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    Scarlett B

    Unless you are rich, this food is utterly unaffordable, except as a very infrequent treat. We have 11 rescues. They range from 11 to 90 pounds. Short of winning the lottery, it would be impossible for us to feed this. Even if we only had one muzzle to feed, it would still be cost prohibitive. Instead, we stick with a well rated dry and canned food brand (not grain-fee), every now and then I steam several pounds of cabbage, carrots, squash or other veggies and add them to their food, dollop of pureed pumpkin and after cutting up a whole chicken, I boil the left over parts several times, strip all the meat off the bones and top their kibble as a special treat. They also love fresh apples, tangerines, bananas, watermelon and Momo is especially fond of mango. At least this way I know what they are eating…Dr. Marty’s is more like a mystery meal….

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    Diane L

    I posted in February 2020 about issues I had with Dr Marty. I am pleased to say they were very responsive after I contacted Kat. Thank you, Kat! I have not been charged for another shipment and my credits were issued pretty quickly. They told me to keep the two bags of food that had shipped. Since I am making my dog’s food from scratch, I gave the food to a friend who fosters dogs. She was thrilled.

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    I purchased Dr Marty’s just when COVID hit my family hard. My husband lost his job but was returned 60% paycut resulting in one way commute 2 hours. Ugh! During this terrible time, I contacted Dr Marty to cancel my shipment for obvious reasons and I was brought to tears by Nic who refunded my purchase out of the kindness of his heart. I was beyond moved by this simple act of kindness but he was confident that some good would come out of it. My 10 year old shih tzu, Olive LOVES LOVES this food. I feed her 60/40 Marty’s/Royal canine selected protein cause I can’t afford it any other way. Her skin conditions & allergies are gone! Her coat is beautiful and she’s no longer faintly stinky. And she’s happier pup than before which is so worth it. Expensive, Yes! I just hope I can afford to keep feeding her this amazing blend. Thank you so much Nic, Kat and Dr Marty.

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    Viola P

    Nice food recommendation.

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    Teresa R

    I am very new to raw, but not to dog food. I ordered one bag of Dr. Marty and let me add, I have two Pomeranians and a Maltese, they were all very happy with Fromm dry and Weruva wet but with Fromm being named as one of the dog foods associated with DCM, I took them off immediately. I have been searching for a food they will eat since then (2018). So far they are happy with Annamaet small breed (started about 4 months ago) and I still feed them Weruva wet( great food and great variety) . With all that said, they AGAIN, were struggling to eat … After AGAIN countless hours of research, I saw the Dr. Marty infomercial and decided to give it a try. I ordered a bag in July thinking I would use it as a topper because of the price. It is now early October and all of them still like it, as soon as I started it, they began eating like they really enjoyed their food again. I haven’t noticed any change in my one that has allergies or any changes for that matter in any of them but they have always been on premium food. I really wanted them on Dr. Tim’s but after a week they hated it, tried all blends and they hated all. I use Dr. Marty’s as a topper – they eat 1/4 cup Annamaet,; 1teasp. Of Weruva wet and three pellets of Dr. Marty. I dilute with 1 tablespoon -and a smidge more of water, wait 3 min. And smush down with my finger and mix everything all together. I still have about 1/4 of the first bag or a little less left and have ordered my second bag today. I will update if things change but they still love it. Their weight has stayed the same, that is very important since the Poms have luxating patella issues which btw, I give them Dasuquin with MSM, and on this, they have no visible signs of discomfort from patellas.

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    Will H

    Thanks for the recommendations! Is anybody used Taste of the Wild High Prairie? I found it here http://www.bestadvisor.com/dog-food

    Thank you!

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    KathyA P

    You sound like an awesome pet person with all you do for your dogs! We vary between Open Farm and Honest Kitchen and sometimes add their toppers. We always add a little warm water. We have 12 dogs. Two of them are picky eaters but one loves Honest Kitchen. The other loves Open Farm Turkey and Chicken grain free. I’m keeping track of the research about grain free but they’ve been on it a long time with no issues. Japanese Chin are also prone to luxating patella and the vet said a couple of them would require surgery. We had a rescue years ago that had permanently dislocated knees that we had put in place and his tibia needed moved. 12 weeks of cage rest and physical therapy three times daily. He did great! We decided since these two were young we would try supplements first. We bought Steadfast Canine supplements from Arenus.com. They love taking them and no more problems. We feed twice daily. If your pups get picky, you might check out http://www.openfarmpet.com I love the small size on the kibble too!

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    kit M

    I know this is a late reply but I am just trying Dr Marty dog food for the first time and I find that the trick is to just crumble the food and not mix with water. My 13 year old Maltese mix who has zero teeth absolutely loves it!

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