by the manufacturer. At this time, there is no advisory rating for Nature’s Blend. Please e-mail me at @drmartypets.com">Kat@drmartypets.com if you have any other questions!

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    Sally R

    Primal charges around $28 for 14 ounces of freeze-dried raw food. It makes 3 pounds when hydrated. So Nature’s Blend doesn’t seem outrageously expensive. My dogs eat only raw food, and I do believe it is better than kibble.
    But my question is the source of the ingredients. One of the problems is whether the meats are full of antibiotics and other toxins that can be detrimental to our dogs. Are the meats used in this food from free range or wild sources, and are all the ingredients organically sourced? If so, I’ll definitely order some.

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    Thomas C

    Hello, Before the long video commercial for DR Marty and his dehydrated food, my dogs were happily waking me up for their morning raw hamburger. Our dogs LOVE the DR Marty food, but after my four bags are eaten, we will probably return to raw beef.

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    Alan S

    @Ron S,

    Any time you change your dogs food it is going to affect the way your dogs digestive system works. Once the dog is use to eating the new dog food the issues will go away. It is like a human, when we change our diet our digestive is affected for a short period of time then we get use to the food we are eating. It is just quicker in a dog that they will notice the difference. That is the simple reason your dog got sick from the new food. It usually takes about a week for the dog to get use to the new food.

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    Patricia A

    I think the freeze dried version of raw is always more expensive . Frozen raw is probably the way to go with large breed dogs. I find Primal is great and also use Stella’s. Primal has Pronto frozen bags which has small round shape that is scoopable.I have small breeds so I do the freeze dried. I also stick to the 5* proteins/flavors on the reviews here. I believe these are higher protein vs fat to avoid pancreatitis. Bixbi rawbble is excellent also. Much lower in fat in all proteins/flavors. I find them expensive so I give as treats.

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    Nancy S

    I am confused by some of the responses that I read. Everyone always needs to read the directions. Always when changing dog foods, you need to wean them off or on over at least a weeks time. Dogs react just like humans. If you are on a low fat diet and go splurge the next day with a tremendous amount fried food or other, how do you feel the next day?

    Also, I started my dogs on Dr. Marty’s a little over a month ago. My 4 yr old Chinese Crested was switched over to full Dr. Marty’s over a weeks time. She has never been a good eater, but has not left a drop in her bowl. My 14 year old Chinese Crested was recently put on a renal diet, lower in protein & higher in Omega 3, so I am only using Dr. Marty’s as a topper and she loves it (but then again, she has always been a good eater). The bag that I purchased has small dried pellets. Directions say to add 1 part food to 1/2 part water. I put it in a very small dish, 1/4 cup food with 1/8th cup warm water, sit 3 minutes. It sofftens the pellets. I do not mush them but leave them with pellets. They love it. I will post again after their next blood work to see if there are any changes, positive or negative.

    So far, So good!
    Nancy S

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    Meegan P

    I have two small purebred dogs, a 16lb 5 yr old Poodle and a 5lb 4 year old Yorkie. I have always fed them pretty good food Fromm’s kibble and Stella & Chewy’s meal mixer. I also only give them distilled or spring water to drink or mix with the food. The meal mixer is usually a treat or given with medicine because they eat it fast whereas when I give them kibble they just ration it throughout the day. Recently over the last 6 months or so we have had a few issues that required them to take meds so I have been giving them the mixer more often. The yorkie broke his dewclaw and had to have it clipped and the poodle had an ear infection then a few weeks ago the poodle caught a muscle spasm. They are both very active and of course the poodle jumps and walks on his back legs quite often so the muscle spasm worried me a lot especially after the anti-inflammatory/pain meds prescribed by the vet ran out and he was still laying around and would not lift off on his back legs. As a result, I purchased some CBD oil for pets and started giving them just rehydrated meal mixer in the morning to make sure they took the oil then leaving the kibble down per usual.

    Within several days, definitely less than a week of giving them the CBD oil my poodle was back to normal so it seems the oil does what is claims. I began lookin for some other high quality rehydrated foods since I would need to purchase it more often in order to give them the oil everyday. That is when I found Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend. I give it to my dogs in the morning, 1/2 cup rehydrated with boiled water just enough to cover the food and let it sit for 3-5 minutes then mashing up with a fork. The consistency is not watery or mushy but rather moist and chunky. My dogs both love it as they eat it very quickly and lick the bowl clean. Another reason I give them the soft food is because they eat it fast and I can watch over them to keep the greedy Poodle from eating the Yorkie’s food too. The Yorkie is very picky and has a very high prey drive so he likes to play with the food before he eats it and never eats all of his food. I’m not sure if he is allowing the Poodle (Alpha) to come in and steal his food or if he’s just too busy off playing with his food and just gets caught slipping. Anyway, the Yorkie doesn’t play with the Nature’s Blend, he also eats it very quickly with much excitement so I think it’s fair to say that they really like Dr. Marty’s food, even better than the Stella & Chewee’s. I didn’t wean them onto the food I just gave it to them cold turkey because I felt like they have already been eating quality dog food and rehydrated dog food so they didn’t need to transition. They didn’t have any problems as expected and the quality and consistency of their poop is the same. It’s only been a few weeks but I like the food although I agree it is expensive. However, it is in line with the price of other rehydrated dog foods. The Stella & Chewee’s I get is $19.99 for an 8oz bag while Dr. Marty’s was $29.95 for a 16oz bag plus $4.95 shipping. Even with the shipping it is still on par with the Stella & Chewy’s.

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    Daniel B

    Ok I’m new and I haven’t tried Dr Marty dog food thanks for the advise but to franky m why do most of your post sound like an advertisement for wellness core you getting paid to do so it’s cool but I did try wellness core for my dog she tried it one time and got sick but maybe freeze dried or air dried is just not for every dog I don’t blame the dog food theirs a few others made her sick as well .wellness core was the last one she ate though had to dig her grave today .i was going to try Dr Marty’s but I would have not had the chance for her to try it may she rest in piece. she was just laying beside me and blood just pored out her mouth an nose she was very healthy to just could not handle some dog foods I miss her so much

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    Deb N

    My 85 year old mother ordered Dr Marty’s dog food for her Beagle. The pup loved it but after feeding it to her for a while, the dog began vomiting and became lethargic. When my mom called the company she was told they thought the food may have bone fragments in it and they were investigating it but in the meantime instructed her to stop feeding it to her dog. At this point I’m not aware of a recall being issued but please watch your dog carefully.

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    Regarding “Dr Marty”


    Check out Fromm’s grain inclusive formulas https://www.gofromm.com/fromm-family-classic-adult-dog-food

    Add a little something to it (chopped up cooked chicken or scrambled egg, a bit of canned tuna) and a splash of water.

    If your dog does better on a fish based food https://www.gofromm.com/fromm-four-star-nutritionals-salmon-a-la-veg-food-for-dogs

    My vet approves of Fromm, that’s good enough for me 🙂

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    Kat J

    Hello Deb, Kat here from Dr. Marty Pets. I am sorry to hear that your dog began vomiting after eating the food. Since you mentioned that you had given her the food for a while with no issues, I want to make sure that your pup isn’t allergic to any other specific ingredient. Please contact your dog’s vet directly to see what foods or meats she could be allergic to. I do recommend you discontinue the food in the meantime, but please keep in mind that Dr. Marty Pets has no pending recalls. In the event of a recall, customers would be notified right away. I also wanted to let you know that your pet’s safety is our #1 priority, which is why we test all of our products for safety and purity at an independent 3rd Party Facility. I sure hope your pup feels better and you are able to figure out what exactly is causing her upset. Please email me directly at @drmartypets.com">kat@drmartypets.com so I can ensure that you are fully refunded for your purchase.

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    Caroline B

    For those of you having the sawdust on water problem, it happens with too much water. To explain, occasionally in shipping, as an ex over-the-road trucker of the 48 states and after hauling refrigerated loads (some just for optimal temperature) I’ve seen what happens to some bagged products. In different states there’s super high humidity, and shipping isn’t perfect, with loading docks, warehouses, and the final delivery truck that’s probably not air conditioned. In the 2 to 7 days it ships to you, it may have encountered a bit of condensation in the bag! It’s still sealed and I’ve had no bad side effects to my little dog. She was dying from a major brand that showed up one day like poison. Avoderm. 10 or 15 years ago it saved my husky shepherd chows. But they sold out. Previous bags were just ok, and this one nearly killed my little dog. Marty’s saved her. She would drink it if it were floating! Your dog is the best judge, so watch for the happy dog response. I got it and am thrilled. But, if your kibble shows up and is cool to the touch, it may have absorbed a bit of water in transit! The bag I have like this, I just put barely enough water over to soak it. And it doesn’t fluff up no matter how long I wait because it already did. I think the 4 cups in a dry bag is closer than the 7 cups hydrated they’ve talked about, but since she’s only 12 lbs I just give her a small handful a day. I supplement with a grocery store kibble and cans for now because I’m broke, but the $30 bag will last her a long time. I can’t afford to give it to the big dog, but I’ll treat him with a couple kernels now and then. Even the cat attacks me for it! I’ve smashed one kibble for him in a few drops of water a couple times. There’s cheaper but I haven’t switched, and there’s way better kibble but there’s so many recalls. Avoderm isn’t the first sell out. Seems like the expensive good brands take turns building a customer base and then selling out. It’s scary to use them now, in this economy they’re all trying to make money, and I can never guess who’s next! But I’ll try another month. For now my little dog is on the mend using very little! (But the recommended amount leaves her hungry and begging like crazy, my dogs are used to feeders!)

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    I am planning to buy Dr. Marty’s Cat Food. What are the possible issues I can find with 90-Day Money Back Guarantee?
    I read here ( https://petlovesbest.com/dr-marty-natures-feast-review/ ) that many of them are facing issues. I don’t want to waste my bucks if this is the real issue.

    Admin can remove that link.

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    Richard M

    Lots of posts here so I will ask this.
    For Dr. Marty’s dog food, what is the recommended amount to feed per serving? Especially how long will this 16 oz bag of food last? Have a 20lb and 12lb dog.

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    lola s

    You know, it would be incredibly helpful if some of you on here that are giving the bad reviews to DR. Marty’s Nature’s Blend would take the time to go to Dr. Marty’s site and register your reviews for the poor people trying to get the truth on this dog food. I just left that site convinced that I needed to buy this food for my dog simply because there is not 1 single bad review on there. Where were all of you? People have nothing at all to go by but what the public has to say about a product. If you want take the time even to say, “Don’t Buy It”, then where does that leave us. After saying a prayer to please not let me get ripped off again I just happened to stumble across the Dog Food Advisor site and here I find all of you making complaints about it. REALLY!!! It’s no wonder we get screwed at every turn. If we do not have sense enough to AT LEAST do a review to try to keep others from being screwed too then I guess we deserve it!!!

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    Alan B

    Have you ever thought that Dr. Marty removes their bad reviews? Seeing how they operate, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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    Kat J

    Hi Richard. Kat from Dr. Marty Pets here. We have a feeding recommendation chart on our official website so that you may make the most informed decision regarding Nature’s Blend. Many of our satisfied customers use Nature’s Blend as a topper in conjunction with their daily feeding regimen. Their dogs are still receiving great nutrition with this reduced serving. We always advise our customers to consult their pet’s veterinarian prior to making any changes in their daily regimen, as results may vary. You may find more complete information on Nature’s Blend at the following link:


    Lola S and Alan B, I would like to direct you to multiple third-party review sites so that you may read other people’s results and opinions, both good and bad.

    https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/woodland-hills/profile/pet-supplies/dr-marty-pets-1216-873158/customer-reviews – We currently have customer reviews on our BBB site that you may peruse.

    https://www.highya.com/dr-martys-propower-plus-reviews – There are customer reviews on our ProPower Plus where customers detail their benefits and their reservations on the product.

    https://www.highya.com/dr-marty-natures-blend-reviews – Nature’s Blend has customer reviews that also display a wide range of opinions.

    I hope these reviews are helpful for making informed purchases in the future.

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    Sarah J

    I just ordered this dog food from dr Marty’s. I’m not keen on grain free due to the low taurine risk and cardio myopathy. Anyone know how we can find if this food will give our dogs the needed amount so they don’t have deficits like the fad diets on grain free ? I can’t find any info and their customer service didn’t have any info to give me. I’ve tried emailing them. All they said on the phone was “it has the minimum required percentage “ then when I asked what that meant , she was asking supervisor and I got hung up on. Ugh. I’m assuming taurine can be had thru high value meats and this food does have good meats and livers in it but I’m also not a nutritionist.

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    Vicky M

    The dog food is great. My dogs like it. They are very picky eaters. The customer service is terrible. I read reviews warning of ever signing up for a subscription because Dr Marty will continue to charge your card once you cancel and will charge incorrect amounts. I took the risk. Bad idea. I tried to place my subscription on hold. Got sent more food anyways and charged. The next month, same thing, but different amounts of food and prices. SO sad. The people who handle the customer service calls are always super friendly and polite, but the whole thing is a scam. I am very disappointed. This place is either EXTREMELY unorganized or running a scam. Either way it’s really a shame.
    When I try to leave a negative review on the Dr Marty site, it won’t let me. WOW, that’s so many levels of wrong!

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    Shirley N

    I also wish I’d researched and found this site. Just ordered one bag of Dr.Marty’s pricey food, thinking I will just combine it with what I’m feeding my 55 lb rescue mixed breed. She is constantly scratching her skin and it’s not Flea/Tick because she’s on vet-prescribed monthly med for that. Have seen no indication of fleas or ticks. I’m concerned about Dr Marty’s because my vet advised against grain-free food because of new evidence of heart problems. ( I had started her on Purina One for large dogs (healthy joints version). It does contain some ingredients Dr Marty warned against. However, I know I will not be able to feed her Dr Marty’s by itself. Maybe the rich and famous can afford it. Not me. My last dog was draining me financially due to problems with diet. Took him to a great holistic vet and she was able to test him for allergies. No surprise, he was allergic to wheat. And much more. She came up with a meatloaf formula that I made for two years, for about $150 a month. Then he couldn’t eat the meatloaf eventually and I had to put him down as there was nothing he could eat that didn’t make him sick. So I’m overly cautious about finding the right food for my 2 year old rescue. Really wish I could cancel the order . Glad I only ordered one bag.

    #147699 Report Abuse

    How long will one bag of last for a 50 pound dog? I can not find this information anywhere. I am concerned because when he is outside he spends his time rolling in the grass, and scratches a lot inside, and chews on his feet. Looks like there are too many negative reviews about Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend here.

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    Patti N

    I am actually extremely happy with Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend dog food. My 3 year old 20lb Boston Terrier is probably the pickiest eater ever! I have tried everything. She would eat a new food for a little while and then suddenly quit. It was so frustrating. I saw Dr. Marty’s Facebook ad and watched the very long video. It was quite interesting and educational. I decided to try it and have been feeding her the food for 4 months now. She absolutely loves it! I add half the amount of water to the food and allow it to soak for 2-3 minutes. I mash it down and whip it back up. Exactly how the instructions say to do. I sometimes add some of the Stella & Chewy raw kibble for some crunch and I also purchased Dr. Marty’s Tilly’s Treats. She can’t get enough. Their customer service has also been very helpful when needed. I pay $80 for three 16oz bags which last me about a month. It is more than I was used to paying but well worth it.

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    evi R

    hi…just ran across this site. read quite a few comments. very helpful. what i was interested in is where they get their meat, what do they do with the rest of the animal and who freeze drys it. pretty simple, right? wrong..they said it was propriety information. they (chat) said it was FDA approved. hmmm…

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